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  1. Would love to jump out on them like we did Dallas in 2016 on the road. Say what you want about McCarthy but he was pretty great at making gameplans when he had the less talented team. Hoping Lafleur has his best week yet because we very likely are going to need it.
  2. We need a vintage throwback performance from Aaron and our pass rush needs to play like it has the last few weeks. If those two things happen.... We can beat these guys.
  3. Seattle fans complaining about the refs in a game against the Packers will never not be hilarious to me.
  4. Are we guna put King or Alexander on Metcalf when we aren't playing zone?
  5. Haha played his best game as a Packer in the NFCCG in 14. Something like that would be great
  6. Hope Pettine study's what Capers did against Russ in our last 3-4 match ups with him. They don't have anyone on Offense that scares me and if Rodgers comes out hot we should have no problem taking care of business at home. If we come out rusty/flat like we have the last 3 weeks though this game will go to the 4th quarter and we probably lose in heartbreaking fashion.
  7. Never thought I'd say this but wish Dom Capers was still on the staff. Just for this game. Packers have the talent lean but Russ scares the hell out of me. 23-20 Packers.
  8. We'll be favored in all 4 remaining of our games most likely(if not 3/4). Not sure i can say shocking but i hear you. I don't see us beating any of the top NFC teams away from Lambeau sadly so I think winning is out essential for our title hopes this year.
  9. If we go 13-3 we will get a bye. Don't think 13-3 has ever not been a top 2 seed unless I'm forgetting something?
  10. Rodgers play much better/healthy Health The Smith Brothers
  11. You're probably right but i'm still so pissed off from that Rams game crap that I haven't forgiven him
  12. Tough tough loss but short week and 3-1 so I'm not too down. Rodgers was playing HOT for the first time in a while and getting rid of the ball instantly. Reminded me of 2016 him and if that woke him up this loss was worth it. I think the D will figure it out but it's tough not to wonder if Mike Daniels would have helped in a game like this where we were getting pushed around. Also - being critical of playcalling after the fact is lame IMO but I wish Lafleur ran again their. We had already gone 4 and out on 4 passes earlier in the quarter and we had two timeouts left. Give to to Vitale twice up the gut and get a damn yard.
  13. If they lose to Miami and we beat CHI we may have something. I'm not sure we can beat CHI right now. No reason to believe last week was anything other than a fluke in this hell hole of a season. At least Miami has momentum.
  14. For sure. Minnesota has a choking history and I think they're schedule is tougher. Someone pray to Josh McCown we got some 2003 magic!
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