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  1. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Random question, but when it comes to extremely steep roofs that *can't* be walked on...what's your go-to safety solution?
  2. Alcohol Thread!

    Honestly though, unless you somehow have access to amazing local Tequilas, how are you going to know? Like, i'd love to just sip great tequilas all day some days. But like a 12 year Glenfiddich is like $38 bucks. But a $38 tequila isn't a "sipping" bottle. There's a disparity there.
  3. The Car Thread

    Recommend you don't look into the environmental consequences of Hybrid Batteries in the first place. It's not great.
  4. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    I do get a hint of this from the way they're talking about things, and the way they've talked in the past...and Jack at MLB full-time really didn't seem to work that well. But at the same time, i think you're hitting on a point that could be key in this whole thing while talking about Jack covering TEs, etc. The Will/Sam thing can be pretty fluid in this type of defense. It's a defense where the front 4 doesn't really flip. Yan is pretty much always the RE for instance. It's mostly the interior that swaps around gaps and stuff...but it's still more situational than actual formation strength or anything. So the LBers flipping behind that is the adjustment, more than anything else. Where like @Adrenaline_Flux suggested...we could see a ton of different looks with this LBer corps, where the "Sam/Will" designation means a lot less than the specific roles/assignments on any given down. And from that...Jack essentially played "MLB" in 2017 when our LBer corps was part of the best defense in the league. Not all the time, but i'd wager he took more snaps there than at SAM overall...given the amount of times we were in sub packages minus Poz. So it wouldn't be a stretch to label Jack the "Mike" for roster/depth chart pruposes...even if he doesn't play there all the time...based on the fact he'll be there in sub packages and ultimately play more snaps there than anywhere else, or anyone else at that particular spot. ie. Even if Ryan ends up playing a lot of early-down MLB for us...it still probably makes more sense to list Jack as the MLB because that's who will be manning that spot more often than not. Jack is going to be the sole permanent fixture of our LBer corps probably.
  5. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Yeah. Idk if i'd call him an "elite coach", but his influence was elite. That's more than enough to get him to the HOF, when combined with the "right place, right time" factor of riding Peyton Manning's wake through much of his prime, and what he achieved as a coach there.
  6. Jaguars release LBs Blair Brown and Donald Payne

    Ehhh...idk if "well rounded" is really what they need right now though. So much as probably a starting WLB, where Blair seemed to have the leg up. But either way...seems like they want to completely turn over almost all of the LBer corps this year outside of Myles...which is...ambitious.
  7. Dolphins sign CB Xavien Howard to record deal

    The way this title was phrased, left me wondering if they'd signed him to a "record-breaking" deal...or a "record making" deal as a musical artist or something. Neither would've really surprised me more than the other, though i feel like there would be some salary cap circumvention CBA entanglements with the musical record deal option.
  8. Steal 1 Player From Division Rival?

    For the Jaguars...the smart answer is probably just to steal Andrew Luck away from the Colts. But i'd kinda be tempted to steal DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans instead and just let BDN loose to prove he can play outside of Philly. Could really use a weapon like that in the passing game. Plus, no Hopkins would be an absolutely massive blow to the Texans, where that's really the only great thing they've got going for them offensively. Even if that leaves the Colts keeping Luck, i wouldn't really have too much fear about that. The Jaguars can beat them with just average QB play. It'd really just be about guaranteeing the Jaguars decent or better QB play, rather than gambling on Foles. And i feel lucky. And i guess who really cares about the Titans. I'd steal Lewan i guess if i had to choose from their guys...but no matter what you do or steal, the Jaguars and Titans are probably just splitting the season series anyway, because that's the way it goes.
  9. Jaguars release LBs Blair Brown and Donald Payne

    Ahhh. That explains the Payne cut. Though i would've figured they'd keep Blair around over Payne anyway, even without the injury. So i'd imagine they were angling to cut both anyway.
  10. Jaguars waive RB Dave Williams

    Just continuing to hack away all the the fringe player dead wood from last year. Wooo.
  11. Jaguars release QB Cody Kessler

    Writing was on the wall after they drafted Minshew basically. But that was the part that didn't make a lot of sense to me. He's basically a younger, developing version of Kessler. Who we still had around on a cheap contract. I mean, Kessler demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt really, that he's not a guy you can win with. He's one of those, "could do worse for a backup"...but if you ever have to actually play them...you wish you'd spent just a little bit more on a backup who can play. But i'd thought that was fairly evident when they went out and traded for him in the first place. That's why he was available for peanuts. I guess they're hoping Minshew is enough of an upgrade somewhere, somehow to give us more insurance at the spot. But really, if Foles doesn't play well/stay healthy/etc. this season's probably another writeoff anyway. Presumably Tanner Lee will be back on the PS, which Kessler isn't eligible for anymore, right?
  12. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Yeah. I can see our LBer corps being a bit of a confusing situational hodgepodge this year. Jack is probably going to continue to be the guy who stays on the field all the time, and wears the dot. But i could see them trying to do something more along the lines of what they did moving him around in 2017. He seemed to struggle in the middle full-time without Poz to handle some of the thumper duties. I think the "best 3" is probably Jack at WLB, Ryan at MLB if he can stay healthy, and Josh Allen at SLB when they actually have a 3rd LBer on the field. But they're probably going to want to get Ryan off the field in a lot of coverage situations like they sort of did with Poz. And i'd certainly imagine they'll want to get Allen kicking down to DE in a lot of situations as well. Could see Quincy coming in as basically a Nickel LBer in a lot of sets...sorta how they rolled Gip/Church/Ronnie out there at times. Or even just having Jack slide over from WLB to MLB and Quincy is the Will, if he's as good as the brass seem to think he is. Darn big step from Murray State to the NFL as a rookie though, and he's really small on top of that. Leon Jacobs is still hanging around too, and he showed some promise as a SLB, who might get some looks elsewhere with a full year in the system under his belt already. It's gonna be confusing probably.
  13. Man, the Seahawks are barely recognizable at this point. Who is even left from that championship team at this point? Crazy how time can seem to move on in a hurry.
  14. Raiders RB Isaiah Crowell tears achilles; Out for the year

    It's certainly not exactly "set for life" money. Certainly not "baller 4 lyfe" reckless spending garage full of Lambos and Bentleys money. But combined with whatever sorts of endorsements and peripheral income he has been able to land over his career...with reasonable investing, that's pretty much, "live a comfortable normal life" sort of money. Really not too bad. Far far better than you can say of most UDFA ~5 year RBs who never quite managed to fully establish themselves as a go-to Starter. I mean, obviously tough to compare to "normal people"...but for context, it'd take someone making like $60k a year after taxes like 65 years to accrue that sort $3.9M. And he's got it all up front where he can put it to work earning for him early. Depending on how much of it got blown while thinking he'd have a longer career i guess.
  15. Jaguars release LBs Blair Brown and Donald Payne

    That's...and odd bit of timing, considering the Telvin news already thinning out or LBer corps. In Blair Brown's case in particular.