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  1. Fair I guess... I feel like it's even worse because the qb looks good on paper in the stat line but doesn't contribute to winning plays and starts throwing the safe pass instead of looking for the open player past the sticks sooooo kind of ruined them.
  2. The article highlights his best stat lines as a coach but after watching it week kn and week out we saw how that happened. Short passes to inflate completion % seemed like tbe main goal of the Gase offense here. Sam would be 13/16 for like 115 yards that's not winning football butthe numbers look good
  3. Can someone help me like this move better? I feel like the Pats did pretty well today and we are getting this guy.
  4. While this is def true and I didn't think of that angle, I am amped this dude is gone. He was consistently among the most penalized OL on our team that also had some injury problems and was just OK when healthy. Long over due
  5. I liked Hooker but injures derailed his early years. Regarding Maye, I like him a lot and to see him walk for a comp pick would hurt. Maybe we can parlay him and a lower pick into Yanick? That'd be cool only because I know it is not realistic to sign him and Adams.
  6. Clowney is 100% both over and under rated. He is as many have stated a 7-10 sack guy hopefully but is a great difference maker in the run game.
  7. Yea the Pats used this on Blount back in the day. Then he got signed by the Eagles and went right back to the pats. I was kinda pissed.
  8. I like this pick a bunch. The Clemson tape is great and I love taking OT from college teams and making them guards especially after round three. LT is where the best player on the line usually ends up on most college teams so why not take those dudes and slide them into guard spots. The Saints have been doing this for years putting later round tackles in the guard spot and I always wondered why the Jets never did. Obviously the answer there is poor drafting and overall roster management for as long as I can remember.
  9. This is very true. So what JD did is he prioritized. The best teams in the league have a QB they like and a good OL. It's a tale as old as time. So Douglas sees the qb is set for a while, and builds the line as ours was trash. I love what he has done at weak spots on the roster. OL, CB, LB, all have been flooded with depth to the point where dudes have to compete at their best or they will not make the team as there simply aren't enough spots. This atmosphere is good for building teams both culturally and financially as you keep the best players that are also young and cheap for depth an
  10. When I saw Mims highlights there was now way I thought the Jets would have a shot at him. Then when he went to the senior bowl and tore it up along with the combine I figured, like most, he'd be a late first round pick. Needless to say I am amped about this pick especially with the trade down to add another fourth too. I will admit that when I saw the Jets draft a tall skinny WR with their second pick in the draft that ran a 4.38 I had Stephen Hill flashbacks for a quick second (same 40time I believe). The main difference here is that Mims isn't just fast he is great overall athlete. His
  11. This is what I think happens this season. The NFL has 3-4 wr sets all the time plus a te in most three wr sets. Because of this, coverage is very important. With Maye sitting deep and Adams being our roamer (think Troy) we now have a Poole-like player to be the other slot. The odds that Maye, and poole and Adams all get paid after June of this year but before next draft is very slim, so to have a guy that can replace poole as the main slot guy or replace Maye as the deep guy with a year to groom him and to see which, spot he excels at is very smart. This dude is a great retur
  12. I still love this. OT was the pick to make
  13. I feel you. That would be great to trade back up but it would have to be for someone they loved that was sliding. Otherwise, take more players and spread the talent around the team more.
  14. If we walk away with any of the four tackles or three WRs at 11 I will be excited. At 48 grab whatever you didn't in the first. Sounds like a simple plan but to me this draft is that simple for the first two rounds. I can see the allure of trading back up into the first with one of our third rounders and if a guy they love is slipping then fo for it. I just feel like if they can hold off then we have a real shot at taking top 80 players all at positions of need which would be nice.
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