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  1. Unless it's JOK, whose versatility offers much more than the skill set of a traditional LB. Would fortify S, at which right now, for all we know, we have 1.75 starters (Johnson = 1, Harrison = .75, and until he is able to step on the field and show something, Delphin = 0) Doesn't matter that Harrison and JOK could fill similar roles. Harrison probably will have a tough time starting 12 games, and JOK will be a vastly superior player.
  2. 3 moves, I think. Trading for a solid boundary corner (Gilmore or Lattimore), signing DL depth (Hurst) and drafting an impact player at 26 (JOK or Azeez). Actually would prefer immovable or suffocating to unstoppable being as it is D we are talking about.
  3. Hell, they could trade for Gilmore and sign Hurst and have some space left over from the space they gained releasing Richardson.
  4. Me, too. A trade for a solid CB is my guess.
  5. Not me. I had us taking him in my one and only mock!
  6. Agree with all of this except Moore who I like but would not pick because of size and injury concern.
  7. This is nice. We already substantially fortified the D. Now it's about acquiring in the draft (or UDFA) or through trade 2-3 players that can contribute now, and depth.
  8. Don't think so, unless Caleb or Horn fall. Right now I'd say Davis and Ojulari are the best bets.
  9. Actually, two pretty important things did change: (1) Bieber was way more efficient and effective than in his previous starts; and (2) .Plesac got rocked This is absurd. Bieber's approach was radically different than it was in his previous starts. Don't know what happened to Plesac tonight. I will look into it in the morning.
  10. Would give us at least one playmaker at every level.
  11. Never said I did. Pretty sad when you have to predicate an outburst on a false narrative of your own creation. I am sure there is a name for that abnormality, but I do not know what it is. Sorry.
  12. Would not be at all surprised if he is the pick at 26.
  13. We also need a WR who can take the top off a D, then we are good to go.
  14. Instead of piling up Ks early in the game he let it come to him. He didn't have a K until the 3rd inning vs. 5-6 -- and a high pitch count -- in the first 2 innings per his usual approach. Only threw 33 pitches through 3 innings last night, iirc. So what I would have advised worked quite well for him last night.
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