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  1. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    Kyler isnt getting any help from his teammates. Also, Kingsbury isnt showing very much right now. I was never high on Murray, and thought it was dumb to even think of replacing DC with him. I dont think its going to work out, but its too early to know for sure.
  2. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    looking forward to see which one of the WRs can step up and take a spot. Seems like Chuck really likes Doss, but can he contribute consistently? WR is gonna be an interesting battle all through camp, along with DT. Lets see who steps up and earns jobs. Very excited, the talent level has improved a whole lot since last season. We are definitely headed in the right direction.
  3. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    way to over react. Is it annoying, yea! But AB works harder than anyone in the league and will be ready to ball week 1.
  4. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    glad the contract situation is over and he can focus on football. I cant wait to see this kid ball, he is a perfect fit for our offense.
  5. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    I had Mack and Coopers
  6. I don’t like players asking guys to unretire their number. It puts the former player in a tough spot, if they say no, he’s egotistical etc. if a number is retired, it is for good reason. Give respect, get a new number and make it your own. Or at least earn it. Haskins isn’t some can’t miss prospect, if he busts then what happens?
  7. Who won the Khalil Mack trade?

    We also have their 3rd
  8. Who won the Khalil Mack trade?

    well see this year its easy to say the Bears won the trade because they received immediate impact. We were able to make a splash in FA based on the money we saved on Mack. We took Abram with our 1st Mack pick, and still have next years. All I know is if we are able to flip Mack for 4-5 starters(picks plus cap savings) ill take that all day.
  9. Raiders Defense

    I think this will be a solid defense, PG is the best DC weve had in a looooong time. We saw huge improvement last season. Now he will have actual NFL level talent/speed on that side of the ball. We will have bumps in bruises as rookies get acclimated and vets get used to the new system, but I think this could be a well rounded unit. If guys like Key, Hurst and Hall can step up that will be a huge plus. If we can get production opposite of Ferrell we can be on to something. add a MLB high in next years draft and this might be a real unit.
  10. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    that was a nice side by side. And I agree we should be better up an down the roster. What the list doesn't show, is that our depth is a lot better as well. It will take some time, but I see us being very competitive in the second part of the year. I think we were clouded by a lot of uncertainty last year, especially with the trade rumors. I think the locker will be more together and itll show on the field. Gruden has HIS guys, I believe that will go a long way.
  11. if were picking in the top 5 again next year, chances are were looking for a QB. I think we surprise some and are borderline .500. NFL changes fast. We were playing a lot better at the end of last season and we have a much more talented roster.
  12. 2019 Draft Recap

    i think everyone would have been considered a reach at that point or didn't fit MLB at 4, reach. 280lb DT, reach 3-4 olb, doesn't fit TE reach any other DE, reach
  13. This is a fact, Jano helped push us over the top in the first Gruden era
  14. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    Ferrell fits his defense like a glove and he’ll be a building block for the rest of the defense. I’m glad we stayed true to the guys we targeted and were confident in their evaluations. Seems like the staff are all on one page. Refreshing! Can’t wait to see it all come together.
  15. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I’m glad DC is getting another year. I think he is due to play very well in year two with Gruden, with actual NFL talent. on the flip side, I’d he doesn’t prove he is he man this year I’d be completely fine with moving on next off season.