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  1. By whom...the 5 or 6 of you in here who are in love with Mayfield?
  2. Draft Discussion 4.0

    That's basically what they did with Shelton. No reason not to move on if you do not project the guy as a key piece. Lot's of good WRs in the middle rounds.
  3. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Antonio Callaway He will be Dorsey's Tyreek Hill for us.
  4. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Calm before the storm.
  5. They are different. There is no "winner" in this one.
  6. 7 Questions about Draft Weekend

    Who will the Browns draft at #1 overall: Sam Darnold Will the Browns trade out of pick #4: YES If the Browns stay at #4, who will they select: Bradley Chubb How many 1st round picks will the Browns make this year: 4 Will the Browns acquire an additional 2019 1st round pick during the weekend: Yes The Browns currently have 9 picks. How many players will they end up selecting during the draft: 7 Name one player the Browns will draft AFTER round 1: Shaquem Griffin TIEBREAKER: OT Orlando Brown will be drafted with the 54th overall pick.
  7. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Do not think Dorsey wants to stick his neck out that far.
  8. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Ya, but we have "football guys" making the decision.
  9. The 2018 schedule thread....How many wins ya got?

    This is what scares me. Because it means Hueball might remain.
  10. The 2018 schedule thread....How many wins ya got?

    Does that mean Hueball is fired?
  11. The 2018 schedule thread....How many wins ya got?

    This. There were more than a few games that we could/should have won. The talent is a lot better now and will be better yet after the draft/UFDA. How well we do will be all about coaching.

    Just curious...who doubted that this year's QB crop was not going to be good? I would like to know to use that as a filter on their judgment.
  13. John Dorsey's Pre-Draft Presser

    Yes, God forbid. Or if he picks Mayfield, for that matter.
  14. The 2018 schedule thread....How many wins ya got?

    Why do you say this?
  15. The 2018 schedule thread....How many wins ya got?

    I do not pay any attention to the schedule. I have seen years when the schedule looked favorable and it turned out that the teams we thought were beatable had great years. And vice, versa. We have/will have the players to win 6-10, subject only to the competence of the coaching.