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  1. Tyus Bowser was someone I liked in the first round when he came out. He was definitely on my short list. I am not sure if he is a fit for what Gruden wants to do one defense. I know he fits the SLB role on the Legion of Boom-era Bradley scheme, but it has changed quite a bit since then and Gruden expressly stated he wants "4 bigs" on the field. I really think defensive tackle needs to be the priority in free agency. Ideally, I would like to see the Raiders sign two quality defensive tackles who can play the run and set the line of scrimmage. I haven't been able to "scout" much this season
  2. Eh, I don't think that highly of Stafford. I can't think of any quarterback needy roster he could join that would become Superbowl contenders with him. The closest would be Indianapolis, but I certainly wouldn't call them Superbowl contenders.
  3. That's on Brady. As accurate as he's been throughout his career, he has missed a lot of layups this year.
  4. I don't know what you mean by this. The way the draft played out, Josh Allen was supposed to be the consensus pick for the Raiders by the end of the college season. Honestly, a lot of mocks right up to the draft had Allen going before the Raiders' pick. It still baffles me how Mayock missed such an easy layup. I also remember catching heat for wanting Gary over Ferrell (since posters were adamant that Allen wasn't big and strong enough for Guenther's system).
  5. Mariota is not a good quarterback. Mariota has literally only had one good season. He's a quality backup. Carr routinely elevates the talent level on offense since he's been the starter. He gave career years to Nelson Agholor, Michael Crabtree, and Jared Cook. And lower level players like Seth Roberts and Andre Holmes only ever produced with Carr and went on to be virtually worthless to their next team. Meanwhile, Ryan Tannehill comes in and elevates the team in ways Mariota never could. You're completely discounting Mariota's own deficiencies. Who's to say he even gets to the redzone as
  6. I really like Kwity Paye, Gregory Rousseau, and Patrick Jones from the edge prospects that I saw. I don't think Paye or Rousseau make it to 17, though.
  7. What even is this take? The Raiders have spent plenty of high draft capital (Ferrell, Abram, Arnette, Mullen) and money (Littleton, Joyner, Kwiatkowski) on the defensive side of the ball. Also, describing trying to build up the offensive line and add quality receivers as "coddling" Carr is seriously worm-brained.
  8. I think the issue is with your analysis. You're equating Carr's record as the reason to move on from him despite him having his best season and ignoring the fact that he has been on a bad roster for the vast majority of his time as a Raider. And I am not against trading Carr. In fact, I created this thread and voted to trade him. I don't think he's a perfect fit for the offense and the Raiders could get something of value in return for him because 1) he's good and 2) he has a good contract. I think Gruden's offense demands a mobile quarterback and the Raiders could use Carr to get one in
  9. Ah, so Jared Goff (47-27) is better than Deshaun Watson.
  10. Nah bruv 8-8 > 4-11. Or do wins not matter?
  11. This is very obtuse. Do you believe that Deshaun Watson is worse than Carr?
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