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  1. I don't think Taylor is a bad RT...but i do kinda wonder what's up with that. Martez Ivey has a ton of problems in his game...but he honestly doesn't get beat any more than Taylor as college tackle buddies. He doesn't have the same drive, doesn't engage and hold blocks as well, doesn't move as smoothly...but...it just kinda begs the question... Probably doesn't matter if we're just gonna plug him in at RT anyway. But i feel like everyone's just kinda assuming Cam is gonna come back 100% and pick up where he left off. Which was already...sorta fringe LT play salvaged by how darn good he was in the run game. But that's hardly a guarantee, is it?
  2. I'm not nearly so extreme on Metcalf...but honestly...i really wonder about him. Pretty much all of his real splash plays...are just getting the ball deeper and/or running away from people. There's just not the sort of resume i'd want to see there from a stud "do it all" WR.
  3. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    How does that translate though? It's as a 3T Projection. Like i said in a previous post. That's fine. But why gamble on a guy like Gary as a 3T projection, when you've got a guy like Oliver who is a proven stud as an interior disruptive presence? Why is the hype so lopsided?
  4. It depends on where you're talking about a guy obviously, round-wise. But if you're into the mid-rounds and you're talking about a LBer...do you want a guy whose floor is..."athletic STer" with the upside of starting LBer in a couple years? Or a guy whose ceiling is basically "depth LBer" with less athletic ST play?
  5. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Metcalf's freaky speed actually translates to what you can see on tape though. The question is really...whether he's anything more than a big body downfield speedy guy, and actually a stud receiver everywhere else or not. With Gary it's like...cool...he ran fast. How does that translate to what's on tape?
  6. Pro Day Results

    I've felt for a while, like the Jacobs >>> Harris narrative is kinda weird. Yeah, he had a nice close-out to the season...but on tape, i don't see this same dynamic beast in Jacobs that others seem to. And the athletic testing keeps showing that Harris is essentially the same sort of athlete, with more of a track record. Ever since that weird mock draft came out with Jacobs in the Top-10 or whatever, it's been like this weird post-season hype train for him. And Harris is chopped liver. I don't think either is a Top-60 pick...but i'd take Harris over Jacobs. Both could be good solid backs...i just like the versatility and proven production in Harris, over the "what could be" in Jacobs...considering they don't really seem to be all that different as athletes. Both guys have good vision as runners, finish with power, can catch and run out of the backfield. I don't dislike Jacobs...i just don't fully understand what makes him worlds apart from Harris.
  7. Pro Day Results

    This is why the whole "Kyler Murray Height" thing is so dumb though. If you're drafting him...whether he's 5'9" and three tenths of a quarter, or 5'10" even...you're drafting by far the smallest starting QB in the NFL. He's clearly not even close to Russell Wilson in overall size, mass, frame, etc. And that's your "smallest QB". But arguing over fractions of an inch at that point is kinda idiotic. You either think the guy can succeed as a tiny little miniature QB, or you don't. He's going to be equally tiny either way. The only curiosity i had, was if he'd weigh in similarly before he threw, to what he weighed at his Combine. Just wanted to know if he can even still move around and throw and do his game at that weight, or if he bulked up to try to cheese extra pounds out of it. He put that to rest. It really just comes down to whether or not you think he can be the smallest ever successful NFL QB or not.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    The thing with Butler is that his big PLUS is that he's got this absolutely enormous catch radius. Like it's insane, and he's got those highlight catches where he shows it off. But he's also got all these things where he looks like a Giraffe trying to catch a football. Not great. It kinda puts a big dent in the whole "big catch radius" element he's got going for him.
  9. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    I honestly feel like i watched a different Brian Burns than you. I just keep seeing a guy who has jump off the screen quickness and tons of length, but gets easily walled out of almost every single run play. It's seriously alarming, his lack of ability to get off blocks and make plays against the run. Feels like he's on the wrong side of almost every wall-off block. Or even push the pocket on pass plays when he can't run around the edge and beat the tackle with pure quickness and bend. This talk of him climbing up into the Top-10...i just...really struggle with. He does one thing really really well...and that's kinda it... 3T. But it's weird, because people are acting like he's going to be some athletic beast who can move around or something, or even that he's going to be a stud DE. Like yeah, in that system they asked him to be the "heavy end" and that hurts his production a bit. But is that going to get better if you throw him into a similar role against Pros? A guy who doesn't produce because he's schemed into playing a heavy-end role in college...is that seriously someone you want to take Top-10 in the draft? You're obviously hoping he'll blow up production-wise and outproduce his college tape if you throw him into a penetrating 3T role...but what on earth makes him better in that role than a guy like Ed Oliver who is "too small" or whatever, but has absolutely excelled as an interior disruptor? I don't get the Rashan Gary thing at all. We kinda already knew that about Jaylon Ferguson tho, didn't we? He's not a super bendy agility man. He's a relentless, powerful 4-3 end who is going to win with brute force and technique, collapse the edge of a pocket and be disruptive and pile up TFLs and cleanup sacks mostly... He's a violent technician with results, more than a special athlete.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    I'm usually a skeptic when it comes to these "ball of clay" projects from the lesser leagues...but Tytus Howard has some really legit traits that could make him a good NFLer. Exactly this. These lesser conference Tackle types, it often seems like people are mining for diamonds in the dirt. "This guy's got long arms...maybe he'll be good!!!" etc. But Tytus does actually seem to have some natural aptitude for the position. Big project though.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    I think he's a potentially really solid RT for a long time. He's never going to be a top guy and he's going to get beat by top edge guys who run off that side who have the speed and length to make problems for him. But he's one of those tough dudes who is going to fight hard to beat that and if he lands in a more road-grader friendly offense...he could be pretty darn good. The thing with him that i struggle with is...if he's not able to hack it at RT...he'll have to kick inside. And despite his demeanor and play style being perfect for it...i'm not sure about 6'7" Guards in general. It's not ideal, having that much height inside. That's a lot of leverage to give up.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Secondary

    I don't think it's just you. It's really...ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh at the top especially. There are a good bundle of guys who will play for a long time though. Just as more #2 and Nickle Corners i think. There's no stud here. But some random guy will emerge from the later rounds to make me look stupid, because scouting DBs is dumb and hard.
  13. You're trying to tell me ARobs stats last year are comparable to Moncriefs? One guy was a cog in a well-oiled machine with a plethora of other targets. Moncrief was just here...getting force-fed the ball because everyone else sucked even harder. ARob is a lot more than a "spicy" Marqise Lee. He's a completely and utterly opposite type of receiver. Allen got hands, body positioning, and a big ol' radius. Lee got like a small T-Rex arms radius and trashcan lids for mitts. Allen can run a full route tree with timing, Lee just runs fast as his injury prone *** can across the formation on a crosser and hopes for the best. They're worlds apart. That doesn't mean ARob is a world-beat or superstar...it just means Lee sucks mostly. And Robinson was a real solid #1b type possession receiver, which is better than whatever Lee is.
  14. We're not playing Madden here. ARob being in a far better offense with far more weapons and a far better QB shouldn't have to hurt him when he was still in fact, better than Moncrief. ARob is a substantially better WR than Moncrief. That's the point. He's substantially better than Lee too. It's not his fault he signed with a team who put multiple other weapons around him and spread the ball around properly. In our dumb Bortle offense, a healthy ARob was good for 70-80 catches and 900-1400 yards because he was the only guy worth throwing to and the defense was *** so we were always chasing. Production is always situational. But in the same situation...i'd expect ARob to blow the doors off either of Moncrief or Lee. If you add Moncrief and Lee together, sure...ARob probably doesn't come out ahead. But that's backwards thinking. You can only put so many receivers on the field at a time. You want your best guy to be the best...fill the rest in later. We've got plenty of good filler.
  15. I don't think it's "instincts"...it's more...discipline. Vosean is absolute dynamite when his instincts lead him right. He might even be the best LB in this draft when he gets it right. He gets it wrong sometimes though. He probably trusts his instincts too much a lot of the time. Whereas Bush has instincts, but has more of the discipline to rein it in a bit and play within the system. Honestly, i hate talk about a LBers "floor" though. Every LBers floor is basically..."Special Teamer" or worse...selling insurance or whatever. The world is flooded with "floor" LBers who never make it because they just aren't athletic enough. If there's an athlete who shows good instincts and has the athleticism to play in the big leagues...i'd rather work with that, than a guy who doesn't have the traits to keep up with the game even if they're a savant at reading the play. At the very least, they're gonna have the "floor" of ST Ace if you get them trained up right.