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  1. Former Jags around the league

    I feel like it's definitely kinda worse. Partially because ARob wasn't even a lifelong Jaguar at all. But also, because it's the Packers and that's gross.
  2. OTA News and Notes

    Is there an alternative??? I mean...don't really have a lot of choice do we?
  3. Ranking the roster - #6

    Telvin gone. Telvin makes consensus. Telvin brings peace and harmony to Jaguar forum. But Telvin gone. So yes. I pick Fournette. He sets a tone. He is our offensive weapon.
  4. OTA News and Notes

    Hope so. Year 2 is bigtime.
  5. Former Jags around the league

    Kinda sucks. Hoped he'd be a "lifelong Jaguar" type. But once they had their little spat and cut him, that was never gonna happen i guess. He's still clearly got football left to play.
  6. The tWo Hangout

    Ah, excellent. Very convenient for the toppling!
  7. Ranking the roster - #5

    I think it might be Telvin.
  8. Ranking the roster - #4

    Alright...i'm in.
  9. Ranking the roster - #4

    Easy mod man. Wouldn't want "the people" getting any ideas here.
  10. The tWo Hangout

    I mean, she'll probably see a marginal increase in her insurance rates as a result of that. But they're a massive ripoff anyway, and the insurance companies are historically terrible at predicting things, but make it up by being overly punitive of anyone with minor traffic offenses. If that's any consolation. My advice would be to find your insurance company headquarters, and topple it. For best results and "value". And reassure your gf that speeding a tiny bit by accident in an artificially imposed speed zone doesn't make her a bad person by any means.
  11. He's basically what would happen if you gave Blaine Gabbert a pretty serious brain injury.
  12. Ranking the roster - #4

    I for one, hope Bortles gets another vote like he did in the #1 poll.
  13. Jaguars forum stats

    I ain't going anywhere near that stadium, so long as there are dogs in it. So it ain't my problem. Except for if the barking leaches through the field mics and i lose my **** because of how stupid that is.