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  1. I have so many questions and answers. I hope you do not catch me. 1)Ya'll got to be on The Chase, and you won money on it? Your team didn't suck? I wish Canada had a Chase. I could do that probably maybe. 2)I knew i liked you for a reason. 3)If you like outdoors stuff and aren't turned off by a bit of a chill, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't hit up the Continental Divide. Basically, go do some outdoorsing in like Idaho or Montana. There are some soooooooooo many places that are just truly staggeringly beautiful to hike there. Or go to Canada and h
  2. Has anyone figured out who the guy is, who is gaming the "hit list" to make millions by manipulating the stock market before they assassinate someone?
  3. I don't really understand how "coupons" like this affect the price of the vehicle in this context. Just take the "$3k bonus coupon" or whatever, to your local dealership and tell them to match it or **** off. If they don't, go use that discount where it is. Drive the car home. Or alternatively in this instance...just tell the guy you'll buy the vehicle in Florida at the coupon price even though you don't have the citizenship, and just do it. Unless Florida has some sort of insane "vehicle sales subsidy" for state residents like a bunch of dirty socialists that i don't know about.
  4. Now post some images where a Maverick has that sort of wheel articulation, and retro vinyl decals.
  5. Mostly i just want to know where Urban is getting his Jaguars gear. Because i would like some of them items.
  6. So, let's throw some flavor of Todd Wash at this mofo? Is your plan, essentially? Rush 4, deep middle safety? I thought two of the rushers were playing contain though? How many LBers are we allowed to have? Can we have 8? Let's do 8 LBers. They seem useful. We should get lots of those.
  7. To be fair when it comes to Wilson and the Jets...it's not like they altogether didn't try to protect him whatsoever this time. They're trying to do the right thing. It hurts when you lose your promising young LT to significant injury in the game, and have to adjust on the fly. And the rest of their line is still very much a work in progress. It also so happens, that QBs like Wilson are just fundamentally difficult to block for. He's in that Russell Wilson mold. You can give them all day in the pocket, and they'll ultimately still get antsy and move around and look for differe
  8. This is where Analytics = WTF??? Especially through a single week of a season sample size. It's just way way way too small to make any meaningful conclusions, statistically. Any math nerd knows that. But it's not too early to make other conclusions, and point to things that unit did extremely poorly, or where the weak links were, and hopefully try to have Cann not suck so much, and Taylor not hold so much to cover up his suckiness, and just generally be better.
  9. There were mistakes, and there will be. But the biggest thing to me, is how in command of the game he looks, more often than not. There’s something fundamentally different there, that I’ve never seen in a Jaguars QB. Or at least, it’s been so long I’ve lost my frame of reference. Even guys like Gabbert and Bortle would have “moments” where they stumbled into something good when everything aligned just right. But you’d have to really pick those moments out of a sea of mostly looking overwhelmed by the game. Lawrence just doesn’t look like that. There are some “ooops” moments, but
  10. Is that really interesting though? We have 3 TEs and a guy who isn’t up to speed yet. And none of them are really any good. I’m still not really sure how much we can glean about the importance/role of TEs for Urban, when the personnel just isn’t there to justify it. Some coaches might try to just force it anyway, and that might tell you something. But kind of downplaying the position, in this case, could be about a philosophical de-emphasis on the spot, or it could simply be about trying to work the roster to the players you’ve got. Or something in between. Or just scattere
  11. Yeah. Of all the things to worry about out of this, Trevor is not one of them for me. There will be mistakes. He's not gonna be perfect, as a rookie playing his first game. But the flashes were very definitely there, and it didn't look "too big for him" or anything of the sort. It's all the other lack of preparation and discipline stuff for the team as a whole that's like...yikes. They have an opportunity to make a big course correction here for the next game. It's just one game. Learn from it, do better. Get things on the rails and let's go. But if they can't turn tha
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