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  1. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    I bet all the players are incredibly distracted, hence the poor results on the field. There’s nothing to do up there but the dirty apparently https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/the700level/jordan-matthews-buffalo-baby-nothing-do-there-except-each-other
  2. Apparently Luck has been checking the ball down a lot and has been awful throwing out of the pocket - hopefully the Birds pass rush regains form. They’ll have Captain Luck scurrying back to his ship in no time.
  3. Hmmm maybe I should visit. I can only imagine the creatures up there aka Buffalo 9’s
  4. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Nick Foles is the dude, but the Eagles offense is so much more limited when he’s in the lineup. Really caught lightning in a bottle with that guy in the playoffs last year. Wentz returning should significantly improve the offense. Hopefully he’ll be up to speed in a couple of weeks before the Eagles hit the meat of their schedule.
  5. Can Reid make the HoF without a SB win?

    I’ll always love Andy Reid for what he accomplished in Philly. With that being said, it still blows my mind that those early 2000’s Eagles team didn’t win at least one Super Bowl. Those teams were among the leagues best and yet they crapped themselves at home against the Bucs and Panthers. To answer the question, he definitely needs a ring to get in. He’s a great coach but he’s had some notorious choke jobs and he’ll never remove the choker label until he wins a SB.
  6. J-Matt is a very bleh signing, but Pete said it best: he has a good knowledge of the playbook and he can contribute immediately given that he’s medically cleared. He gives the team a steady presence in the slot - Aggy can move to the outside and be a temporary deep threat since he has the speed to pose that threat. Signing a Dez or trading for a Marvin Jones seems like a great idea but I doubt it’s very feasible to Howie and co. They have to be smart with their money and draft capital since the teams on rented time until Wentz takes up a good chunk of the salary. Might as well just hold on to what we have and hope that J-Matt can hold down the fort until Alshon returns.
  7. The NFC East Thread

    I wish that our rivals weren’t so insignificant at the current time (do posters for the other teams even exist at this point?). seeing the Eagles bretheren drag Matt’s through the mud over Prescott-Wentz was a sick read. Gotta love the NFC East. Philly philly baby!
  8. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    In all seriousness though he’s a great player and definitely deserves some Hall of Fame recognition. The fact that he’s played this long at such a consistently good level speaks volumes.
  9. Guess Who's Back, Back Again.......

    The season begins now gentleman. Hopefully he can get up to speed as quick as possible. This team is so much better when Wentz is out there on the field. He’s going to make Shelton Gibson look like a first ballot hall of famer
  10. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    Arguably one of the greatest running backs in Eagles history. He has definitely been missed. I only hope that when he gets into the Hall one day he goes in as an Eagle.
  11. Week 2 Overreations

    Eagles are going 1-15
  12. Week 2 Overreations

    Think you mean Jalen Mills = Jason David
  13. I’ll never understand his love for Mills. We’d be better off with Rowe
  14. He’s straight trash every game