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  1. The fact that Wentz played the entire game and that Peters wasn't benched until the last few minutes is a HUGE indictment on this organization. Literally no one is held accountable, ever.
  2. Ninja you're right - I don't see Doug surviving after this year. The offense is absolutely abysmal
  3. Big Baker fan. I'm hoping that the Browns make it to the playoffs this year.
  4. Unfortunately both of them will be back next year. They'll force Doug to hire an OC/playcaller, and they'll bring in someone to help Roseman with drafting. If things go poorly again I think they'll finally move on from the Roseman-Pederson-Wentz regime. It could be a long year and a half lol.
  5. Definitely not something we can make fun of you guys about anymore lol Wentz looks awful right now
  6. Remember the 'haul' jokes and how we always lambasted the Browns for passing on Wentz?
  7. Don't worry everyone, Carson is going to review the tape and 'be better' next week!
  8. It's hard to stay positive here. There's no light at the end of the tunnel. There's no accountability in this organization at all. Everyone's gotten fat and happy since the Super Bowl win (which was a flash in the pan). It starts at the top. Lurie needs to get rid of his wonder boy Roseman.
  9. Great post, I completely agree. It's really hard to find any positives with this team right now.
  10. I like to think that the Dad in the ad went full Wentz and scrambled around for 15 seconds then proceeded to force the ball to his daughter in triple coverage
  11. What's up with Howard? He was pretty damn good on the Eagles last year before he got hurt
  12. Guys who are paid a ton of money / franchise guys are expected to lift their team up every week. Aaron Rodgers has played incredibly well with no receivers the past few years. Russell Wilson dominates even if he has no O-Line. I get that Wentz isn't in the same stratosphere as these guys, but he's getting paid like it, and he has the tools to put it all together. I think we just have to face the reality that at his best Wentz is a top 10-12ish guy. Can you win with a guy like that? Absolutely - but that's before they get paid a ton of money. Wentz has regressed hard this year, and he's not getting any younger (I think he's 28 or turning 28). I want the guy to succeed, but he's way too inconsistent, and I'd rather just re-tool / re-build with a coachable guy who plays within the offense. Obviously we can't move on from him yet, so the Eagles should at leas try to bring new coaches into the building next year to see if he's salvageable at all.
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