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  1. One thing about our defense. Look at the defense on paper, when I saw CJ Mosley wasn't going to play I said "Patriots are gonna score 50 on us". CJ Mosley lines everyone up and is basically the only guy who can play LB. The other LBers are not NFL players and are constantly out of position and get wrecked. Our secondary is full of rookies, Idk if I ever saw a secondary with this many rookies starting. Late round rookies as well. THe DL doesn't do enough. Sherwood starting at MLB and being the one getting the plays is a bad thing, the guy was a safety in college a
  2. Darnold without CMC has been garbage.
  3. Marcus Maye might get traded, hes a pretty good safety.
  4. Idk about that unmotivated part. The team seems to fight for 60 minutes each game. Its hard to evaluate Saleh because the team lacks talent and is super young. Saleh is trying to be a HC, not a DC. I think that Saleh is good in the fact he has a positive attitude that helps when things get bad here because this is a negative team. We won't know with Saleh until at least 3 years. Because this is a rebuilding project, if in 3 years we are still garbage then we can start talking about the heat. This year this team admitted they aren't playing for the playoffs but
  5. Marcus Maye is requesting a trade.
  6. We all seemed to think that Lafleur was going to be good, but in reality he was a unknown. He had zero experience as a play caller. I think that LaFleur can get better, I think offensive concepts are good. Wilson is not doing a good job at selling PAs though, when he does a PA he is quick to turn off so LBs don't bite at all. Not like someone like Chad Pennington who would put that ball in the RB stomach then pull off and fool people. There needs to be a better job done for everyone. Hopefully the game slows down for Wilson and he can get better, because he makes those
  7. I was never a Tua fan, he just seemed like a low ceiling player. He isn't very talented and gets injured easily.
  8. Myth 1, we could not have traded down and got Pitts and Chase. We would have missed out on them and then we would be stuck with Sam probably struggling here and need to pay him over $20 mil next season. Myth 2, the Jets didn't care about wins, they cared about development. Many QBs have said that the best things they had was reps as a rookie to learn the game and get understand things better. Myth 3, they are trying to run but it doesn't always go well. Wilson is doing bad at selling the PA as well. Myth 4, that attitude is what caused the Jets to suck for so long. Myth
  9. AVT has gotten better every week. This was his best game. WHich is a good sign at least. The team didn't really show up overall, lackluster squad. The offense needs to show up in first halves. They have yet to score a 1st half TD this season, embarrassing.
  10. THey were never that good and they have done a lot of bad drafting with all those picks.
  11. Hopefully we will have 2 top 15 picks.
  12. Was a bad game. Defense had some bad plans, having DEs covering Pitts was stupid. And having the CBs playing off on 3rd and short situations letting Ryan throwing quick routes. The offense had some bad plays, started off bad again. The run game got going in the 2nd half which made Wilson more comfortable, he did some dumb rookie mistakes as well. Taking a sack in bad situations. The Falcons defense is bad, they should have done more. Now We are going to face the Patriots again which is going to be a tough matchup again.
  13. The defense doesn't have a lot of talent. They have good DTs, good LB and a secondary with little experience and 5th and 6th rounders starting.
  14. Love how the Jets can't do anything against a defense that is among the worst in football.
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