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  1. I think bona fide BPA goes out the window by the mid first round. Meaning, there is no definitive list of players that all teams adhere to. There are ranges that certain players can go. Ideally, you 'd want to pick a player within that range. Ferrell, Arnette, and Leatherwood should not have gone in the range they went. There were other players at their position that were better. I doubt fans would be so upset if the Raiders picked Allen, Diggs, and Darrisaw instead.
  2. Considering the teams' needs--evan after FA--don't think edge is in the cards in round 1.
  3. I think McDaniels would be a good hire. My biggest skepticism with him is how much say he will have over the roster. I do not trust him as a talent evaluator.
  4. I believe this. I think the Patriots inquired about trading for Carr last year.
  5. Move the team to Salt Lake City. Great light rail network and nowhere to go.
  6. Ironically, the only people that have found Commanders offensive are those who believe the previous name was not offensive. Which layer of hell is this?
  7. No, we know that. Just look at the poster above pearl clutching about this name change.
  8. If a team decided to rebrand as the "Cowboys" people would be rolling their eyes, too. These are all equally generic.
  9. To be fair, Mack>Donald wasn't exactly a bad pick in hindsight.
  10. Wasn't there a $100k settlement offer leaked that one of the plaintiffs rejected?
  11. Commanders is fine. How can anyone be get offended at this name? The league is filled with generic names: Raiders, Titans, Texans, Cowboys, etc.
  12. David Carr, while swearing that he hasn't spoken to his brother about next year, *opined* that Derek would strongly consider not playing for the Raiders next year if Bisaccia doesn't return or if pieces aren't added to round out the roster. First, there's no way he hasn't spoken to his brother about next year. Second, I think this puts more tinder in the fire regarding the "mutual" nature if Carr's return in 2023.
  13. He stood out to me while watching Jordan Davis. And, he was on the field a lot more. My initial impressions are that he isn't a first rounder. However I would have his name and Phil Mathis' name circled on day 2.
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