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  1. its like guys can be coached up lol
  2. id hardly call him a bust, but this is why you dont take a RB with the #2 pick.
  3. id probably prefer to keep Yannick out and rest that hammy for the rest of the season no sense it making it linger.
  4. Remember when guys thought he was coming for DCs job lol dudes made of glass
  5. time to go get some respect, seems like the rest of the league aint giving us any credit, and treating the Ravens game like a fluke. We need to come into this game focused and ready to go. Pitt is formidable, but it will be good on good, our offense vs their defense, I believe we can put up points on anyone and will come down to not giving up big plays on defense. If we can apply the same type of pressure we did vs another suspect OL, i think we can win by two scores. We were in Lamars back pocket all night, but he was able to avoid a ton of sacks, we wont have that problem vs Big Ben. Im look
  6. dude was a straight beast on Monday Night, looks like hes taken it up a notch.
  7. Went to the game, was a great atmosphere. Stadium is beautiful! There were a lot of Ravens fans compared to opposing teams in Oakland which is what I was worried about, but the Nation was rockin! DC looked terrible in the first half and was pressing but settled down when it mattered most and dropped a few big time dimes. 22 come back wins! Defense looked good for the most part, if we can get that from them week to week we may have something. Maxx was a menace all game long.
  8. The Great: the negative Nancy’s can shut up for a week! Rrrrrrraaaaaiiiiiddddeeerrrrrsssss
  9. Perryman and Wright probably know the system better then the guys that have been here all year and McCoy has been here long enough to pick it up, and it’s not like he’s going to be playing 50+ snaps
  10. I know the Ravens will be ready to roll and that they are formidable. Not taking them lightly at all, but a L would be a huge let down. We need to take care of business Monday night.
  11. the threat of Lamar Jackson will make these guys look better than what they are Murray is a quality back who i loved when he was here and has carved out a nice career. Bell isnt anywhere near who he was in Pitt. Their run game will still be an issue and should be the focal point. We need to make Lamar beat us with his arm and not let him run around all day. We have more depth up front this year so our DL will be fresher than in years past, which will go a long ways with chasing #8 around all day. We need to jump out in front of these guys and make them throw the ball. I believe we can pu
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