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  1. Astros get the hammer dropped on them-Lunhow/Hinch fired

    He definitely should. From the sounds of it hes the biggest culprit of it and his cheating resulted in 2 WS. They need to kick him out to make sure it never happens again.
  2. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    Looking at the Texans roster, they have weapons but their defense is awful. They dont have assets either, watson will be wasted.
  3. How big is the gap between Mahomes and Watson/Jackson?

    Mahomes is great, but he also has one if the best coaches fir a qb in NFL history with Andy Reid. I would like to see Reid finally win a sb, great guy who produces winners but always falls short in the end
  4. Astros get the hammer dropped on them-Lunhow/Hinch fired

    As a Yankees fan, me neither. Alex Cora better be banned for life
  5. free agents we should think about

    That's why when I see people mocking the jets front office I laugh because they have yet to make their mark. Johnson threw money on revamping it. We literally had the matt millen of gms with maccagnan who was obsessed with IDL. We should be better at drafting and roster building.
  6. free agents we should think about

    I think Thuney hits FA. I am not sure about Scherrf, could go either way. Conklin I doubt he does, idk why the Titans would allow a 25 yr old OT that they drafted round 1 hit FA. THere are gonna be some good edges in FA, I would think it would be wise to spend big on a EDGE. Spend on the OL too. Then the draft attack WR and OL. I wouldn't spend big on a CB, I would try to find bargains because we have been burned too many times with CBs and they are so up and down. You can find bargains like we did with Poole. A good pass rush makes them play better too. Plus I want the Jets to keep Jamal Adams here long term, hes gonna get a big contract. Winning football teams invest on the OL and Pass rush. Think 49ers. Invested in that pass rush and OL, now they may end up winning the SB.
  7. Really. Lamar's stats came in garbage time and produced only 12 points. He padded yards when they were down by over 20 points.
  8. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    No one wants a piece of Henry right now, that boy is a man beast.
  9. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Derrick Henry is having one of the best postseason runs I've seen at rb. Lamar it's you want to limit his running and easy passes. Hes a guy who really benefits from his great ol, plenty of times he looked confused and slow to make a throw but had all day. Most of his stats came in garbage time. If you take away his run game and make him throw, usually you win on defense. All these teams with great ol and dl make me hope the jets get back to that.
  10. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Matt Rhule is putting together a pretty bad staff in Carolina, maybe a good thing we didnt get him
  11. Is Nick Chubb the best runningback in the NFL?

    Hes good. Derrick Henry is better right now. The Browns had 2 1,000 yard receivers, not many teams can say that. I think its more that Baker Mayfield sucked this year than they had no good players.
  12. The Development of Sam Darnold

    YOu are throwing all the blame onto a 22 yr old, thinking that any QB is gonna magically walk onto this team and be a top 10 offense. Not happening. There more to football than just blaming one person. Now if Darnold was consistently holding us back like a Mark Sanchez, I see. But I have not seen the JEts playing at a high level but having the QB lose the games.Usually its the QB keeps them in the game. Even Darnold vs the Patriots, we had no shot anyways, completely overmatched that game.
  13. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I do not think we have more talent than those teams. Remember, this Jets team had a TON of injuries. We lost a lot of good football players for the season. The advantage we had over teams was usually Darnold. Also Jamal Adams taking control of the defense. We have some pieces, but if we didn't have Darnold we would probably be a 1-15 team. Our roster was pathetic, we couldn't run the ball at all all season. We had a historically bad OL with 9-10 different groupings. No #1 WR, both TEs injured. Awful CBs, no edge rush, losing our 2 best LBers. I just don't see how we had more talent than any team. We are among the least talented teams in football. We need Joe Douglas to be a good drafter and to put priorities on positions that matter.
  14. The Development of Sam Darnold

    IDK who would disagree, currently he clearly is. Allen had a better record cause he was on a better team and his team barely had any injuries. Allen's passing is terrible, the last month he averaged like 52% of his passes. When you watch the throws Darnold makes and the advancement in his game for a 22 yr old, its something legit. As Darnold matures more, remember his game should get better with time like fine wine, its not like hes relying on running which is short lived. They get him a better OL and receivers. Darnold should be a legit QB. He has that accuracy and poise, the playmaking ability. We are set at QB.
  15. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Bell had the lowest yards before contact in the NFL. All the stats show our ol was historically bad. We havent used a premium pick on ol since 2006. Maccagnan ignored or flat out was terrible at drafting or addressing the most crucial positions in football. This team had back to back inept GM that had thos team pathetic this decade. Hope we start the 2020 decade with a GM that can build a football team. Always address OL, EDGE, CB, and WR.