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  1. This will be key. Bitonio is fading.
  2. He also can make contested catches and get YAC.
  3. That's what jumped out at me. Great body control.
  4. Aw, come on man, we all are here for entertainment. Let'em rip!
  5. Actually my wife to this day say that it was the duck fajitas I made for her at my then bach pad that clinched the deal. Oh, yes, I did it for a reason and was rewarded. 😉
  6. All depends on how healthy we get, imho. We owe PIT and BALT one. Think that we will make one or both of them pay.
  7. Heinen's has pork shoulder roasts for $1.99/lb right now if you like to smoke.
  8. That's a pretty good recipe. Needs doctoring, though. Wife likes black bean version better, too.
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