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  1. remember Carrs rookie year when his top options were 30 year old James Jones, Andre Holmes and Mychal Rivera lol and the defense had starters like Brandian Ross, Tarell Brown, Miles Burris and Sio Moore lol team started 0-10, lets put it on the 2nd round rookie who started day 1.
  2. yea i dont get that, that playbook from 2001 consistently moved the ball. stupid floaters...
  3. literally bad in one stat. it is a big one and im just as frustrated with it as anyone , but you dont think we can make tweaks to improve on that?
  4. good thing we signed Jason Witten lol Based on the development of Waller, Moreau and Carrier, this isnt good news.
  5. if he was a main reason for us losing and was holding the team back, similar to how Goff is holding the Rams back, then youd have a case. Weve yet to see that, aside from '16 where he had a team good enough to compete in the playoffs. Imo were close to that point, just need to get the defense to respectable first. also, those Raider teams who dominated were staaaacked on both sides, clearly not the case anymore.
  6. I wouldnt call it his ceiling, he turned the ball over more often than usual, hes proven he can be better there. Also, i think there will be more room for improvement as Ruggs and Edwards develop and the depth of the WR core rounds out.
  7. the thing is when are we gonna be rebuilt? lol not one QB in the playoffs is being asked to carry the team, not one, yet thats what DC is supposed to do? They are Playoff TEAMS.
  8. yea, Coop puts up numbers, but we knew that. He did give a jolt that first year and i was miserable because of it, because he looked like the WR we all knew he could be, among the best. But since then? Mostly fluff. Big game followed by a couple where you barely notice him, way too inconsistent for 20m. And this past year, it was mostly garbage time stats when they were down multiple scores. He had more games with less than 51 yards than he did with +100 this past season year before same thing, 4 games +100, 7 less than 50, not really #1 type numbers
  9. "but, but, but there were no fans. Carr is only numbers, watch the game. Oh, you did watch the game? The defense only gave up so many points because we started the game with a 3 and out'' lmaoooo
  10. Lamar put them over the top more than anything. Flacco was holding them back imo. BMore for the most part has always had a solid roster. Ozzie was one of the best GMs ever.
  11. Coop has also pulled the ol' disappearing act in Dallas, so at the time i was frustrated with DC now it seems Cooper is the bigger issue as DC seemed to look downfield plenty with Agholor.
  12. you were just clowning him about being a RB, now youre gonna give him a promotion? lol
  13. and, what you said was wrong, they werent a perennial average team OR an after though. They finished 2nd in the division the two years prior to him getting drafted. Theyve always been on the mix
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