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  1. General News and Notes

    It wouldn't necessarily be a "surprise" if Jack thrives there...but like Buzz said, that's not really where he earned his money. So it's still a real ??? at the moment. He got himself paid playing more or less a SLB/MLB hybrid role with Poz doing a lot of the early down "heavy lifting". It seemed like an odd fit at first, when they started shoehorning him in there...but in this sort of system, it actually kinda worked to his strengths. Letting him do a lot in coverage and as a free rusher at times. Obviously Jack's speed/range and coverage ability would fit with a lot of more typical Will LBer roles. But in this sort of system...one of the most important things is racking up tackles with instant read and react plays and closing speed. Which...Jack has been a pretty weak tackler for a LBer, which is in part why he stank as a MLB. He's also not shown as much as i'd like to see in terms of decisively attacking plays to make it to those tackles yards earlier. Compared to Telvin who did absolutely thrive in that role here...Jack is a far more cautious player. More of a "let the play come to him" type...in most of what we've seen from him. So in that respect...he's got plenty to prove. Even if i wouldn't really call it a "surprise" to see him succeed there.
  2. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    Honestly, i'm not sure i buy this "historic receiver draft". It's got a few really good ones at the top, and there's a kinda crazy depth of sorta late 1st/early 2nd types of every shape and size. Obviously looks very strong, with good depth...but "historic" feels like such a big label. Obviously only time will tell in the end. But we've had drafts like that before in terms of decent top-end and good depth into the 2nd round and such. But yeah...it does feel like a place we ought to be getting a guy. We need a WR. Draft has good depth of Day1 and 2 sort of talent. Should be a pretty easy fit. Though sometimes there's just weird situations with other players you like more falling in your lap that you can't pass up.
  3. Gotcha. Must be a Canadian thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Yeah. Shenault is enticing value, and the way he plays...it'd almost be like a different position. But with so many needs, i don't think we can afford to essentially double-up at WR at this point. Baun looks like he's already gone anyway, but doesn't matter much. Like you said...would've been an awkward fit here anyway, unless we were moving to a real 3-4 imo. Cushenberry is alright i guess, and we do need to fix that OLine. If he plugged in at C, that'd fix RG with Linder moving back too. But he doesn't really stand out to me as better than other options we could probably grab one of a bit later. And it's hard to justify that spot over a more dire need at DB, unless it's a special "bang the table" sort of value - and he's not for me. Wish there was a LT worth going for here, but yeah...i'm not seeing it either. We've pretty much backed ourselves into just taking some sort of developmental project and assuming the Caldwell doctrine of just pretending Cam is going to miraculously improve by leaps and bounds in the meantime.
  5. Yeah. We've gotta do something about the position. Unfortunate Diggs went just a little while ago, and really unfortunate we're in such a "need" situation in the first place. Maybe we can trade for Bouye back? But yeah. Those are the exact two names i'd be looking at too. The Clemson guy has a lot of rough edges to clean up, but the potential seems sky high. I'd lean there...as he feels like he's got that legitimate CB1 upside if he can get the right polish as a Pro. The Auburn guy would be alright too, though i think the upside might be a little lower without quite that same frame, speed and smoothness. Feisty and can be really sticky though, and would immediately replace Yan as the guy where everyone just types his first name so as not to put all the letters in the wrong spots. Which is important. I'd be fine with either. There are other guys i like, and we could always do a big course alteration and go QB here. But i'm kind of thinking the guy i like best is gonna slide big in this thing, because QBs like him always seem to in these mocks. So unless we're all super sold on the other obvious guy...i'd pass for now. That's really the only position i think we could afford to pass on CB for at this point. Hate having it kinda forced for "need" like that, but on the plus side...i like those guys we're talking about more than a couple guys who went a lot higher. So that helps it feel like better value. So yeah, @LinderFournette...i'm pretty much in lockstep with Buzz here.
  6. Yeah. I don’t really see the point of that downgrade.
  7. Heh. I think I vaguely recall the name. Don’t remember anything about what they were like, to know if that’s a good thing or not. Lol. but definitely not them.
  8. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Honestly starting to feel like it might be time...depending on how disastrous this Jaguars season is, and how much they continue to just gradually move to London. It's not easy to follow a small market team in Florida, from Canada. Very much not convenient in any way. They've been mostly bad, and delivered nothing but pain and disappointment. They've been managed like a circus for ages now, become a laughingstock of the league in more ways than i can even count...and even the previously cool logo is goofy now. I just haven't ever really been able to seriously bring myself to do it. I just can't. But if this team heads back down the same road it did last time this GM was in charge and continues to try to pad owner pockets over representing local fans...it might be just the push it takes to finally quit this awful team.
  9. Not that i know of. Why?
  10. Yeah. Exactly. If the offer isn't good enough...we can always just keep Yan, like most of us want to in the first place. We're not Tom and Dave. This isn't really a "pretend to be Dave Caldwell simulator". It's a forum engagement mock draft to figure out what we would do as a group of fans, and have some fun along the way. Like...if other teams don't want to be realistic about what Yan is worth...that's their problem. We're much nicer than Dave, and i'm sure if we were in charge...we could convince him to come back around. Or like @LinderFournette suggested...Yan isn't really in a position to just sit out a bunch of the prime of his career. He's also not the type of player who, once he gets on the field...appears to even know how to slack off. So he'd be there in full...after maybe sitting out OTAs and a Preseason that won't even happen this year anyway or whatever. Kinda to the point above...we're not just trying to roleplay Dave Caldwell's vertical jump fetish, per Shipley. We're trying to run this draft season the way we as fans, would want to run it. Doesn't mean that stuff isn't useful insight, or that we should just go ignoring everything and willy nilly plugging in players that simply don't fit. But as long as we're talking players who we think fit with what will make the team better...it's fair play in a game for fun like this. That said...Fulton kinda stinks and doesn't seem like a very reliable person/player. But that's kinda beside the point.
  11. Yeah. Everyone wants to just keep the mock moving along, but it doesn't hurt to take a beat and let a bit of discussion flourish in here when the picks come up. There's a bit of time to get into things with whoever can make it, and it's kind of the whole point of the FFMD format. All about forum engagement and trying to get as many people as possible involved and invested in the process and hopefully learning some things in the process. I mean...it really didn't matter at all with the pick at 9 the way it worked out. I think pretty much everybody other than myself was leaning Brown there anyway. But wouldn't have hurt to take a beat and throw out a confirmation in the War Room or something before making the pick. I mean, as we get into the later rounds, i believe the clock will accelerate a bit. So we'll have to start discussing things earlier. But at that point...everyone's boards are gonna be all over the place anyway, so there's not really any risk of getting jumped for a guy we want. And there's a way better chance some smattering of guys we're looking at 10 picks out, will still be there when we come on the clock.
  12. Austin Jackson just really doesn't do anything for me. I mean, i guess it's risky to pick kinda soft major project linemen...but that doesn't always mean upside. He's not a 1st round type project for me. I do agree with trying to get Minshew some help here. Just not sure exactly how to go about that. For me, Jefferson is the pick of the litter. I think despite lacking the size i'd want, he's more of what we really need as a bit of a possession target element, who can also do a lot of other things deep, as well as generating YAC. Don't think it'd be a problem to have a volume target working primarily out of the slot with our group and Minshew. It'd give him more of a weapon over the middle of the field. Higgins wouldn't be the worst pick and he's certainly got the size we could use at WR...but i don't think he's really all that different than what we already have in Chark...just with less speed probably. Not to say that couldn't work just having those two flanking opposite sides, but he's not my favourite. He'd be my second ballot i suppose. Mims is definitely my least favourite of that bunch. I can see the appeal, but he's kinda like Hakeem Butler last year...looks the part of "big upside" and has a few splash plays, but doesn't really play it with any reliability or consistency. If he's there later...sure, take on that project...but not at 20. Like Forge said, i think i've got like 4 other receivers left before i get to Mims as a flyer. The biggest thing though, is that there are a bunch of names there, including a few others that i'd lump into mostly the same fringe 1st/early 2nd sort of range who haven't even been mentioned here. WR is probably the easiest place to get a decent value fit here to help Minshew...but it's also probably one of the spots most likely to have spillover to our 2nd round pick. Everyone's gonna have these guys different. The CBs, i think we can probably just wait on. Fulton is someone i'm not really interested in at all and Gladney is weird, and could very much see him ending up a slot corner in our system. Don't see anything really worth it here. Would be a big reach for "need" i think. AJ Epenesa is a name i'd be okay with at this point. I don't think it's really great "value", but i like his game and i think he'd be a very useful fit with our defense. Seems more, point of attack and push the pocket than disruptive playmaker, and we may already have some guys like that. But there is a bit of upside there to surprise i think. Lean in to the revolving door heavy-end sort of philosophy? Just having a chance to go back through the draft board and my own board to see if i missed something, and i just didn't really. Things fell great at 9 for my board, but kinda cruddy at 20 it seems. The only couple real clear cut solid 1st rounders i have left at this point are positions that aren't really relevant. Like...we don't need a Mike LBer. One of the only spots we really addressed the starter already. Just feel like we missed the cliff where talent drops off into a big group of fringe 1st/early 2nd type talents. Which is great in that we'll surely get two of them and there's still talent there. But disappointing we missed the cut on top-end talents by a few picks.
  13. Hopefully I can sit down and take a better look in a bit. Probably missing some things I like.
  14. I’m honestly not that in love with anyone that’s left. Feel like we’ve fallen off that drop-off. A trade back would be nice at this point, though other teams are probably thinking the same thing.
  15. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Yeah. It's kinda sucky in some ways, to tie a GMs hand like that...and it's part of why i didn't really like going back to Caldwell for this. But it'd be hard to let him take a second shot at a top pick QB like that. And it'd be even harder to bring in top new GM candidates to replace him if they're coming in already tied to the "last guys" QB pick like that. Top GMs always want to ride or die with "their guy" at the most important position. Not a hand-me-down...unless that's the guy they'd have wanted anyway. But that's obviously going to limit the pool of guys.