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  1. Well I think I'm 6'0 ft, 6'1 max. But I went to the hodge twins improv last night amd my boy and I both said I was clearly taller than them and according to the internet they're 6'3... Wish i was 6'4. For sports purposes
  2. I hate trading down. We've been missing top talent trying to get good "value" If Devin White is at 12 and theres no edge or great safety prospect and then we DONT take him. Ill be livid!!! I rather miss onm a top end potential guys then trading back for safer solid players. We don't have difference makers on this team. Difference makers : Aaron Rodgers, Davonte Adams, maybe Aaron Jones but hes not given the ball enough On defense? Maybe Jaire Alexander, Mike Daniels prior to this year. Kenny Clark debateable.
  3. Hes a difference maker. Unlike most people here I think LB is extremely important. He can do it all
  4. Devin White at 12.
  5. I havent don't this in years haha. Like the title says, what did you get for Xmas? I got 200 bucks. A few dress shirts. A sweatsuit to box in. Nike Air max 95.
  6. This forum aint the same lol.
  7. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Aaron rodgers has made numerous bad throws over the past month. He also holds the ball too long and doesnt take his check downs. He's been a big issue this year.
  8. Week 14 Atlanta @ Green Bay "I Believe"

    I question if yall have ever played football in real life. Led with his head? Show me how else he was supposed to attempt to tackle Rodgers in that case.
  9. Week 14 Atlanta @ Green Bay "I Believe"

    Legal hit. He slid wayy too late
  10. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    Its like we dont have anyone who can create anything by themselves other than Aaron Jones. Like seriously who made a play or got yards after contact today besides A.Jones? Where is the YAC? Mike Daniels has been quiet so far. Brice... we know. House.. we know.
  11. dean lowry getting destroyed by their back up RT
  12. I watch other teams with my friends. We have slow players. We will agree to disagree on this one. Our first team weapons lack speed.
  13. Ty monthgoermy has lost a few steps, cobb is slow and jimmy graham is a TE. we dont have any speed on the first team weapons.
  14. You can't make this up.. lmfao
  15. Aaron Jones is our most explosive running back. please put him in