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  1. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    The more I hear about Flores, the more I like him. I like that Jim Caldwell could be the assistant HC. That will really help an inexperienced HC.
  2. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    Rumor is Jim Caldwell will be the OC. If that's the case, I really hope we don't look at Flacco.
  3. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    Yah it feels too early for him to be a HC to me. But hopefully he gets a veteran staff and learns from them. One of the mistakes Gase made is that he had coordinators learning on the job with him.
  4. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    I'm not sure, but I think the Dolphins may be the only team with a black HC and GM now. Not that it totally matters.
  5. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    The fanbase really wanted Kris Richard. I guess he turned us down. Can some Pat fans fill me in about him? I hear a lot of good things and he seems to be well respected, but is he ready to be a HC? I don't know. It's going to depend on the staff he brings in and the QB he drafts.
  6. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    Good article about him http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22262842/brian-flores-new-england-patriots-next-coaching-star-emerge-bill-belichick-tree?fbclid=IwAR3HXj7omVan79drnP9CcsRkcvp-h9IkuRQ_L9K7dPoOCf8JEmRiA8eJvqA
  7. Dolphins expected to hire Patriots' Brian Flores as HC

    This bums me out since I wanted Kris Richard, but I'll give him a chance.
  8. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    People say Gase overachieved like he sat in the corner and sucked his thumb while the management made the decisions. He had major power in this organization. He a lot of say in who we signed and drafted. The roster is just as much his fault as anybody. They built the roster in his image. But even then, the roster isn't as bad as people are making them out to be. It's a .500 roster that has pieces in place. They don't magically go 7-9 every year. If the roster is so bad that they are really a 2-14 team in disguise, why have they been a .500 team competing in December every year for a decade? The answer is because the roster has been decent, but has lacked two key components. A head coach and a QB. Adam Gase just ended up being another Joe Philbin and Tony Sparano. He couldn't get the team over the hurdle like the coaches before him. A decent roster that just needed to be improved on and one that needs a franchise QB. Instead, there was no progress at all. This has no impact on the Jets as it's a different situation. I'm just answering people who say he overachieved like he was a victim of the management.
  9. NFL Draft 2019 - Team Needs

    Dolphins: QB- DUH DT - The run defense is soft. They are pushovers. They have two pretty good DTs, but they need a whole unit of them. DE - Desperately need pass rushers. A lot of ours underperformed and are about to be cut. LB - It's been awful for years and still is. We have young guys, but we really need a stud there. #2 CB- We have studs in Howard and Fitz. McCann is a good slot CB. Our #2 spot though is a huge hole. It got exposed all year. Guard- Desperately need players here. The O-line is full of pushovers. We're relying on injury prone vets. Center - See Guard. Tall WR - Parker is a bust. Need somebody with size. Not a huge need, but it's needed. TE - Gesicki disappointed, but could improve. Not a HUGE need, but it could be better.
  10. Kyler Murray QB OU

    Perhaps the Dolphins should be looking at this QB class now since it's starting to shape up to be better instead of only next year. I'm really starting to get on board with Murray even with the size concerns.
  11. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    The Dolphins are the definition of purgatory. We're never bad. We're always mediocre. People act like we're picking in the top 5 every year. I wish. At least we would have a great draft pick. People always act like the Dolphins never have talent. They always do. The problem is they can't find the right coach and QB to put it all together. We're always right there, but always so far away. Always 6-10 to 8-8. We're always in "maybe next year" mode. That's why we always chase the FAs and make moves like we're in win now mode. Because it seems like we're right there to finally taking the next step. And then the new coach trades or cuts the talent (or we lose them to FA), and we're just constantly trying to replace talent while dealing with bad coaches and QB play. A recipe for .500 football.
  12. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    Anyone is better than the 1942 offense we ran with Mark Richt.
  13. What Should Arizona Do With the #1 Pick?

    Oh man would that be dumb.
  14. What Should Arizona Do With the #1 Pick?

    The Cardinals already have their QB so I'd trade back and get as many picks as I can.
  15. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    The problem is they always neglect the guard position in the draft and rely on injury prone vets. It always bites us in the ***. Gase will need to build upfront through the draft. The O-line destroyed any chance of success here on offense.