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  1. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    I just caught this game last night and although it was a loss, I thought the team looked pretty good overall. Good: Carr played a very good game. So far, including the Monday night game, I think he's looked as accurate on underneath throws as ever. Marshawn Lynch looked like LeSean McCoy on some cuts. Amari Cooper got it going. This is also probably a product of Carr looking his way more. Kolton Miller held his own against Chubb on the left side. Rashaan Melvin looked really good on his interception. Bad: The edge pass rush looks anemic on most downs. Gareon Conley didn't have a good game like some are suggesting. He got beat or should have got beat a handful of times. Donald Penn got manhandled by Von Miller.
  2. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Carr has never looked this accurate on underneath throws. Cook is playing like Gronk tonight.
  3. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    Vic Tafur should delete his account. National reporters > local reporters.
  4. Training Camp 2018

    I believe he was on the first team in the first preseason game. Whalen is a veteran's veteran. Not only has he been in the league for 6 seasons, he played in a pro-style offense at Stanford. The competition at receiver is looking pretty stiff. It'll be interesting to see if Switzer's athleticism beats out Whalen's experience. Who knows, maybe both make the team.
  5. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    I do not, and will never, empathize with criticizing players for being hurt or injured.
  6. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    I'm not going to pretend to know what definitely are and aren't sound mechanics of a professional quarterback. All I know is he didn't throw off his back foot on either throw. The deep ball to Bryant was more of an issue for me. He did throw the ball around 60 yards -- I'm not sure if he can throw it farther -- so it might just be out of his range for what he can do accurately. The 3rd down throw was an issue of not sensing the frontside pressure for me. I'd like to see Carr practice being more mobile and making more space for himself within the pocket.
  7. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Looking at Gamepass, neither where back foot throws.
  8. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    The Bryant deep ball was bad, but this is something I've come to expect from Carr: he's not a good deep ball thrower. Apart from that, I didn't see him throwing from his back foot at all and the duck that was a result of him getting his arm hit upon release.
  9. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    A lot of inside zone run plays double at least one interior player no matter who's on the edge. He's going to have to get better at planting an anchor when he doesn't get penetration. Overall, I thought Hurst looked a little overmatched at times and Hall looked like the more ready to start if it came down to it.
  10. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    From the little bit I saw today, Hall and Ware really stood out to me. Hall looks like he has veteran awareness in getting his hands in the passing game and flashed top level punch and power. Ware looks really balanced and athletic playing left tackle.
  11. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    The hot takes and confirmation bias are at critical mass for preseason week 1. What a tradition.
  12. OTA's

    I don't think Geunther is going to depart much from what he did last year in Cincinnati. On base downs, he often would have both ends line up at the 4 tech outside shade. Irvin isn't a bad run defender -- he's was a better run defender than pass rusher on a down to down basis last season -- but he has been playing off the line in a 6 or 7 tech spot. If Geunther sticks to what he did in Cincinnati, then I suspect Carradine will see more base reps. It doesn't mean Irvin won't see more snaps, overall, though. It would be fair to say I'm not Irvin's biggest fan -- as in I think he's an above average to good player -- but it wouldn't be fair to say I don't like him on the team. Gruden himself hinted at a changing role for Irvin that might include more situation work back in his introduction: I like the idea of keeping him fresh for pass rushing reps, similar to how the Bengals used Carl Lawson last year.
  13. OTA's

    Norton starting playing cover 2/2-high a lot more at the end of two seasons ago. Last season, cover 2/2-high was just as big a part of the defensive scheme as cover 3. I think a lot of it had to do with Sean Smith's dependence of help coverage over the top. So far, Geunther's scheme in Oakland has been step for step what he ran in Cincinnati. I think when Mack comes back, he takes Irvin's place on the stating lineup and Carradine stays as the starting base RDE.
  14. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Based on how Gruden talks about Johnson, it doesn't appear adding another starting linebacker is in the cards.
  15. OTA's

    I think that's still up in the air.
  16. New policy for the National Anthem

    I'm not sure this can even be discussed under the current forum rules.
  17. OTA's

    Guys, let's not lose our head over OTA evaluations.
  18. Random Raider Stuff

    This is only true if you don't count his 4 seasons at UConn and Senior Bowl practices. On Hackenberg: It's fine if it's a conditional 7th round pick. But what happens if he's cut before week one? The Jets don't get anything?
  19. Random Raider Stuff

    Trading for Hackenberg seems weird and unnecessary.
  20. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    Hall's shirt is tucked while Hurst's is not. Plus, Hall carries a lot of weight in his 700 lbs. squatting legs.
  21. Rnd4 pick 10- CB Nick Nelson

    I don't think he can play outside, at least not his rookie year. Nelson has the tendency to rely on early contact to slow a receiver down at the top of routes, and I believe he lacks the length to reliably contest balls against some of the better receivers in the league. As far as his ability to start early, we'll see. Right now, I believe Marcus Gilchrist should start in the slot with Nelson backing him up. I don't think he can give what Carrie gave over the last two seasons for the Raiders for some of the reasons I stated above. Another deficiency I see in his game is tackling. He's a willing tackler, but he doesn't bring a lot of stopping power despite his sturdy frame. Ideally, I'd like to "redshirt" him and see how he develops in the preseason, and maybe give him some dime reps throughout the year.
  22. Will Josh Allen become a franchise QB for the Bills?

    I hope he does, but I wouldn't bet on it. He's not as bad a prospect some of his staunchest detractors claimed he was, but I don't think he'll grow into a player who will be able to reliably keep the team competitive year after year.
  23. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    Yeah. The Bengals routinly put one of Dunlap or Johnson on the inside last year on obvious passing downs. Key would play Carl Lawson’s role as a designated pass rusher.
  24. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    Based on what the Bengals did last year, I suspect Key would see the field primarily on obvious passing downs. Something like: Irvin - Hurst/Hall - Mack - Key.
  25. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    One of my favorite threads of the year: QB Sam Darnold - Jameis Winston Josh Rosen - Matt Ryan Baker Mayfield - Russell Wilson Josh Allen - Joe Flacco RB Saquon Barkley - LaDainian Tomlinson Nick Chubb - Doug Martin Derrius Guice - Jay Ajayi Reshaad Penny - Jonathan Stewart WR Cavin Ridley - Stefan Diggs Michael Gallup - Marvin Jones DL Maurice Hurst - Sheldon Rankins Edge Bradley Chubb - Everson Griffen Harold Landry - Cliff Avril Arden Key - Robert Quinn DB Denzel Ward - Jason Verrett Tarvarus McFadden - Sean Smith Minkah Fitzpatrick - Micah Hyde Derwin James - Reshad Jones