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  1. Rebuilding Whirlwind

    I agree with you, but I think it's gonna be tough to judge. The roster will not be very good. Unless he play's at a pro bowl level next season, we should draft a qb in the next year draft. I don't know if the stats line from baker mayfield last year could be the bar, but something in this range would be good.
  2. Rebuilding Whirlwind

    What do you guys think rosen needs to do, for the dolphins to skip the elite qb's in 2020?
  3. 2019 Pick Tracker

    We have another 7th rounder from KC for the jordan lucas trade
  4. Free agents 2019

    Quinn is visiting the cowboys today. They are working on a trade. Miami probably trying to buy a pick like they did with Tannehill

    Would you mind to elaborate...