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  1. Alcohol Thread!

    I love the random coffee beans strewn around in this pic. It's so expertly straddling the line between absurdly pretentious and utterly hilarious. I feel kinda the opposite. Bourbon has mostly ruined Rye for me. I just don't enjoy it as much. Rye is almost always just that bit sharper and i find it harder to get into. Revelstoke Whiskey kinda pisses me off because i found out it's not actually distilled anywhere near the place it's named after, nor is it even really Canadian owned, nor is it any better than generic lower grade Canadian Rye with some assorted flavours added. It's basically like the Jim Beam "specialty" flavours of Canadian whiskey as far as i can tell. The place it's named after is absolutely beautiful though. So it's go that going for it at least.
  2. The Car Thread

    SUVs suck so hard. Especially the 90% of them that also have literally zero off-road credibility and are basically just jumbo wasteful oversized booster seats for drivers who don't know what they're doing.
  3. The tWo Hangout

    Yikes. That's soon. Things really creep up on you over the offseason when your team actually has playoffs i guess. The draft felt like it was like immediate, and now we're almost back to ballgames somehow already.
  4. So, i'm here now but i'm confused and have no idea what this is or what i'm supposed to do. Did i win something or what?

    This is a lot along the lines of how i feel about it. Particularly when it comes to the Jaguars throwing back to a "traditional" look they never had, because the team doesn't have that kind of history behind it. For me, "traditional" Jaguars would have some sort of unique number font and a bit of flair to the outlines and stuff. I really didn't care for the old uniforms at all, but they've kneejerked way too far in the other direction with these imo. Some teams can pull off the super simplistic "throwback" uniforms. It fits their team history and image. Other teams like the Jaguars, it just doesn't really jive for me. I also do miss the shield logo, which really wasn't "gaudy" or excessive in the slightest. If anything, the cheetos cat logo redesign is overly busy and overdetailed.
  6. The tWo Hangout

    lol indeed. -just in general, related to everything in this world these days.
  7. Jags Offseason 2019

    I wouldn't say Dareus offered nothing in the pass rush. He's not a guy who is going to consistently pile up big sack numbers, but his ability to actually push the pocket and cause disruption while still occupying blockers and not sacrificing the run defense is a nice component in making it easier for other guys to generate early down pressure.
  8. FFMD

    I really think @ny92jefferis point about FFMD fostering interesting and different discussion that has a cascade effect into other threads and topics cannot be understated. When FFMD has worked, it's been a focal point for engagement across multiple forums and really puts an emphasis on more in depth prospect discussions. It brings something to the table that TCMD really doesn't at all, in that whole community building aspect. That sense of community can be a significant interest and traffic generator that hooks people and extends beyond just the FFMD discussion itself, as it's something unique to this site that isn't really offered on alternative platforms that users and prospective users have bled away to over the last few years.
  9. Jags Offseason 2019

    Don't lie tho...if that was Jalen walking into a store lookin' like that and snappin' pics...this forum would be all like *fire emojis* *out of control swag* *that's my Goat* etc.
  10. It would also help explain why Buffalo were so eager to get rid of him for whatever. Rather than just cap space.

    Yeah. I wouldn't really want them more "flashy". What we had before was just too much stuff. The more i see the new ones though, the more i'm convinced it's really just the bland unstyled numbers that really hold the jerseys back from being good. Get a bit of a border on there and you'd have a winner imo. Not necessarily more "flashy"...just more "finished" looking.
  12. Ranking the roster - #20

    Conspiracy to shut Moncrief out of the ranking imo. Despicable tbh.
  13. Ranking the roster - #19

    You'd think Jaguars fans would've learned to be a bit more cautious in projecting upward from a nice rookie/breakout season. We've had enough "future stars" who never even came close to their first big year ever again...i'm certainly more cautious on projecting improvement from a breakout.
  14. Ranking the roster - #19

    How well Cole does statistically is probably going to come down to how healthy Moncrief and Lee stay. They're going to be the top 2 targets, and this isn't set up to be a team that's going to air it out every week with huge targets to spread around. You don't pay these guys if that's not the intention. Though historically...that probably means that guys like Cole/Dede/Chark are gonna have plenty of "starter" snaps to compete for.
  15. Ranking the roster - #18

    Lee still would've been injured half the time Luck was healthy.