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  1. The Car Thread

    That still seems terribly dull and dreary to me. Half the character of an interesting car comes in the sound and vibrations and "aliveness" of a great motor. Replacing all that glorious character with the endless whirring and whining of an electric motor just sounds dreadfully uninteresting, if not downright unpleasant. No matter what you do...you're never getting around that fundamental problem with EVs.
  2. Dear Jacksonville,

    If it could be done financially, sure. I'd say yes, in a heartbeat. I'd trade a mediocre linebacker for a star safety. But it's kind of a moot point, because of what the cap ramifications would look like. I doubt Adams would even be happy and sign an extension to stay here at a feasible number anyway. So it's doubly moot. But i'd value Jack a fair bit less than Yan, even given the circumstances. So...
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Oh, absolutely...it was very much there since 2019...if not longer even. It's just kinda concerning that...even in 2019 or whenever it was tied like that, someone decided that was a "cool" way to tie a garage pull. With all the laden hateful imagery it comes with. The one they found out in the tree that was recently placed there, i think speaks to the impact and intent that carries as a symbol. Like, you're obviously not going to be able to get to the bottom of something that happened potentially several years ago...and it appears it was just a terrible coincidence that it happened to end up in Bubba's garage that weekend. But that doesn't make it any less troubling. Still had no place being in that garage and probably should've been dealt with previously, even if Bubba's team had been in a completely different unit. Like...it's kinda problematic that it was allowed to just hang there for years, and apparently nobody really bothered to change it.
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It's also weird, that in checking through all of the 1684 garage stalls at the tracks they race at, they only found 11 rope pulls with knots...and none of them were clearly tied like a noose as that one was. Indicating, it's clearly not a "normal" way to have a door pull configured in any way, shape, or form. I think it's pretty clear that at some point, it was tied like a noose on purpose, which is problematic in it's own right i'd say. Even if the specific intent may not have been exactly what was first suspected in this case.
  5. The Car Thread

    You've gotta dream bigger man. What could be...not just what is. Public transit is massively underfunded across all of North America. That's the point. It would be a massive infrastructure project...but that's not a bad thing. Like...by the same token, i could ask you...where is the example of such an extensive system of fully self-driving electric cars driving around successfully? Bonus if it's in the real world and not a posh or isolated testing simulation where everyone can afford a self-driving electric car. That doesn't really exist either...but you seem to have plenty of confidence that it is fully realizable in the future. You have to apply that to bigger dreams, outside the box imo. Rather than mild ambitions of marginal tweaks to a mostly broken current system of commuting and traffic congestion and parking nightmare with thousands upon thousands of acres of wasted pavement space with financial accessibility burdens out the wazoo.
  6. The Car Thread

    lol. I don't like the thing, so i've never driven one. They're not some rare special thing anymore. They're everywhere now, especially the VW ones in regular, everyday cars. I just don't like them, i just don't like the ones i've driven, or even the principle of them in general, like a real manual. For pretty much the reasons that you described there. It's less involved and less engaging, to just pull a paddle and mash the throttle. More satisfying and engaging to work on nailing those rev-matched downshifts yourself. Where it's more involved and engaging, because you are doing more manually. Sure, it's prevalent in racing cars. Even NASCAR are moving to a sequential gearbox in 2022, to more accurately reflect how common that kind of thing is on actual "stock" street cars these days. But personally, i don't find what's "engaging" to full fledged top series race cars on a track, is particularly relevant to having fun driving around day to day or even the occasional amateur track day or autocross. To me, so much of the real "fun" in those sort of things, is just in learning and honing your craft, and learning to manually operate everything more skillfully. It's something you can sorta take personal satisfaction and pride in - like, "i made this". There's no doubt it's "slower", but i'm not in some Formula 1 car top flight racing series. So i don't really particularly care about shaving off tenths of a seconds, at the expense of engagement, by automating something i enjoy.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    As a history student...nah... They'll find a way to make it more complicated. By splitting it off into 10 different courses, focused on like, "Pandemics in the 21st century", and "Civil Rights movements in the 21st century". But when it comes to studying one single French Village in the mid-17th century through the writings of some halfway literate clerk logging who traded which chickens for firewood, and who murdered who on the head with a bronze cup for 6 buttons of unknown stone...it will become a focal point of utterly serious importance. Where the real history is.
  8. The Car Thread

    This is why you have to actually collectively decide to invest in the expansion and improvement of public transit. Instead of dumping billions of dollars of subsidy into the private pockets of Elon Musks pet projects under the guise of "self-driving cars", when it's all just a cash grab reaching at the next big cash grab. Proper public transit isn't so patchwork and limited as you're describing. It's functional and extensive...like, a lot of the rest of the civilized world. Where people would rather have those options available, as opposed to spending tens of thousands of dollars to spend hours every day in barely moving traffic. You have to think beyond what is...to what could be... You can explain going from a GLI with a 6 speed to a GTI with a DSG, the same way you can explain electric cars. It's called backsliding and a lack of passion and desire to be engaged in the driving experience. If your version of "better" experience, is more isolated and disengaged from the drive...by however small a degree. That's the direction "progress" has taken, and it sucks ***, while simultaneously blowing a completely unsustainable and pointless system. It's negative progress. Electric cars aren't just going to become "exciting". They're missing the fundamental elements of what makes them cool. There were small, light, and wicked cool little cars all over Europe and the rest of the world while America was obsessed with big boats. They existed, they just weren't popular because people in the most car-centric place in the world...prefered to just roll around in big barges trying to ever more isolate them from the world and become ever easier to drive without thinking. But smaller cars only really became a thing in America, when the oil crisis hit, and the industry had to scramble to compete with foreign manufacturers with already tailored efficient models to stay in business. Which they did very poorly, and had a near industry-wide crisis for a while. Ever since though...America has largely been concerned with driving car sizes right back up again. Trying to make cars as big as they can, while still maintaining "efficiency" numbers that look good on the ads. There ain't a hint of any of the "good parts" of American Car Culture in there anymore. The passion and excitement, replaced by an endless march to make a car as big as possible with as small an engine as possible to still move it around. Very little of the real "pony car" spirit, of trying to put bigger engines into a smaller car. Electric cars are going to be the same. There are plenty of "high performance" things out there right now, and not a single one of them is actually interesting. The actual push, is going to make "decent enough" electric cars more available to the masses so they can all drive around in their own electric Toyota Camry level car for that same price level with range that actually works to replace anything outside of a metropolitan area where monorails and better urban density are a vastly superior and more efficient option, compared to wasting thousands of acres on roads and parking lots and charging stations in supposedly "developed" urban areas. Unless you fundamentally change the infrastructure...people are just going to want a bigger Nissan Leaf that can last their whole 3 hour commute every day in sluggish traffic with the AC and stereo blasting and charge their phone without dying. Like an electric Camry. Then they're going to want something even bigger, like an SUV that can do the same for an affordable price. Not some "fun affordable electric sports car" (if such a thing is even theoretically possible - which it's not because the concepts are fundamentally antithetical).
  9. Dear Jacksonville,

    I love the way Jamal Adams plays...but lol. I'm not even doing that for Ngakoue straight up at this point.
  10. Deebo Samuel suffered broken foot

    Ehhh...it's Shannahan. He'll figure something out.
  11. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Such a weird saga. Like...he's far and away the best SS in the entire league. It's not even close. But it's not a position with real serious leverage, so doing all of this...in the middle of a kinda "pause" on league activities no less, is a bold strategy.
  12. Unpopular culinary opinions

    -Genoa Salami. -Calabrese Salami. -Capocollo Salami. -Hungarian Salami. -Prosciutto.
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Dak, Daniel Jones, Trubisky may not be great QBs, but they make for some pretty nice looking women. I also like that Derek Carr randomly goes Emo. And miss Mahomes still has a bit of a 5 o'clock shadow going for some reason. Is anybody surprised that JimmyG and Tannehill come out looking kinda stunning? Also, the Long Bros...are a thing. Learned a lot from this thread. Important stuff.
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Man, your dreams seem way more coherent than mine. That kinda sounds like a nightmare tbh. Mine was more of a bizarre mess of things that were clearly laden with subconscious messaging my brain was grappling with at the time. But it was just a complete stream of barely strung together scenes and "characters" that when i woke up...made no real sense whatsoever, but also kinda made sense and really shook me. I think some of it just bored way too deep into my real life, waking brain insecurities. Woke up just feeling real bad, about things that didn't even really make sense.
  15. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Always drink the wine, before you cook the wine?