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  1. Trials and tribulations of the NFL. We hit the mountain top a couple of years ago. Some bad GM'ing led us here, but things turn around quickly in the NFL. Howie gets a lot of hate, and rightfully so, but he did do a good job at cleaning up Chip Kelly's mess. Our roster is old and we have a lot of draft picks - hopefully there's a good turnaround from a roster standpoint the next few years.
  2. I don't blame you man. Baseball is incredibly boring. I feel that general interest coincides with how good your team is. I'm not going to watch games every night if my team stinks. To go along with the thread - WFT has a sick defense, but I agree with all of the Eagles posters in here: Fitz is not the answer. I wouldn't be surprised if Heinecke took the reigns at some point
  3. The Yanks will rebound, it's inevitable. The Phillies are in constant .500 purgatory lol Im already on to the Eagles. Please turn out good Jalen!
  4. Rough year for 'Boys fans so far - the Lakers were eliminated in round 1, and the Yankees are off to a slow start in an upstart division.
  5. ^ I completely agree. I'm also on record for saying that some of the worst fans I've seen have been at Eagles games. Every person I know is knowledgeable, reasonable, and well-mannered. However, there are a ton of awful fans out there who gives us a bad name. You can say that about any fan base to be fair.
  6. I once saw a Cowboys fan get pissed on in the bathroom at the Linc in '08. The guy was wearing a Romo jersey. Absolutely awful fan behavior, but i can't help but laugh at it looking back lol
  7. Agreed on all points. I did read Revival a few years ago - great book. @mattyice0401 Yeah I did haha. I'm on the first book (The Name of the Wind). I'm about halfway through - it's awesome so far.
  8. For the last couple months I've been on an absolute Stephen King kick: Joyland, Duma Key, Later, 'Salem's Lot, Needful Things, and The Long Walk. The Long Walk is definitely up there with The Stand as my favorite King novel. Last night I just started the Kingkiller Chronicles. I noticed that some of you folks were talking about Sanderson's series - if anyone else has any recs for fantasy novels let me know. Trying to delve more into that genre.
  9. Casual, but you're right, I'll definitely check out the Sixers. Looks like they have a pretty straightforward path to the ECF
  10. The Phillies look like a 4th place team again, so now it's time to start following the Eagles offseason closely. At least there's some excitement there with a new regime, etc lol
  11. Who else is going to be making the trip to Vegas?
  12. Really like the pick! I haven't really kept up with the draft, but it seems like Howie did well here while also completely screwing over the Giants.
  13. A - Rodgers, C - Brady, D - Hurts?
  14. I just want an ultimatum on the Wentz situation so I can officially turn my attention to baseball lol
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