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  1. I honestly don't even understand the science. Because multiple times, i've done ~5 hour drives and back again that day. And it sucks, but it's entirely palatable. And like you said, it doesn't take days to recover. But if you go beyond that, it does just seem to take a different toll on you, mentally, emotionally, whatever it is. I think it depends on the drive though. Some drives are fun as heck, and you get a "second wind" when you hit the mountains and get to do some zip zag driving and stuff. Or just get to see some epic scenery even. But thi
  2. Yeah. I don't have to deal with any of that baggage. I LOVE flying. Honestly, i love hanging out in airports too. I'm kind of a plane nerd, and just enjoy the whole thing. That's what's kind making it seem easier to just tip the scales. Especially when like you said, you add in wear and tear on the car. But mostly, i just don't want to spend an entire day driving. And another entire day driving back. It seems more enjoyable to fly. Basically two extra days there. But it's like...$170 worth of gasoline both ways at absolute most, more like $130s range
  3. Yeah. 5 hour drive is about the cutoff for me. That seems to be the point where my mind starts to wander. I enjoy driving my vehicle too, but not exactly so much on a big broad highway designed for efficiency and nothing else. It's great for what it is...but it's not "fun" in any way shape or form. That's not fun driving for me. I'm looking at 7-8 hours drive. Vs 1 and change flying. It's just hard to come up with a report that makes it worth driving. Especially in the winter where road conditions can turn to complete **** instantly. Still cheaper, and more environmentally
  4. I'm thinking about the relative utility of flying vs driving to a place. Flying seems a lot more convenient. Where is the crossover point? How many hours of drivings vs flyings? How many dollars of gasoline vs kerosene? How much wear and tear on a car vs just stepping onto a plane and being there in an hour?
  5. MY Level 1 Ability was utterly useless. Comparing who got more coins in a day, between two players was pretty trash. The alternative of assigning a vote to something blindly was also pretty terrible in the situations of this game. Then my ability started to get REALLY powerful. And idiots voted me out. So...there was that.
  6. I can't say that has ever happened to me. Vehicles are the absolute opposite of an "impulse buy" scenario for me. What sort of thing are you breaking that rule for?
  7. How tall is your garage? Radiant tube heat can be really effective/efficient for spaces like that, relatively speaking. And all you need is an electrical line and a gas line. But you typically need certain heights, and even lengths to really make use of it.
  8. I mean, there's a grand total of what...a single Canadian City of any significant size that is genuinely North of 50? As someone who grew up well north of 50, there are a couple factors at play here. 1.Unlike Europe, being that far North in an expansive place like Canada is extremely isolated. 2.Unlike Northern Europe, most of Northern Canada ain't got no nearby Oceans to moderate temperatures and climate in general. Oslo may be "technically more north" than where i grew up, but i can guarantee it's more miserable if you don't have an ocean next door to moderate temperat
  9. 1. Burger: Harvey's. A&W if i have to go international. McDonalds deserves a notation here tho, 'cause if i want Fries...there is no other comparable or option. That's the place. 2. Chicken: KFC. I mean, it's not inspired, but their chicken tendies are real good, and the popcorn chicken is nice and versatile for dipping in something more exciting. And their gravy makes their fries tolerable, even if they're perennially soggy as heck. 3. Mexican: There is none such thing as a palatable Mexican fast food chain. Maybe Quesada, but probably not. 4. Sub: Quizno's i guess. S
  10. i'm still confused why after i died, people immediately latched onto the idea that i cleared Nacho. Where the heck did that come from? I barely did any work as a town cop. Mostly because i spent the majority of the game blocked, predominantly by town being counterproductive. But somehow, it worked out pretty well. So that's cool.
  11. Shahid and especially Tony very over-involved, and underqualified. Yet still for some reason, keeping around a guy who has seemingly been an active detraction point for potential candidates in Baalke...even though they don't seem to have any interest in actually listening to him? Like yes. This definitely sounds like a functional, healthy situation.
  12. Yeah. If this is true, and it transpired the way it sounds like it did...Starting out the next "New Regime" on an ultimatum...again. Just hard to have a good feeling about this. I get that Leftwich is seemingly a "hot candidate", but between the ultimatum and the whole "homecoming story", it just feels like something about to go badly wrong all over again. Shahid really just doesn't have a clue. And doesn't seem to be able to surround himself with anyone who actually does have a clue how to run an organization successfully.
  13. I Should Go. Or sometimes, i'll talk to you later. Because you know what? I never do. Leave them wanting more.
  14. It was talked about in thread. Supposedly my coin was "tainted" yet again. And i gave it to Slappy. Who apparently passed it on to...idk... I can't follow all the made up scum bull**** about coins.
  15. Guys, stop working with the Scum Hitter. For goodness sake. Are you really that daft?
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