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  1. Pretty sure, for the non playoff team, the tiebreaker is strength of schedule. The lower you'r sos is the higher you will draft.
  2. After doing some research, a team that host the superbowl need to play a game in London in the next 5 years after that superbowl.
  3. I think you'r right. When you host the superbowl you gotta play a game in London I think.
  4. I'm not sure I understand. I was talking about school producing QB's. For the record i'm pro Tua. I'm not so sure about Herbert.
  5. But there's always the exception that confirms the rule. You can't ignore the exception because of the rule.
  6. I agree with you, we need to build the trenches. But it has been about 20 years without a QB. We need to draft one or sign one every year until we found one.Jordan Love is a name we need to keep an eye on I think. Miami send scouts to watch him last year when he was not even available to declare. This year, he kind of regressed, but in his defense he lost almost all of his weapons. The game saturday against LSU will be a huge test for him.
  7. I don't like this argument, when was the last time north dakota state produce a good qb before Wentz? So you don't draft Wentz? When was the last time texas tech produce a good qb before Mahomes? So you don't draft Mahomes? I don't know if Tua will be this good but you can't base your argument on the fact that Alabama haven't produced goob QB's.
  8. Our 4th was in the laremy tunsil trade I think
  9. I agree with you, but I think it's gonna be tough to judge. The roster will not be very good. Unless he play's at a pro bowl level next season, we should draft a qb in the next year draft. I don't know if the stats line from baker mayfield last year could be the bar, but something in this range would be good.
  10. What do you guys think rosen needs to do, for the dolphins to skip the elite qb's in 2020?
  11. We have another 7th rounder from KC for the jordan lucas trade
  12. Quinn is visiting the cowboys today. They are working on a trade. Miami probably trying to buy a pick like they did with Tannehill
  13. Would you mind to elaborate...
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