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  1. Nah. Space Jam is inherently a fascist ploy by noted Nazi sympathizer and anti-semite Walt Disney. No thanks.
  2. Former Titans LB Derrick Morgan to retire

    Really surprised he didn't try to grab one more year somewhere as a pass rush specialist and pad out his career totals. But gotta respect a guy who just wanted to be a career Titan. As yucky as that may be.
  3. Jaguars All-25

    He should honestly probably be a bit higher. Which is sad. He was just...a good solid Olineman for a lot of years, and that gets you solidly within the Top-20 Jags. Yikes.
  4. Team Needs

    We do have potentially the coolest and most entertaining backup QB in the league. I'd be less worried about that though, and more about whether our starter is any good. If he's not, it's a writeoff season anyway. We do badly need a true #1WR. And even if Oliver is gonna be that #1TE for us...he's probably a while away. Our LBer corps is kind of a mess without Telvin. I don't even know what we need. But probably 2 guys there, really. Especially since they've made it pretty clear our new stud isn't going to be used to maximum effect with LBer snaps.
  5. Personally, i'm really thrilled it's Orca, and not derogatory *** "Killer Whale" bull****.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Properly inebriated is the proper state of mind to discuss philosophical topics like that imo. I prefer other topics while at peak inebriation, but the effort is noble.
  7. The heck are you cooking your Vodka for? That's not good man.
  8. Alcohol Thread!

    Why would a person do such a dishonourable thing to a very drinkable Glenfiddich 12 even? That's just madness. On a neutral Scotch note, i'm still loving the Coscto brand blended Jug. I'm fairly confident it's actually Famous Grouse B-sides, but it's plenty balanced and a hero in a Rusty Nail imo. I says through a Vodka water haze.
  9. Jaguars All-25

    Curious to see how much the load the top end with current players, instead of Fred Taylor.
  10. Team Needs

    A Tom Brady would be nice. Don't necessarily need one, but it'd make things easier i think.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Nice man. Learning guitar owns. I tried to learn trombone and i did it convincingly enough to pass until i quit at like grade 11 i think. I literally still have no clue how to play that thing tho. Such a baffling instrument. But i can play a guitar. It's way better imo. My Epiphone Les Paul kinda sucks tho. I got a lemon *** item, and i can't ever get the intonation quite right with a nice action. There's something warped as heck about the neck i think. But i've played lots of Epi LPs that were dope, and i played one that i should've bought instead of the one i have, but i wanted a different finish so i goofed bad and bought the finish i wanted, instead of the one that played really well, thinking i could adjust it. And i still haven't actually figured out how to fix it. So it just sits while i play other guitars, other than when i pull it out and just get kinda grumpy. What kinda amp you get to start out with? I started on an acoustic and would honestly recommend it because you'll get stronger fingers and stuff, but the amp is gonna make a difference in how much you can enjoy some things too. Having a guitar that plays right, that you think is cool should go a long ways in making it way more enjoyable for you to learn though. Always easier to learn when you feel like your machine fits you.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Ya'll ever actually done "Fire Extinguisher Training" at your workplace? Is hilarious, and also a good place to note who you can ridicule for being terrified of a controlled fire for approximately 2-3 days afterwards. And also noting who is probably gonna be a trainwreck in a crisis.
  13. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    If the neighborhood his that hot, you probably have nice leverage. Multiple interested parties after your abode trying to flip it. Angle that as much as you can tbh. See where that puts your sale price. After all...your house is only worth what the biggest sucker is willing to pay for it.
  14. Gross. Kick that dude off the island or whatever. Who drinks that stuff even? That's harsh too. Give 'em a better Vodka, and you've got a solid contender tho i think. Vodka tonic, underrated drink, especially with all them limes you gave 'em. Stolichnaya the thing to get tbh. Grab a gigantic jug at Costco for like cheaper than Smirnoff junk. Enjoy. Get over the hipster Tito stuff imo. Or any of the indie Vodkas honestly. How the heck do you even "hand make" a Vodka. You just like put the stuff in stills and do a process...by hand? lmao who cares. Worst liquor to try to claim craftsman quality. Just make whiskey or something, honestly. Grey Goose overrated as heck. Nice bottle tho. Data has actually had feelings or at least "dreams" a couple times i think. When he got real angry at The Borg, kinda as a product of his brosef being a manipulative dick****. But also the chip thing. Ferengi are also canonically immune to empathy and generosity. Excepting rare cases, like Data with his feelings. The heck would you put cherry in your Vodka for? Just get normal vodka like a normal person, and put cherry flavor in afterwards if you insist on it.
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    Ya'll ever do Mint Juleps? I have a garden and i thought it would be a good idea to grow lots of mints. And now look what's happened.