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  1. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    Gase may be that hire that we picked on but ends up being a good move. He put together a pretty talented coaching staff all together. Then he gets Maccagnan fired and gets us a pretty talented front office. The guy may know what hes doing? I mean he had nothing to work with in Miami and he did get them to the playoffs one year, which in Miami that is pretty impressive. It definitely feels weird having a HC that is about scoring points and attacking defenses. Maybe Gase getting to coach Darnold is what puts him back on the map as a offensive guru? Dude had Jay Cutler and Ryan Tannenglass, not much to go off of. Leveon Bell is like a weapon we have not had, or one that Gase has had. Gonna be interesting to see how he handles that. I think Darnold solidifies that hes a franchise QB this season and I have a weird feeling we may compete for the wild card spot. Our defense could be real good, I am just worried that we are trash at CB making it hard. But we have multiple guys who are all pros or probowl caliber. This is the most excited I've been for a Jets season in a while.
  2. Best head coach out there. Patriots roster is nothing special, take away Brady and Belichick they are nothing special. Only Belichick would shutdown the prolific Rams offense in the SB with guys that were JAGS on other teams.

    Lets just leave it at we have a talented edge rusher who put up 1st round tape but has questions about his work ethic and desire. We shall see if the coaching staff can get him to become a productive pass rusher. But he has more talent at it than anyone on our roster currently.
  4. Former Lions QB Josh McCown Announces Retirement From NFL

    He was awesome during his 2 seasons with the Jets, respected leader in the locker room. He had a really good season in 2017. Since 2013 he was pretty good on odd years.
  5. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    So we hired Chad Alexander, Rex Hogan, and Phil Savage to roles within the front office.
  6. Allen was inaccurate in college and inaccurate in the NFL. Mahomes did not ever have that issue.

    I mean he seems talented, its about how hard he works and if he takes to coaching. He could go either way.
  8. Allen isn't close to Mahomes.
  9. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    I think Leonard Williams is gonna have his best season under Gregg Williams and contract year.
  10. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    THe Jets are set up better than a lot of jobs. Douglas pointed out having young pieces like Jamal Adams, Leonard Williams, QUinnen Williams, and Sam Darnold makes this job interesting. Also mentioned having all pros like Leveon Bell and CJ Mosley on board. Hopefully we finally found the team to get us relevant again. I like that Douglas mentioned OL and DL, because when we were relevant we had a great OL and stout DL.
  11. Jets hire Eagles VP Joe Douglas as GM

    Seems like they are gonna hire Todd McShay and Phil Savage into roles with the front office.
  12. That drama went out the door when they landed a top GM candidate and got rid of a mediocre/bad GM who has a awful track record. The Jets front office is getting upgraded. Whether Adam Gase can prove that he can develop a QB and get this team winning, that is yet to be seen.
  13. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I'm glad Powell is back. If healthy he is a very good backup for Bell. I was worried a bit with Montgomery as the backup, Powell has had a much better career.
  14. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    We went from the laughing stock of the league, to now being like well maybe they made a good move. Feels good to get our man for once over being passed up and having to settle for some nobody. Lets be honest, John Idzik and Mike Maccagnan were guys we got cause no one that had options wanted the job. Our coaching staff and front office should be filled with talented guys now. Along with having a franchise QB, the Jets may finally become relevant again.
  15. Sam Darnold is the better QB. I think he is going to show everyone hes a franchise QB this season. Having a better offensive coaching staff and having Bell at RB, will help him.