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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Manthas new deal 2 years / 3.3 Mil AAV, very happy with that.
  2. *2018 PREDCITIONS*

    Jets WIN at 49ers WIN Patriots LOSS at Cowboys LOSS Packers WIN at Dolphins WIN Seahawks WIN at Vikings LOSS at Bears WIN Panthers WIN Bears WIN Rams LOSS at Cardinals WIN at Bills WIN Vikings WIN at Packers LOSS Well, 11-5, that may be a bit optimistic, but i have confidence in this team. Expecting 10 wins and playoff spot.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Really happy after the draft (now sober ), especially four first picks. Yes, Zadina was no brainer, Veleno also since he was projected to go somewhere around 15 spot. Berggren was BPA with Noel and its never bad to pick BPA. McIsaac is lefty, so thats a bit of a minus, but he was Zadinas teammate and has good size. Fun fact, Alec Regulas dad is Detroit Lions tentist.
  4. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Well i really was hoping that Wings would select new #1 defenceman. I mean Larkin, AA, Mantha is good enough core for offence, but there is no one for defence. And after all, Zadina is winger and we really need good center and D. He propably is really good pick, i just personally dont like him. I hope he proves me wrong. There were a lot of odd picks, so i am not complaining that much. And #30 Joe Veleno. Ok, i can live with these picks. Two really good offensive prospects. I hope Wings use next two (33, 36) picks to defencemen. After all, those two were quite a steals so i really cant complain that much. And if my post doesnt make any sense i apologize, its midsummers festival so we are drunk for four days.
  5. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Well, i never was fan of Zadina, but at #6 i really hope he is worth it.
  6. GOAT Sports Movies: GOLF EDITION

    Where is "Whos your caddy?"
  7. Nice game @Famous Jameis Well played @bcb1213, really well!
  8. GOAT Sports Movies Criteria

    Happy Gilmore of course!
  9. Offseason trades and signings

    No idea who he is, but apparently this was great signing.
  10. Offseason trades and signings

    #Lions sign TE Sean McGrath and waive TE Wes Saxton http://www.detroitlions.com/news/news-short/article-1/Lions-sign-TE-Sean-McGrath-and-waive-TE-Wes-Saxton/435a41fe-bd40-4773-9dc4-14b02bbc568e
  11. So i cant respond at all?
  12. Well i played same way before conversion too. I just dont have much to say.
  13. Who's in your avatar?

    Best QB in the league
  14. I'm pretty sure Xmad is town, so Gopher voting him is good enough for me.