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  1. Btw, more than a little irrational. Do you have other problems like this in your life?
  2. Never said or implied that. How did you reach that conclusion? It was a contributing factor for sure. But you and others reading things into that accurate take are the problem. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists. The second is in accurately and completely defining it. Sounds to me like you and some others (maybe just you and LGB, dnk who you supposedly speak for) need to work on the first and second steps.
  3. Non sequitur. But then again you do sometimes seem to have a problem with context and logic.
  4. I think attitude can make all the difference in the world. In this case, it's a double whammy that favors us. Our attitude: We owe them one. Their attitude: Browns can't beat us. Can make all the difference.
  5. Came down to TOs (3-0 in their favor) and other mistakes. Hopefully, that stuff is correctable. Think Stefanski made a mistake by taking his foot off the pedal, too. Also correctable.
  6. Agree. I actually prefer this outcome so that when we meet them in the playoffs we owe them one, instead of them owing us one.
  7. At least I know it. But you, you poor soul, still are trapped in the legend you are in your own mind.
  8. They are timing plays to him. If the timing is disrupted, more often than that it's not an option for Mahommes, rookie or no rookie.
  9. That would require you at least to consider that you might be wrong, which you seem incapable of. Think you accused me of a similar flaw some year(s) ago.
  10. Wonder why they don't have JOK or someone bump him at the line to disrupt the timing.
  11. I listen to the games on a 10 second delay. I watch the plays that matter by sauntering into the room where they are on the TV, as I have explained before. So your premise and conclusion are flawed.
  12. And tried a hero play when he had a clear path to run to a first down. Yes, he otherwise played a good game. But we didn't win.
  13. Got to forget this formulaic approach of getting ahead passing and trying to run to eat clock. Dance with the girl that brung ya', for Christ's sake. Score more points!
  14. He is the only LSU product that has panned out for us so far.
  15. I really wanted him in the 2016 draft. Instead, we got Hueball's "trust me" pick Kessler in the 3rd. How Brownsesque.
  16. Just what does any of this have to do with the 53 man roster? Are we the Titanic?
  17. Everyone is talking about Garrett and Clowney, but if Woods uses Mckinley and McDowell correctly and they perform, KC is not going to know what hit them.
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