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  1. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Hey the Rams still scored more than I did in high school...so that's something...
  2. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    I like the pick up...just don't know how I feel about the money
  3. I seriously doubt any of them will. They all look meh. I mean yeah the raiders added brown but that team is a dumpster fire. Detroit has the best QB but they also have a tough division so that hurts them.... So yeah I'm gonna say none
  4. Jaguars release Blake Bortles

    He will make a solid back up for the rest of his career. Hopefully a ram. I could see Mcvay working some magic with him.
  5. Raiders sign S Lamarcus Joyner

    Good for the raiders. I liked Joyner, but it was clear that the Rams had no plans of paying him that kind of cash. Hopefully he gets back to that 2017 form.
  6. Free Agency News & Rumors

    We need to get a deal done with Saffold...that dude is gonna have huge money thrown at him in FA...I get he loves us and all...but the man has to eat. Don't wanna go into the draft having to fill to oline spots....
  7. Rams resign Dante Fowler

    That's actually not terrible....I gotta say I like where we are at ..
  8. Rams resign Dante Fowler

    So how much cap do the Rams have left after this and the Weddle signing?
  9. Chiefs officially cut Justin Houston

    I hope so. If the Rams could land him that would be huge.
  10. How much would it cost the Steelers just to cut this fool and be done with him?
  11. Dolphins cut WR Danny Amendola; Signed by Lions

    This dude would be absolute money as the 3rd guy in Minnesota. If he comes cheap enough they should really pursue him. Dude would move the chains for them none stop.
  12. Yeah I honestly think you guys made the right move. You had to pay Mack huge money and he didnt really have the talent around him to make a run at that time. I think your guys window is in 2-3 years and Chuckie knows that.
  13. Eric Weddle S signing with Rams

    Can't argue with that price...we would have had to pay Joyner waaay more. And Weddle is better. A minor win for the rams
  14. Rams cut Mark Barron LB

    I really feel like the Rams are gonna go after Barr. And maybe a pass rusher.
  15. Yup I enjoyed the game. Defense and special teams made a huge difference. Both Punters had some insanely good punts as well. And the game came down to Brady being able to get that touchdown, and Goffs lack of experience leading him to a pick. Great game.