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  1. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    This team never makes moves for edge rushers. So dont get your Hope's up
  2. When I watch Becton, I don't see a dominating prospect. People are just enamored by his size and athleticism. If it came down to it, give me Jeudy or Lamb over him. They are day 1 starters and relatively safe prospects to become studs in the NFL. We need good football players period, our 1st rounder should not be a project but a day 1 starter who can help right away. Jedrick Wills is the OT who I see consistently setting up and playing at a high level, Wills is a day 1 starter and will be effective early. But we won't get Wills at #11. I could see some OT needy teams taking them early before us and there are scenarios where we could land a Jeudy or Lamb, which instantly provides us our #1 WR which is more of a help than a project on the OL.
  3. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    The thing about some of these WRs is we are desperately in need of a WR to come in start day 1 and be good. We can't afford to take a risk on a guy who might take a year to develop. If we have our choice of Ceedee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy at #11, I'm taking one. Both are instant upgrades at WR and would be our #1 right away. I don't think the top OTs fall to us. Wills is the main one who I think can be a day 1 starter and play at a high level. Wirfs too but Wirfs has technique issues and will struggle at first with pass protection. Becton seems okay, but I don't see him dominating. Andrew Thomas has fallen for some reason, but I may just take the better players which could be WR if Jeudy and Lamb are there. Plus it fills a huge need.
  4. How has your team done in FA?

    Meh. FA Signings Center-Connor McGovern upgrade over what we had the past few years, first legit center. So good signing. OG-Greg Van Roten- Cheap decent signing, upgrade over the turds we had last season and doesn't cost much. OT-George Fant- Not sure, basically a 1 yr deal so either they hit on him or hes a turd. Hes athletic and fits what they want, but they still need a OT. CB-Pierre Desir Decent signing, hes better than the turds we had last season. Hes better than Trumaine Johnson, who isn't? ILB- Patrick Onwuasor meh, we have some depth at ILB it seems. WR-Breshad Perriman decent signing, fill some of the void by losing Anderson. But WR is a huge need in the draft. Then resigned a bunch of guys. FA has been a lot of 1 yr deals, tons of cap space available in 2021. Douglas trying to improve depth and competition, didn't overpay average talent. But we desperately need a good draft and we have glaring holes. Sam Darnold has the worst supporting talent and that needs to improve. Glaring holes WR, OT, CB, EDGE.
  5. We are in the position to upgrade talent all over. LeVeon Bell is gone after this year and we have no one. This team has no talent and needs to get playmakers. Anyways he won't be there round 3. IMO RB is a position to draft at some point.
  6. Using a draft mock I did a quick 3 round mock. These OTs were off the board by our pick, Wills, Becton, and Wirfs. 1-Ceedee Lamb WR 2-Josh Jones OT 3-DeAndre Swift RB 3-Darrell Taylor EDGE
  7. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Right now the Dolphins passed us. They have a better team. We have the worst team in the AFC East.
  8. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Sam has arguably made guys better when he plays. There was a stark difference between when he was on the field and off, when hes on the field our offense wasn't historically bad. We had the worst OL in football, absolutely no run game and under pressure constantly. Not to mention we had tons of injuries limited skill at WR. Sam has the tools to be great, but its on the Jets to provide him the environment to be great. He has been put in nothing but bad situations. Give Sam what Allen had, Jackson Had, or even what Baker had. He had none of it, nothing but adversity and bad players around him. His maturity and ability to hold it together no matter how bad things were was impressive for a young man. But this team is failing Sam badly and we won't see the big jump to a possible top 10 QB without them helping him. This draft has to get him players to help him succeed. We need Douglas to not draft busts and to hit on guys that help this team. If we hit on that OT and land a good starter, and if they are right about George Fant being a upgrade over Beachum (Beachum was trash, his run blocking was pathetic and he wasn't a liability in pass protection so that got him points). Theres a reason no one wants Beachum, hes not good. And maybe Edoga gets better, lots of linemen struggle as rookies. His technique needs to get better, he has the raw tools to play but needs to get much better than he was. We need to land a good starting WR , someone who can make plays and bail out Sam at times. Its a luxury to have a WR who can bail a QB out, plenty of WRs can be productive with good QB play, few can make a QB better and help them out. We need a edge rusher and arguably another CB. But this draft has to hit on OT and WR, also adding another RB is important as well. 1-OT or WR 2-OT or WR 3-Edge, WR, RB, CB 3-Edge WR, RB, CB. This draft is huge.
  9. If Washington would do this would you....

    I mean its pretty obvious if you trade up to #2 you are taking Chase Young because hes 100% going #2 in this draft. Hes the best overall player in the draft and is going to be a dominant edge rusher.
  10. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    That is true, but how many player leave the Jets and end up being good elsewhere? A lot of it is our scouting department was just bad and took bad players. But this is a brand new scouting department and GM, so hopefully they can select better players.
  11. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I agree. If Douglas rates a WR above the OT and believes that WR will be a better player, I would go with the better player vs just taking a OT to take one. There are always players flying under the radar that end up being good. Its not like we will be able to get Wills, who would be a definite upgrade on our OL and is ready to start day 1.
  12. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I am fine with going OL round 1 and WR round 2. I don't care as long as we go OL and WR round 1 and 2. Most of the good OLs have a guy anchoring it that was drafted round 1. Drafting our man to anchor the OL for the next decade is fine by me, just hope we hit on the picks and get good players. Because our future is riding on this draft, Joe Douglas needs to show he is able to draft well unlike Maccagnan. Otherwise we will continue to be a terrible football team.
  13. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    You put Tennessee, Minnesota, and San Fran as average to meh QBs but Josh Allen as Good? Tannehill, Cousins, and Jimmy were much better than Allen. Yeah Allen is awesome if you like having your QB live around 45-50% of his passes being completed. The Bills basically played for Allen to not lose them games. We are not going to be a good team, we are far from it. Darnold has a terrible supporting cast and Adam Gase has proven to be one of the worst HCs in football. We might end up being the worst team in the division with the best QB.
  14. If Washington would do this would you....

    But if we had Chase Young our defense would be closer to elite. Our defense biggest issue is we have absolutely no edge rush and that has been the issue for over a decade. Right now our OLBs are pathetic, makes me think they might make a move for someone because we have no one at that position. If Jordan Jenkins is your top edge rusher you are bad, because he barely produces pressures. We definitely have a lot of holes on this team though, Darnold has the worst supporting cast of any young QB in football. And our division rival the Bills, provided Josh Allen with the best supporting cast . Darnold is a superior QB but we still have a trash team.
  15. If Washington would do this would you....

    Wouldn't happen. But getting Chase Young would be a difference maker on our defense.