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  1. Raiders legend CB Willie Brown passes away

    Noooooooo RIP Mr Brown. Raider Legend
  2. Texans acquire Gareon Conley for 3rd Rounder

    Another 1st round bust 🤯, hopefully our Rookie CBs can show some life.
  3. Texans acquire Gareon Conley

    The end of last year, he wasn’t good all year. The Texans are banking on about 6 weeks of good film.
  4. Texans acquire Gareon Conley

    Obviously hasn’t seen Conley play this season. Dude is soft
  5. Texans acquire Gareon Conley for 3rd Rounder

    Conley has the skill set to be successful, but potential means nothing if there is no progress.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Rams definitely have a need on the OL, however, they should be strapped cap wise by now.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    We currently have picks 16 & 18 right now. I hope we don’t do anything drastic and trade a #1. Hopefully the GC trade was more about getting Mullen and Johnson reps, than anything crazy. I really like the idea of having 3 3rds, gives us a bunch or options to target a player or move around the draft board. Mayock did really well in the mid rounds, grabbing Moreau and Crosby. If we stand pat with our current picks(highly doubtful) WR, DE, LB, RB, G please.
  8. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Carr played well, but that fumble killed us, there’s literally no need for that. Either go all in And lower your shoulder or take care of the rock. That’s a bone head play.
  9. Week 7 GDT - Raiders (3-2) @ Packers (5-1)

    Either you’re all in or all out, ain’t no half steppin with the Nation.
  10. Player Appreciation Thread

    To be fair he had a lot more talent around him in 2016. I think he’s playing more toward the talent around him this year at least. Once we get some more playmakers our offense will expand.
  11. FA 2020

    If we miss out on Clowney, I would like to go after Vic Beasley, I know he’s a bit undersized for Guenthers D, but his main job would be to get after the QB.
  12. I’ve seen 9m annually and I see your concern with his past. I am sure there is language in the contract that will allow us to get out of it, if he does slip up. Maybe that’s why the guaranteed money has been kept hush? Has anyone seen the guaranteed dollars?
  13. Week 7 GDT - Raiders (3-2) @ Packers (5-1)

    Got to run the rock early and often. Keep 12 off the field and wear out that defense. Let our massive OL dominate. Hopefully we can get a big play or two from Davis, and Jones factors in with a package of plays he’s comfortable with. DC needs to protect the ball and keep making smart decisions. Can we get Waller in the end zone this week? Usually, this would feel like a let down game, but if Gruden is really righting this ship this is a very winnable game, especially with how banged up Green Bay is right now. We’re coming off of a bye week and are getting some big pieces back, we should take care of business against an injury riddled team on a short week.
  14. Around The League V.2

    Injuries suck, but it’s the NFL, they happen every game. It’s unfortunate for Mahomes and the Chiefs but no one feels bad when our players are out. The Raiders have to capitalize on a huge opportunity. Yea, it’s not ideal, and I’ve never and will never root for injuries but the division is there for the taking. Winning the division would be huge going into the offseason and into next year, when I think we will be a lot closer to real contention.
  15. Around The League V.2

    Bunch of the draft experts in here were all over Fant during the draft process. Same dudes questioning every pick we make lmao