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  1. Lol. What were the betting odds on that before the season?
  2. It's obviously a moronic game...but i like what you can learn about a person through a dozen rounds of Apples. Best part...you can just carry on drinking as normal in the meantime. There's a lot more depth to it than i think you give it credit for. I've just never been included in some of these serious games that've been mentioned. Like i said, i can barely find people to play RISK without spazzing out and ruining the game. Patience isn't a virtue everyone is blessed with. And i'm largely stuck, playing with family. I'd definitely be curious to try some more elaborate games. Like...Ticket to Ride just drives me nuts inside because i know how random it is and it kinda feels like nothing i do matters. But i play these games with family, and otherwise i'm gonna get yelled at probably.
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    You can make them into a sauce though. And it's delicious.
  4. I've realized upon entering this thread, that i'm an absolute board game plebian. But it's tough, because i don't exactly know a lot of people who just want to sit down for hours and play a board game usually. Rather do a million other things, or Karaoke. The times i have found "board game enthusiasts", it was mostly RISK!, but like the idiotic weird variants like Hobbitland and that weird Space one where there are weird tricks that the "host" uses to advantage to just dominate the game and it's stupid and not fun. I really enjoy basic RISK! with modified rules that bring some "realism" to it, and stop armies from sweeping across continents in a single turn. But it brings it down to a game that takes a lot of hours to do, and people always just get bored and either suicide or ruin the game (or both). It's not a board game, but Mille Bornes is a phenomenal way for two+ people to kill some time. Better with 4 people. It's a card game that plays a bit like a board game. If you're looking for a deep, thoughtful, strategic game...that ain't it. But it's one of my favourite games in that it's easy to just play through and keep talking about whatever, while still having fun. Ticket to Ride is one of the only games i can play with my family. It's honestly pretty great. It's terrible, in that there's a ton of luck involved in it and it feels like you really win or lose based on card draws in the end...but a lot of the time i'm playing board games, it's with family...and i have a sister who absolutely despises "strategic" games. But is just fine building some trains and seeing what happens with Ticket to Ride. As a game...it's really not compelling. But like Mille Bornes...it's a great way to just play away at a game while you chat. You don't have to be all cagey or anything. You just chat, while you play the game. Hey, i like Apples to Apples. It definitely gets people engaged, and you can honestly learn a lot about a person through the stupidity of it. You have to play it an insane amount of times to truly run out of "novel" card applications. Like...it's a terrible game, but it's fun and easy. You don't have to think about it a lot and it's always interesting as long as you have new players, who constantly make the cards "fresh". The bad thing about Apples and similar games though, is that they completely take over the conversation. There's not a lot of side-chat going on about other things. It's a game where everyone has to be kinda focused on the card at hand. I think that's the brilliance of Mille Bornes. It's got that same ease of access...low effort thing going for it, but you can easily chat over top of the game and it doesn't matter either.
  5. Well...it's not Star Trek soooo idk...
  6. #1. Doesn't check out for me. Nova Scotia, which is basically Maine...the summers are barely survivable for me. I wouldn't want many more than a couple weeks of that. Spring and Fall in Maine/NS are pretty darn perfect. I'd put that in the "best things" category tbh. Half the year is basically light sweater weather and that's the best imo. Wouldn't want more of northeast sweaty *** summer. #3 though, can definitely be rectified by jumping the border. Nova Scotia nightlife is the best tbh. In the "big centers" like Halifax and Sydney at least. It's basically Maine...but with Wisconsin/Scotland (obvs) drinking culture and entertainment. Idaho is pretty dope. The rest of Washington being like that seems like it probably falls under a lot of the "3 best things" category.
  7. I feel like anything i write is pretty true of the entirety of the Canadian prairies. Good: 1.Nature is everywhere. Wherever you go...you're never more than an hour's drive from true wilderness. Like, actual wildlands for hundreds or thousands of miles in every direction (bonus if you're in Alberta and you've got the Rockies just hangin' out right there). 2.Probably some of the most self-sustainable places on earth. There's nothing you can't grow, make, or produce really. 3.Every community is a small community basically and that can be awesome. Bad: 1.Sometimes it's --40 and you die. 2.Other times it's on fire. 3.There are an insane amount of ignorant dickheads everywhere you go.
  8. Dumbest Sports Personality

    Probably one of the hockey guys. David Amber and Nick Kypreos are way up there in dumbness. Fortunately, it sounds like Kypreos got canned at least.
  9. What does everyone do for a living?

    lmao, most dog owners don't even seem to use them anyway. What's the point. We should get cities to install bins full of dog**** to put dog owners who don't pick up after their pets in, instead.
  10. Never Ever Forget

    Obligatory: I was riding to school when the world stopped turning. Heard about it on the radio, and honestly didn't really understand the gravitas of it. Until i got to school and ended up just watching CNN in my first block class on the big theatre screen for hours beyond where classes normally would've switched. Somewhat ironically, a WWII history class. And i still don't know the difference in I Rock and I Ran.
  11. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Last meal? Probably just go super boring and roll with as nice a sirloin as i can get, with a caesar salad starter, McDonald's fries on the side, and some raw *** cookie dough for desert. Or a pepperoni pizza.

    Maybe the most important rule is actually, "follow the rules".
  13. Johnathan Abram Out for the Season

    That was pretty much the book on him coming out though, right? High floor player. You're gonna get a solid reliable technician who does his job. Still don't really understand him over Josh Allen, but that's a tale for the ages to tell.
  14. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    Gotcha. I just don't really put much stock in the "realism" of those sort of sims, even after the season much closer to the draft. I wasn't sure which case it was, but that makes sense. At this point in the season, i'm still just trying to get a broad peripheral view of the prospects. Haven't really dived too deep on many of 'em yet.
  15. Jameis Winston - What should TB do?

    Control-F: "starting caliber QBs in the state of Florida" ... ... no results found.