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  1. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    An absolute dog fight of a divisional round probably didn't help. It took the saints everything they had to hold off the eagles.
  2. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Man if this keeps up the saints will have to field FO people. I wanted the saints at 100% too...cause the Rams are gonna beat that A** like a Cherokee drum...
  3. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Yeah I agree KC and the saints change the results a little bit. However I can tell from just a eye test that we play better when he is around. Seems like he shuts down his side of the field pretty effectively. Not to mention that tackle on Zeke was clutch.
  4. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    I don't think he would survive a championship honestly. He would die a warriors death that night...too much excitement for one heart to take.
  5. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Hopefully this dude will call a clean game now. That's all we really ask. This is amazing
  6. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Payton could have been easing off the gas pedal for the playoffs just like I think Mcvay and Reid were doing, you guys started off slow after 2 weeks rest. Nothing to see here. There is no pulling punches in the NFC championship game . We will see what both teams are capable of...
  7. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    I don't understand this? You guys are at home. You guys have kamara who is a match up nightmare for any team, let alone a team with a weaker LB core. You guys have a top 5 WR who has already torched us, not to mention a HoF QB and a above average defense. We might be playing the ref card but you guys are playing the underdog card...which you can't cause you're 14-3 at this point and the number 1 seed....
  8. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Agreed. We are just discussing in the LOS ANGELES RAMS forum how we think a ref that is reffing a LOS ANGELES RAMS game is going to affect the outcome. I mean a 0-7 record with him reffing inculding a 0-2 record this season is nothing to worry about...right... RIGHT?
  9. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Good job dude. I appreciate all the hard work you're putting in! And yeah I feel like we are the better team at this point in time. We need to run it down their throats and take that crowd out of it early. Mcvay has a good history of beating team that beat him before but Payton is no slouch and probably has a plan himself. This is really gonna be a chess match....
  10. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Exactly. We have to be proactive on this one, not reactivate
  11. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Oh this is starting to show some merit now.... Well at least the word is out now. Let's get on those Twitters boys and share the hell out of this. The more people that know, the less likely we are to get screwed.
  12. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Hell ya guys! Way to go. That is something in the right direction
  13. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Saints fans are saying it's pretty beat up. That is Brees biggest strength though is that quick release and getting that ball out insanely quick.
  14. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    I totally agree, that was a pretty bad call. It definitely sucks to be on that end of the bad calls, I just don't wanna be on the bad side this weekend, I don't really wanna be on the good side of those calls either. It's almost as bad hearing "you only won cause of this". Anyways back to football talk. Is it easier to run the ball in loud environments? Is it easier to control the line and snap count than if you were doing pass plays? That could be the biggest factor In if the Rams win or not.
  15. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    It's not a just in case. It's more of a "we want to win a championship". This is the biggest game we have had in 18 years. We are fired up and excited, because we know we are better than the saints and we don't want to lose on bad officiating. So are we worried about it? Hell yes we are, that's why we are bringing it up. So Sue is I guess? But I assure you, the last thing we are worried about is making excuses if we lose. We don't wanna lose and that's why we're are talking about it.