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  1. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Thing is no one from that class got paid yet. I'd give Jamal 16 mil per easily. If making him the highest paid safety helps him stay here fine. You take him off our defense, that defense gets much worse. Hes one of the bright spots, keep the momentum of good things by extending him. Johnson got money for being a bum, at least Adams is great and is good money to remain great.
  2. Bears not picking up fifth-year option on QB Mitch Trubisky

    Hes one of those guys who had nice stats but never passed the eye test
  3. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    Cam wants to start, he'd be a distraction here. Flacco is gonna be more content on being a veteran backup.
  4. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    I don't think that's the issue at all. I think the Jets stance is he has 2 years left on his contract so they are in no rush, and also they are reluctant to throw huge money right now with uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. I think if they offered to make him the highest paid safety he would be good with it. And its going to take a lot for the Jets to trade him, they had a offer for a 1st before and declined. They don't want to just give him away. They want to extend him, but the timing right now is bad. The media has nothing else to talk about so they are trying to dig around for some drama. I do think Adams wants to get paid as soon as possible, like a lot of star players who fear that they will get injured before they get that big contract. The Jets drafted a safety that could replace Maye, showing that they may not extend Maye. They have done nothing to replace Adams, clearly their mindset is they want to keep him. Ashytn Davis is a center field type safety, he is not a box safety. And I disagree with the poster who said Adams has mediocre coverage skills. He may not get tons of INTs, but he can cover. Hes not one of those box safeties who can't cover. He makes tons of plays on the ball, just hasn't been a guy who makes INTs.
  5. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    THe Jets have no cap issue with signing him. They has massive amount of cap space in the upcoming years.. I am still hopeful hes extended.
  6. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    $1.5 mil is not threatening Darnold in anyway. I've been a Jets fan for a long time, Darnold is not anywhere close to the QBs we have had during my fan hood. Since Chad Pennington hes the first QB who is legitimate. There is no controversy brewing or short leash on the 22 yr old. THe Jets organization is extremely high on Darnold. This isn't Mark Sanchez who held the team back, this is a young kid with legitimate upside to become a top tier QB one day. Darnold never been the reason why we lose games, its always been that the team was awful around him. Flacco signing was simply because we have no legitimate backup and when Darnold has missed games we had no chance at all with what been thrown out. WE needed a veteran QB as we just drafted a young guy with James Morgan, but I definitely feel better with Flacco as the backup vs Fales. Darnold, Flacco, Morgan is a better QB group than it was.
  7. Jets sign Joe Flacco

    I'm glad we got a vet backup, wasn't sold on Fales. Douglas continuing to kill it as GM
  8. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    From all the credible reporters, the Jets want to and have no interest in trading right now. The Issue is its not going as fast as Adams wants. Teams aren't thrilled to throw out huge money when this coronavirus is making fiances more unpredictable. Jets have Adams on contract for 2 more years and then a franchise tag would happen if it came to it. We don't even have a replacement for him on the roster.
  9. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Gary Meyers is one of the last guys I'd listen to in a story breaking out. We have a lot of hacks in NY that throw things out there with no substance, hes one. Manish as you all saw with the Logan Ryan signed with the Jets story is another.
  10. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    The thing about that is, Davis is not even close to the type of safety that Adams is. Davis is a center fielder, bascially what Maye does. So the rumor is that Maye would be on the outs vs Adams who is a different position. The Jets don't want to trade Adams and want to sign him long term, the issue is coronavirus and also the Jets have Adams for 3 more years on contract. Its rare players get huge contracts when teams have you for that long, the Jets aren't in as of a rush that Adams is in.
  11. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    I hope we extend him, but there are talks that the Jets are scared to put out money with COVID-19 going on. They haven't put out any large contracts this offseason. But Douglas is also being strict in ways. Adams needs to stay a Jet though, hes the best player we drafted since Revis and he is one of those guys who truly wants to be great. He makes the defense better, without him they lose that level cause hes a difference maker. THe safety we drafted can't replace him either, the safety we drafted is a replacement for Maye more likely as hes a true center field type safety.
  12. Who wins the AFC East?

    Stats are nice, but there is more to them. Sam has been dealt nothing but adversity since he entered the league. He was placed onto a bad team and went through coaching changes, had a historically bad OL this past season, no run game, average to bad WRs, and injuries all over the field. Allen was placed onto a team that had consistency, no major changes. Had a quality OL, very good run game, WRs that made plays for him, and a great defense that held teams in check. Allen now has Diggs so he really should explode. When I base my opinions its on more than stats, I go on what I see. I don't think Allen is a bum, his running ability is nice. I just don't think hes all that as a passer. He did start reverting to a 48% passer to end the season as well. Hopefully now that the Jets seem to have a competent GM running things, they can start getting talent around Sam. But the issues never been because of Sam, usually he had to carry them. He had nothing to lean on, not a thing. I am hopeful that Bell is gonna have a bounce back year with a better OL, that OL last season had him last in the league with Yards before contact, basically he was hit in the backfield constantly. WRs are questions. Perriman for Anderson, they are banking that Perriman is more towards what he showed to end the season. Mims I have high hopes, I thought he was going round 1 and I love his speed and athleticism. He can make those circus grabs that Darnold rarely had. the Covid-19 factor might screw with developments though. They really need Chris Herndon to stay healthy, he was looking like a stud as a rookie then last season gets suspended and injured. If they can stay healthy and Darnold breaks out, this team could surprise, who knows. I don't trust Adam Gase, but he did put together a good coaching staff overall (Beside Loggains), and he was the main reason for a incompetent GM being fired and the biggest GM hire the team had in decades. Gase has to show something this season. At times his offenses are brilliant designs, then they just go to garbage for periods. He is bad at adjusting IMO. But it was hard to do anything with a historically bad OL.
  13. State Of The Roster

    I believe he is. I think if you put him on a better team you'd see much better numbers.
  14. Who wins the AFC East?

    Its just what I see, inaccurate qbs rarely get accurate. I see a poor man's version of Cam Newton when I think Josh Allen. He has everything around him.to put up big numbers next season so we'll see.
  15. Who wins the AFC South?

    Houston so Bob can keep on entertaining us
  16. State Of The Roster

    Facts. Unlike previous qbs we had, I sense there is a real belief that Darnold is a total stud in the NFL. I cant remember a qb put in that bad of a situation and still play well overall. I've always had a Andrew Luck vibe with him in regards to him being a total package at qb. Being put in God awful situations and still making plsys as young as he was is really good. Sucks though that his rookie contract we had such a bad team around him.
  17. Who wins the AFC East?

    Not happening. The patriots are not going 1-15 with their roster. The patriots won games without Brady, they are gonna be competitive. That defense is really good still. Bills are the on paper favorites, we shall see if they live up to the hype. I personally am not a fan of Josh Allen and his throwing ability, I think he's one of those qbs you just try to not lose you games. Imo his best quality is his ability to run. Great defense, great wrs, good ol run game. Dolphins draft was luckily not as good as it could have been. Parker was a monster last season, if he's healthy and stays the same where you can loft a ball in the air and he'll just grab it that's good for them. Better run gsme is gonna happen. Their defense is improved, still don't see them as great but they might compete. Out of the ot drsfted round 1 I think Jackson has highest bust potential. He was a turnstile in college, hes being drafted for what he could be one day. Jets, I'm a firm believer in Sam Darnold. I think he has high upside and is the type of qb who can carry teams, I've saw him in the worst scenario ever last season and still had a winning record. The ol is improved, we'll see how much. I think Bell has a bounce back season with a improved ol last season hw had no chance. Becton I think at the least is gonna be a plus run blocker to start, his pass protection is more of a question though he has the talent to be great at it as well. The defense can be snesky good, mosley back is a nice addition. No shutdown cb or elite edge, but great vs the run and could be stingy.
  18. State Of The Roster

    Watching some Fitzpatrick highlights from last season. Man was Parker a beast last season, a contested catch machine. I am hoping that Denzel Mims can bring some of that ability to make grabs even though hes covered to help a QB out. Mims is more athletic than Parker too. Funny that Parker got like $10 mil per and so did Anderson, when Parker is MUCH MUCH better. Anderson never made catches to bail a QB out, he was really good at 1 thingand that was going deep. #3 WR. Watched Perriman vs the Texans, he definitely has athleticism to make circus grabs. He made some contested grabs and adjustments on the ball to bail his QB out. I am really hoping that Perriman is one of those guys that is just now breaking out, I don't expect a #1 guy just hoping hes a solid WR for us and really hoping Mims we hit on Mims and he becomes a stud for us. Cause watching his highlights in college, guys that make grabs like that are hard to find and usually are studs in the NFL. You go back to Denzel's tape at Baylor: In that league, they play a lot of soft man and zone coverage, so you didn't see him get pressed. You didn't see someone in his hip pocket and having to separate, which is where he made the jump in Mobile. You saw all that stuff. In one-on-one drills, he did a great job of shaking people at the line of scrimmage. ... At the top of routes, he consistently separated and he made a bunch of crazy plays on the ball. There probably wasn't a better guy during our week in terms of making contested [catches] and those acrobatic plays on the ball. ... He's going to be a really friendly target for [Jets QB] Sam Darnold." Nagy at the Senior bowl.
  19. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I find it funny bills fans trying to act like Oliver was wrongfully arrested based on a 2 second video none of them are trained to even know what theu are seeing. Oliver is gonna end up taking a deal, he'll be suspended some games. Maybe not to start the season cause of timing?
  20. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    You can't tell from a 2 second video, let's be honest. And that is not true that just cause he didn't move his head, he also seemed unsteady. I've had people who didn't follow with their heads and blew well over .15. Plus he had alchohol in the car, I think they probably have more than enough for him to take a deal and not go to trial, especially if he gave the chemical testing which he probably did cause I don't see that he was charged with refusing? If that's a charge in Texas which I assume. Hes most likely gonna be a plea and serve a small suspension. We still got that looming with our guy Quinnen for being dumb.
  21. Saints sign RB Ty Montgomery

    Idk but he was sure hyped up last summer and did absolutely nothing. Blame coaching but its been the same thing for him with other teams. Saints have a great offensive scheme so maybe he'll do well.
  22. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    Its very accurate actually and has been studied and proven to be effective.
  23. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    How do you know he did fairly well on a sobriety test? I'm a cop and do a significant amount of impaired driving enforcement. HGN ( Eye test) is the best test in regards to determining impairment and there is noway any of us knows how he did from that video. Then just from seeing the 2 second clip I observed multiple clues of impairment. Sobriety test is not a pass/fail test. I'm not sure if he provided chemical testing, but he'll probably end up taking a plea deal for something. I know hes on your team, but it was no unlawful arrest.
  24. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    When you really watch Darnold, you see how good he is. His issues clearly are that the Jets are really bad around him. At no point have I felt like hes another Sanchez or Geno Smith. Sanchez had loaded rosters and was carried and held us back. Darnold is the bright spot of the offense. His upside is to be a elite tier QB. His floor IMO is a good QB. His numbers were among the worst because he was in the worst situation, there was nothing for him to produce more. He had zero run game, and bad WRs. I don't trust Adam Gase either. But as a player, I love his upside and I think hes a good kid who will thrive. Hes nowhere near his prime yet. This is from me loving him as a college prospect too, just watch him on those USC teams. Almost the same thing, he had a bad OL that hurt him and he made plays out of nowhere. He turned a irrelevant USC team into relevance. I am a Darnold believer, I think his best football is ahead of him and hes the answer at the QB position, just need to build around him.
  25. Jets to sign CB Logan Ryan (Per "Source")

    Can Manish please get fired? He constantly provides fake news. I'm getting sick of tired of this guy, I am gonna keep writing to NY Daily News until hes fired. Manish is the same guy who creates a fake twitter account then creates a fake story about Gase having a burner account to defend himself. Hes as sleazy as they come and a terrible reporter who is not a good person at all.