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  1. Pure garbage secondary as usual. Also the offensive line still struggles as can't block a 3rd & 2 and thus is forced to punt which is just like a turnover! Rodgers gonna have a feast today! This team is a wild card team at best as we know they can't beat teams with QB's with the name of Brees, Rodgers, or Wilson.
  2. This game is just proof that once Tom decided to leave the team should of been gutted in the hopes that they can draft Trevor Lawrence in April. 0-5 would be better than 2-3! Just a complete waste of a season.
  3. Ok folks since this season is basically a complete write off I wanted to ask you whom you think has been the best QB since 1999 e.g. since Steve Young. Well we basically only really have 4 choices e.g. Jeff Garcia, Alex Smith, Kap & Jimmy. I'm going to go with Jeff Garcia b/c from 2000-2002 the Niners were a fairly high scoring offensive team who could finish drives in the endzone from what I remember. I remember it was the defense that did those teams in and the reason why they couldn't win in the playoffs was b/c those years had teams such as the Packers, Bucs & Rams whom were better than them. Jeff Garcia also led them to the largest playoff comeback in team history against the Giants which is something the other 3 couldn't dream of doing. I know Jeff Garcia struggled in playoff losses to the Packers & Bucs but the Niners were never expected to win those game especially the Bucs in 2002. I know Jeff didn't have a deep ball but neither did Joe or Steve and the offense was a scoring machine with those guys. As for Alex, Kap & Jimmy well the offense has also stalled under them for a variety of different reasons and the little playoff success that they endured was b/c of defense & running game. Even Alex Smith big game against the Saints in the 2011playoff game featured and offense that kept failing to turn numerous Saints turnovers into TD's. Then against the Giants he failed miserable in that game. Kap was great with beating teams with his legs but once you asked him to win playoff games with his arm then his faults were magnified e.g. losses to Ravens & Seahawks. If Kap was a more accurate passer the Niners win a SB in either 2012/13. Jimmy is basically just a QB whom they won with in the playoffs in spite of his poor play as Kyle new that when he had no choice but the run the ball against the Vikings & Packers and thus got away with it. Then came the SB and the Chiefs over played the run when down 20-10 and Jimmy's faults were on full display. Jimmy faults were even more on display when the Niners needed him to win the game.
  4. Well it's really that bad b/c 2-3 is worse than 0-5. At least 0-5 gives you a chance at Trevor Lawrence but right not they are in no mans land and no franchise savior QB walking through that door anytime soon. The Niners are basically the post 2016 Falcons with the only difference is the Niners descent occurred most swiftly after their SB loss.
  5. Also not going for it on 4th & 1 in the 4th and instead kicking the FG was dumb b/c I knew they needed a bigger lead with this secondary inability to stop the pass.
  6. Also how come they don't bother to defend the flats as too many short dump offs to RB's in the flats that move the sticks. I know the Bucs secondary is unreliable covering downfield but they can still take away the short stuff can't they?
  7. Yes and I said that once Goodell expanded it to 14. Why should only 1 team get a bye it should a 16 team affair with no byes.
  8. The Chiefs got the gift last year in the form of Bill O'Brien blowing a 24-0 in Arrowhead. That game cost my Niners the SB b/c neither the Texans/Titans would've beaten them in the SB.
  9. The Chiefs only flaw is run defense and overall they are 2nd in PPG defensively. Their offense will start to roll as that's a given. Unless Mahomes blind throws starts to get the better of him and has Brett Favre results then that may do them in.
  10. Well Tom has played in good & bad stretches since week 1. In week 2 he was good in the first half and disappeared in the 2nd half and this past week he was terrible in the first half and the game changed on a Charger fumble late in the half. Second half Tom was terrific but he threw a pass into double late in the game that should've been picked but Gronk bailed him out by stealing the ball in the air. He's 43 and I don't think 43 year olds are supposed to win SB's but I'd loved to see him get another one mind you!
  11. I would like the Saints but their defense is garbage and Drew Brees may not be able to bail them out like he's done in the past. Also Sean Payton is not as great as a head coach as advertised since he's constantly getting out coached in big games including playoffs. When you keep resorting to Tayson Hill trick plays and they back fire on you then you have a problem.
  12. The Packers scare me for one reason and one reason only e.g. Aaron Rodgers. I'm a Niners fan and I said after they beat the Packers in the NFC title game that the Packers had a better shot in 2020 than the Niners b/c Aaron Rodgers and the Niners got Jimmy lol!
  13. I would love for that outcome but I don't trust the Bucs running game and offensive line to hold up in the playoffs. Gronk is no longer the Gronk of old and Brady is looking just average at best. I'm scared of the Bucs secondary getting torched by the Packers or Seahawks. Also not only are the Bucs secondary bad in coverage the LB's outside of Lavonde David were pretty bad in the last game as well in coverage. As for the Bills well if their defense reverts back to last year and if Josh Allen doesn't revert then they are a serious threat.
  14. If Big Ben can give them alot of offense then yes they can do it. Also they need to finish with the #1 seed as that gets you homefield and a bye and anything less doesn't.
  15. I hear ya man. I'm a Niners fan and I'd rather be 0-4 than 2-2 b/c I want Lawrence that badly. I haven't seen elite QB level play since Steve Young!
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