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  1. Did I ask a stupid question? Lol nobody here?
  2. I have belonged to a free football pool for years. We enjoy picking winners of each game of the week during the NFL season. Years ago USA TODAY used to have a Wednesday (I think) paper that had a special NFL section where it would briefly breakdown each game. It would evaluate the game mentioning key injuries, the teams offensive prowess, the historic tendencies between the two teams and such things like that. It would always finish by giving their their prediction (Ravens by 4) I used to love using this section to help me consider my game picks. It's always been a fun pool with nothing at stake but pride. In the recent years I can find no paper or web site that has anything like that. Not even close. I can find so called expert picks which gives a list of people I never heard of and who they'll think wins each game. Who cares?!? I want to make an educated guess based on key information related to the two teams in question. Does anyone know of a place I can find this kind of information related to every weekends games?