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  1. Just kinda been assuming they're getting in sooner or later anyway. And the game was pretty much over at halftime. So...
  2. I'm really not sure what to think of them. They're just...weird. I think it's kinda offputting. But it's hard to say.
  3. Oh snap. I kinda forgot about the playoff clinching thing 'round about halftime. That's pretty alright.
  4. idk if it's "classy" so much as, "really don't give a **** anymore".
  5. These holiday cheerleader outfits are the weirdest thing man. They look like some sort of bizarre Siberian Santa strippers.
  6. Just get the entire DLine rotation to 10+ sacks each. That'll be fun.
  7. Yeah. Nothing really wrong with grinding along and running out the clock on a game that was already pretty well in the bag, against a team that really doesn't seem that enthusiastic about trying hard right now. It's how most "good teams" close out these sort of games. Really no need to risk anything more.
  8. Indeed. Especially with just how much they like to spell Fournette, and with how much he seems to be unavailable or banged up (though hopefully that won't be a constant theme that continues so much). I really can't see them getting rid of Ivory without bringing in a cheaper replacement to backfill those carries. Not with how run-focused they want to be and all that.
  9. Yeah. As long as the cap is in decent shape, i'd be all for keeping the whole stable as well. Just sorta feels like even if Ivory ends up gone, Grant isn't gonna just usurp that role and all those volume carries, because it's such a different thing.
  10. It'd kinda be a shame to let Ivory go, as it's nice to have that continuity of style to just keep bludgeoning away with a punishing 1-2 punch when Fournette is healthy. But at that sorta price, it'll be awfully enticing to cut the guy. Can probably find a reasonable replacement for him a bit later in the draft too if maintaining that is a priority (and it probably should be?) Ivory is probably the most replaceable though. Which could mean more opportunities for Grant in the future...but they play such different roles, it might not even really affect things at all anyway.
  11. Plus, i feel like the style of Runner Grant is, tends to work better when used sparingly anyway. Makes for a bigger contrast when they do use him, and he goes blasting off like that after all the more grinding stuff, and Yeldon working the screens and sorta sifting through traffic.
  12. I've never even really watched him all that closely to see. So i'll take your word for it i guess. Mostly just noticed him because he actually does "old school fullback" things, like catching the ball and doing stuff with it.
  13. Is Juczyck even a particularly great blocker though? He seems like he wins "best FB" title on his playmaking ability, which is one of the less important things about a FB most of the time tbh. Except for when Tony Bananas is scoring multiple TDs because he's an amazing playmaker or whatevs.
  14. And here i started Yeldon in the fantasy playoffs today because no Fournette...like a CHUMP. What was i thinking??? Obviously start Tommy Bahamas.