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  1. Where Does 2019 Pre-Season Hype Rank?

    As of right now the Chiefs are the only competition in the AFC and home field will be the deciding factor come Jan. In the SB if they advance the NFC opponent is wide open as it can be either the Rams, Packers, Cowboys or Eagles. I dropped the Saints b/c of injury to Brees as they won't get a bye even if he comes back to get them to the playoffs. Just got to fix up offensive line and should be fine.
  2. Week 1 Attendance Figure?

    Hi guys according to ESPN they said the stadium was at capacity in week 1 but I read up alot of empty seats were visible? I didn't watch the game as I only read it so those who watched or attended can confirm this. I've pasted the ESPN attendance figures below. Also keep in mind the NFL supposedly measures attendance in terms of people in seats as opposed to paid attendance and I'm assuming it's the organization who reports the attendance figure to the league. http://www.espn.com/nfl/attendance/_/sort/homePct
  3. Kyle Shanahan showing why he blew a 28-3 lead as an offensive coordinator lol! I'm not sure whom I hate more Shanny or Jimmy as they both need to go as will win 0 SB's with either of them.
  4. Pats sign AB

    Hopefully AB comes here as a mercinary hired gun type of guy who's only goal is to get a ring and that's it. He can walk in January to go wherever he wants to just like what Kawhi did for the Raptors. Just help bring us the trophy is all that we want!
  5. Where Does 2019 Pre-Season Hype Rank?

    I'm sure they will have those regular season stints when the sky is falling and then all of sudden they pull it together again to finish the regular season strong. They need the #1 seed this year b/c don't want to have to go to Arrowhead again as prefer to be at Gillette in Jan.
  6. Where Does 2019 Pre-Season Hype Rank?

    Actually man I was very confident in the defense in 03 & 04 as the only exception was the 04 team that was minus both Ty Law & Ty Pool for the last half of the season. I remember post 2004 during the 10 year SB winning drought I was begging for a defense like the 03 & 04 units but none was close those units with the exception of maybe 2014 & 2016 and I guess 2018 had a strong finish at the end.
  7. Where Does 2019 Pre-Season Hype Rank?

    I just think if we get a defense that dominated opponents like they did in 03 & 04 they can win the whole thing as those teams defense completely befuddled a Peyton Manning in his prime. Not sure if the 2019 defense can do that to a Patrick Mahomes though. I know the 2016 defense gave up the fewest points but they didn't play very many high scoring offenses in the regular season as the Steelers were minus Big Ben and the Seattle game was one of the 2 losses and the defense didn't look great on that night but the rest of the games were pretty solid as didn't lose again. We just have to be careful not to believe too much of the hype b/c we know they don't need any hype whatsoever in order to win a SB.
  8. Ok folks with the addition of AB now where does the preseason hype of 2019 rank in terms of previous seasons hype? I think the most hyped preseasons were 2007, 2017 & 2011 and we all know what those end results were. I guess you could put 2015 as a hyped season as well once it was determined that Tom's 4 game suspension was to be put on hold but injuries derailed them late in the season and cost them the #1 seed in Denver. The only occasion where I think the Patriots truly lived up to preseason hype was 2004 where they were pretty much expected to win it all but many gave the Colts a shot at them, and then as the regular season went on the Steelers became the biggest threat b/c they were a higher seed. The other SB winning years I don't think they had the hype going in as 2001 no SB hype existed, and 2003 was better but no one expected 14-2 and a SB win coming into the season. In 2014 they were in the midst of a decade long SB winning drought and were thought of as a playoff team but not a sure fire SB winning team and they were basically written off early in the regular season. The reason why 2016 wasn't a much hyped preseason was b/c Tom was suspended for 4 games and they couldn't be judged properly until after week 4 and fortunately they went 3-1. Even after Tom came back and they finished 14-2 they were still not considered a lock to win it all as the Steelers & Falcons were both given good odds at taking them down in the playoffs. In 2018 the Patriots hype was modest b/c Tom was 41 and coming off a SB loss the team was considered on the downside and it appeared that way until January when the team magically turned it around to win it all. With that all being said we basically have to be weary of the years when the folks all wanted to hand us the SB trophy the same way the Warriors were all but handed the NBA championship every year they had Kevin Durant.
  9. Pats sign AB

    My only issues with this move is that one AB's issues causing problems and the other is that basically the Patriots have never won a SB with a deep threat vertical WR before as in both instances with Randy Moss & Brandon Cooks they have come up short. Also if they do in fact want to install a more vertical passing game like 07 & 17 will the offensive line hold up by allowing Tom to hold the ball longer? They already have a hole at the C position and not sure what type of passing game they use. I would still like to use a strong running game and underneath routes that move the sticks just to avoid any unnecessary wear & tear on Tom.
  10. Just get the #1 seed this year and home for January then I suspect they will be in SB but if seeded lower than #1 then all bets are off as not sure if they can get to SB winning another road game or games for that matter. Whatever happens doesn't bother me b/c no more pressure with already winning 6 and if that's all then so be it the run was fun.
  11. Tank For Lawrence!!

    Well I just saw Jimmy's stat line and if that is what he gives us in the regular season or something mediocre then next season has to be a tank for Trevor year b/c no point in keeping Jimmy if you know your not winning a SB with him. I'm not gonna jump the gun a say tank for Tua as I'll give Jimmy a year to prove it but if he shows no sign a being a SB winning QB then get him outta here as I have no patience of dealing with a Matthew Stafford type of QB. From what I've heard Trevor will be "the guy".
  12. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    Oh I didn't know that. I think the league should make when players are traded the new team should inherit his entire contract and make them the ones responsible for paying him as it's not fair the Steelers trade a guy and still owe him money. I can understand when you cut a guy you are still responsible for paying him what's owed/guaranteed but this situation is crazy.
  13. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    Hi can someone explain why the Steelers are still on the hook for 21 million in Brown's dead money since they traded him to another team? Is that 21 million from a signing bonus which can't be carried over to a new team via trade?
  14. Not looking forward to the 2nd half as Brady has been brutal as has been the play calling. Need to go hurry up temp offense. Also the defense is bound to go into the tank like they did in the 2nd half against the Chiefs. Probably be 7-3 Rams when the Patriots get the ball next.
  15. Got a bad feeling about this one that the Rams win. Had that same feeling last year as well. It will be 2 years in a row the Patriots lose to ex players and one from the previous years team. It seems like in all 5 of their defeats this year they lost to either ex players & coaches with the exception of the Jags loss. Anyways now time to take the loss.