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  1. Week 1 GDT: Stillers at Da Brahnz

    Had to register when I saw this. What you honestly believe is bull****, because your OLine held for days, especially Nassib, your QB tackled our defender, you've had multiple dirty and late hits(nothing is new in Pittsburgh), some of them should have been called for targeting. Your win today is also courtesy of two calls that have gone the other way in the past, a weak hook on AB and ABs "catch", both penalties I assure you, wouldn't have been called on the Steelers in a crucial stage of a game. This game was lost because of a ****up on ST and our inability to adjust to stop Antonio Brown, who was the only one who came to play. IMO, even if Gregg Williams did do enough for us to win, I still think he could have done more to stop him which would give us a chance to win, as Antonio Brown had at one point of the game, 11 rec/11 targets, which to me is a sign we are giving him far too much space. Proud of most of the team, they put up a solid fight but this Pittsburgh team looked like they were just going through the motions, won't get a better chance to beat them.