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  1. I dont remember anymore I think i discussed that a little with Whicker.
  2. Thanks from me too, had a blast! First game went better than expected, especially since my partner was killed at the very first night WCW FOREVER!
  3. Whicker wanted to lynch Mission since he was useless as town ja was going after him in Big Brother.
  4. No harm done, its the name of the game.
  5. Baseball bat wielding man? Could be Sting from WCW.
  6. *Four non-town was original number, so three non-towners left.
  7. Allright, interesting information to you. I used one shot ability on woz and found out how many town and how many non-town voted him. "fj, ltbf, touch, tk3, teude, James, Bucs ,dome, slappy" Were the ones who voted him and five of them are non-town. So i'm town, touch was town, fj was non-town. Leaves ltbf, tk3, James, Bucs, dome and slappy, which four are non-town.
  8. Allroght, i'll follow the bandwagon. Woz.
  9. Well then thats on you and i cant help you.
  10. Whicker and me. "We shared chat together" is correct way to say i guess.
  11. Fine, time to claim i guess, before accident happens. I'm WWE Legend Bret Hart, Owen's brother. We shared chat with Whicker (Owen Hart) but not anymore since he is dead.
  12. Oh, now i finally get it, you meant Darths response, not mine That got me confused. I was wondering what did i say.