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  1. thats what the rest of the league is hoping for, they dont want the Lakeshow to get healthy
  2. If it wasn’t for his cap number I’d be mad at this. He was our best FS last year
  3. Offense is set, we pretty much know what it’ll look like come September. Bunch of competition on defense.
  4. Probably cheaper than Sherman, offers flexibility to play slot and outside. I think him and Arnette compete for the boundary, loser plays slot. We have legit competition at every level for the first time I can remember.
  5. I wanna hear the groaning about this one lmao
  6. then it would be Gruden only cares about offense lmao
  7. to me, im looking at what he does with the young guys, Cle, Maxx, Koonce even Thomas. The fact that he couldnt really get his hands on those guys last offseason limited his ability to coach them up. Hopefully its different this year. But yea, i agree that coaches need to be held accountable. But as far as i remember it was Gruden selling Collins as the next Sapp lol, and im not sure that Rod has the power to anoint any captains, i could be wrong though
  8. We’re gonna forget all of Marinellis success throughout his career, for one COVID shortened offseason. Come on bro you’re reaching.
  9. We added speed at RB with Drake but guys were mad at that too lol
  10. Kid might end up being our best pick, love our 3rd rounders
  11. Forgot Maxx too. That YPC on Josh is probably why we didn’t have a problem gutting our overpaid OL everyone keeps groaning about.
  12. I wouldn't say he is 0 for 2, his first draft netted, Jacobs, Renfrow, Moreau and Mullen. Cle and Abram are looking like reaches at the moment. But, overall id say that's a solid class. Still too early for last years class considering covid and all.
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