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  1. Yeah that's true. There are metrics that consider a player's value per play on average, like with PFF's WAR and DVOA. And I do think Warner is better in that regard. Agreed on them being different players and different styles.
  2. But on an average basis Warner has played better than Leonard this season, and even in his bad games he still makes plays. Leonard has been completely invisible. This is in response to Leonard saying Rodger's comments about Warner being the best were a slap to the face.
  3. He hasn't made any impact on the game at all.
  4. Well that should quell the Leonard vs Warner debate for now.
  5. Lol Darius Leonard getting torched all game.
  6. That was such a terrible pass lol.
  7. How are you an NFL QB and think that pass is a good idea.
  8. Some observations from this game. 1. Jimmy needs to sit until he's fully healthy. His intermediate and deep passes look worse than backup caliber right now. He’s clearly not able to plant on his back leg and defenses give his arm no respect. And quite honestly, we'll never see the 2017 Jimmy return even if his ankle is healthy. He looks scared to move in the pocket and take hits and he doesn't plant his back leg so his passes have no velocity. He doesn't even go through his reads as well anymore. Time to draft a QB again. 2. The O-Line is garbage, PFF ratings be damned. 3. Pettis needs to be cut or traded yesterday, he is a net negative being on the roster. 4. Defense isn't great either but I'm willing to let that go due to so many players being out. 5. If we can't run, we can't win. 6. This team is strange, would not be surprised if the Niners beat the Packers this Thursday.
  9. I think I confused his position. I thought he meant sell by selling off main pieces, not just fringe players who can be easily replaced.
  10. Well it depends on what you mean by "Sell". If you mean sell the fringe players then sure lol why not.
  11. That's a better argument to sell, but not for just the reason that the Niners are hurt. If they were healthy and playing this way then yeah I can at least agree with that.
  12. Sell? This is a playoff team when healthy. They've had terrible injury luck this season.
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