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  1. Definitely an interesting name to waive right now. Seems like a good pickup for a team still needing a good all around tandem back with some reliability issues though. Seems like there are still at least a few teams out there who would do well to at least take a flyer on him as a complementary piece with upside in the right scheme, and if he can stay healthy at the right times. I can see where Detroit are coming from though. Can’t really rely on him as “the guy” and doesn’t necessarily fit whatever tone they’re trying to install there (for better or worse). So you move on.
  2. Lack of tape for little is a factor too, for sure. Obviously, it’s a different scenario when a guy comes back from a knee injury and puts some tape out there indicating they’ve returned or are well on the way to returning to form. But that’s not the case here, with Little or Cisco. Neither has put film out there showing that they’re “back on track”. That’s where the risk comes in. You don’t know. Nobody can really know. Hopefully it works out. And obviously this was a weird year with unusual circumstances, so you have to modify your approach a bit. You do what you can and h
  3. I mean, things have come a long ways over the years...but an ACL can absolutely still be a career changer. It can be especially impactful at such a crucial transition point of a player's career - moving from the college game to the pros. Which can also partially obscure just how much of a factor it is...if you never really get the "fully healthy" player ever again...vs it just being a case of a player not translating in general. It offers an interesting risk/reward proposition. Clearly Baalke views it as a means to obtain "higher pedigree" players at "discount draft value". And
  4. Yeah. I remember that kind of being floated as a rumor when it was announced that Urban would be coming here, but i don't remember anything concrete. It was pretty heavily implied though, that for Urban to come here...it was with conditions like that. Contingent on not only the heavy degree of overall team control...but on Khan providing top notch investment to bring facilities in the program up to Urban's standards.
  5. Yeah. I feel like him putting on that kind of weight over a short span like that, would go a long ways toward explaining his abysmal testing numbers. And given the size of his frame and how not filled out it was...it's not even that unreasonable that he could've done something close to that. Which ultimately, kinda boils down to apparently not having proper guidance and support from a top tier trainer getting him ready for what he actually should've been preparing for. If this is true, and i could honestly see that being the case...he's really just sorta added some steps to his pro
  6. It’s such an optically hilarious thing...doing the draft and then firing a ton of your staff a couple days later. But like @pwny and @.Buzz said, it’s pretty standard fare for teams with a new incoming GM from outside the organization. For a lot of practical reasons. I’m sure a lot of these names will pop up wherever Caldwell goes next...which will probably be with a GM who has been one of the more successful branches of that particular tree. The nfl scouting world is really just a big game of musical chairs.
  7. Lol. And after last years pick debacle. The Titans character vetting process appears to be all manner of miscalibrated. Yikes. Stay classy Titans.
  8. There’s absolutely no reason to pick up that option and blindly lock yourself into it, based on anything he’s shown to date. Like I said in the other thread...hurts nothing to bring him in for the year, see if something clicks with the new defense...and go from there. If he balls and finds a fit in this defense to earn a $7m and change extension, I’m more than happy to hand it to him. And in that scenario, you’d think having that right “fit” and a coaching staff that has gotten the most out of him, after years of nothing...would have him welcoming that extension to stay her
  9. Idk, William T. Lawrence esq. sounds fancy and dignified as heck. Or Quarterback Bill.
  10. Yeah. It’s one thing to “want Taven here” this year and see if you can get something out of him. But it’s another thing entirely to pick up the 5th year option and lock into that, basically on the whimsical hope that he finally starts to “get it” or find a role in this new defense. It hurts nothing to have him around and see if he can do anything. He’s still got some athletic upside and may have just been a misfit for that outgoing defense. Might as well try to find out. And if he doesn’t get traded or cut, and actually shows out to earn a significant contract...you deal with t
  11. Yeah. There are definitely some players whose athleticism doesn’t show up properly in the testing. Poor preparation can make really exacerbate that too. I’m definitely leaning toward that being the case here. Based on his situation, and how unusually awful the scores seem. Combined with what @pwny said. I just can’t imagine they’d have overlooked those sort of dud numbers that far off their profile unless there’s some sort of mitigating factor.
  12. Would definitely make sense as a big factor. Better chance of a late pick actually earning a spot on the roster if they can work their way into a core ST role.
  13. Yeah. Moses is good stuff. Imagine he gets drafted without the injury stuff. He's got some potential. Not really saying much, but sadly...yes.
  14. Huh. The bench being a mess is...deeply unsurprising. Some of the other stuff though, i kinda wonder if he didn't really have a proper trainer or what. I can definitely see his limbs getting in the way of a good change of direction drill, like a shuttle and 3-cone. He can get tangled up in limbs at times. But that's so bad it almost looks like he just straight up did the drill wrong or something. lol.
  15. Why the heck is Jordan Smith's score so garbo? There are obvious issues in that he's kind of a tangled ball of limbs and lacking functional strength right now. But that still doesn't seem right. Not to that extreme. lol.
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