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  1. I know everyone gave up on Darnold, but like it or not no one in the NFL has had it worse. The guy literally had no talent around him and had the worst HC in football. If the new coaching staff rather utilize picks and build a football team then worry about putting another young QB in a bad situation, I won't be mad.
  2. I am so excited. Out of the coordinators he was the one I felt was the best fit for HC. He'll be the HC this franchise desperately needs, someone who can motivate players, give direction, and hopefully put a quality staff together. Mike Lafleur as OC is exciting, young upcoming offensive mind from the stud offensive family.
  3. I'm pumped, most excited I've been for a coaching hire in a while. I hated the Gase hire. I think Saleh will handle the ny media well, he seems smart and articulate. Hiring a young up coming oc like Mike Lafleur excites me as well. Now if only the jets will get grass vs field turf please.
  4. We have a better situation than past years. Young talented players, tons of cap and draft picks. Joe Douglas seems to be doing well as GM unlike past jets gms. Robert Saleh was a good hire, seems like someone who is smart and can energize this franchise
  5. I liked Saleh as a HC more than Smith. Saleh seems bright and will bring energy to a football team that needs it. I think he'll be a HC of the team, not a coordinator as hc
  6. Joe Douglas continues to.impress me as GM. everything he does makes sense usually, besides Anderson which was his main fault
  7. Good hire, he'll bring more energy to the team. Hopefully he can bring a decent staff.
  8. Rex was the best coach this franchise had in years, he represents the good days lol. Todd Bowles wasn't nearly as bad as Adam Gase who is the worst HC we have had.
  9. Marvin Lewis went 0-7 in playoff games and was a HC from 2003-2018. That is really bad.
  10. Saleh would be a fantastic hire if he's the guy, hes a actual leader. I wonder what his staff would look like.
  11. Honestly the only thing that scares me with Fields is that OSU QBs don't really do much in the NFL. But I think hes better than those other guys, definitely way better than Haskins. Zach Wilson looks like Patrick Mahomes, insane arm talent. The problem is will he have a Andy Reid to coach him?
  12. We have young inexperienced CBs, we have no edge rush, and no impact LBer. Jets seriously need to upgrade at EDGE if they want to turn into a competent defense. Quinnen Williams luckily is turning into a really good player, Franklin myers is good too. Hopefully they can re-sign Marcus Maye.
  13. Gase ruined Darnold TBH. I think his chance at success is going to a team with a better coach and system that can build his confidence back. I see Darnold more scared this season even when he has time he acts like he doesn't because of last season getting hit so much. Hes not confident in the system or the lack of talent at WR. We never had a run game to take pressure off of him. The Jets need to get a actual RB next season and learn how to run the ball better. Becton is a generational talent at LT, hes going to open holes. Honestly the thing that scares me most about Fields is t
  14. You guys are still stuck with goff for the next decade, enjoy
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