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  1. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    Exactly. There's nothing wrong with AJ McCarron as a backup. He's pretty much what you want there. He's a quiet professional who will sit around holding a clipboard causing zero drama. He'll come in, hand the ball off a bunch of times, check it down for the rest of the game, put the ball in his skill players' hands and hope they can go out and break something. But that's a team in survival mode on offense, just trying not to make a big mistake, and not taking any sort of risk that might result in a mistake. ie. Basically what they've tried to shoehorn Blake into this year. And the sort of generally inadequate, non-threatening play you can get out of a number of journeyman/career backups. That's not how you actually win games. It's not the sort of thing that's going to drag any defenders out of the box. It's not what this team needs out of a starter to actually take a step forward - and this is a team that badly needs to get off the futility treadmill and take a significant step forward.
  2. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    That's not a description of AJ McCarron. That's not what our record would be. And that's not something i'm willing to watch an entire year of. It would be at best...a rerun of this awful neutered offense we have this season. That's not how you win games. If their goal is to go out next year and continue just trying to survive on offense, and their shopping list is headlined by an AJ McCarron...this team is going to implode and experience a mass exodus of quality players. And i would not even blame them one bit at that point.
  3. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    I don't want any of that trash. Don't skimp on the most important position on the field. Don't set out to find a guy who can be as useless as Bortles. Find an actual solution.
  4. In season news and notes

    Are you suggesting that Speed Score is...waterproof?
  5. Holding onto the ball has also proven a major obstacle for him at times as well tho tbh. Let's just be safe and say Blake Bortles Krytonite is...anything involving The Football.
  6. In season news and notes

    But he was lineman sized with water weight though.
  7. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    Missed this earlier, but ooof, that's a double-whammy to the potential QB market this summer. The Bradford/Bridgewater scenario was one of the only potential "surplus" situations out there that might spill over with a potential starter option. Now, not only is that extremely unlikely to happen...but you're right, in that unless Teddy comes back and plays lights out, it's probably actually adding another "deficit" QB-needy team to the mix. And one with obvious "win now" aspirations, ie. competition for guys like Smith and Cousins. Booo. Even other teams can't rely on Sam Bradford's knees to stay healthy. Wouldn't be surprising if there's some sort of condition there after all he's been through though. Sucks for everyone.
  8. If only it weren't for that darned "throwing accurate spirals to the correct team" Kryptonite, man he'd be a heck of a quarterback.
  9. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Yeah. I don't think the Browns have really "ruined" a bunch of great talents or anything. Seems the issue is more just that they're continually investing in guys with major flaws which quickly prove fatal. Which generates a bunch of disruption and instability through the rest of the organization (which generally seems to create enough of that themselves). All it takes is one "hit" though, one guy to overcome their fatal flaw...and everything is just peachy in Cleveland.
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Mayfield certainly seems to have a similar, "never too late to make a play" sort of "gamer" mentality when things break down. He's got plenty of swagger. And he trusts his arm like Favre. Not sure how far beyond that the similarities go though. This QB class is becoming a bit of a turtle derby for me though. Nobody really grabbing the bull by the horns to set themselves apart.
  11. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Only caught part of the game, but Stat line is probably exaggerating how catastrophic it was a bit. Two of the INTs were tipped balls off his WRs (one thrown badly behind though). One other INT wasn't even a pass, just a little flip play gone wrong. But still a pretty catastrophic draft-stock tanking evening. Didn't look that good to me the week before vs Oregon either. Still don't think that's entirely the case. The bulk numbers are a product of that system for sure...but he still does translatable things within that system. I think it's a system that fits and flatters his strengths/weaknesses well (usually). He's got some real flaws though. The more i watch of him, the more the deep ball accuracy looks erratic. And he continues to take sacks he doesn't need to, holding onto the ball too long. Not trending the right way with his execution of that system even. Starting to wonder a bit about the head injury stuff with him too. Probably just levels his stock back off to where it should be. Maybe a Day2 sort of flier. Unless the wheels completely come off or something.
  12. The tWo Hangout

    Yeah. Exactly. It's...basically unprecedented.
  13. In season news and notes

    True. But mostly because he had so much "water weight".
  14. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    As to @iPwn's earlier question of favourite prospects for the Jaguars top pick...it's tough. This is the first year in a long time where i'm honestly not sure where the Jaguars are actually going to be picking at the end of the year. Usually it's just sorta...throw out a Top-5 or so and we're guaranteed one of them. Easy to pick favs. Not so easy this year. Been focusing a lot on getting a look at top QBs more than anything too. Which unfortunately, i haven't been too enamored with any of the top names. If we don't find a QB somewhere else though, it's going to be awfully hard not to at least take a swing on one of them. Spending a 1st on a receiver is probably off the table for me, unless something stupid happens with ARob. Not too enamoured with what i've seen of the top WRs or TEs anyway. Malik Jefferson the Texas LBer is one of my favourite prospects i've watched, but i'm not sure how another speedy instinctive "space" LBer would fit here. Going defense in general would feel a bit off to me actually. Eventually gonna have to offset the aging of Calais and i wouldn't turn down a dominant edge rusher...but that unit is actually looking more than adequate right now. Seems like you're going influence the W-L column more next year by addressing the massively weaker side of the ball that is actively costing you games. OLine is where it feels like a good need/fit/value might happen. I like both the Notre Dame OL guys McGlinchey and Nelson quite a bit. Depending on how far up the draft order we slip, Quenton Nelson might be a bit of a "reach" positionally...but he's really impressive, and with the league-wide OLine crisis, i wouldn't be upset at all with a high quality Guard in the teens. Mitch Hyatt and Billy Price are intriguing too. But who knows.
  15. The tWo Hangout

    Every team has "decent talent" by that low standard though. It's weird. Not the first time a bad team has got off to a hot start or anything, just really surprising for an expansion team.