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  1. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    The Jets plan on going big next offseason, hopefully Darnold shows a lot of promise his rookie year. Then by year 2 of Darnold we really solidify a team that can compete for the playoffs. Maybe the Patriots will be done by then, I mean they are eventually going to slow down, Brady's body has to eventually break down in his 40s. I think Belichick is close to retiring anyways. We kinda need another top 10 pick, to hopefully land that pass rusher to make our defense elite. Also need to build that OL. I think our WRs are good enough for a good QB to be fine with, look at how McCown preformed with them and we are getting Enunwa back.
  2. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    So Mayfield should produce more than Darnold, he has better players around him. If Darnold plays better that shows you the Browns really made the wrong choice.
  3. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Darnold is special, I still can't believe we landed him. But we've seen the Browns do a lot of dumb things over the years, that franchise just seems snake bitten and doomed always. Robby Anderson is talented and a good player, but next year we must find Darnold a #1 WR. Anderson is gonna end up out of the league, hes just too unstable. And he is definitely a me player.
  4. Mayfield vs Darnold vs Rosen vs Jackson

    I think Darnold was the best QB in this draft. I think Rosen will be good too if he stays healthy. I see those 2 as FRANCHISE guys. Jackson will be electric, but I do not think hes a good enough of a thrower. Mayfield I'm not much of a fan of, I think he'll be okay. Allen I think busts, hes super inaccurate and I just don't see inaccurate QBs come to the NFL and succeed.
  5. 6(179). Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

    How did he fall to 6? he looks like a player
  6. Sam Darnold vs Baker Mayfield

    That is your opinion, I definitely think Darnold has more advantages than just height. When I watched Baker he was throwing to wide open guys in a QB friendly system made to produce. I never wanted Baker, I do not like his personality and I did not see anything special in his game. I couldn't be more happy how the draft folded, I never thought we had a chance at Darnold. Our debate on the Jets board was always between Allen, ROsen, and Mayfield. I was vocal about wanting Rosen over Mayfield. I'm no scout, but I see everything you would want in a franchise QB with Darnold and Rosen. I have Darnold with higher upside due to his athletic ability and his ability to evade the rush, which was seen often as he played behind a bad OL last season. Allen makes lots of WOW plays, but he is also very inaccurate and will probably throw a lot of INTs early on and be a 52-54% passer.
  7. Rookie of the Year Predictions

    I think Barkley is gonna be a star, I'd say him. I doubt Allen would get it, hes a project. ANd I am confident that Darnold is going to start very early, possibly week 1.
  8. Sam Darnold vs Baker Mayfield

    I had Sam Darnold as the best QB in this draft and rate him higher than any of the QBs coming out in the past 3 drafts. Darnold played behind a bad OL last season and WRs didn't really get open, he still made plays cause hes a difference maker type QB. I really don't care for Baker, I was hoping the Jets didn't take him. I wanted Rosen over him, for one I just do not like short QBs and I do not think he would survive in the NY media. Best case Baker will end up like a Jeff Garcia. I do not see him being anything like Wilson or Brees. I think the Jets had things line up perfectly for them, cause Darnold is a grinder and not going to give the media quotes. He is the type of personality that usually thrives in NYC. and also many of the top QBs are boring off the field, they aren't going out making a fool of themselves. Can the Browns really count on Josh Gordon though? Last season was the first time he played since 2014.
  9. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    This is the most giddy I've seen Bowles, I think the Jets really believe they finally found their man and that this guy is gonna save many jobs. Cause I really can't see how the fire anyone after next season, we are not going to win much, its more about the following season.
  10. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Darnold's hair though
  11. Jared Goff vs Jimmy Garappolo

    As of now, I have to go Goff. Jimmy needs to show it for a full season first.
  12. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    Oh we are going to suck? You don't say, we were supposed to be the worst team last season too but the Browns beat them out for that. I'd say this team is better than last years team, but I don't think any Jets fan is expecting playoffs, we are in the process of a rebuild and I think it is going well, our aim is 2019/2020 season as next offseason will be huge. Sorry bud but I think Sam Darnold is going to be a better QB than Mayfield. But as a fan of a team that went 1-31, I wouldn't be so quick to smack talk. I do thank the Browns for passing on Darnold though, this may be the best thing to have happened to the Jets, possibly ever.
  13. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    So the Browns should win a game this year, have to be stoked about that