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  1. I say get a better OC in there and move Groh back to WR coach.
  2. I like it. Hopefully the Hawks are still jet lag that morning. Plus I feel like we’ve never beaten Russ in a late game
  3. It’s crazy how much our passing game and receivers have regressed lol
  4. Howie SZN

    I’d swap out Sidney Jones for Hargreaves
  5. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    He smokes the devils lettuce and is too evil for Dougy P’s ice cream gang
  6. Dude you guys are going to beat us by 20 lol
  7. The only winning team that the Cowboys have beaten are the Eagles.. need to get them back in a few weeks
  8. I want to puke every time I open this thread lol
  9. Romo to Dak has also been a regression too if we’re being honest
  10. Biggest FA bust so far

    He was the GOAT at drawing what should’ve been pass interference calls:
  11. Biggest FA bust so far

    Kevin Curtis was actually pretty solid on the Eagles lol I’d definitely take him over the crap we’re trotting out at the receiver position right now
  12. Why would any company want Dak as their rep? He sucks and he looks like a toad
  13. This move sparks our 7 game win streak, just watch
  14. Howie SZN

    Can we send Howie back to the janitors closet or wherever Chip put him? Everything he’s done since winning the Super Bowl has backfired
  15. I’m so pissed off at this organization. Incompetence from top to bottom. Howie stinks, Doug stinks, the training staff stinks