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  1. Never got a Reggie jersey boys were good But in terms of Devonta - the guy is way more talented / athletic. Worth the investment
  2. The arm strength is definitely a decent concern. If Hurts had a cannon the discussions on here would be a lot different lol
  3. Hurts will be the next McNabb (weaker arm compensated by better running ability)
  4. Welp if the defense was half-decent they probably would've won today Gannon's scheme is atrocious
  5. Have they ran any man coverage? It's like they're playing prevent defense all game
  6. I still think his ceiling is a Tyrod Taylor-type. Which I'm cool with - Jalen can hold down the fort until the 2023 draft lol
  7. Whoops meant *Reagor. Bad play call on that screen, but Jalen went backwards haha
  8. Hurts stepping up in the pocket and driving with the front foot 👍🏻 Need way more of that
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