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  1. I think it will JOK if the team stays at 17. I wouldn't mind a JOK and Spencer Brown/Stone Forsyth combo.
  2. I don't think Cosmi will be the pick. I think it's likelier the Raiders trade up for someone in the 2nd round.
  3. I think he's a pure guard, and I wouldn't draft a guard in the first round.
  4. Yes, Brandon Parker is not a starting NFL tackle. Leatherwood would be the nightmare pick at 17.
  5. As a Raiders fan, we are well lubed to make another puzzling pick at 17. The team has one clear need at right tackle. I think Cosmi and Jenkins would be fine picks at 17, but I understand a lot of people would consider Cosmi a reach. Though, I would keep an eye out for Jackson Carman there, too.
  6. I've been summoned. Obviously I'm much higher than Cosmi than most. I think he has David Bakhtiari upside and is a much better prospect than Kolton Miller was. While I wouldn't' mind him at 17, I do think it would be a reach in the sense that the Raiders would likely be the highest he could go. The issue is, it's not like his tape is a trade secret. If I think highly of him I think it's plausible that other teams in the first round do, too. There are a bunch of teams in the second half of the first round who also may draft a tackle (Miami, Washington, Chicago, Indianapolis, Tennessee, NYJ
  7. I know you didn't ask me, but I did watch Thomas' week one this year and he mostly played DT. He looked okay. Definitely more of a rotational DT. He just doesn't have the sturdiness to hold up against the run. I would suspect Hankins and Jefferson start and Thomas and Irving rotate in on passing downs.
  8. I do not think JOK can hang at nickel corner if that's what you're implying. I know he played it a bunch at Notre Dame, but he would get exposed in the NFL. I think he can play the Derwin James role pretty well--basically a SLB who is outside of the box and plays primarily the curl-flat area.
  9. I generally agree with your assessment, but I do think Parsons can develop into a MLB. I am not as high on him as others because I generally dislike drafting linebackers in the first round, and he's not a safe or clean prospect, either.
  10. JOK doesn't play the same role as Parsons, though. If JOK is engaging an offensive lineman, it's usually because he's playing on the edge or blitzing, which isn't the same as reading the play and negotiating tackles and guards moving up to the second level. The latter is much harder to do. I don't think JOK can cut it as a stack linebacker in the NFL.
  11. Shoe-in for the Stanford Routt, David Amerson, Gareon Conley, Daryl Worley role: tall and long corner who is fans swear is good but is actually bad.
  12. Well, the Raiders split with Mahomes and Herbert with a very bad defense, and nearly beat Herbert again with Mariota. I think the offense can hang as long as the defense is competent.
  13. The latest one or the NDSU pro day? I think the latest pro day was just Trey Lance throwing. Either way, I think Mayock may want to see Lance because there' an outside shot he ends up a Bronco.
  14. The bad DT class is somewhat odd considering DT has been a position of depth and strength is recent drafts.
  15. I see those teams likely going elsehwere with their picks. For instance, Carolina has a greater need at corner and will likely have their pick of the top 3, a top tackle, or Pitts. The rumor on the Giants is they'll go passrusher--probably Kwity Paye. I think Denver is the biggest wildcard since they seem to have a complete roster outside of quarterback. I think it's a toss up between Parsons or someone like AVT.
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