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  1. Honestly I'm extremely happy with the draft, and that's not just Lance.
  2. Perkins is pretty bad against the run so he'll likely be a situational piece.
  3. Strange for the Lions to take another DT here.
  4. Aaron Robinson is a great pick beside Bradberry.
  5. Davis Mills is as mediocre as they come in regard to arm strength and accuracy, and he lacks experience.
  6. Imagine going from Deshaun Watson to Davis Mills lol.
  7. Great value for Carolina. Big and fast vertical threat.
  8. Seattle is gonna kill Wilson lol.
  9. Wow what a pick for the Browns.
  10. Steal for NYG. Freaky explosive with good pass rush moves. Just has to stay healthy.
  11. Wow. He's probably a first round talent when healthy. Gonna be a fun piece for Arizona.
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