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  1. Real Raiders fans root for whoever rocks Silver & Black. Don’t got to love every move but at the end of the day I’ll always support. I pray it works out.
  2. Don’t like it, obviously talented as an OC but I feel it takes more than that to be a successful heads coach. Hopefully he’s grown up and has become his own man rather than try and BB2
  3. Bisaccia kept a locker room together and McD tore one apart. Would’ve like to see rich with a young offensive mind, but he’s likely have kept Olsen. That’s my only problem
  4. It was 10 years ago, so apparently it doesn’t count to some lol
  5. Yea, I keep trying to like it but I can’t…
  6. At 32, it’s hard to change some qualities too. There’s no guarantees, I feel true leaders are born it’s not learned behavior. Especially in a room full of alphas that can smell bull**** from a mile away
  7. Todd Bowles flamed out in NY, let’s give him a shot. Or is he just another retread?
  8. Its not the same thing, Flores has shown he can be the guy outside of NE.
  9. im just glad guys that have been selective with with their interviews(Dodds, McD) have looked at the Raiders as a place theyd like to work. Progress baby.
  10. i think thats why i dont like him, so smug and really doesnt know his ****. Just a guy that covers the Raiders for a living.
  11. Comes down to how much McD has matured. And you wont really know how much that is until he is the guy. Bright offensive mind, but a huge question mark on how he can lead a team. It could be a complete 180 from Rich, who the players love.
  12. lol just yesterday he said he was out lmao. Vic just outside looking in, drawing conclusions like the rest of us. Mark has been close to the vest, shoot i didnt even know we interviewed so many guys until yesterday. We wont know til something concrete is announced.
  13. this is probably the main reason i dont want McD, it probably means no Dodds.
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