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  1. I think today's game will be a better barometer of how the defense will play against most NFL teams. Lamar Jackson is a unique player, and Bradley called the game to neuter him as much as possible. Hopefully the team shows well.
  2. People acting like Carr only played well at the end. He started playing well during the second Q. The first quarter struggles were a blip.
  3. I was watching him most defensive snaps if he was in the frame. He played really well. He clogged up the hook zone area pretty well and made some tone-setting hits. Late in the game, he played deep really well.
  4. One more time for Nassib. What a clutch play. That's why Ferrell could stay with a cap on the sideline.
  5. Announcers are hurt Jackson didn't win for sure.
  6. It might have been close enough for them to keep the call.
  7. Ha! I'm actually completely sober. I'm just hype.
  8. Ratio + you fell off + the hood watches Derek Carr now!
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