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  1. Well off the top of my head the Patriots have been victims of teams using a motivational speaker the night before a postseason game to beat them e.g. 2010 the late Dennis Byrd against the Jets, and last year Brett Favre against the Eagles. So who should the Patriots bring in to give them a speech the night before the Chiefs game? Do any players from their past fit the bill? This team needs any help they can get in order to beat the Chiefs and if it means stealing a page from how the other teams stoop to beat them then I say so be it.
  2. List Of QB's Who Can't Do Without Mobility?

    A run first QB is a QB who can't throw from the pocket and thus has to use his legs to either run for yards, or roll out of the pocket in order to make throws b/c he can't throw from the pocket do to inaccuracy issues.
  3. List Of QB's Who Can't Do Without Mobility?

    Mahomes doesn't run b/c he makes bad throws that get caught. Just watch and see as he continues to throw across his body and the int's will come. He will not get away with this for long. If Mahomes wasn't mobile he wouldn't be able to roll out and make bad throws as he would only be able to make his bad throws from the pocket and defenders would feast on him. And no I'm not trolling.
  4. List Of QB's Who Can't Do Without Mobility?

    Their mobility just covers up their inaccuracy. I'd take a Brady, Manning, Brees, Montana over a run first QB anyday. The only run first QB to win a SB that I know of is Russell Wilson. I know Steve Young won a SB but he was also winning passing titles every year at that time and thus his legs were just a compliment at that juncture in his career.
  5. List Of QB's Who Can't Do Without Mobility?

    I wish injury to all players who play on teams who are rivals of the Patriots. Once his int totals rise he'll just be another RB lining up under center e.g Kap lol!
  6. Ok guys let me know how the list of the following starting QB's would fare if they had no mobility e.g. equivalent to what someone like Tom Brady has which is 0 threat to run and beat you with his legs. Patrick Mahomes Russell Wilson Cam Newton Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Mitch Trubisky Dak Prescott Marcus Mariotta Deshawn Watson Baker Mayfield Would any of the above mentioned QB's be able to have success via limited by his mobility inside or outside pocket? I know they do complete passes inside the pocket but that's merely b/c opposing defenses have to overplay them escaping the pocket and thus it opens up throwing lanes. Notice how I left off mobile QB's such as Andrew Luck & Aaron Rodgers b/c I know they are still dangerous if they didn't have mobility as they can throw from the pocket. My point is that these non traditional mobile QB's are basically just flawed passers and thus have their legs to cover up for that. In Patrick Mahomes case he just gets away with making bad throws and that will catch up to him in due time or hopefully he suffers a major knee injury to make him a pocket passer and we'll see if he can pull a 1998 Randall Cunningham which I highly doubt. For what it's worth the only dual threat QB that I cared for was Steve Young from 1992-1999 as he could throw and run but his passing wasn't all based on the threat of his legs as he won many games while playing injured & immobile.
  7. Saints defense is pure trash today as they can't tackle Ben as he just moves out of the way and completes pass after pass. On the other side of the ball the Steelers defense keeps getting to Brees and sacking him and thus it's the difference in the game.
  8. They scored 10 points today lol! This team is just tonic for struggling teams e.g. Jags, Lions, Titans, Dolphins & now Steelers. What a joke guys as I'm pretty much done.
  9. Brutal offensive line as can't stop holding both on runs & passes.
  10. The offensive line is a penalty waiting to happen. I can't imagine what they will do playing on the road in the playoffs.
  11. Earlier in the season when I said this team was bad the people on this board said I was trolling. Now they are 3-5 on the road with no playoff bye and not even certain they win a wildcard game. I say a rebuild starts this January b/c the team is in cap hell and thus have no choice.
  12. Bad play call on 3rd an 4 screen ain't getting a 1st down. Needed to throw at the marker to convert but Josh can't call correct play as per usual.
  13. Well now we can all agree that the SB winning run is done and only gonna get worse after this season. Major changes will have to be made on both sides of the ball as this run has gone stale fast. My only regrets is that they should of won more than 5 SB's as could of had about 10 or more.
  14. So the Niners are still searching for a franchise QB as Jimmy looked brutal in 3 starts and only has 10 starts under his belt. Now look at what's going on in Chicago as Mitchell Trubisky is taking the leap in year 2 the same way Jared Goff & Carson Wentz did last year while we are still waiting. Remember the last time the Niners passed on a QB early in the draft 2005? God help them if Mitchell Trubisky ever leads the Bears to a SB win b/c I sure as hell am willing to guarantee Jimmy will lead us to a grand total of zero SB wins. Notice how I said wins and not appearances b/c it's a big difference e.g. Kap 2012.
  15. What Point Did It Go Downhill?

    Why was Musgrave fired when they had such a great offense in 2016?