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  1. Run it back again Figgy fighting back tears because he can’t believe he stole the fight.
  2. Damn I kept saying Julianna could win but I didn’t really believe it.
  3. I don’t think Usman loses but I would love to see Convington win for lulz.
  4. Damn what a fight! Do Bronx is one of my all time favorites but I really want to see Porier vs Gaethje for the title.
  5. Please! I don’t even care if they can run the ball against us. It’s the endless time the QB gets that have killed us.
  6. And now we just need Trey to settle down and stop overthrowing players. Still waiting on that deep pass…
  7. Bosa has also been surprisingly quiet this game. Worst of all we can’t even look forward to the draft.
  8. How many drops is that now? We desperately need some reliable slot guy to move the chains.
  9. Can we please for the love of baby Jesus throw deep off play action?
  10. Why are we subbing players during a 2 minute drill. Our coaching is awful. We could’ve had one more play before the 2 minute warning but run out of time by not being prepared.
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