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  1. I like Darnold, but Joe Flacco outplayed him last season. Darnold looked broken. He definitely needed another team. Jets are taking Zach Wilson 2nd pick, its all but guaranteed. Its been guaranteed for a while actually. Tons of draft picks and a QB on a rookie deal for 5 years helps.
  2. That is why signing a veteran QB like Alex Smith would be smart. Not rush Wilson into the starting role. My hope is we grab a starting OG, starting RB, and starting CB in this draft along with Wilson. Lber is still a need as well, its a important position for Saleh. Maybe we can find a mid-late round gem.
  3. I think we should be discussing what we are doing with our 2nd 1st rounder now, because I think its a forgone conclusion that Zach Wilson will be our pick at #2. We get to reset the clock on the rookie QB contract, I think signing Alex Smith would be a smart move. That 2nd first I'm looking at CB, RB, or OG.
  4. Get ready for your new QB. Jets are going QB 2nd overall and its most likely Wilson. Anyone who watched the film sees a stud in Wilson, his arm talent is elite. He has a quick release and can make wild throws off angle. He reminded me of Aaron Rodgers and that is his idol. Jets are going to reset the clock with a rookie QB contract , have loads of money to spend next off season and 2 first next draft and continue to build a contender. Hes a good fit for this scheme.
  5. Pretty convinced hes going 2nd overall to the Jets. The NFL world made it clear that the Jets are taking a QB when the 49ers made a trade with the Dolphins, Jets would trade out if they weren't going QB. I think they have their eyes set on Wilson.
  6. I'm taking Zach Wilson 2nd overall, watching him throw the ball reminds me so much of Rodgers and Mahomes. And resetting the clock on the rookie QB contract is better for this team right now. There a risks either way but I am pretty convinced we are going Wilson 2nd overall and trading Darnold.
  7. I for one appreciate the new regime attempting to add depth to critical positions. Building a DL with depth and ability to get after the QB is the right way to go.
  8. We have some really good IDL, Rankins just adds onto a already strong group.
  9. The Jets seem to have a plan at least. They are signing high character football guys who won't be cancers and also rate highly on metrics. This FO seems to put a lot of emphasis on metrics. Carl Lawson rates really high as a pass rusher, hopefully that turns out into a 10+ sack pass rusher because 5.5 is too low for how many pressures he gets. Corey Davis reminds me of a Eric Decker signing, good football player. I like that we added a big body WR, but the plan seems to be also getting WRs who can block and are physical. Cole was a nice pickup, good depth. Obviously we c
  10. I think it is best if they move on. The fan base won't be patient and also I think his confidence is destroyed here. Saleh seems like a positive guy who could potentially help everyone, but it might be best just to restart now and do it right.
  11. I don't judge QB simply on stats. otherwise we would think Golf was good and not worth trading along with multiple 1sts for a 33 year old QB. Darnold had guys around him who don't belong in the NFL, if you think anyone would go there and be good I mean that is just a pathetic environment for anyone. I have hope the Jets are building the right way now, but clearly this past decade they had a terrible organization that did the wrong thing every time. THey never gave Darnold even a glimpse of a chance to succeed. He had zero run game his entire career, bad Ols, bad defense, and bad Wrs.
  12. The thing about Darnold that you have to realize is that no QB in the NFL has faced a worse circumstance than him. He was literally put on the worst teams and expected to play good. His confidence this past season was clearly destroyed after playing behind a historically bad OL the season prior. Having Adam Gase didn't help either. At times Darnold would be rattled when he was given time, this season he regressed big time. It also didn't help that his weapons were really bad and offensive scheme was worse. Put him on a team with some actual NFL talent and a good coaching staff, he might
  13. I'm not trading Williams period. I'm not giving up multiple 1st round picks then trade away our best defensive player for Watson, making our team worse. When we have a real chance to build a better team with the picks we have and cap space. WIlliams and Marcus Maye were our 2 best defensive players. Hoepfully we can re-sign Maye. I'd give up 3 1st for Watson, since we have 4 in the next 2 drafts. But anything crazy that destroys our ability to build a team its not worth it because we'll just have a QB and a bad team with no future.
  14. I disagree with that. I do not see any reason to trade Q, if we want Watson we can get him without Q. I think hes going to be a stud in Saleh's defense, we already saw Q starting to turn into one of the better DTs in football. Now that hes in a defense that actually fits his skill set, I see him becoming a star. No reason to trade away one of our ascending talents and create another hole.
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