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  1. Several Cowboys and Texans Players are COVID-19 Positive

    Yea I know they workout via training & exercise year round or some what but how much football drills do they actually perform when they are on their own free time? I know Tom Brady likes to throw in the offseason but his last 2 offseasons he boycotted voluntary OTA's. From what I gather all of these players love to play some sort of pick up games and I think it's not just NFL as the NBA & NHL players do the same.
  2. Several Cowboys and Texans Players are COVID-19 Positive

    Why are NFL players gathering for workouts etc. when they are not due for camp until late July? This could all of been avoided if the players just stayed away from each other until they are required to re-convene for camp. And why are coaches attending these so called make shift workouts? Last time I checked the players are on vacation until late July. Normally players wanted nothing do with minicamps, voluntary & mandatory OTA's so why all of a sudden they can't stay away from each other?
  3. Will 2020 Season Start In Sept?

    I read an ESPN article today that states the College football start in September is up in the air and I figured if that's the case then the NFL would also be up in the air as well. It's very interesting how the players feel playing when they know there is such a risk for contracting the virus when there is so much contact on every snap of a football game. I would imagine everyone involved has to get tested before and after all the games.
  4. Will 2020 Season Start In Sept?

    Hi guys I don't hear anything being said if the 2020 season is a go or not in September and was wondering if anyone has heard any news? Also if the season starts in September as scheduled will fans be in attendance or not?
  5. Jarrett Stidham

    I'd rather have a Tank for Trevor year b/c a half decent QB isn't winning you a SB as you need another legend to come in to fill the void. Also this team is weak everywhere on both sides of the ball with all the defensive defections and the defense wasn't even that great last year against the few playoff teams that they played. Bring on 2-14 or worse and I'll be happy.
  6. If Brady does in fact leave...

    I say rebuild in 2020 for sole purpose of getting the #1 pick in the 2021 draft in Trevor Lawrence. Then you attempt to build around Trevor. No point in finishing 8-8 or 9-7 when you don't have a franchise QB. So Stidman & Hoyer can lead you to Lawrence then so be it.
  7. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    I've said it time & time again the Niners will not win a SB with Jimmy. The Niners franchise for some reason is not able to win a SB via the QB piggybacking off the team as it's always been the other way around e.g. Joe & Steve. Unless we find another elite QB no SB win will ever come again.
  8. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    Ask the 2014 Seahawks, 2016 Falcons if they ever got the chance to win the SB again after pissing it away? The only teams in recent history that have rebounded are the 2018 Patriots & 2015 Broncos and those are extreme cases. Just a wasted opportunity & a wasted season if you ask me.
  9. So how many Super Bowls were left on the table for failing to draft Aaron Rodgers in 05 & Patrick Mahomes in 17? There's a reason why this franchise hasn't won the big one since 1994 and it's because they haven't had a truly great QB since Steve Young as all the others that have taken them to the playoffs since were not good enough to get them the SB trophy. The only one that I liked was Jeff Garcia b/c he was ok from 2000-2002 and he engineered a great comeback win over the Giants in the wildcard round. The rest are all pure trash e.g. Smith, Kap and now Jimmy. So when & where is the next QB going to come from b/c Jimmy is another Alex Smith all over again and if you think you can build a franchise that can carry your QB to a SB win your just dreaming b/c it has to be the other way around.
  10. What's the point when you don't have a QB or head coach that can get you a trophy! I'd rather finish dead last next year and draft Trevor Lawrence in 2021. Also how bad does not drafting Mahomes in 2017 look now lol! Let's face it we are never winning a SB unless we find a QB like Joe or Steve was to them.
  11. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    Jimmy is just another Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins & Matthew Stafford. If you look at their stats they look good but if you watch a lot of their games then you'll realize you can't win the big one with them. With Jimmy your defense has to be near perfect in order to win with him. Also as a Niners organization they have to realize that they can't win a SB without an MVP caliber type of QB e.g. Young & Montana. If they had a Montana & Young type they would have gotten a late TD to steal the win or padded the lead when up 20-10 but no we have a choker as a QB who ain't good enough to get it done. I want no more playoff appearances unless they have that QB b/c they will just come up short like they did in the Jim Harbaugh era.
  12. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    There's a chance next year Jimmy might be the 4th best QB in the division as we all know Wilson is the best and if Goff reverts back to 2018, and then Kyler Murray has a great 2nd year our QB will be the least of the West. If the Niners want a SB they need a QB who can win it for them b/c the likes of Jimmy, Alex Smith & Kap can't do it.
  13. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    That's all on Saleh for not having them stay on the edge and make Mahomes a pocket passer. Epic fail all around but no one other than Niners fans gave them a shot.
  14. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    This loss is on a combination of Jimmy, Shannahan, & poor defense once up 20-10. Oh and did I forget to mention Shannahan is the most unclutch play caller in SB history.
  15. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    Kyle Shannahan basically doesn't want to win SB's! He failed to put the hammer down on the Patriots with a 28-3 lead where all he needed was a few runs. And now today he can't call a timeout to give yourself time for a drive to take the lead into the half. I'm sure John Lynch is gonna say something about this after the game but not sure it matters b/c Shannhan reports directly to York.