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  1. Agree, although in this case I hope that he sees his way clear to doing what's best for the team.
  2. Had an interesting conversation about this with a friend with Native American bloodlines. He is pro CLE sports and was pissed. "Replaced iconic with borderline moronic", he said.
  3. Smacks of some virtue signaling, part of our penance as it were for a 100+ years of social insensitivity.
  4. Smacks of some virtue signaling, part of our penance as it were for a 100+ years of social insensitivity.
  5. Think that might be part of Dolan's plan. The name probably will not go over too well with the fan base. Or with a potential suitor. Lower ticket and merch sales and soured potential suitors will give Dolan the option to have his cake and eat it too by moving the team.
  6. My mistrust of the medical profession began when I was 5-6 years old. I had a sore throat. My mother took me to a doctor. He took a culture and said they would let her know in 48 hours whether I would need a prescription for an antibiotic. When we got into the car, I asked my mother: What good will medicine do in 48 hours...I will be well by then, and I was. I was absolutely disgusted with my annual physical two years ago with a new doctor. First question: "What hurts?" Huh? Tried to push me into 3 different prescriptions to address bloodwork results that were "flagge
  7. Think we need a good poll or two to liven up this dead forum. Any ideas?
  8. Agree. Why throw away your most productive talent for a marginal increase in what he produces? I say get Green if you can -- he probably is the closest thing to a generational player in this draft -- and work it out.
  9. And Plesac and Civale. They all were drafted in the same year.
  10. Aren't you the one angling for a HOF or whatever they call it seat?
  11. Quite the opposite of gun-slinging, which was one of my bigger concerns about him. I did not like the Favre comparisons at all. Too sloppy.
  12. Don't know Weaver as a starting DE. Good rotational guy is his ceiling, methinks. Not sold on Redwine at all. He had ample chance to step-up and didn't. Dunno why but I get the sense he is lacking between his ears. Would rather see LeCounte come through. Almost feel the same way about Green although I hope to God I am wrong. Seem to remember that he had an injury issue that was part of the problem, but he also had a chance to step up and didn't. Hell, iirc we went with Robert Freakin' Jackson, instead.
  13. Sure as hell should be. Former OL.
  14. Add to that the additional speed at LB and even on the DL and this D might be fun to watch. Imagine that!
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