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  1. I actually felt kinda bad for Kyler there… he legit looked scared as hell out there. When they had like a minute left at half time and just ran the clock out, it showed him looking at Donald amping the crowd up and the kid look just so defeated. I have never seen anything like it in all my years of football… I have seen saddened sure but this was absolute fear….
  2. Congrats on the win. Hell of a game
  3. This is so frustrating. Our online is playing like trash
  4. The dude is the best Ram I have seen suit um up. He is just on a whole other level. Him getting hurt in week 17 last year really derailed our season, you could see he wasn’t the same player out there. This year I feel like he has paced his self and now he is just hitting that super elite level. He is always elite clearly, but just like a Saiyan this dude has multiple levels he can reach. And I think we are about to see super sayain 3 in this game. it also seems that Von is hitting that next level in our defense and feeling more comfortable. This is it boys, Stafford just needs t
  5. I totally agree. Henry deserved it last year and either JT or Kupp deserve it this year. Brady and Rodgers aren’t even doing anything all that special. The top 5 QBs al have very similar stats, where JT and Kupp are way ahead of the pack at their position. it’s a damn shame only one of them are gonna get OPOY cause they both deserve honors.
  6. I didn’t know he was that banged up? I thought it was just a rest day…
  7. As this game gets a little closer I like our odds more and more. All’s I keep hearing from the national media is “5 straight” “5 straight” “5 straight” that has to sting with our boys something fierce. Not to mention that whole deebo necklace thing he pulled last game is Bulletin board material. No question the 49ers are the big bad for us. But I just have this feeling the Rams want this smoke. They want to put this team on the couch themselves and they are angry about 5 straight none sense. I started off thinking we would win 23-20. im thinking something closer to 30-17 no
  8. Here is a interesting question for you guys. Let’s say you beat us and lock up a playoff spot and go on a run and win the Super Bowl with Jimmy has the helm and he has a nick foles type playoff run. is he your starter next year? Or do you guys still wanna kick him to the curb?
  9. This is an absolute must win for us. Not only for confidence moving forward but for seeding reasons. if we win this we have at least two home playoff games with maybe a third of the packers are taken out somehow, not to mention a home Super Bowl. why oh why does it have to be our kyrptonite? Especially when they have a must win situation themselves. I’m not lying, I’m excited but hella nervous too. that being said if Stafford is just slightly better at protecting the ball, I see us winning 23 to 20, in a very very hard fought fight.
  10. It just had to be you guys to finish out the season… the division title and 2nd seed on the line for us, and your season on the line for you. This is a playoff game for both teams and I expect it to look like one. You guys have our number, for whatever reason we just can’t get it done against you guys. That being said I hope for a good game and no injuries, but I wanna see your season end so bad lol. let’s say Rams get the monkey off their back, 23-20 Rams on a last drive field goal.
  11. Maybe they should spend less money on rebranding every couple years and fix that soup kitchen of a stadium… yeesh
  12. Yeah I totally agree with this. The Lions have a lot of fight in them, and when Goff is playing well they are a tough out. If Campbell can get them to around .500 next year I expect him to have a third season.
  13. OBJ and Von really came through for the boys today. Gritty win here, this team has resolve for days…
  14. Stafford needs to step it up. No more excuses
  15. Really this is the first I’m hearing of it?
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