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  1. Browns sign Jarvis Landry to 5 year extension

    Landry was my favorite player, but that's just too much for him. But I am happy for him and wish him the best.
  2. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    And a lot of Dolphin fans were pissed we passed on him for Harris lol.
  3. Dolphins Forum QB Power-Ranking: #4

  4. Dolphins Forum QB Power-Ranking: #4

    I know that. I meant by this point I think there's a drop off between QBs.
  5. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #7

    James of course.
  6. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #6

    Edmunds is 1A, 1B with Smith. So that's an easy answer for me.
  7. Dolphins Forum QB Power-Ranking: #4

    I think most people would say Josh Allen, but even if Lamar Jackson has to work on being a more consistent passer, I can't pass on the play making ability. Josh Allen just screams red flag to me. But honestly by this part of the list I'd rather draft a different position in the first round.
  8. Players Taking Shots At Their Former Team

    I don't think much of it unless it's ongoing consistent issue. Like Ajayi was a cry baby who had temper tantrums when things didn't go his way. He refused to follow directions and wanted dance for a home run instead of hit the hole and he wasn't blocking well. If numerous players bitched about Gase for the same reason then OK maybe it's an issue. They can say what they want with whatever. But words do have consequences. I don't think it's professional unless it was that toxic.
  9. Projected wins for the worst team in 2018-2019?

    Why do people see Miami being a 2-4 win team? They won 6 games with literally everything going wrong and being at the bottom in the league on offense and defense. They lost their starting QB and bunch of key players. They had a hard schedule and no bye week. And they still won 6 games. They got rid of overpaid and overrated players, and upgraded at key positions (especially the O-line).They are getting their QB back. Gase finds ways to win with little talent. So the Dolphins went from 10-6 and a playoff team to a 2-14 team? Dang. Like if people said 6-8 wins I could understand. But IDK where you guys see a bottom of the league roster. I've sat through a 1-15 season and this team isn't even close to that.
  10. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    I don't really disagree about Tannenbaum's handling of cap space. He's terrible. I'm just saying the roster has actually been rebuilt through the draft and I do think it's better than people think. There's just a lot of players who need to sink or swim right now. It's March and the draft hasn't happened yet. There's still a lot of questions to be answered.
  11. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    I'm with you on the WR moves. $8 million was too much for Wilson, but maybe the guy becomes a stud and it works out. He apparently was pretty hot on the market. IDK who was interested in him. Maybe he sucks. That one is more of a gamble. He wasn't on my radar. The Amendola move makes no sense to me. IDK how he's going to fit with the team. I disagree on Quinn though. There's no penalty if they cut him next year so you're possibly getting a 27 year old guy who has proven to be a Pro Bowler in the league and perfectly fits your 4-3 defense. He could be Wake's replacement. That's the price for premium pass rushers. So that's a low risk move to me since there's nothing to lose. They can afford to absorb his contract now so you might as well see what happens. I never have an issue with those kind of moves if there's no guaranteed money. Tannenbaum is terrible though. He just likes to spend money and is terrible with cap space. Most Dolphin fans hate him including me. But he's been more reasonable the last couple of years. I just hope they stick with this plan. I can live with a gamble or two if they have the cap space to do them. As long they aren't giving out Suh money anymore. It's Gase that keeps me optimistic.
  12. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    McDonald was pretty good at FS. I think the Dolphins are happy with him at FS. If they sign or draft a safety it will be for depth. But I would love Derwin James if we don't go LB. There's talk McDonald could also be put at LB at times this season. All three together would be cool.
  13. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    Who is not in their long term plans besides Amendola? That's the only move that I don't understand. Wilson is 25. We needed a slot WR. He fits the scheme perfectly. Quinn is 27 and possibly Wake's replacement. Sitton is just there to fill a need. Gore is just there to provide a veteran for the young RBs. We're paying him peanuts. We're going to draft another RB. Osweiler I'd imagine is cheap and is just a camp body. Kilgore is just there to fill a need until we draft another center. Pouncey is below average and injury prone. We brought back Hayes cheap and a bunch of older O-line guys that were already on the roster back for cheap. Who are these so called old players that are crippling their cap? I get what you are saying, but the Dolphins have been rebuilding the roster. If you look at the roster, most of these guys were drafted or signed when they were unknowns and then rewarded. The roster has been low key rebuilt in Gase's image already. The issue was they were hindered by terrible contracts and overpaid players. The contracts this offseason are far more reasonable and they fill needs while we continue to build the roster. I mean the draft isn't even here yet. If you don't like Miami's drafts and feel Miami is in a bad spot OK, but I don't see anymore vets that kills the cap. Wake still plays like a stud. The two most glaring contracts are Branch and Alonso, but both are in their long term plans.
  14. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    To me the Dolphins already felt like 7 to 9 win team last year. I think Tannehill and other key players getting hurt deflated the whole season. August was a nightmare. Not having a bye week hurt too. The schedule was pretty brutal too. There's a reason they had 4 prime time games and why ESPN actually ranked their offense in the top 10 (I'm dead serious). One dude on NFL Network even thought they could be in the AFC Championship even with Cutler lol. Gase could have won coach of the year in 2016. People were optimistic about the Dolphins. Now a year later, people are very doom and gloom about them. Pretty crazy how quickly that changed lol. There's plenty of games they barely lost and probably would have won with better QB play and a better O-line. Even with the defense not playing well. The Dolphins upgraded both positions (if Tannehill comes back healthy). It's hard to say because like I said there's a lot of young players that need to sink or swim. Guys you wouldn't know about unless you followed the team. Most importantly, I'm optimistic because I like Gase. He has a scheme and he knows what he wants from his players. Miami may be one of those teams that doesn't have flashy names but plugs in players that fit the scheme. They probably had no business winning 10 games in 2016 either. Statistically Miami had no business winning 6 games. They were terrible everywhere, but they got a lot better as the season went because things started to click. Even if it didn't always translate to wins. That's why I'm a bit more optimistic because they already hit rock bottom and now they have more young players coming in who played well. Gase gets the most out of his players. So when we bring in these vets that fit a scheme for more reasonable contracts it may actually translate into more wins. Under Gase, the Dolphins usually win close games. Most of their losses were blowouts last year lol.
  15. Dolphins sign Brock Osweiler

    I get what you are saying 100%, but you can't go into the season with the glaring holes we had, specifically at the O-line. How are players going to develop when they are hindered by major holes that stop the team from working? I'm optimistic here because the contracts this offseason have been far more reasonable. None of these guys ruin our cap space. We even get $17 mill in June. None of the contracts hinder the franchise like Landry would have and Suh's did. The only move I don't understand is Amendola. We needed to fill in holes in FA through more reasonable contracts while the young guys developed. We didn't do some major splash like we normally do. The closest thing to a splash was Quinn, but he's 27 and fits their scheme. He's also Wake's replacement if he pans out. More importantly, there's like no penalty next year if he sucks and they cut him. I'm usually not this defensive of Miami's moves, but I like this offseason. It's just the offseason we got rid of big names so it's easy to be negative. Miami's cap space isn't in a bad spot anymore as long as they don't do anything crazy beyond this point.