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  1. So the Niners are still searching for a franchise QB as Jimmy looked brutal in 3 starts and only has 10 starts under his belt. Now look at what's going on in Chicago as Mitchell Trubisky is taking the leap in year 2 the same way Jared Goff & Carson Wentz did last year while we are still waiting. Remember the last time the Niners passed on a QB early in the draft 2005? God help them if Mitchell Trubisky ever leads the Bears to a SB win b/c I sure as hell am willing to guarantee Jimmy will lead us to a grand total of zero SB wins. Notice how I said wins and not appearances b/c it's a big difference e.g. Kap 2012.
  2. What Point Did It Go Downhill?

    Why was Musgrave fired when they had such a great offense in 2016?
  3. What Point Did It Go Downhill?

    No investigation as just stunned at how the expectations changed in less than a year. Where is the Derek Carr of 2016 or 2015 for that matter? This team was supposed to be on the upswing but can't figure out how it got so bad. I thought by the time they moved to Vegas they would be an AFC elite. I knew the defense was an issue in 2016 but they still went 12-4 and thus thought we had a franchise QB who could carry them to the playoffs in spite of a no so great defense but the defense is even worse and our QB fallen off a cliff and still dropping.
  4. What Point Did It Go Downhill?

    Can someone fill me in on when the Raiders fell off a cliff after having SB hopes heading into the 2017 season? Was it the Derek Carr injury on Christmas Eve in 2016? Some would say so but heading into that offseason they were supposed to be even better for 2017 but that wasn't the case. Remember this team started the season 2-0 in 2017 and looking great and nothing was mentioned about any issues with Derek Carr but then all of as sudden came a SNF game in week 3 against the Skins and they looked awful and have only gotten worse since. So in less than a year this team has gone from SB aspirations to basically stock piling draft picks? This doesn't make sense to me and somehow doesn't add up.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Speaking of draft I think they need to push for 1-15 so we can actually an impact player in the draft whatever position he may be. Can't win any meaningless games this year b/c they just hurt you in the long run. Oh and I'm still waiting to see a franchise QB as I don't think very highly of Jimmy with what few games I saw of him this year.
  6. If they come back an win I'll post about it as well. Basically if they give me something good to post about I'll post it but I've seen nothing good tonight.
  7. Line can't block short yardage situations and it needs to be fixed. I would like to go for it on 4th but I fear they don't convert it.
  8. So in you opinion when the Patriots are not playing well and someone aside from yourself complains here about it then it's considered trolling? I can understand if I was attacking other posters you could say I was a troll but I've just vented about what's gone wrong tonight.
  9. I'll watch the games as nothing else to do on Sunday's.
  10. Didn't say I won't be a Pats fan anymore will always root for them but if they are 0-16 I really won't have much to complain about aside from whom to draft.
  11. Oh I'll be around as I'm an NFL fan first as I watch all the games that I can on Sunday Ticket and thus the Pats could be 0-16 but I'll still be watching the NFL b/c it's the only league I watch league wide. And yes I do agree that the end is coming soon which is why I want them to win another SB before the end arrives.
  12. Two weeks in a row off to a horrible start. When has this happened before? This is unacceptable from this club and when it happens the fans have a right to voice their displeasure.
  13. Makes me sick when I see LG gutting the Patriots defense and then the Patriots RB's doing nothing with their carries.
  14. This is not that team my friend as I don't see Edelman, Amendola, LG on this offense.
  15. In order to overcome this they will need to go hurry up no huddle fast offense in order to wear down the Lions. They basically need to go 2 minute drill the rest of the way and that still doesn't help the poor defense. Also the Pats inability to run the ball is a serious concern b/c they are missing a certain guy named LG.