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  1. Damn now Warner is down! Hope it’s just a stinger.
  2. Not even with the penalty did Moseley have a chance. I hope we can keep scoring. 😬
  3. Wagner is such a beast at LB and Hasty was just gritty enough to push through.
  4. Deebo plays full throttle all the time which is super rare.
  5. I really hope it’s a bad ankle making GQ look this bad? A bad O-line plus a one footed QB is q recipe for disaster.
  6. Force feed Kittle again like last week? And maybe hope Mostert pops one off.
  7. Our run game was s**t and we got away from it early. We just broke 20 touches on the ground and with no real threat at WR you would think Shanny would force the run more.
  8. Get that money Luq! I remember seeing him play in my old HS and couldn’t believe he wasn’t getting any hype at all.
  9. These highlights really remind of what we did with Delanie Walker back in the day. On play action he was deadly.
  10. Yeah I’m not doing the trade either specially since I would have taken Jeudy at 14th.
  11. Damn I didn’t think we would go with a DT but in Lynch I trust...
  12. With the 13th overall pick the 49ers pick Jerry Jeudy!
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