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  1. The NFC East Thread

    Yeah of course. For real this time: Eagles: 12-4 Redskins: 9-7 Giants: 8-8 Cowboys: 7-9
  2. The NFC East Thread

    Predictions: Eagles: 16-0 Redskins: 3-13 Giants: 2-14 Cowboys: 1-15
  3. Your Team: What are you most looking forward to?

    Another idiotic fan eat horse poop after we win another Super Bowl.
  4. The NFC East Thread

    So it’s going to be a flashy 6-10 season?
  5. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The Eagles are defending Super Bowl champions with their MVP QB, all-pro LT, and stud MLB returning. Of course we’re going to be decently cocky about our team and our chances in the NFC East. We’re the most complete and battle-tested team in the division. I will say that all of the rival teams have improved this offseason, but as @Jroc04 alluded too none of you guys have a franchise-caliber signal caller who will carry a team.
  6. The Rams are paper champions. The Vikings? I won’t consider them tough until they play a competitive game against us under Zimmer.
  7. Rare footage of Pete in high school:
  8. Don’t know if anybody else saw (my bad if already mentioned) but the 2017 Birds we’re ranked 31st on the list of top Super Bowl teams. Only winning teams above us from after 2000 are the 03/04 Patriots and 2013 Seahawks.
  9. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Dak is basically Alex Smith. Dump offs and check downs for days
  10. The NFC East Thread

    Jroc is absolutely killing it right now with all of the analogies. The Eagles are Super Bowl champions. I’m going to pound my chest about it until the new season starts. If other NFC East fans are torn up about it tell your mediocre teams to knock them off (which won’t happen because Eli, Alex Smith, and Prescott all stink).
  11. The NFC East Thread

    It’s all about living in the here and now No one cares about championships from years ago
  12. Who’s more racist, your dog or Riley Cooper?
  13. Eagles sign RB Matt Jones

    Maybe Pumphrey can become a jockey after his football career is over.
  14. Holes are holes man Look at @Matts4313 when it comes to taking down Texas 9’s