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  1. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Sam Darnold is the truth, hes the best QB from that class. He is a franchise QB, we finally found our guy. This offseason will be huge to provide him with a OL and weapons. But Darnold is a winner and will be the man to lead us as the next team to dominate the AFC East as Brady retires. Josh Allen is gonna bust, he looks like I suspected. So the Bills are gonna be down for a while. The Dolphins have Tannehill who we know. Darnold is gonna take over the AFC East when Brady retires as the top QB. It will finally be our time if we give him the right supporting cast. Hes special. The kid has everything you want at QB, brains, arm talent, athleticism, playmaking ability, leadership. Hes boring off the field which is what you want. We had a huge break when we didn't get Kirk Cousins and was able to get Darnold, who will be here a lot longer and is much cheaper for the next 4 years so we can try to spend all over the team. I expect us to get after apass rusher in FA which will cost a lot. And OL, we need OL.
  2. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    I see why the pats did it. But this is not like adding Randy Moss. Josh Gordon has done nothing in the league since 2013. The guy has substance abuse problems, and not only that hes one of those players who simply doesn't care and is a cancer. THe Browns should have gotten rid of him years ago. Why the NFL keeps wasting time on him IDK. Yes hes talented, but so are other players. The Patriots really don't need him, they will do their thing regardless. But I see they are seeing if they can get him in their system and he suddenly gets his act together, and at the least provides a threat.
  3. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    Sucks to lose, but this is still a rebuilding season. We have a lot of holes still, I just want to see this team compete and give us hope that 2019 is the year we can compete for the division. Sam Darnold is gonna make his mistakes, we just need to see that mental toughness and him continue to compete and not give in. He is physically the most talented QB I've seen on the Jets in my life time. Brett Favre was old when he was here. I think he is finally going to give us that franchise QB. I just want to see him grow and show up. I do not expect big things from this team, if we made the playoffs I'd be shocked. But we are going to have a ton of money in the offseason and actual promise, players may want to come here after seeing a young stud QB who they think they can win with. This team will hopefully fight all season and give us hope, we have some good young foundation players and this team is building something that can compete for years to come.
  4. Bills to start Josh Allen; Peterman era over

    How can you sit there and start Peterman weekly knowing hes trash, while you have a 1st round pick sitting on the bench? Josh Allen is either going to make it or break, he wasn't going to be good just because he sat behind Peterman on the bench. He needs to play at some point. If hes mentally tough, he'll be able to go through it, if hes mentally weak he was never mentally strong to begin with and was always destined to bust.
  5. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    I don't go by PFF. But anyways Lee is talented and is only 23, sometimes players take a bit more to reach their full ability. Lee was not a player who people thought was NFL ready day 1, he was seen as this talented new age LB who was a playmaker in college that may need time to develop. He was never seen as a guy who was going to blow up blockers and dominated the run, his game is speed and being that new age LB. Avery Williamson is the more old age NFL LB who will blow up the run. So a good compliment. Lee seems to be a good guy who is working hard to be great, he seems close with Adams. Adams is a special player who lifts the play of those around him, game 1 Adams looked all pro. I expect Adams to keep climbing as one of the elite safeties in the game. We just don't have that edge rusher to get to the QB, if our defense had that we would be elite. That secondary, ILB, and interior DL looks dang good.
  6. What should the Bills do at QB?

    They are gonna be forced to start Allen, he was their 1st round pick,. Peterman is trash and can't be a placeholder even. I think Allen is gonna bust regardless, but they should just play him. If hes gonna be good he'll succeed, if he never plays well he won't amount to anything regardless. Hes not goig to learn and become good just because hes sitting behind Peterman, a trash QB.
  7. They are gonna have to start Allen, you literally trotting out a CFL QB when you have a 1st round pick on the bench. If the Bills wanted to develop a QB, they should have kept a QB like Tyrod Taylor while they did it or got a veteran. Peterman is trash and is gonna force them to throw Allen out there. It just shows they are scared of playing their 1st round pick.
  8. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    Jets fans tend to put expectations on players to be immediate all pros otherwise they are garbage and a waste.
  9. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    We were a Khalil Mack away from having a possibly elite defense. But I understand not paying what we would have had to pay cause we have needs. But really the one weakness we have on defense is the lack of that edge rusher who puts constant pressure and can get the sacks. The secondary and chemistry looked good. Darron Lee gets hated on all the time, glad to see him go out and get 2 INTs. Showing that playmaking ability he had at OSU. Jamal Adams is the alpha out there, hes just a leader of men and brings that swag. Trumaine Johnson was a big addition, he changes our secondary. Henry anderson looked good. I like the new zone blocking scheme, our RBs were hitting the holes hard. Crowell might be a sneaky good signing, only 25. It was nice seeing Enunwa back out there making plays, he looked awesome. Sam Darnold can be special, he scans the field and has that ability to extend plays and make stuff happen. Hes gonna be a difference maker at QB. The Jets look like they may be building a quality team, the RIGHT way and one that can sustain success and take over the AFC East as Brady and Belichick retire.

    Our OL is terrible and we are terrible at OLB. Our 2 weakest spots.
  11. Teddy Bridgewater

    It is proven that starting a QB doesn't ruin their career, if they are going to bust they are going to bust. Starting is the only way they learn. Darnold doesn't look lost, he looks very comfortable back there. Our offense is going to struggle regardless with the bad OL and lack of talent. Darnold looks ready to start, he looked comfortable and looks like he belongs. Eventually hes going to start and it will probably be week 1. Yes Bridgewater is better right now, but Darnold is the future and has done enough to show hes ready to start. Darnold is not like our past QBs we have taken, this kid is on another level. Hes ready
  12. We need to go OL heavy next offseason, our OL sucks. Our first round pick should be either OL, explosive offensive playmaker, or a edge rusher. Whatever is the best there. FA we could go after playmakers or OL as well. But we need to improve the talent there, Darnold will have a hard time this year with that bad OL.
  13. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    Sam Darnold is the real deal. The way he moves around the pocket and scans the field, he has those instincts you can't coach. Darnold is going to be a major stud in this league, a difference maker.
  14. Training Camp

    Sam Darnold is going to start, hes special. I have no idea why the Browns did not take him 1st overall, but the Browns do a lot of dumb things over the years. Darnold is a typical 1st overall pick kind of prospect.
  15. New Uniforms Coming in 2019

    Good, I don't like our current uniforms. 2019 is the year we take the division. New uniforms, new era of Jets football.