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  1. I really just don't see any way you can pin this on the defense. If you have an offense that can muster more than 6 points, you win the game comfortably. That's it. Our offense has these games where they straight up are not functional. That's not good enough for a team with championship aspirations.
  2. General News Thread

    I mean, Allen has a bigger freakier athletic arm, and a pretty healthy dose of sneaky good athleticism as a mobile QB to go with his size too. I don't know why a lot of people want to paint him as this big statue a la Lynch or Hackenberg or whatever. He's never been that.
  3. General News Thread

    Is it really that lol? It seems like a not altogether poor comparison tbh.
  4. I do also think there's a weird potential "competitive advantage" built into being the team that consistently goes over and plays there too. Not so much in traditional "home field advantage" with the crowd per se...but just in the fact that if you can build continuity in this team and staff, they're going to become more and more comfortable going over there year after year. Which is something, considering how unpredictable it can be for teams heading over to an entirely different continent without any significant experience. It can be a real curveball for a team. But if you do it every year once or twice a year...at some point that just starts to become part of the normal routine and culture of the team. Which could become advantageous, even if all of London don't just become diehard Jaguars fans or whatever. Let's be honest here...The Bank is one of those fields that does always seem to have a healthy contingent of opposing fans on any given week in the first place anyway. For a lot of reasons i'd imagine. From the size of the building, to the more transient local demographics, to the profile of the team and the appeal of a little football vacation in Florida.
  5. Exactly. The cheap acquisition cost is a reflection of how much of a distraction he could be, and how unreliable he is. He's one of those talents where if you have him, you're going to build a big part of your offense around getting him the ball. He's that good. But if you spend all your time building your offense around that...it's gonna suck when he does something stupid again, and never plays another NFL game or something. It's a "core of your offense" sort of talent, with a "don't ever expect him to play" reliability. It's a conundrum i wouldn't expect many teams to crack.
  6. Jaguars release WR Rashad Greene

    What the heck is that even? Like, some soft jazz in the background?
  7. 2018 Jaguars Survivor Pick'Em

    I feel like the Bills are now personally trolling me. I had the gumption, i put all of my eggs in their basket last week and they didn't do the thing. So this week i join the cool kids betting against them and it's just...fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
  8. Welp, i missed this game...but from the looks of the score at the end, it's probably for the best. Exactly how awful was Bortle and the offense today?
  9. 2018 Jaguars Survivor Pick'Em

    Week 3: Minnesota Vikings.
  10. Fav team: Jacksonville Jaguars. Week 3 Selection: Minnesota Vikings.
  11. That's the problem though. This Bortles isn't always the guy who shows up on any given Sunday. When he plays like today, he's a stud and our offense looks completely legit. But there are too many weeks where he shows up as a completely different QB. So they've built this team to run differently to try to mitigate those ups and downs by having a steady as she goes ground 'n pound offense. It's going to be interesting to see if they can eventually find a balance, or just find a way to be tuned in quickly to whether it's going to be a big boy Bobby Bortles game, or if he's just going to Bortle. And then adjust the whole gameplan on the fly accordingly.
  12. The streaming Gamepass thing (that became the DAZN thing), or whatever that is called in the States is always behind too. It's annoying. Really convenient to just have that huge bank of games to watch whenever you want, but trying to watch live sucks way more than just having it on a network live.
  13. He threw plenty of total ducks last week. It's just the way he throws. I'm glad he's worked on it though. It does show, and did show today. It's one of those seemingly small aesthetic things that is actually a pretty big deal. But he's always going to be an ugly thrower fighting to throw it less ugly. It's just Bortle ball.
  14. Today he has. Sorta. Mostly. Spiral enough at least. But man he throws a lot of ugly duck balls, typically.