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  1. So tua gets a pass because the off-season and drew doesnt. Drew has had a dif o coordinator every year. No stability. To say he is one of worst ever in league is absurd. Tua idc what u say is worse right now and prob ever. Hurst isn’t better. There are plenty of qb that just aren’t better. Give drew stability and a normal off-season where he can work out with his mate me and he will continue the chemistry
  2. Well idk how we feel any worse than Miami with tua he looks like a lame duck. Hurst hasn’t looked great imo people already overrate him. I would say drew is better than them at this stage and we spent a second on him. Not 1.5
  3. Yea, I just don’t see it. Same thing that people hype up tua in press. Imo that dude looks like doodoo. And looks like he has a weenie arm lol
  4. Drew has had different ocs constantly.. an off-season that wasn’t really an off-season. Like give this dude some continuity and let him work with everyone in an actual off-season and see what he can do. We win last week if jeudy holds onto balls. Like it’s not all on drew man...
  5. I just don’t get how people bash lock for his horrid picks and decisions but can back Winston? Dude is an int machine
  6. I genially feel bad for fitz, he was playing good ball n tua taking over sucks. I understand why with Miami, but also am I the only one that sees not much in tua? I feel he has somewhat of a weenie arm(looks like it at least) and against us was very poor. Idk I just don’t see anything in him I guess
  7. His decision making has seemed to be a lot better even on the 1yard run early. Could of prob got Hamilton for a few more if he let it go early but overall better
  8. Yea feel Knox blatantly pushed there. Don’t know what the refs saw
  9. Dude I need to place some wagers on whatever Paul says. Dude didn’t miss any lol! Take it back thought he took tenn
  10. Green Bay at Chicago. Missed Tennessee at Cleveland Baltimore at Miami Atlanta at Minnesota Buffalo at New York (NYJ) Washington at Philadelphia Los Angeles (LAR) at Carolina Kansas City at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Los Angeles (LAC) Cincinnati at Seattle New York (NYG) at Dallas Detroit at Arizona San Francisco at Tampa Bay Pittsburgh at New England Houston at New Orleans Denver at Oakland Survivor:Denver
  11. on a seperate note, im down 31 points in my semi final game vs my brother....we bet 200 bucks on our game.. down 31, but i have matt ryan and julio jones.. please come through for me!
  12. Actually with this “catch” I’m alright with it being called incomplete. It was clear that the ball moved and I don’t really think he made a football move , imo he had it and in one motion turned and reached at goal line but initial contact with ground it clearly moved. Once I saw it I knew it was gunna be incomplete
  13. I mean we all know we don't have a qb on our roster. Hell I'd say just pay cousins in offseason
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