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  1. GDT 8, Browns run the Blue and Red GOAT Gauntlet

    I knew what he meant, I think.
  2. GDT 8, Browns run the Blue and Red GOAT Gauntlet

    IMHO, this game has the potential to magnify the gaps between Kitchens and the Hoodie, and Mayfield and Brady, which at least will tell us how much better Kitchens and Mayfield need to be for us to contend for anything.
  3. Around the league discussion

    Well that sums it up neatly.
  4. GDT 8, Browns run the Blue and Red GOAT Gauntlet

    I don't think it will be that cut and dry, but it sure would be an awful look for Kitchens.
  5. Hunt cleared for practice

    Hard to imagine a better one if we keep them both and they both stay healthy. Taylor and Hornung come to mind but vastly different talents.
  6. GDT 8, Browns run the Blue and Red GOAT Gauntlet

    I think the best we can hope for from this game is that Kitchens and Mayfield go to school and learn some things from the Hoodie and Brady.
  7. Around the league discussion

    Yes, we should have. Baker didn't come ready to play this year. Hope he learns from it.
  8. Around the league discussion

    Of course you can. That's why schemes are stupid. Making games plans and play selection to negate opponents strengths and optimize the talent you have is the best approach, like the Hoodie does. There is no winning one-scheme-fits-all. There only is hitting what's pitched.
  9. Must have been counting way too much on Dorsey's relationship.
  10. And created gaping holes in the batting order and LF. Nice job, FO and Dolan!
  11. Chubb and Hunt?!?!?

    If Kitchens has an ounce of sense he will use them together in the backfield on any down. Talk about giving an opposing D something to think about and game plan for.
  12. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    There certainly is something going on behind the scenes. The reffing and bias against us that I have seen this year has to go beyond mere incompetence.
  13. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    Just a coincidence that it always bites us, hmmm?
  14. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    Or unless they were motivated or instructed to make calls against the Browns.
  15. 5 up, 5 down

    This is true. Just like people in Georgia.