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  1. Really like the pick! I haven't really kept up with the draft, but it seems like Howie did well here while also completely screwing over the Giants.
  2. A - Rodgers, C - Brady, D - Hurts?
  3. I just want an ultimatum on the Wentz situation so I can officially turn my attention to baseball lol
  4. It's just really tough to support Roseman despite him having a hand in delivering a Super Bowl. The guys a little weasel who'll stab anyone in the back to make himself look good. Everyone hates guys like that.
  5. I'd see what Hurts can do next year. If he stinks the Eagles can always pick a QB in 2022.
  6. Yeah let Jalen sink or swim. Use any first round picks to build the team up. We don't need any more QB's at the moment.
  7. This is how I see it. It's best that both parties move on from each other. I really hope that Lurie comes to his senses soon. As Pete has alluded too numerous times, Howie Roseman is an absolute weasel who shouldn't survive numerous head coaches and his largest investment ever (Wentz).
  8. Get this man a spot in Toastmasters lol
  9. Does anyone actually think that Dak or Wentz is going to win a Super Bowl at any point in their careers? Wentz looks terrible now, and Dak will never sniff the NFCCG if he plays for the Cowboys his entire career lmao
  10. 100% agreed. The viral tweet pissed me off because millions of people would be going through the same feelings as Sirianni if they were in that situation.
  11. Which I'm sure he did in some capacity as the OC for the Colts. The guy will be fine. I don't blame him for being nervous for his first ever PC / facing the media in Philly for the first time. Doug Pederson's first PC was a train wreck and he won a Super Bowl a year later. It doesn't mean anything.
  12. I listened to his whole presser and I didn't think it was bad at all. Of course some jerk on the internet had to cut up a short clip of him stammering a little/ sounding nervous. A lot of people struggle with public speaking.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but it irks me how people are ripping this guy on the internet for stammering a little / being nervous. Public speaking isn't easy for anyone. I hope that he kills it here
  14. I love the QB coach hire. Seems like a win-win for both Wentz and Hurts. I still hope that they somehow move Wentz, but that's highly unlikely at this point.
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