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  1. Its crazy to see some of these players on here. I remember watching those prime time games with some of these dudes as a kid and just being star struck. A lot of amazing players here. The three im pulling for personal are Manning, Woodson and Holt.
  2. This win is huge for me....haven't seen my boys beat that @#%%# since 2001...and lost two superbowls to him... Makes it even better that he was a poor sport again and went and cried in the locker room and didn't shake anyone's hands. Go home Tom, its over for you.
  3. Wow Brady is definitely favored.
  4. I was thinking the same thing....
  5. Appears the fix is in for Brady in this one. Might as well wrap it up and go into work early tomorrow.
  6. Sadly the Rams bucs game won't be a good one....Rams do poorly on Monday night. Especially going east. The bucs Dline is gonna rock Goff...especially without big Wit. And last but definitely not least. Brady has been the Rams curse from day one. Dont quote me on it but I'm pretty sure the Rams haven't beat Brady since regular season 2001. AD doesn't even have a sack on the man.... Gonna be a long game for Rams fans.
  7. This is our last chance. We need to get a TD here.
  8. Yeah him and Goff have no chemistry....its gonna lose us this game
  9. He just has some games...not many but a few a year that he fades into the back ground....its kinda weird.
  10. Good game guys. That was a sloppy mess for Smith to come into... I really want you guys to win the division. I know its a long shot but maybe with a week of prep Smith can light that fire. Good luck the rest of the way! Cobowys suck!
  11. Prolly cause its a down poor? Why risk a pick...just run the clock and get the dub
  12. Yeah this is pretty on point for me. Except I'd have Carrol over Payton.
  13. Aren't we the second youngest team in the league?..
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