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  1. 1000 point players.

    Key word is it effected the playoffs, were just looking at season stats. Most of his TDs came from inside the ten. I think Mcvay will just use his nose for the end zone and let the other backs tally the yards. Don't be shocked if you see his thrid 20 TD season. Just less touches
  2. 1000 point players.

    Gurley is just shy of 400 points in 4 years. And has 250 in the two years with Mcvay. So my money is on him if anyone.
  3. Five Wins (or less)

    I'm gonna say a shocking one. I don't see the saints winning more than 6 games.... A lot of people aren't talking about how Drew Brees arm started to fall off towards the end of the year. Dude could barely throw past 20 yards. Not to mention without Ingram I could see Kamara wearing out faster and being less effective. Bring the smoke I'm ready.
  4. Brian Dawkins (X 10) dude was just like Ray Lewis. Loved Weapon X Steven Jackson(Homer pick, but he was a warrior and a champion at heart) Larry Fitzgerald Andy Reid. Not a player but I don't care. Dude has been so close for his whole career. He needs a championship, hopefully Mahomes can help him with that.
  5. Madden 20

    I'm sorry but I can't put Rivers over Wilson...and I damn sure won't put Luck over Wilson... Mahomes and Brady are the only two that I think are higher, and a healthy Rodgers, but who knows if we will see that again.
  6. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    I don't think they will care...seeing how they will be champions...
  7. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    I'm a Rams fan...but I live in Minnesota. So I'm gonna do a true "Homer" pick. Vikings finish between 7-9 and 9-7. Zimmer gets fired and they part way with Cousins.
  8. General Season Talk

    Here is the thing. We were pounding Gurley into the ground since he got into the league. Yeah it's only been a few years but he had had so many touches in those years... We need to spilt some carries in the regular season, it's as simple as that. I don't think Gurley is done, however he isn't gonna be the back we knew him as. Does that mean he will be bad. Of course not, does that mean we have a better shot at winning it all, of course. Save Gurley for when it matters.
  9. I can read well....man that makes it so much tougher...Bobby Wagner I guess...
  10. Russel Wilson no question. Mcvay would break the NFL with Wilson as his QB.
  11. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    Aaron Donald wins MVP and leads the Rams to a 14-2 season
  12. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Mahomes is to good. 10-6 at the worst.
  13. General Season Talk

    Hmmm bummer
  14. General Season Talk

    Anyone else find it odd Suh hasn't signed any where? I think there is a chance we still can get him. Clearly it has to be for a lot less money and we would have to move some money around for a deal, but it could be done.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    On the thrid day? That's like the most boring day lol