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  1. Watching old highlights of the 06’ Cowboys-Eagles game where T.O. returned to the Linc. Wish we had a guy like Jim Johnson at d-coordinator. RIP Trotter, Dawkins, Lito, Sheldon Brown, Trent Cole. That was a quality D right there
  2. Embarrassing effort by the defense. Two weeks to prepare and they can’t even contain the main guy?
  3. Absolutely embarrassed to be an Eagles fan right now. Thanks for nothing Doug and Jim
  4. Just a tough pill to swallow man. Even if we do sneak into the playoffs this teams getting smoked. All the top teams have elite offenses that can spread the ball to 3-5 guys. There’s no way we’d keep of them / stop them
  5. Cowboys @ Eagles

    They derserve to get booed, absolutely pathetic effort by the team right now
  6. Absolutely pathetic effort. Boo this team off the field
  7. How much is enough man? This Jim Schwartz defense cannot get off the filed on crucial 3rd and long / 4th and long situations
  8. Yeah they definitely could've done a more extensive search and found someone who could bring some innovation / more offensive ideas in
  9. Cowboys @ Eagles

    What Jeezla said, but they also have zero running game because the RB's stink (Ajayi hurt, Blount gone, etc.)