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  1. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    That kinda depends though, right? Personally, i'd rank it like...Tannehill, Flacco, Foles.
  2. 40 yard dash vs "football speed"

    The weirdest thing to me, has always been the way they run the 40 from that wonky sprinter start. Who in the NFL starts a play in that stance? Yet spending the time training for and mastering that start is often the difference between a "good" and "bad" 40 time for a lot of players. It's encouraging prospects to spend their time training for a football-irrelevant event, in order to look those fractions of a second better at the combine. It also kinda eliminates an opportunity to evaluate what might be some of the most important natural "football speed" burst, by potentially watching how they accelerate from a natural football stance appropriate to their position. Not even getting into the fact that there ain't a RB out there who is going to carry the ball while pumping both arms like they Usain Bolt. It's not even strictly about the "pads". Guys who can run football fast in shorts, will run football fast in pads. It's about the biomechanical kinesiology stuff, and how players move within the confines of the motions required of their respective position. Which is where the 40 is a useful measure of overall athletic aptitude, but a pretty poor measure of how a guy is actually going to "run" in a football context.
  3. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    Can't do anything about Bortles dead cap. It's there, due to a stupid extension they signed him to. But it's there. Can't let bad money dictate what you do at the most important position though. Much as it would hurt to clear $20M+ to make room for any of Foles/Flacco/Tannehill...you have to get the QB thing figured out. And the current staff are probably on a bit of a deadline for that. Have to hope offsets help us out with Bortles dead money a bit. Feels like a bad year for that though. But heck...if you figure McCown is an $8M QB...maybe there's hope!!!
  4. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    I don't think it's any kind of guarantee that it's both of those things. I'd wager more likely it's one of them. He's going to cost $20M+ on the cap no matter what happens. I think that much is a relative certainty. Which is bad...but it is what it is. Guys like Foles and Flacco aren't going to come cheap....even if that comes in the form of incentives. Foles has that "out" on his 2019 option for like $2M or whatever and he's got no real reason not to go that route. He'll easily earn that and more back in his new deal with whoever he chooses. The Eagles throwing a tag on Foles after that seems like playing with fire for a team that really can't afford to do so with their precarious cap situation. Sure, it might net them a 2nd round pick or something from a desperate team like us...but it could also leave them stuck with an absolutely catastrophic cap disaster if teams tell them to pound sand and wait them out. It'd be a bad bluff. Not to mention a toxic "who is the starting QB?" question they don't want or need. If that happens...they'll be looking to unload his salary and might actually have to pay someone a pick to take him off their hands, Osweiler syle. If you're Foles and his agent...you're doing everything in your power to not only maximize his earnings, but to get him to a place where he's going to want to go and have a good shot at being the starter for a while, with the right pieces around him to actually win. Foles + Agent will want to be in control of where Foles ends up...not leave it up the Eagles brass to pick a spot for him. I'm not a huge Foles believer...but if it comes down to Foles/Flacco/Tannehill...it's kind of a pick'em, and none of them are going to be cheap. But at least i can see a starting QB there who might be adequate or better. Once you get into that next tier of like Teddy/Tyrod...you're probably looking at a guy who will cost less, but still not be cheap and less likely to take you anywhere important this year. Then it sorta falls off into the tier after that where...you're just hiring them to keep a seat warm. $8M is a lot to spend on a guy who is just gonna play a few games at most, before the rookie is ready to go. A guy like 40 year old McCown isn't going to win you games in the meantime. Expensive as heck seat warmer imo. Have to look long and hard at whether that $8M is better spent on a 3 week seat-warmer, or just throwing the kid to the wolves with an extra ~$8M worth of weapons or better defense. If it gets to the point where we're not only talking $20M+ for Foles on the cap PLUS giving up premium picks...count me right out. Need those picks too much, if you're going to support a guy like Foles properly in this dismal offense.
  5. General News Thread

    Yeah. It'd be sweet to have the best of both worlds, but realistically with finite assets to invest...i think either/or is pretty much the way it's gotta be. Nick Foles isn't going to be just a cheap stopgap flyer type like some of the others might be. If we're going to land him, it's going to cost a fair bit and probably require at least a few years of commitment. You're going down that road because you think he can be the answer for a few years. If you're going to go ahead with that plan, you'd be foolish not to follow it through by trying to put him in the best situation to succeed. Doing that almost certainly means investing picks and whatever you have left in cap space in weapons and supporting pieces to "win now" with Foles, and help him out as much as you can. Because that's the sort of situation where Foles stands at least a chance of being successful and looking like a totally viable starting QB. We've seen Foles in situations without the right weapons and pieces around him with the Rams, and it was bad. Don't think that precludes drafting a QB "project" for DeFilippo to tinker and tutor with...and this draft has a pretty decent collection of interesting projects like that to look at imo. But it probably means you're spending your Day 1/2 picks predominantly on pieces to support him (and/or patch holes in the defense from making cap room for Foles). I'm inclined to think of Foles as a bit of "fool's gold" like @JaguarCrazy2832 described, because he's only really found success in that one place. But if you can replicate enough of that situation (and we probably have the OC to do it now), i think he's proven that he absolutely can be at least a very decent NFL starting QB. It would make a ton of sense considering where this staff is at with their stay of execution...and Foles or Flacco is probably our best shot at actually making something of the last year or two of this defense before it has to be substantially rebuilt. I'll be okay with it if that's the route the go, provided they do go at it the right way and put as much support as they can around him, and don't try to walk in two opposite directions at once with the QB situation.
  6. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    Someone like McCown would basically just mean you're drafting a guy high, and think you might need a vet to throw in for the first few games and want that short-term safety net just in case the rookie is looking a bit overwhelmed in camp. You can't even look at that type of QB in the same light as what they'd prospectively be looking at Foles for. With Foles, we're talking like...the team bringing him in is probably going to have to pay substantially, and commit financially to make him pretty much the default starter for a term. Different ballgames entirely.
  7. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    I don't hate it. Certainly could've been worse hires. It does seem a bit weird if they want to continue to run the ball a lot though. Guess we'll see.
  8. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    Crazy to see so many Romo fans. The guy really gets on my nerves already, 1 year into his "career" as a broadcaster. Hopefully he'll get better, 'cause it seems like he's sticking around for a while...but man it's annoying listening to him call games. At first i thought, hey...this is kinda cool...he's actually trying to be insightful and stuff. But it grows old about a couple games in, and just becomes annoying speculating about what's about to happen, rather than actually commentating on the game. He's like some ****ed up gambler in the booth trying to win chips by calling plays before they happen and it's irritating.
  9. Not really. There's no threat in anything for Murray right now. Like you said...if he's picked high in the NFL draft, he goes and plays football and cashes out on his first contract. If not...he goes back to baseball, and anything he "voids" there, is immediately made up by every other team in the league if he becomes available. He's got literally nothing to lose. It's win-win for him to declare.
  10. Good heavens, we wanted Dirk Koetter back now? Do we not remember how hated he was here for his offensive coordinating shortcomings by the end of his tenure? Like...did our staff even "swing" on any of these guys? Expressed interest in a couple of them, but seem like they want somebody else tbh. There are still good OCs out there, and Bevell who seems to be the biggest name i've seen mentioned, seems like a pretty decent candidate.
  11. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    This kinda feels like one of those cases where a team really desperately wanted a Top OC candidate to work with their young, highly-drafted QB...but had to put the HC gig on the table to bring him in. Nbd if Gase brings the right OC and QB Coaches with him to execute what he wants as a plan for Darnold there...but more questionable as an overall hire. If you're just hiring a HC to work with your QB...you're going to get unpredictable results, depending on who they bring with them...because NFL HC is a big job in itself, without spending half the time holding a young QB's hand directly. That said, it felt to me like Gase got a lot more out of the Dolphins this year than the roster talent really ought to have achieved. In terms of W-L at least. So it ain't a terrible hire in that regard either.
  12. It's okay, you can call it what what it really is. It's not just "relationships"...it's literal nepotism. But it's definitely a huge deal in the NFL.
  13. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I think you're kinda arguing "talented roster" vs what i'd call "good team". Have to look at the whole team, how it all comes together...not just pick out a few good players here and there. You certainly need a good QB (or at least a QB playing at a high level) to be a truly good team. But a good team is still more than just a handful of good players. ex//2018 Jaguars: actually fairly talented roster overall, but totally unbalanced in that talent between off/def, missing linchpin pieces, and lacking cohesive plan to make any use of talent = Actually Very Bad Team. I'd consider a team like Dallas good this year, because for the most part (slow start aside)...they had a very coherent plan of attack and managed to execute it pretty regularly, even against good competition. Hard to ever totally count out of many matchups, and building in the right direction over the year. Even if Texans almost certainly have the better "top end name talent" to list off. A team like the Texans may have the bigtime splash potential on account of those "big name" top-end talents and can win convincingly, but it's all so hit-or miss. Not convincing overall. Teams like that can be total "paper tigers". I think Dak being "super limited" is at least partly a facet of him not often being asked to play beyond his limits. Which to me, is a sign of a good team...that can afford not to ask their QB to pull rabbits out of hats. But i mean, if Dak is "super limited" and drags a team down to not good enough to trump the Texans because Watson...whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the Jaguars are gonna be bad for a long time.
  14. Or bullet dodged. Depending on how you look at it. He seems to be able to run an offense that piles up some ground yardage and can shelter a bad QB, but it seems like such a "low ceiling/low floor" hire. I'm not heartbroken he chose to go elsewhere. Not like they clearly went all in on Kubiak and missed out anyway. They just expressed some interest and it didn't pan out. big whoop.
  15. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I think you can expand a bit beyond that. Just losing before the conference championships doesn't make a team bad per se. Matter of how they get there, how solid they looked doing it, and who they beat to get there. Like i'd say it's pretty easy to call the Bears, Chargers, and even the Cowboys and Eagles good teams this year too, all things considered. Some other teams were good for stretches of play. If our only real standard for a "good team" is like..."they've got a pretty good QB" and might be able to win some big games because of it...i'd think we can name half the league "good teams". That's a bad measuring stick imo.