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  1. Does anyone know his risk level based off of that chart from the old site? I thought I read in the draft forum that he was the only low risk guy based on that algorithm but not I can't find it.
  2. I really hope that he is Sapp level good because no edge rusher is killing me
  3. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Is their a reason the Jets are letting 2/3 of their pro bowlers leave in free agency that I'm unaware of? They are acting like special teams isn't important and we all know that it is.
  4. I am beyond stoked. I wanted this guy outta UCLA years ago. Let's go!
  5. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    That works for me. As much as trading down sounds good to me I would love to stay at three until we are on the clock just to make sure we don't screw ourselves.
  6. Training Camp

    He blows
  7. Training Camp

    I like Minter but if he beats out Lee I would be very disappointed as Lee is supposed to be calling the plays this year.
  8. Ardarius Stewart Suspended

    I think he is feeling the heat from all the praise Chad has been getting.
  9. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Didn't realize he did all of this stuff. Dude was a beast tho. Hall of fame career and took four years off in his prime while on the Raiders.
  10. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Winters is trash and pretty much always has been. I was shocked when he got resigned. 8ish games of average play in a contract year is not good enough.
  11. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I agree totally with your definition of a waste and your example with Hill. I think we see Hill the same way that I see Hack. Great measurables with mediocre to below average production that flopped at the professional level.
  12. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Always as a pick. He had one good season 2 years before he was drafted.
  13. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    He was a waste. He was always trash and a huge reach where we took him.
  14. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    Well he wasn't a Pat buy went to the Titans and Vabriel haha close enough
  15. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    I want to trade up yo get him but I would bet he is a Pat by the end of the day