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  1. Speaking of inside rush I think an inside rush will be even more beneficial against Matthew Stafford than the edge rush b/c Stafford will go down hard with a rush up the middle since he's not mobile.
  2. I think the Niners are more like the Giants 07/11 SB winning teams but Eli gets the nod over Jimmy as Eli wasn't as bad at completing passes.
  3. They need to get pressure on Stafford with front 4 only and thus hope it gets home b/c covering Kupp, OBJ, Vanjefferson & Higbee downfield will be a pain. On offense if the running game is non existent then it's big trouble b/c bringing Jimmy to this game is equivalent to bringing a knife to a gun fight and a very dull knife I should add. In a nutshell it's all about being able to hide Jimmy for at least another game and see if that formula can work. In reality I think the only real way the Niners can win is if Jimmy gives us a performance like he did in 2019 regular season aga
  4. Not sure how many Rams fans will be at Sofi for next week and the SB should they host. I'm hoping for another sea of red next week but maybe the Rams won't sell tickets to the folks in the North.
  5. The only case I'd give the Rams over Chiefs is b/c game is at Sofi but SB is the Chiefs to lose given the 3 other teams. I know Bengals beat Chiefs on last second in the 2nd to last game of the season but that was in Cinci and no way that happens at Arrowhead. Also Bengals offensive is down right woeful e.g. 9 sacks and only won the game b/c Ryan Tannehill is a bum lol! If the Niners can survive the Rams and somehow the Bengals can upset the Chiefs the I'll come on here and finally say I like the Niners chances of a postseason victory lol! But until then I'll say Chiefs/Rams in the SB and
  6. Only the Bengals would the Niners match-up ok against but the Chiefs/Bills would stomp the Niners. That's why I said today both the Bucs/Rams & Bills/Chiefs are basically def-facto conference championship games.
  7. Right now I say the Bills/Rams looks like the most logical matchup b/c the Bengals & Niners appear to be the weakest links in the final 4. I don't think the Chiefs will get through today but if they did I go with them over Bengals as well.
  8. If Jimmy was a better QB then I'd love the Niners chances but maybe Jimmy will have an out of body experience like Joe Flacco in 2012.
  9. But what happens when Jimmy has to throw the ball? Also can the Niners secondary cover the Rams fleet of WR's? I was pulling for the Bucs b/c if going to lose rather lose to Brady.
  10. I would've goon for 2. Regardless 2 much time left for the Rams to come down an win it. If Suckup didn't miss Bucs be up by 3.
  11. It would of been nice if the defense showed up in the 1st half today but everything went wrong but that's ok. They had a Rams problem for the last 2 years and it's fitting the Rams end their season.
  12. That's what I'm happy about the most lol! I'm hoping for the Bucs tomorrow b/c I'd rather lose to Brady than the Rams if they're gonna lose.
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