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  1. I thought tb was supposed to be this great leader, the little puss mopes around and pouts more than my 5 year old when he gets in trouble….
  2. The time management again by Vic was horrid. Defense just can never come up with good stops. Imo only solid player we have had all year is Callahan and ps2. Offense is complete dog ****, shirker must go. And lock needs to be put in
  3. 3rd n 7, you know they r still gunna run. Yet you give up a 8 yard run. If someone isn’t fired and lock isn’t in next week than it’s time to kick this team to the ducking curb
  4. Our defense is so overrated it’s ridiculous. They can never make big plays, they are the most underwhelming unclutch defense of all time
  5. At least fant went for it this time…. But I don’t get why there is no urgency…. Down 10 and they are driving as if we’re up or tied. Eating clock away…
  6. Both linebackers can’t tackle keenum Jesus Christ. These guys are horrible. This defense never and I mean never comes up clutch
  7. And now we’re getting even worse pressure than we already had. I bet if we brought a 11 man rush we wouldn’t get any pressure
  8. Yea I actually really like Hinton as a wr. And also think to myself why not try him on punts and kickoffs. Spencer is trash
  9. This coaching staff gets worse and worse each week, and I don’t have a clue how that’s ******* possible. Shula needs to be calling plays next week and Ed on defense. Fire macmahon
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