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  1. Be nice on passing downs if he could push Rodgers into the edge rushers JPP/Shaq and have them finish them off. Edge rushers must keep contained on the edge b/c if they don't then Rodgers just has a clear roll out to either run or throw for big gains.
  2. This just highlights why I think the only way the Bucs win is if they score TD drive after TD drive in order to keep pace/ahead of the Packers. It's on Tom & the rest of the offense to score at will. It reminds me of the 2018 AFC title game b/t the Pats/Chiefs as it was a high scoring affair and Tom put the Pats on his shoulder in the 4th/OT when the Pats defense was done for the day.
  3. The only problem is if you limit Davante Adams damage the Packers still have plenty of more weapons in the passing & running game e.g. Allan Lazard, Marcez-Valdez-Scanlon, Robert Tonyon, Aaron Jones, Jamal Williams & A.J. Dillion (if healthy). Aaron Rodgers tend to make others look better than they really are and that's a concern for me. In a perfect world the Bucs would do what the Browns did to Mahomes last week but this time in the 1st quarter and be done with Rodgers for good.
  4. Most likely gonna need 1 or both Miller & Johnson b/c AB looks like he's done the way he limped off. I'd be nice if Gronk turned back the clock and went all out like it was 2014.
  5. Another way to shutdown the Packers run game is if the Bucs offense come out firing and put TD's on the board early & often and put them in a hole even earlier than the first meeting as can't fall down 10-0 again this time around. I think this week it's gonna need a different formula to win as the offense if gonna have to carry the defense this time around. This is where Tom has to show why he's the GOAT and give us a throw back performance like was back in Foxborough.
  6. Is Vita better against the pass than the run? I thought he was the Bucs best up the middle run stopper? Also rushing Aaron Rodgers can be meaningless at times unless it's a complete bust by the Packers offensive line b/c a lot of times I see Rodgers just move away from the rush and either roll out to throw for a big gain or run for a big gain. I'd like the Bucs defensive line to worry more about setting the edge if they can't get near Rodgers.
  7. Also have to hope the interior of the Bucs o-line doesn't let the Packers DE/DT's get pressure up the middle b/c that's what Brady hates the most since he's not a mobile QB.
  8. Just have to hope Devante Adams doesn't go all Tyreek Hill on the Bucs secondary.
  9. The Bucs OT's must make Z/D Smith silent just like they did both Trey Hendrickson & Cam Jordan yesterday. The Packers do have a good secondary though so I would like some more running yards and also would love to see some up tempo offense where you keep the Packers same 11 on the field against the Bucs same 11. It worked for a few drives for the Rams. We know the Bucs will need to score a lot of points to win as we know Aaron Rodgers is not going to play the same way Drew Brees did.
  10. How do you think they defend Devante Adams, Allan Lazard, Marcez-Valdez-Scanling & Robert Tonyon (TE). Also a 3 headed monster coming out of the backfield in Aaron Jones, Jamal Williams, & AJ Dillon.
  11. Just a coincidence lol! I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out!
  12. I'm not going to watch any NFL Network segments featuring James Jones b/c all he does is spew garbage about his Packers and root for them every week.
  13. Key for success is a fast start and it begins with running the ball against the Pack but if they stack the box then it comes down to the Bucs OT's keeping Z & D Smith off Brady from the edge. Gonna need points b/c Rodgers ain't gonna hold back nothing we know that.
  14. Nervous about Aaron Rodgers wanting revenge against the Bucs from the earlier beatdown that took place in Tampa. We know Aaron Rodgers won't give the ball away like Brees did today.
  15. Gonna need more where that came from for next weeks game. I wish the Bucs hadn't played an extra game than the Packers going into this one.
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