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  1. I hope the 9ers do well. Driving from San Diego was worth it if GQ played and now I’m just hoping we don’t get embarrassed.
  2. Dammit McGlinchy! Jumps early and then gets beat horribly. Oh no. GQ slide dude!
  3. Mostert ran with his eyes closed! The left side was wide open.
  4. Speaking of Foster. We really need him back to improve our run D.
  5. Bucs needed a reason to not keep Jameis around and Fitzpatrick is coming to the rescue.
  6. Said this earlier. Jimmy G’s passes are impressive but equally risky. He definitely has confidence in his arm.
  7. Let’s see if our playcalling is better in the red zone this year? Kittle should get a shot.
  8. The windows Jimmy G throws into are equally impressive as they are worrisome.
  9. Buckner is going to be a monster this season.
  10. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Is size that much of a concern with Ridley that he isn’t being mocked to the Niners?
  11. 2018 Senior Bowl

    I wondered how fast he would look against non MW competition and he delivered. I was hoping he would “look” slower and maybe slip to the 4th, but I’m on board with getting him in the 3rd round.
  12. Hoyer has no pocket awareness. I hope Beathard gets to play this season by the midway point.
  13. Takeaways from the first half: Our defense is surprisingly good in all aspects but pass rush. Solomon and Foster are as advertised, studs. We will live and die but how our o-line and d-line plays on first downs.l