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  1. I was thinking the same thing haha.
  2. But not on third and 10……..
  3. Run the ball Sean… run the fing ball
  4. He has also had horrible injury luck… which I don’t know if that has anything to do with coaching… I think he is a great coach.
  5. A lot to take away from this game, first I think it’s gonna be a close game. Like a touchdown or less. And second I wouldn’t totally mind if we lost here. let’s be honest our goal is to win a chip, nothing else. So we don’t want the pressure of a undefeated season looming only to lose and shake our confidence near the end. Second, contrary to what I said before. I think we match up pretty well with these guys. Obviously any given Sunday is a thing and we gotta lose some time, but I have more confidence against these guys then I do the 49ers or Seahawks. Ramsey has proven h
  6. I could see this actually. Rams have swept them the past few seasons. They are due a win. Not too mention the Rams just took down a big dog, could be hard to bring the Juice the following week
  7. I wasn’t aware the owner of that house was a massive under achieving franchise….
  8. I just wanna make it clear to both y’all, we all know who’s house that is.
  9. I’m a little worried about Woods not feasting. I know he is a great dude and a all pro, and not a diva in the least. But the dude is a competitor and he is gonna want to get his too. I’m hoping Stafford starts giving him some love.
  10. For me if I Had to take anyone besides Donald it would be Hunter right now. Dude is a playmaker. I don’t like Zimmer much but man that guy can develop DEs
  11. I just gotta say I’m in a weird place as a fan right now. When I first started liking the Rams, they won the super bowl that year and then we had a few years of “success” and then came the dark times. I remember rooting for a season above .500 and how awesome that would be. And I have followed this bored for a long time and know a lot of you were right there with me… but man this just feels different. It’s no longer about getting at least .500. Or about looking forward to our first round pick super early in the season. We are here for blood, we have champions on our roster. This
  12. Don’t you put that bad juju on my family rocky bobby
  13. I still say AD, as good as Jalen has been. AD just takes up half the offensive line.
  14. He has his biggest challenge this week. He has never beat Mcvay, now is the perfect. Rams coming off a big win, team could come back down to earth a bit
  15. Yeah that was odd to me too. Oh well can’t be a machine every play I suppose
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