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  1. Someone needs to hire Bienemy and break up this coaching staff lol
  2. A QB is nothing without a support system. Darnold looked fine and on time as a rookie and has regressed. He is working with nothing. I just hope(as a USC fan) that his confidence isn’t shot and is able to get a chance to succeed whether with the Jets or someone else
  3. When he proves it without Mental Case Gase
  4. He’s in the red zone trying to prevent guys from scoring you can’t tip toe down there. I could see if you mention how he looks for the big hit, but safety’s need to play fast
  5. Crazy how KC has stayed healthy
  6. Just relieved it wasn’t serious, was taking McCourty for a ride and he dropped all his weight on him, looked similar to a horse collar imo
  7. Wentz was crowned way too soon, I remember what tf was I missing with this kid. They were talking about him like he was a future HOFer after his first year or 2.
  8. the good thing is he ran the next 37 yards in 3.82 lol
  9. left so much points on the board it drove me nuts.
  10. we did look a lot better vs the Saints when we sent extra rushers. Idk why we are so passive. Ill give up a big play once in awhile rather than die by a million cuts. We have players to be successful. Im giving Guenther a few more weeks to get it together before i call for his head though.
  11. you said Jaylon Johnson's 4.50 is completely acceptable but Arnette has 4.52 in him and hes slow. Come on man.
  12. yea because the reports of him being hurt during the combine didnt come out until after the draft. And his speed has not been an issue. Not on tape at OSU, not in reports from camp and not in a Raider uniform. You literally just said theres no way he runs close to a 4.4 then followed up with Maybe a 4.52, like thats not half a step lmao which is it?
  13. played a good first half vs the Pats holding them to 13. Offense didnt get enough going to sustain drives and keep the defense off the field. If the offense was healthy and operating normally the defense wouldnt be left to die. The Pats pounded the run game and we got killed in the 2nd half. End of the day were 2-1, with a bunch of starters out, gutting out the toughest part of the schedule.
  14. i remember Gruden saying something about not robbing Peter to pay Paul. Morrow and McMillan are next up at that spot and Morrow has the most experience in Guenthers defense.
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