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  1. General Season Talk

    Yeah we are in a slump right now, you can just tell. But we are still 2-0, it's just crazy. I have seen stuff go way wrong on the field and it doesn't even phase us, they just keep trucking and find a way to win. Watch out NFL when this offense starts clicking again.
  2. I predicted they would have a down year with Brees. Without him I see the same. I don't think the team has to blow up the roster or anything, I mean they still have talent every where. It just sucks for Brees, he is definitely nearing the end.
  3. General Season Talk

    Oh gross...that could be huge... Seattle looks rough and tough
  4. General Season Talk

    Anyone else find it curious that both our week 2 and week 3 opponents played on Monday night the week before? It probably isn't a massive edge but it at least has to be a small advantage. You know the whole Rams teamis watching this, not too mention the extra day of rest.
  5. 2-0 but don't trust them.

    Lol now this is quality trash talk going on here....
  6. Was just thinking that. Was that the guy with the heart issue?
  7. Well Mcvay's Rams under preform on Sunday nights...so that's something.
  8. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    We are playing gritty and winning key battles. But we have to preform better in the first half. I really feel like we have beat two mediocre teams at this point. And Seahawks and 49ers are looking good....
  9. How are the refs so awful

    I mean you do realize that you could have been given two TDs and still lost correct? I understand that it was a bad call. But isn't a moot point now? I mean you have much bigger issues at hand. Your team doesn't look that great, even if you do get Brees back. Self reflection is key. You're an 8-8 team at best right now.
  10. Week 2 GDT

    I'll give the Rams a solid 8
  11. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    I honestly don't think this game will tell much about either team. It may effect seeding. But I don't think either team will be clicking on all cylinders yet. Gonna give you guys this one to make the Seans's 2-2 Saints 33 Rams 27
  12. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    I'm apart of a fan page on Facebook... same thing. I for one enjoy our rivalry with the saints. I think it's pretty cool.
  13. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    I think there is five people that have to show up for us to win.. Jarad Goff Aaron Donald Todd Gurley Hekker Mcvay If they all play/coach like we know they can. We are the better team.
  14. Week 1 - Rams @ Panthers

    I really feel like Goffs problem is we aren't establishing the run early. I feel like a lot of our success the past two years was cause of those massive rushing numbers in the first quarter. Forces the defense to respect the run, then we play action and make them pay for it. I feel like Mcvay/Goff have been trying to air it out to much in the first half.
  15. Heroes! Week 1!

    Corey Littleton for the Rams. Dude is fastly becoming one of my favorite Rams. He makes play after play. Then Watson...that kid can ball. I hope he stays healthy, he is so fun to watch.