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  1. They're still doing this? Playing Jaguars games i mean? Yikes. Why even?
  2. As long as Foles plays, i'm not concerned. He'll very much go ham and light up the Jaguars and look like a superstar, because that's just what happens. And it sounds like the injury wasn't actually that bad, and he just kinda got literally butthurt. So we should be loaded for bear, when it comes to losing that game. But it would also be equally "Jaguars" to win the game against Foles, that screws them out of Lawrence. So hrmmm...
  3. Maybe the team should look for a good quarterback sometime. Maybe in the draft. idk. Instead of just cycling through bad ones a bunch. Just spitballin'.
  4. Alright. Well...at least it's apparently not serious. Doesn't seem like anybody missing the rest of the season would make much of a difference tbh. Heck, maybe it's better for a key future player like Allen to be away from the final weeks of this disgusting death spiral. You just know that a ton of fantasy football players about had a heart attack, when they saw, "Josh Allen (knee) expected to be... lol.
  5. Ultimately, this is just Shahid Khan doing what he does, and putting himself in position for a win-win situation to become even more wealthy. Option a)It doesn't materialize, or talks fall apart and he has his justification to move the team to London. Option b)The city capitulates, and gives in to a deal that lets Khan line his pockets with the proceeds of massive taxpayer investment. Don't particularly like it. But this is what an owner does, when they know they have a city over a barrel like that. He knows Jacksonville desperately wants to keep the team, and can't really afford to lose it (especially when it comes to maintaining the Stadium for other critical revenue generating events). So he's pressing the issue, and looking for either a resolution in his favor with massive government investment in his project outside the Stadium in Lot J...or a reason to leave, and act like it was the City's fault for not playing ball. There's probably no real winning for the city of Jacksonville in this, even if the proposed development plan does look like an attractive way to add value to the area, and a great way to bring in out-of-town NFL fans for a convenient experience.
  6. Yay, the annual tradition of...not inducting all time greatest Jaguars into the Hall of Voters that didn't watch the Jaguars.
  7. lmao, yikes. In fairness, there is a safety coming over to fill that other "gap", and that is a double-team block, where they probably should have managed to generate some movement. But yeah. Not great.
  8. More like the arctic circle, but that's not altogether different from the 9th circle of Hell sometimes. So still also, yes. Though combined pies that i don't like is far from the most torturous elements. Generally it is just, pecans kinda littered around a pumpkin pie and/or in the crust though.
  9. Yes, i do realize they're sometimes two different pies. Though 'round here, often find them combined. Don't like either separate, or both combined. Pumpkin especially, is just a bad flavour imo.
  10. I feel like i'm here once again...asking if anyone has ever had a positive experience with an insurance company? I honestly need to make a change, and form a career out of fighting everything that these companies stand for, and do. From top to bottom. It's practically a full-time job, dealing with their runaround shortchanging bull****. Because they have people dedicated to making things obtuse and pushing back at every single thing. While you only have...yourself - while trying to go about your life.
  11. lmao. Like i'd go outside and grill anything at this time of year. It's at least -10. you Americans are weird man. What is actually the proper pronunciation tho? Like...my mom is from The South and always insists that there's a way to say it. But i still don't get it, because i feel like she says it's the opposite of what i thought it was supposed to be in the south. It's trash however you say it tho, tbh. Hate pecans, hate pumpkins typically combined with such. Just a real bad pie imo.
  12. No, i mean whoever can drink more of it first.
  13. That does seem young. 16 is too young too probably. Problem is, by 18...it makes it too much easier to tell how many people just do not have the proper mechanical faculties to operate a motor vehicle.
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