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  1. Jaguars inquired about AJ McCarron

    Yeah. That seems like the type of QB our front office would inquire about alright...
  2. Should Blake start?

    I don't mean to suggest Bortles was amazing and perfect and we broke him or anything. Just that there was a time he at least looked confidently irresponsible with the football. That's where he looks broken. Obviously his own inability to protect the football plays a central role in that, but whatever is being done to support him...isn't going well at all. QBs playing gunshy and terrified of turning the ball over just seems to ironically lead to more and more mistakes. I think that's what we're seeing now. Just have to agree to disagree on the roster i guess. I think there's a lot of talent there, but it doesn't look like a good team to me. It looks like largely the same as the 3-13 team from last year. Same fatal flaws, same lack of a clear cohesive plan that plays to guys strengths. I'm not even sure how far an expert game manager like Alex Smith could take this group unless something really comes together quickly.
  3. Should Blake start?

    Awesome. Nothing brings a team together like a QB controversy and divided locker room.
  4. The LB Situation

    Too many WILLs in the kitchen makes the soup confusing.
  5. Sure, you have insurance plans for now. But at some point, you either have to plunk down some cash on a new deal for Lee...or just move on with those insurance plans. The fact it feels like you really need insurance plans so much with him lends itself more toward just moving on imo, unless he comes back cheap or has a phenomenal (and healthy) year or something.
  6. This is good news. Was kind of implied previously, but nice to have it confirmed. Definitely don't want a RB with recurring foot/ankle injuries that are related, before they've even played a real NFL game.
  7. Aaron Colvin activated from PUP

    That certainly helps. Gotta get this dream team CB lineup on the field together some day and see how it works.
  8. Should Blake start?

    What do you not agree with? That Blake looks broken? That he looked promising and had some swagger when he first arrived? The thing that's ridiculous to me, is the fixation on mechanics. The idea of drafting a guy that high with ramshackle mechanics and thinking you can "fix" them. Lol. The realistic hope for Bortles was always basically that he'd be successful despite some inconsistent and unconventional mechanics. That's looking like it's not going to be a thing. I still think he's the highest upside QB on this roster and the guy they should go with for the time being. But he looks so broken right now. Like he's trying to be something he's not. He's a gunslinger trying to play game manager and that's not the way smart coaches manage that situation. It doesn't work that way.
  9. Should Blake start?

    For what though? I mean yeah it would be great to get out of the basement even briefly...but look where Fitzpatrick on a good year got the Jets. Then bad year happens and they're a total wreck of a team. It can fall apart fast. The whole aim of this scorched earth Jaguars rebuild was to build a perennial contender. That was the justification for purging everything when they came in. This team needs to find a long term solution at QB. That's what really matters.
  10. That's cool I guess. But it's also reactive garbage. Panic moves because they didn't seem to consider that this might be a continued problem. Should've dealt with this back at the beginning of FA when there were actually desirable kickers still available.
  11. Should Blake start?

    This is the thing that's crazy to me. Bortles came in with a real swagger to him, confidence to go out and try to make plays. It obviously came with a ton of turnovers and all that...but he looked confident and enthusiastic. Tossed the ball for plenty of stats. Albeit some garbage stats among them, but this is preseason...epitome of garbage stats, and he can't seem to do anything. He looks like a totally different QB now. Like a broken man. I don't know that he was ever going to be more than a Jay Cutler type tease anyway...but it seems like this whole trainwreck of a franchise has just led to his struggles piling on top of one another until it crushes him. It's probably too late to salvage him here, but it makes me legitimately worried for any new "future face of the franchise" QB we try to bring in even. There's something very wrong here.
  12. The problem is, even outside of QB...this team doesn't seem good. There's talent there, but none of it ever seems to come together to amount to anything. Watching the ones on both sides of the ball today was a complete rerun of last year's garbage team. The O-Line doesn't seem to have a clue what they're doing, assignments make no sense, they're not opening any holes anywhere, free runners and failed pickups by the backs. It's very bad. The defense got no pressure. I get that the CBs are overmatched depth guys due to injury, but good D-Line play can help cover some of that up. Got none of that. LBers were a mess. Jack did jack all, looked tentative and afraid to hit somebody, bad reads, bad angles, a lot of standing around watching after the fact. Telvin still looks like the only high end LBer on the team, and Poz manages to flash when he's running downhill filling holes but that's about it. Gashed for some runs where tackles should have been made. It's the same mess as last year, OTTO wasn't even the problem. Secondary looked a bit better on the back end with Gipson/Church looking like they might actually work out decently together. Hard to really say much about depth CBs going up against starters. But as a whole, this isn't a dominant team being held back by a bad QB. This didn't look like a "plug Alex Smith in and go to playoffs" type team. There's still no running game, there's still no intimidating defense. QB is a disaster right now, but it's also just a team that doesn't seem to come together to be greater than the sum of its parts in any way either, even outside of Bortles bortling.
  13. Rank the Roster #9

    oooooo 3 way tie. I hope we get another vote for Poz.
  14. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Indeed. He has all the ability to get open. It's just the capitalizing on that which can be hit or miss. Of course, doesn't help that our QB doesn't always make our WRs jobs easy.
  15. The LB Situation

    The whole thing just seems way more convoluted than you'd like it to be. It's all murky and jumbled together. The preseason is for finding out who can do what, to an extent...but this isn't just depth tinkering. It's trying to figure out how to piece our 3 starting LBers together in a way that works and makes sense. Ideally, that stuff should be pretty clear if guys are natural fits at the spots you're trying to put them in. It's not clear. As for Fowler at SAM...i do like the idea of that, letting him get his run up at things like in college. The problem/questionmark being...how much else of the position is he going to be able to do at a solid NFL level? Or is he just going to be a guy you put out there with a giant sign saying, "I Am Blitzing"?