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  1. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    That's your opinion. I don't think many QBs would be doing better with this Jets roster that was playing at a historically bad level without him.
  2. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Like I said when Avery went down, ILB is a easy position to fill. Jame Burgess has been making some plays, I liked what I saw from him in preseason idk why he wasn't on a roster. In his NFL career when given a chance he has been good at making tackles for loss. Hewitt has been good when he plays. Avery will probably be gone due to having too much money stuck at ILB and he can be cut with no dead money. We need the money to re-sign Jordan Jenkins and to address the other EDGE spot.
  3. Blessuan Austin

    Main thing with him is can he stay healthy? He has a chance to be something.
  4. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    Yes it is sad that our last GM ignored the OL for years and failed to add weapons on offense. But if you take away the Patriots game, Darnold has a 98 QB rating. He was awful that game and overmatched, but that is not a true indicator of how he is. The good thing about him is he forgets those kind of games and was able to bounce back. The bad thing is he will try to force plays and throw a INT at times. But then there will be times where he runs around and throws a dime that many QBs can't do. Fact is hes a 22 yr old QB on a awful team, when our offense is going its cause Darnold is carrying them. He has no run game to lean on, a OL that may have 4-5 new starters next year. His greatest strengths are also his weakness, sometimes he tries to do too much to get them back into the game and throws INTs. Maccagnan constructed a team the way you shouldn't. Have bad CBs, bad Edge, bad OL, and limited WRs. And draft interior DL round 1 half the time.
  5. 2020 Draft Prospects

    I much rather build a dominant OL. I want Darnold having a cushy clean pocket next season. And a OL that opens up the run game.
  6. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    The best part of the Jets offense is their QB. They will have a new OL, maybe a couple new WRs next season.
  7. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    That high 3rd rounder is looking nice. Nathan shepherd is looking like a stud.
  8. Blessuan Austin

    Resigning Poole and Jenkins. Austin fell due to injury, if he can stay healthy he has a chance to be a player.
  9. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Gase doing more things he did in Miami, finding players and making players dislike him. Idk what people expected of Darnold, no qb is gonna be good on this team. But you can't sit here tell me that Darnold looks like Sanchez, Geno, Clemens, hackenberg. Most of the time its if Darnold doesn't win the game for the team, we get blown out. Hes carrying a team at 22, this is a bad team. What does Darnold have to work with? The Patriots game is making his stats look worse.
  10. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    If you think that any QB would go behind center here and play good, you are mistaken. This team is bad at every important position. Sam Darnold is consistently throwing under pressure, breaking tackle making off angle throws just to keep things alive. If we had a QB like LaMar Jackson or Josh Allen, I guarantee you they would be struggling here. Josh Allen has a good team around him, is asked to do very little. Hes asked not to lose games, doesn't have to play hero every week to keep his team alive. His teams aren't falling 21-0 or 21-7 right off the back.
  11. Gonna have another osmele
  12. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    I'm more concerned with his lack of ability running a team. Hopefully joe Douglas can build s team that can win
  13. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Jets got a bad hc, took 2 years to fire richie kotite as well
  14. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Gase is not a rookie HC though, if he was a rookie I would give him time. But hes doing the same exact things he did in Miami. He had massive injuries, maybe luck but its a trend. He leads the league in penalties. He makes players mad. He doesn't take any blame, fails to adjust. And coaches league worst offenses. At least the 49ers showed signs of good offense in moments with Shanahan. The only thing keeping this offense together is that Darnold has elite talent, obviously hes not elite, but his abilities are among the best. Maybe Gase turns it around with better players, but do we want to run the risk of finding out? I am a Joe Douglas believer, I think he is going to address the areas we are weak at and hes going to turn this team into a more functional football team. Whether Gase is the coach or not, Idk. The main issues are that Adam Gase hasn't looked like a offensive genius since PEyton Manning. And hes certainly has no idea on how to run a football team, this team has been unprepared, unmotivated, and heavily penalized with Gase as HC. They looked better with Bowles as HC. And ones thing for certain, wherever Dowell Loggains goes they have bad offenses. That man is a disaster of a offensive coach. But hes pals with Gase and keeps getting jobs.
  15. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    And Leos rookie season was better. Leo is a solid player, averages 20+ qb hits a year, makes plays in the backfield. Jets fans were mad he wasn't Donald. But we were loaded on the dl and can't keep leo cause it makes no sense. The pick should have been Josh Allen, he was who we needed and failed to address the glaring hole.