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  1. Agree completely. Which raises an interesting question; namely: Should we fill this hole through the draft, FA or trade? I like your solution for CB, although the FA I would sign is Mitchell.
  2. A Mohel? mo·hel /moil,ˌmōhel/ Learn to pronounce noun a person who performs the Jewish rite of circumcision.
  3. And if you take your D pedal off the medal. Woods was in prevent in Q2.
  4. I was a Sexton fan day 1. Bruce 1, Buno 0. Buno went all in on an immature, undisciplined hero wannabe without putting in the work day 1, Bruce waited to see a player who did not come to camp out of shape, didn't think he did not need an offseason program and worked within a system rather than trying to be a hero. Mayfield should kiss the ground Stefanski walks on because he has taught him that coming to camp out of shape is not acceptable, working your craft through the offseason is essential and playing within a system designed for his success is more important than being a hero.
  5. In a perfect world, yes. But in our world, I do not think so. He isn't what he was. I do not think that he can take the top off a defense any more. He hasn't fit in. Free lance routes, drops and play calls or feelings that the ball must be fed to him with positive results being mostly not there. He costs a lot of money. He can be a distraction. I have seen several mocks in which we go WR in R1. If that were combined with trading OBJ for a 2nd, I would be all in.
  6. Expected Brooklyn to come here and kick us in the *** after the last game. Not exactly what's happening. 🤣
  7. I sure do. But iirc, there were quite a few Delphin fans in the forum.
  8. Prophesy does not appear to be your strong suit...so far, at least.
  9. Kind of agree with this re Greedy. If he's back, it's a bonus. But you have to plan as if he will not be a factor.
  10. That seems fair. But will they/their agents go for it?
  11. Nothing surprising. I wonder how, if at all, that affects Mayfield and Ward? I mean @mtmmike thinks we should pay Mayfield above Cousins. Will the money be there or is this a market reset and will Mayfield have to settle for something less?
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