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  1. Been a Niners fan since 1988 when I first started following NFL. Thus far I've only seen 2 Niners QB that I liked e.g Montana & Young. My 3rd fav is probably Jeff Garcia b/c all the rest since Young have been pure trash. I have no more faith in Trey Lance than I did with Kap! It gets tiresome chasing a franchise QB all these years with no luck.
  2. Run First QB's to win SB's: a) Russell Wilson b) Patrick Mahomes Notice how I didn't put Steve Young on that list b/c by 1994 Steve could do it with is arms & legs and his legs were not the be all to end all. If you make Wilson & Mahomes immobile then you're looking at a flawed pocket passing QB. Oh and need I mention that when QB's that look like Doug Williams, Russell Wilson & Patrick Mahomes are exception to the norm to win SB's. It's no coincidence the SB winning QB's look more like a Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers.
  3. So what's it gonna take for the Packers to accept an offer for Aaron Rodgers? I'd take 3 years of Aaron Rodgers over the next 3 years of whomever wins the starting QB job b/c that's 3 years closer to winning a SB. All I see in Trey Lance is another QB who can't do without legs/mobility and thus is just a gimmick QB e.g. Mahomes, Wilson, Watson, Newton etc. If you want to win a SB you need a guy like Aaron Rodgers and John Lynch needs to keep bothering the Packers!
  4. Is AB coming back? I wouldn't mind him back as insurance for the #3 WR spot.
  5. Is it me or has the media that covers the NFL pretty much put the Bucs SB win on the back pages already and are moving on to 2021. Last year at this time the whole week after the SB the entire talk was about Mahomes & the Chiefs. It seems like whenever Brady wins a SB the media wants to move on quickly much like it was in 2018 when the Pats won as all the media talked about was how boring the game was. When the Pats won in 2016 all the media talked about was how the Falcons collapsed. In 2015 the media raved about Peyton Manning becoming the first QB to win SB's with multiple t
  6. They held the Chiefs to 9 points lol! Didn't think they could win without scoring 40 on the Chiefs but they did!
  7. I think the AFC team is listed as the official home team b/c it alternates every year and thus this year is the AFC's turn. On the bright side with that being said the Bucs get to call the toss and hopefully they win and they take the ball!
  8. Ok the Brady needs to remind the Bucs of his first SB in the 2001 season when they took on the vaunted offense of the Rams. The Rams were yesterday's Chiefs minus all the pre snap motion. The Patriots defense befuddled the vaunted Rams for 3+ quarters until the 4th when the damm broke and a 17-3 Pats lead became a 17-17 tie. Tom then saved them in the final min of regulation. The main difference in QB's is that Kurt Warner is not mobile and Mahomes is very mobile. This if the biggest challenge of all the 10 SB games that Tom has played in as hands down the Chiefs are his most difficult o
  9. Yes gonna have to score a lot but I think the running game is gonna have to do a lot more work b/c KC has a great secondary that is the strength of their defense. Need to avoid 3rd & long at all costs!
  10. Offense needs to score TD's at will not like what they did in the 2nd half today. No if ands or butts!
  11. Also wonder what NFL Total Access James Jones is thinking now? He should be on his offseason b/c all he talks about is Packers lol!
  12. Steve Smith is still bitter b/c Brady beat his Panthers in the 2003 SB. All of the people Brady beat in the playoffs past are still bitter e.g. Bill Cowher, Big Ben, Russell Wilson, Kurt Warner, John Gruden, Tony Dungy, Philip Rivers, John Harbaugh etc.
  13. Need to root for Bills b/c this defense isn't a good matchup with the Chiefs offense e.g. Tyreke Hill & company. I think they can handle the Bills as long as they don't let Josh Allen run all over them.
  14. Now lets all pull for the Bills b/c Tom owns them. Also Bills have no RB to hand off to and thus can be beaten.
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