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  1. 2018 Draft Eligible LB Thread.

    I'm pretty sure he'd still have higher earnings with where he'll land in the NFL, than in the Lingerie Football League.
  2. Draft Rumors

    I could honestly see this happening. I wouldn't peg the odds as "likely"...but i get this weird impression that the Bills crew are somehow more thoroughly sold on Darnold than the Browns guys (other than ownerman). Just feels like the Bills are sorta laying in wait...to see where Darnold goes. If he goes 1, maybe they're content to just hang out and see how it rides...or move up slightly. But if the Browns do pass up Darnold at 1...it just feels set up for the Bills to be the team to pounce, and jump right up there. They have all the ammunition, and seem very interested. I still find it slightly perplexing that Darnold is somehow viewed as the absolute, clear cut top QB available though. So that's probably influencing things for me.
  3. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    Agreed. Expecting a starting calibre, or especially a franchise calibre QB from outside the top half of the 1st round, is statistically improbable. But i'm not arguing against that. I'm shedding light on the other half of that equation...where even a scary number of those "higher percentage of success" top-15 pick QBs...end up as total busts, or backups themselves. This isn't a simple situation you can boil down to one single angle of argument like that. Even the "high percentage play" of a Top-10QB...is technically a low percentage play. Which is where your point about surrounding cast was so pertinent. Oftentimes, the situation and surrounding cast can be the difference in that fine line between success/failure in the many many QBs who ride that mushy middle between "elite franchise QB" and "total bust". That's where building up some good pieces around a freshly drafted QB to put them in a less-like-to-fail situation, is desirable. That's also where you're going to potentially tip the odds of success on less premium picked QBs finding success. I mean, again...you were literally suggesting that you can't fairly estimate the odds of success of various QBs without seeing the situation of their respective landing spot. THAT...is the point. Which is also the justification for the Giants potentially passing on a QB at #2. ie. Building themselves into a substantially better landing spot for a QB they eventually do fall in love with, developmental or not.
  4. D.J. Chark vs D.J. Moore

    I'd be interested if you merged the two into a single, good all-around receiver. As it stands though...Chark seems like a Martavis Bryant type "run downfield and attack the ball" simple deep threat. And Moore seems like a "get the ball in his hands and he can make some things happen" type. Together, that'd be one heck of a skillset...basically a Julio Jones. Apart though, neither seems like a 1st round talent to me. Just a pair of interesting niche talents with some upside, and both seriously lacking refinement. There's clearly upside with both. But there's also really incomplete skillsets, and disappointing potential if they don't round out the respective portions of their game that are almost entirely missing. Granted...they've both suffered a lot of poor quarterbacking. But i'd like to see clearly great receivers actually taking that and running with it, rather than having to lean on that as an excuse. This draft as a whole to me though, looks very deep in those 2/3 round WRs with assorted skillsets. Pick your poison. All with bits missing from their repertoire. I could see those two going in the 1st, or not. Along with a ton of others also floating around those fringes.
  5. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    Yeah. Absolutely. It's the same thing with lottery winners too. It's sad. I just always find myself seeing snippets of the little seminar the NFL puts together at the draft on financial responsibility and all that, and hoping that these kids really "get it". A lot of them won't though.
  6. Mason Rudolph will be the best QB from this draft

    This is more or less what Rudolph appears to be for me. There is some potential there, in the right situation...maybe he develops into a solid game manager. But he's a guy who looks the part, more than he plays the part. His arm is very disappointing. He's not a guy who has been asked to make sophisticated reads or fit tight window throws in rhythm. He's made a killing just tossing balls up deep left or deep right...to WRs who bail him out. I think at the NFL level, you're going to have to seriously limit the route tree he throws due to a lack of velocity. DBs are going to jump his outbreaking balls all day long. I look at him as a potential Josh McCown type. Good chance he'll start some games at some point as a journeyman and maybe even do alright if he has the right pieces around him. He's got all the look, size, and off-field presence of a guy that can lead a team out there on Sunday. But actually tossing the ball around...i see limitations, combined with a lack of refinement. At his best when he showed up in the Senior Bowl press box looking real big and strong and quarterbacky...instead of being down on the field playing.
  7. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    Yeah. I really don't know. I'd hate for that to be the legacy that follows a guy like Gore...but it is always possible. Though it's also extremely hard to feel super sympathetic for guys who manage to blow more money than i'll ever see in my lifetime.
  8. Mason Rudolph will be the best QB from this draft

    If you want a disciple of the TB12 method...Luke Falk will be the best QB in this draft. He's apparently borderline compulsive in his following of that "lifestyle", idolization, and film study of Brady. He's also a pretty darn similar physical comp to Brady coming out. Just needs more TB12 juice to get his frame filled out and gain that Brady velocity in time. Also by most accounts happens to be a relentless student of the game, with a lot more control over his offense than you'd expect from a Leach system. Was a walk-on, more similar to Brady than the highly recruited Rudolph (who turned LSU down). And Falk has massively superior touch and placement on the quick, short throws that have been Brady's hallmark for years now. If you want a TB12 QB sleeper. It's Luke Falk. Not Rudolph, the guy who looks better in a promo photo than he does on the field...coming out of a possibly even more misleading spread system.
  9. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    Yeah. Absolutely. A lot of players just aren't prepared for the reality of how short a career can be...or how quickly insane NFL player money can run out if it's not handled wisely. It's hard to see with Gore though, given the length of his career. Unless there's been some serious financial mismanagement along the way. And he seems like a guy who would be pretty happy just being around the game as a position coach, once he can no longer do it himself.
  10. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    I don't think Gore in my impressions, is a guy built for that studio life or anything. But the guy is pushing into the Top-5 all time NFL rushers. Absolutely zero doubts he'd find a reasonably lucrative job somewhere as a RBs coach to live more than comfortably if he wanted it. Unless his brain is complete jelly or something. Maybe not million dollar jobs...but more than enough to get by comfortably. So unless he's dug himself into some extremely serious financial trouble over the course of a very long and productive career...idk. Certainly does seem like a guy who just really loves to play the game...and/or really wants to move up another rung on that all time rushers list. I mean...even if he basically does jack squat this year...a couple hundred yards or whatever it is, and he's not just "top-5 all time"...he's a lock for "4th all time", which gives his legacy a cushion.
  11. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    Isn't this all a pretty compelling argument for not drafting a QB at pick #2? I mean, you can say the majority of starting NFL QBs come from the first round...and that's fair. But at the same time, history tells us probably half these 5 "first round QBs" will either bust, or seriously disappoint. The quality is weighted toward the first...but the serious investment is as well. And it's still terrifyingly failure prone. As to the second point about other later round prospects having that starter upside...but pending landing spot and situation to assess their full potential...isn't that also the point? Better the landing spot...better the chances of success??? Which ties in with something like that last point, about a QB stepping in behind that porous Giant OLine as is. Won't a future QB selection (or later QB selection) be coming into a better situation, with a better OLine and surrounding cast...if the Giants find a way to trade back from 2 and acquire more premium picks to spend on really good pieces? As opposed to taking a QB now instead of better pieces...then trying to scramble to fill out an obviously flawed roster after the fact, while the rookie QB is trying to find their way?
  12. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

  13. JPP traded to Tampa

    Yeah. It's one of those deals that probably makes sense for both sides. Just that JPP is still a decent player, and they do need to replace him. While also taking on that dead money. Makes sense though.
  14. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    I get that it's a "what have you done for my lately" league, and sometimes tough calls have to be made, with emotional detachment. But if Hurns is massively overpaid and we can't afford to keep him at that price because we've made a cold hard logical decision based on his production...then what the heck is Moncrief? Being paid more than Hurns. Yet has he had a year since they came into the league where he outproduced him? Different situations and all that, but there's a lack of consistency to it all too. It's not like Hurns has just fallen off a cliff either. He's been pretty consistently around the same Yds/Game ballpark through his career, aside from a clearly anomalous 2015. And he's mostly been in a similar range to Lee (who also has trouble staying on the field). Who is making more than Hurns now as well. Just seems like they're holding one particularly lengthy injury against Hurns more, same for ARob...compared to guys like Lee and Moncrief who have shown a propensity of their own for attracting injuries and missing games (or parts of games). I mean, we're basically talking about a cluster of WRs who all have injury problems of some manner.
  15. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    So he's going to continue to worm his way up that all time rushing yards list a couple yards at a time, until he hits mandatory retirement age of 65?