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  1. Watson is quite easily the better player. He has survived awful coaching, bad team decision making, and still plays great. Josh Allen is surprising me a bit this year, his play vs the Chiefs was more of what I expected. His environment is amazing though, Rarely has injuries and great coaching and players around him. The Bills became a quality organization after years of being a mess.
  2. I can't see them going better than 1-15. Maybe they sneak out a win vs a team like the Raiders (they struggle coming to NJ some reason), or Dolphins (doubtful considering how they beat us 24-0). But there is always the potential that Darnold comes back and plays at a high level and they sneak out a win. But man the talent just looks awful on this team and they deserve the #1 pick because they have the least talented team in football. The defense is just as bad as the offense, they are really bad.
  3. The thing that is hard to evaluate is players always end up injured with Gase and he handles injuries extremely poor. Like allowing Darnold to play with a sprained throwing shoulder or allowing Becton to play when he clearly was injured. There is something about Gase and injuries. because those players that were always injured in Miami with Gase ended up going elsewhere injury free and succeeding. Its hard to judge RBs under Gase because he doesn't know how to call run plays or run a offense.
  4. That is counter productive though, shipping off young ascending players on a rebuilding squad would be dumb. Q is only 22 and is cheap. NFL rebuilds can happen quickly, but its a matter of the Jets hiring the right coach that isn't a complete moron like Adam Gase. They revamped their entire front office and scouting department, can they now hire a competent HC? I wouldn't trade off John Franklin Myers either, young ascending player. The guys who could be traded are like Marcus Maye who is a good safety and can possibly help a contender if they need a safety. Avery Williamson is a steady Lber. No one is gonna take Henry Anderson, hes garbage. I would say Crowder, but I think it would be stupid to get rid of him considering how bad our WRs are and hes actually pretty good and relatively young still. If we end up going 0-16 and get the 1st overall pick, Adam Gase highlights as a Jet would be getting a terrible GM fired who set back this team so far with awful FA signings and draft selections. And getting this team a #1 overall pick to potentially land Trevor Lawrence.
  5. Don't worry guys, you get a bye week vs the Jets and can get some feel good moments again!
  6. Dang, Fitzpatrick has been fun to watch. I love how he competes. Interested to see their rookie though, I wasnt a big fan of Tua. The dolphins been heading in the right direction though.
  7. Not happening. When you are a bad team that is rebuilding, why would you trade a 22 yr old 3rd overall for peanuts? Quinnen is showing potential this season too.
  8. Marcus maye seems likely to go Maybe Avery Williamson if you want a LBER. Everyone but Becton, don't see a reason to trade Williams either because hes young and cheap.
  9. This jets team is the worst I've seen by far, its pathetic how bad they are. At this point I just want to get thev1st pick, draft Lawrence and restart. Darnold is good but I think he needs to go somewhere that's not here to be retooled gase was awful
  10. Yes it is lol. Not even the biggest homer can defend this team
  11. I hope he does well with them, he should be effective as a pass catcher with mahomes.
  12. This Jets team is pathetic though, one of the worst teams I have seen. Definitely the worst Jets team I have seen since I became a fan. 37 year old Frank Gore ain't threatening anyone in the run game. Our only good offensive player is Crowder who is having a good year. Our defense is really, really bad without Jamal Adams. The Dolphins offense been playing pretty good so I think they will put up points, I mean the Broncos backup QB put up 37 points on us lol.
  13. I have no bad will towards Leveon. Who would want to play for Adam Gase? The guy is a turd and runs a terrible offense. I really hope Bell goes somewhere and does good, make Gase look worse because hes so arrogant and wants to make excuses all the time. Darnold should ask to get off the team too, he should go somewhere to save his career. Its a disaster how much they did to protect Sam or give him something on offense. Now he gets a 37 year old RB for the rest of the season because Gase is obsessed with Gore. I'd say blow the team up, but what is there to blow up? Fire Gase after he brings us to a 0-16 record. We will have tons of cap space and lots of draft picks and the #1 pick would be nice. Pretty much then restart with Trevor Lawrence and trade Darnold.
  14. I hope he goes to the chiefs. I want to see him succeed and see how dumb Gase is. Every player who leaves gase turns to a stud. Robby Anderson another example
  15. Darnold on the 49ers would be nice, he'll explode there with a good offensive mind and run game.
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