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  1. Just heard an interview with him in which he said that trying it probably not the most intelligent decision. LOL😂
  2. He leaves the bases loaded and ends innings with strikeouts or double play ground balls, too. Not exactly Mr. Clutch.
  3. Lindor has developed an annoying habit of sinking to the occasion.
  4. Note to Indians hitters: Do not swing and strike out on sliders in the dirt.
  5. Pity you having to deal with a union and multiple groups of governmental bureaucrats. Sheesh!
  6. Random thoughts/questions while listening to tonight's game: 1. Greg Allen is not a major league baseball player. Why is he even on the roster much less playing? 2. Why don't players simply bunt to the other side of the field when shifts put 3 infielders on one side of the diamond? 3. Why are Santana and Reyes still hitting 3 and 4? Why not sit their butts down? Or why not Mercado at 2, Ramirez at 3, Lindor at 4 and anybody else at 5? 4. Who wants to bet that we do not score another run in this game?
  7. Why doesn't he just suspend the players for conduct detrimental to the league?
  8. Read that a number of players decided to spend a night at a casino.
  9. If they were half as good at drafting and developing position players this might be a good team.
  10. Cannot listen to this isht show. 1 hit in six innings, and an infield hit at that.
  11. Actually glad to hear this. The players need to be held accountable.
  12. Whoa! Let's see what Clevinger, Carrasco, Civale, et al. do their second times around.
  13. Chill. Until/Unless Hand gets back to speed the K-Man is our closer. Will keep saying that he is a big key to how this shortened season goes.
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