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  1. I hate to say it but the end of the year run last year was detrimental to this team. Should've started the rebuild this year, everything's falling apart now
  2. I know man. Who they hell have they developed in the last 10+ years? Sans Andy's tenure
  3. Doug is at fault here, but I'm sure Hurts is a hell of a lot more coachable. There's something off with Wentz
  4. Massive ego. We're talking about the guy who wrote a book two years into his career lmao
  5. I bet Doug and Hurts are really compatible 😀
  6. So we're looking at 0-2 here and the schedule only gets harder
  7. If Slay is out for any amount of time.. YIKES
  8. Almost as bad as the stomach tat. Weird dude
  9. Wentz missed a wide-open Goedert but I'll take him throwing the football away
  10. I was going to say, he looks like a pretty damn good player lol. Him and Driscoll could be pieces on the line
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