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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I doubt we don't roll with anyone other than Carr next year. If Carr wasn't in Grudens long term plans why would we let go of Mack? The QB talk is all smoke screen imo. Carr has flaws but the kid could sling it, and has proven he can be that guy. I cant wait to see him in year two with Gruden and some weapons to work with.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Ill be honest, I don't know anything about the kid, but after reading this post, I guarantee he is at least 6'3
  3. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    weve been a playoff team with Carr, he has proven he can take us there.
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    im riding with Carr, he got better as the season progressed with little to work with. Another year with Gruden, in the same system will do him a ton of good. A couple legit weapons wouldn't hurt either. He and Jordy had something going, late in the season. If we can add some outside help, I can see him having a good year next season. This teams lacks talent, I would do all I can to build around a guy who has proven he can lead us to the playoffs, until he proves he isn't the man for the job, id stick with him. Some of yall forgot how hard it was to find a DECENT QB, after Gannon. Now we have a guy that was a MVP candidate, and yall wanna get rid of him? His contract will be less of an issue in the upcoming years as well.
  5. Gruden and Shanahan to coach Senior Bowl

    Mayock back at the Senior Bowl, great opportunity for the Raiders, especially with 4 picks in the top 36.
  6. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    He brings tons of drama, with the suspensions hold-outs etc. And it seems to me that he wasn't exactly, a locker room favorite in Pitt, guys calling him out and not having his back says a lot to me. At this point in time, id pass on Bell, hes getting up in age, going to be very expensive and how exactly would he mesh with Gruden? Way too many red flags, and we aren't in a position to take all that on. Great player, yes, but I don't believe he is the right fit, right now.
  7. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    signing Bell would be terrible, and would show me this FO has no sense of direction. We are rebuilding. If you are going to do it the right way, you don't start your first offseason of the rebuild by signing a malcontent RB to big money. Bell is a great RB, when he plays. But we need so much more than that. That 15 per, could go a long way on the other side of the ball. Also, Gruden has to win back this locker room, paying a guy like Bell is not going to help in that regard. Bell is a top 5 RB in the league, no doubt, but hes a terrible fit for the Raiders right now, If we were still the 12-4 Raiders we were a couple years ago, id go all in on a guy like Bell but not for Gruden's Raiders.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    id honestly double dip at DE if the board fell that way, im not entirely sold on Key. Id snag Bosa, and if a guy like Ferell is available at our 2nd pick id be all over it. WIth our assets and the depth in this draft being where its at, we need to add at least 3 pieces to our front 7. Id love to finally add a ILB before the 5th round, but I wont hold my breath. This defense obviously need major help, so im hoping our first 3 picks are spent on that side of the ball and spend our 2nd on a playmaker on offense. I feel this team needs a playmaker at RB, someone we can hand the rock to on a consistent basis and take the load off Carr. we have a ton of high picks, im usually for trading back and accumulating picks, but we just haven't gotten fair value. Make the picks where we are and add talent to this roster.
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    Those tickets are prices as hell, right now. I usually wait until closer to the date and people start coming down on their prices to make sure they don't get stuck with them.
  10. give me 10-6. We were outcoached week in week out last year. I expect Gruden to protect Carr and get him back to '16 form.
  11. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    The Seahawks didn't have a ton of talent to work with. Cable's always had to make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shhh
  12. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Kiffin or Knapp didn't run the OL. Cable wasn't the problem when he was here, he had no talent to work with hard to judge by his stints in Oakland or Seattle. Like I said, this is easily the most talented group hes worked with, id at least wait to see what it looks like before bashing him. but a lot of people just like to complain.
  13. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    i don't get the Cable hate. He made our OL respectable with scrubs, and made Justin Fargas an 1k rusher. He easily has the most talent to work with hes had in his career.
  14. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    i honestly think Vea is overrated, especially with the Ngata comparison. He is no Haloti, and if that is what you are expecting then you are going to be very disappointed. Vea is more DT than 3T, we already have Jelly for that. Hall fits more of what we are trying to do defensively(interior pass rush)
  15. I agree with this, would love for him and Parker to have a legitimate battle for RT. Competition breeds success, it would bring out the best in each of the rooks. This applies, if Penn is healthy and can perform at a high level, if not, throw MIller in at LT and hopefully we wont have to worry about the position for the next 10 years.