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  1. Trap Game... They play everyone tough. Packers 34-24
  2. I said I was done with Kirksey after this play lol. I just dont understand how you dont fill that gap . Then again Martin looks responsible because we have two other players to fill strong side. But then just me playing football says Kirksey make that play!!!
  3. I must eat a crow. Did not think we could beat a top tier defense into submission like that. Aaron Rodgers is on another level right now. Spreading the ball around to everyone is incredible. I see why they benched Mitch despite being 3-0 now. I had no real complaints about yesterday. Clark looked like him oldself pushing back the LOS
  4. No one said cut MVS lmao. Yall love to reach to prove a point. I guess MVS should also develop into Adams then...
  5. I'm with that. Lazard look really good versus NO. MVS has done enough bad things that aren't coachable. I was hyping him up going into the season. Off drops alone hes left 2-3 TDs and 200 + yards on the table. I would not bet on him being anything more than a #3, but lucky for us he is our #4. I love Tonyan and Rodgers has missed him a few times completely. I have him in Fantasy Football so I would know lol.
  6. Especially in a hotter states like FL, you're right on time for a new battery. Alternator or any other part like a starter should be 100% under manufacturer warranty. 95% sure you need a new battery tho. lol .All big places like Firestone, pepboys, Autozone, Advanced etc.should test it for free for you.
  7. Year of the vehicle? Last time you changed tout the battery? Probably need a new battery. If the alternator is bad, Your vehicle would start and eventually just kill off.
  8. Some one who I don't hold my breath on catching the ball most of the time its thrown his way. Take Davante away and MVS almost disappears. Solid #3 . I cant give you a good #2. I hope he proves me wrong.
  9. Stats I cant fight. Watching him ? Im looking for another #2. I'm happy him being my #3
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