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  1. Did anyone else receive a check from Robinhood? Apart of the Fair Fund Civil case. 65M dollar lawsuit. Small little surprise.
  2. I won so nobody but Tyler Higbee for 1.8 points aint gonna cut it papa
  3. I watched the game. I wasn't impressed with Gibson at all. Mckissic flashed crazy speed and acceleration. He was hot as well. I don't watch many of WFT games but he, McKissicm looked a lot better.
  4. I really think Dexter Lawrence wasn't off sides. He didn't commit to it so him stopping gave the visual that he was offsides. He timed it too perfect. if that made sense... But the Giants really gave that game away. And that WFT Dline is severely overrated.
  5. Took the W home week 1. I need help this week I'm worried about who I should go with at RB2 and possibly flex. I'm leaning with L.Fournette tbh for RB2. Atlanta is TERRIBLE and I can see Fournette breaking a long screen or run. I don't see the Ravens doing well versus the KC. I don't like Myles Gaskin versus the Bills Defense. And at flex I'm leaning heaving with Mike Williams due to there being another shootout between the Cowboys and Chargers, similar to Week 1. I think JJ bounces back strong this week. CD is a must start IMO. Possible options. RB- CMC,
  6. Yeah I agree with starting Matthew Stafford. Russell Wilson Just torched them and I don't really see Lamar doing too well versus KC.
  7. AB... as in Antonio Brown? That's a strong no for me unless you have two/3 STUDS at WR like Tyreek and Cooper.
  8. Point wise its 122 to 107 in favor for me. But he has Lamar Jackson. I hope T.Williams looks as good as he did in preseason.
  9. X2 on the Ty'son Williams. Lets hop he goes for 120 Yards 2 TDs and 7 Catches lol
  10. I remember these plays live and just didn't understand what Rodgers was trying to do. That was an Easy first to A. Jones and the 2nd play at least Tonyan get a chance to create something.
  11. Two Spots Available. 1 RB and the other a Flex Players available RBs- Myles Gaskin., Tyson Williams, Tony Jones Jr, Trey Sermon WRs -Jerry Juedy, Mike Williams, Hollywood Brown, Terrance Marshall My top 3 possible duos imo Gaskin and Williams , Gaskin and Juedy or Williams and Juedy . Who would you go to fill these last two spots?
  12. I severely underrated Dak. Clearly top 10. Zeke just doesn't have it anymore. When he had the one on one vs the back up safety and didnt run thru him... I just feel the old Zeke scores on that play. Cowboys WRs are great but CD Lamb left 4 catches and about 60 yards on the field. (Have in Fantasy). Tom Brady and Gronk are the GOATS. Im not sure if AB is back to top 5 AB but man he looks great out there. Fournette makes catching a football look like brain surgery.
  13. The ONLY game I'm super confident on is the Lions vs 49ers game. 49ers should was the Lions. Pretty sure the Ravens take care of the Raiders but idk. To me there every other game can go either way.
  14. Facts to all this. I dropped Kmet for C.Hubbard as insurance for CMC.
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