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  1. (Poll) Which QB Does Hue Jackson Want at Number 1?

    Smith. With Bradford's injury history they wouldn't be sitting for long.
  2. You Don't Need to Take QB

    I actually did and have mixed feelings about it. Hate not getting Darnold at #1. Love accumulating the picks. Hate the spend. Hate the redundancy at S, DL and LB. The "Hates" have it for me.
  3. Is The Josh Allen Hype Forreal?

    If he completed 56% in college, I find it hard to believe that he will magically (unless maybe with Hueball Magic) improve on that in the NFL. Witness Kizer Big guy, great athlete, ya. Great QB in the NFL? TBD a way down the road. So that would give us two Kizers with the second maybe being better than the first. Not sure where that leads us but am pretty sure that there is no way that I would roll the dice that way.
  4. Draft Discussion 2.0

    I am sure we know whether there is anything wrong with Peppers. I also am not sure whether we know how much is right, at last R-1 right.
  5. Hopefully they get the right QBOTF with #1 and trade out of #4 for value. I know there will be but right now I do not see any PB talent after a couple of the QBs and Barkley.
  6. ST coordinator; Amos Jones

    This smacks of someone owed this someone a favor or wants a fall guy. Nothing in his body of work that I can see that merits the job. Didn't Pat Pete run punts back for them?
  7. ST coordinator; Amos Jones

    Well this is a very underwhelming addition, even considering that we are rid of Tabor.
  8. I know that this smacks of WFNY, and I haven't even looked at the talent next year holds, but I feel no compulsion to use the #4 this year because I do not see a player worth it, vs. picks for this and next year that we could get for it. On balance, this strikes me as a pretty weak draft class except in a couple of position groups (e.g., RB and CB).
  9. He might be but he will not get us or any other team a sausage. I watched and loved Drew Brees in college. That to me is his best comp but he is not and never will be Drew Brees, imho.
  10. Is The Josh Allen Hype Forreal?

    Unfortunately, history shows that we probably can.
  11. Is The Josh Allen Hype Forreal?

    Agree. Go with the 2 years of tape, unless he somehow for some reason can establish that he has been saving himself for this moment.
  12. Is The Josh Allen Hype Forreal?

    Well, it would reflect Browns' fans real life
  13. Is The Josh Allen Hype Forreal?

    Think he went to and played for Miami, OH, not the U
  14. Draft Discussion 2.0

    Just remember Trent Richardson.