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  1. An All Pro ILB getting less than 12M per year would surprise me. Douglas isn't getting anything less than 12M tbh. He literally ended 3-4 games with Picks/ Pick 6. MVS getting 8M is laughable to me.
  2. It's the way Rodgers has lost. The Narrative has always been a bad defense. When you look at it in context the Defense has been either elite or Terrible. I personally give full blame for the NFCCG Seahawks loss to Rodgers. It should have never been that close. This past game was around 40% Rodgers, Aaron Jones 10%( The lack of situational awareness was mind boggling), and Special Teams the remainder. The year prior versus the Bucs he did enough. That game was all on Kevin King (80%) and Chad Sullivan (20%). Dont take the percentages too literally lol.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilRW-EtByKA I didn't know he was that nasty. Does he have an argument for a top Top 15 spot? 20? D.Adams, J. Jefferson, J. Chase, C. Kupp , D. Samuel, T. Hill. are the top 6 WRs of 2021 IMO. Hard to argue against them Then you have a bunch of WRs fighting for 7-15, including Renfrow. D. Hopkins -ARZ D. Johnson - PIT K. Allen - LAC M. Evans - TB T. Mclaurin - WFT M. Williams - LAC T. Lockett - SEA D.K. Metcalf _SAE C. Godwin _TB C.J Moore - CAR A. Cooper -DAL C.D Lamb -DAL
  4. If Eagles offer 15,16,19 and Jalen Hurts For - Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams. Do you take that ? That would give us 15,16,19,28 in the draft. I'd love to see the hypotheticals.
  5. I'll give you that. But like I said the the two guys who have manned both positions for most of the year are available and we pull this? Just weird. I also don't know what's going on with Bahk.
  6. I do remember this, but that was also non battled tested Nijman. Entire season pretty much of experience over a struggling Kelly? To switch Turner from his Best position? Idk man it doesn't sit well with me.
  7. I don't have the stats like you but I do not remember our O-line getting smoked like that. Especially from the interior. I also think Nijman is a good bit better than a Kelly. At least from my eye test.
  8. Yeah I'm totally lost how you don't think the O-line that BEAT SF and only gave up 1 Sack and averaged 4 YPC wouldn't have been than the one that gave up 5 sacks and and averaged 3.35 YPC. Having MVS and Elgton Jenkins made that much of a difference?
  9. 1.Haven't had In out Burger yet due to being in Florida. I personally like steak and shakes burgers and they have fantastic milk shakes. 2. If you live in South Florida try Huey Magoos- It took over for Zaxby's as my favorite Chicken spot. 3 - Agreed 4- If you're in SF again try Laspada's for cold cut sandwiches. but yeah Publix is a great choice.
  10. Im not a fan of the Utah Linebacker. Athletic but he's not a LB. Did not like his USC tape. no hand usage, once blocked blocked a lot of ankle tackles.
  11. i just watched tape on all three and I agree completely. Travon Walker is going to be a Demon with the right coach.
  12. My key Playmakers for this game. Lazard, A. Jones /Dillon Clark, Gary and Campbell. If these guys have big games I'm certain we will win.
  13. Man do they never look at their list and just see how terrible it is? Deonte Harris? 4th highest rated WR... 36 catches, 570 yards and 4 TDs..
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