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  1. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Not gonna lie, I've been flirting with the Bill's...the Rams fan base sucks which wears on you...the move to LA sucked and now the new logo...just seems like a franchise with no identity... The Bill's just have flavor. Their fans are awesome and they just have pride. And I love Josh Allen.
  2. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    If you think old man Brees is any where near the 6 time champ, you have some homer shades on. I was giving Brees the benefit of doubt. That dude has a serious case of noodle arm. Brees has never won a MVP. And his one championship is tainted with controversy. If anything its Brady and it's not even close, he is at the tippity top of the mountain and he isn't even half way up, he is in peak physical condition and he isn't even in shape. Give me the 6 time.
  3. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    I'm definitely going Bucs. You could call Brady and Brees a wash, Thomas is the best reciever, how Evans and Godwin together are special. And I think Howard is gonna shine with Brady, Brady loves his TEs. If you would have put RBs in here the saints would have won. They're gonna be good games this. Probably the games I'm most looking towards too
  4. Free Agency

    So as of right now, who is our starting LBs? I feel like we lost a lot there...and for a 3-4 defense that might not be good....
  5. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    QB: Kurt Warner RB: Marshal Faulk RB: Steven Jackson WR:Issac Bruce WR: Tory Holt TE: Tyler Higbee LT: Orlando Pace LG:Adam Timmerman C: unsure RG: Rodger Saffold RT: Andrew Whitworth DE: Decon Jones DT:Aaron Donald DT:Merlin Olsen DE: Jack Youngblood LB: idk LB: idk LB: idk CB: Jalen Ramsey FS: John Johnson SS: Adam Archuleta CB: Aneus Williams K: GZ P: Hekkar HC: **** Vermil Edit: that defensive line tho.....maybe another Ram fan could fill in our linebackers....I don't remember any that really stand out sadly....
  6. Like I said before....I'd Rather have Littleton back...Brockers had years of 1v1 cause of Donald and never looked next level. Would have rather used that money for oline.....
  7. Pats Release K Stephen Gostkowski

    Ahhhhhh heck no. If they steal GZ from us I'm finna punch a kitty
  8. New logo/colors unveiled Monday

    My jaw literally hit the floor. I'm normally not super critical of stuff..but holy $%@^@ that's bad. They better be some BA looking uniforms or I'm gonna get drunk and flip some tables. What a bad week to be a rams fan.
  9. Rams new logo unveiled

    Deep dark depression
  10. UPDATE - Todd Gurley released

    I do actually think TG and Goff were close. I think Mcvay and Gurley had some issues tho....idk if Mcvay basically said this is Goffs team and Gurley got pissy or what...but you could tell Gurley wasn't the same in his pressers last year. We all knew this was coming, Gurley included.
  11. Strangest careers

    Yeah Marc was way better than most remember. I'll never forget that come back game against Seattle in like 04. Dude was just slinging it. Still one of the best rams games I ever watched. Edit: found it...just go to the two hour mark...5 minutes left down 17....magical.
  12. After 20 years of dominance, we final get to settle if it was Bill or Tom that made the greatest dynasty ever seen. Or if they were just simply two halves to a whole. So who will be better? Tom and the high flying offense of the bucs. Or Bill and the stout defense of the pats?
  13. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    I just know deep down Bill is gonna make the playoffs. Him and McDaniels will switch the offense to heavy run and play control and the defense will be stout. Bucs vs Pat's superbowl. We deserve that for the 20 years of dominance they have put on us. Now they will face off in a epic duel and it will go to OT....my body is reggie
  14. There is a few things to factor In. One looking at the first four years of their careers(all the years Goff as played so far) Goffs numbers aren't just better, they're way better. Second thing to factor in, is Goff has the luxury of playing for a good coach sooner. Sean Payton is better at this point, but payton and Brees didn't unite till later. Where Goff and Mcvay are both Young together, assuming the rams offensive line gets fixed. They will be able to put up some similar numbers to what they have in years past. Assuming Goff stays healthy and plays as long as Brees it is definitely possible that Goffs numbers will blow Brees out of the water.
  15. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Meh I'll bite out of boredom. If we take their first four years(all that Goff has played so far), Goff is vastly better.