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  1. But i was told, he could not. ???
  2. Either that, or not quite enough maybe. Sometimes, it's hard to tell. Let's just suffice to call him Ishmael. And hopefully drown in the overflow.
  3. While that's true, top tier players are often not encumbered by needing to understand that "housekeeping" smaller deals are a lot easier to get done, than the big ones. Which, time and again...we've seen players take completely the wrong way, and burn a relationship and contract negotiation. Which is a kinda silly thing to do, by piddling around with peripheral player contracts and potentially to that star player, making it look like you're not making them a priority. It's not exactly reasonable or logical...but being a top-tier football player doesn't automatically come with a measured approach to contract negotiations, and a set of magic "management understanding" mittens. Understanding football team management, is just so far from a prerequisite of being a good football player, and the agent can often only do so much to assuage things, without getting they own *** fired.
  4. I feel like at this point, for the sake of relevant and efficient news...we just need a thread that starts up when he's not on IR.
  5. Kinda looking every bit the CFL team they're dressed as tbh.
  6. That was some butterfingers non-hands. Like, you can't get hit in the hands and just juggle it away like a hot potato imo.
  7. Woooooooooooooo, always go for it.
  8. And despite the playoff teams, it kinda sucked hard last year to begin with.
  9. I mean, when he's just sorta running around creating yardage out of thin air...the occasional fumble is probably definitely gonna happen.
  10. So like...Josh Allen is the offense, basically?
  11. Idk. I'm really kind of more into cats. Lots of cat teams to choose from too. And Cats are kinda natural enemies of birds.
  12. That's true. The Jaguars do at least have like...a name for their team. So there's that to hang a hat on.
  13. That was also true of Ramsey when he was at his absolute best. It was in a Jaguars secondary that was completely stout, top to bottom. Bouye, Gipson, Church before he got way old, and Colvin were all playing top tier football at the same time Jalen was looking like arguably the best CB in football.
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