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  1. Yeah. I could absolutely see them filling a bunch of spots with Vets, and making multiple exchanges to move up in the draft and grab "their guys". There are only so many roster spots to give to later round developmental picks. And it's a roster that could really use some veteran leadership, or even just...experience. Can't have the whole team "learning on the job" and "developing" at the same time. That doesn't really work.
  2. Bring it on. Welcome to the Jaguars everyone, we have cap space here.
  3. Yeah. As much as i'd love to see Trent lock down the LT spot here while Trevor breaks into the league...it's hard to really see it happening. Not about lack of ability to throw money at him, and i'd imagine the willingness to do so is probably there as well (it'd be such an easy solution to a big problem). It's just hard to see him, where he's at in his career...signing on to what amounts to a vague potential of maybe being part of a competitive team down the road a ways sometime. Not when he'll surely have all manner of other suitors lined up to also hand him plenty substantial money...to
  4. Why not really? There is none such thing as a bad time for talk about Tebow. Why, i'm surprised we're not talkin' about Tebows right now.
  5. I've been pretty totally useless with this thing, MIA for what seems like an important stretch of time. Ooop. I do like Leon Jacobs at OLB. He's the sort of guy who makes sense to me as a backup to a lot of different spots in this scheme though. I think he could find snaps at any of the 4 LB spots as a backup/fill-in. Kind of the perfect "depth guy" for a cross-trained swiss army linebacker "floater" role actually.
  6. Safe to say, he's probably hedging his bets across various platforms...so he'll always have something to point back at in a few years and thump his chest about? 🤪
  7. I'd be all over trading up for Ja'marr Chase. But i do still think that he probably gets taken high enough that it's not even within any striking distance of that Rams pick. Pitts would be a target too...but i think it's even more of a certainty that he's long gone. I could see dealing up to get "the right guy" if they're the last of the top OTs on the board. Worth it, just to hopefully secure that cornerstone piece. Other than that...there's not a lot that i'd really be thinking much about trading up for at this point. I'd say trading up for a top DLineman would be of interest,
  8. I'd give the group a C+ i guess. I'd like to see Keelan brought back on a reasonable deal as a part of that. He's a good solid homegrown fill out the depth chart guy, and we have the cap space we can afford to "splurge" a bit on a #3/4 guy like that. Seems like a decent fit with a Bevel offense, though i could also very easily see Urban preferring to staff that part of the depth chart with guys boasting more raw "athletic ability" or niche skillsets, etc. Wouldn't be too offended by that route either. The other depth guys on the roster are nothing. If Collin Johnson is around
  9. I can understand the argument there i guess. I just kinda see it as a "draft pedigree" hype thing at this point though. I suppose to an extent, it depends on exactly what you're trying to do. But ultimately, this idea of trying to "salvage" guys like Darnold just seems to boil down to fooling yourself into a differently inadequate situation. It's the same mistake we made with Bortles. Long string of similar mistakes before that, on highly drafted guys with some perceived "upside" who just never actually turn into something that they've never been. Like, if you're rummaging around the
  10. This is the kinda scary part. If she is this good, it can be a real double-edged sword. Say what you will about the ineptitude of the Jaguars PR through the previous regime, but at the very least...the skeletons were laid bare for the fans to see, and apply pressure for change. You could at least see the dysfunction, even if it made them kind of a laughingstock around the league. This is the sort of situation where someone who is really good at their job in that sort of role, really can "hide the bodies" as you said, and cover up all manner of internal messes and misf
  11. I think the bolded is really the biggest issue here. We've got some guys with upside...and maybe one of Allen/Chiasson does eventually blossom into that guy...but as it stands right now, we really don't have anyone off the edge, or on the interior that really commands any particular attention. There's no real focal point or concern for opposing offenses to particularly worry about. That can have a real "cascade effect", where having nobody to really draw attention means everyone has it a little bit harder up. Either having one of our guys step up and become that guy (and the two edges are
  12. O Rly? 🤨 “Wowed” by...CJ. In the middle of the offseason?
  13. Indeed. With all of the other “straightforward” stuff Trevor does so well, i can see how it can sorta skip under the radar and people can forget that he can also do all kinds of this really impressive stuff as well.
  14. I certainly hope so. I think coming in, it was pretty expected that he was pretty raw/unpolished as a receiver. And that he was probably going to have to make most of his early impact in more of a gadgety “designed touches” sort of niche. With Urban coming in, I think it’s reasonable to suspect that we may well see an expansion of use for that sort of role and those sort of schemed opportunities. There should also be some expected progress when it comes to refinement and better understanding his role as a more conventional receiver at the pro level as well. Put those t
  15. Yeah. The bolded has definitely been the most striking thing about Minshew since he first got here and had to step in immediately. He doesn’t lack for confidence, and he doesn’t shrink away from it all. It was a very pleasant surprise. And it can be a very positive thing. But I think that mentality is where some questions start to come up with respect to how content he’ll be to just concede the starting gig and settle in to that solid backup career just yet. Whether or not that confidence and fire are still burning for a shot at being a starter. Which...there may not be a lot of clea
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