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  1. He had this problem all season. Beside that: I had to turn off the game for some minutes. I was so annoyed. The defense did a pretty good job. We all know the problems in the defense, today they were the better part of the team. The offense was just awful. Besides one blown coverage they couldnt put it together. And it wasnt because the steelers playes light outs. They had so many mental errors. I have to rewatch the game (it will be painfull) to speak about playcalling or Toms performance. But man, those 3 forced throws in Gronks direction at the end... Just painfull.
  2. Totally agree on that. Especially when its a riskless throw. If he doesent want to throw it downfield, okay nevermind. But otherwise its damaging the team chances on the following downs.
  3. Jap, the titans did a very good job covering those plays. And McD keept dialing it up again and again. As I said, when used the dink and dunk worked pretty fine. And it looks something like a follow concept on the right, with a deep dig. Again, well covered. Corner backing into his deep zone so has Hogan, can't tell if the defender near Allen is blitzing or covering Allen, but even if he's blitzing, there's the rat (safety/LB) there to pick him up (that's probably what is happening). Allen was open. He blocked him for one sec. than Cannon picked him up. The defender you mentioned reacted pretty slow. Could have been a fast hit to Allen for at least 5yds.
  4. This was kind of a signature play against the Titans. Sometime they changed Hogans route to a Go route. It made it pretty easy for the Titans to make Brady rattled when you need so much time to getting a open WR. And mostly White stayed at home and Allen was a dump off. But never used not once. Brady wanted the deep completion.
  5. Was that the one he threw it miles short? I think that's a throwaway. Worst play for me was either the very first play (White nearly snapped leg on a hospital ball whilst Patterson is open for miles) or any of the forced Gordon ones Yes, thats the play I meant. He had to throw away cause gordon was the only player behind the LOS. Everyone else was blocking and Patterson was sneaking to the flat. Pretty optimistic idea i think. Looked to me like they had White covered pretty well. Edelman was open on one underneath route that I remember, but Brady threw a bad ball, and Logan broke it up. Dont remember exactly how coverd Julian was but Allen was open very often. Easy completions for ~5 yds at least. I thought one of the big reasons the Titans won was because they prioritized shutting down the screen game to force Brady to do more than just dump the ball off. They shut down a screen on maybe the first or second play from scrimmage that probably knocked the team's confidence in the screen game a little. Dont know why. But the second one worked for nearly 12yds. Overall a really bad showing. And the defense gave them enough opportunities to catch up
  6. I rewatched the game in all 22, some of my key notes: (only watched the O) Brady was pretty inconsistent with his accuracy From first drive on he was locked on to Gordon. There were at least 5 plays were i didnt even go through his reads. Oline was shaky at best but a better play calling could have made up for that The got away from running plays pretty early, made it worse for the OL Play calling was just awfull. So many deep routes. On some plays the called 3 go routes... Worst play on O: Fake to White, Fake to Patterson, Gordon on Go-Route into the endzone. Was double covered. Pretty bad time management just before halfe time. He let the Titans took to much time of the clock Dumb off in the flatzones were uncoverd most of the time Dont know why Brady went to Hollister on 3&4 on a slant. He hardly played meaningfull snaps this year... I think the called only 2 screens all game When dink and dunk flashed it worked pretty well... Please dont grill me
  7. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    Yes, if the refs are perfect then thats the right call. But that wasnt the point here. You showed us this picture to proof that were much more missed calls against the Pats that we were aware of. And i dont think you are helping your case with such ticky tacky calls. You can find a dozen of those ticky tacky calls. For both teams, in every game. But if those calls would be made everyone would be crying "the refs are going to destroy the game. let them play". But if you can use them to help your case that the pats getting help from the refs then those calls are welcome. As a Patriots fan, i admit that there were some bad non calls. For example those DPIs in the 4th quarter. But on the other hand there were some non calls on the JAX secondary too. In every other game (Panthers - Saints for example) you would called it bad performance by those refs. But only the Patriots are accused of getting helped by the league and those refs.
  8. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    Even if we agree that it is a hold on Fowler than it is still the case that the hold happens after Brady released the ball. Go and watch it in stop motion. Anway, if its a hold on Fowler than Fowler is commiting an "illegal hands to the face" against Mason...
  9. GDT - Week 3; Brady's 50th GWD.

    Thanks for that insight. I will take a close look at the oline while I rewatch the game. Then he should be able to hold his ground against Carolina and Tampa Bay. Am I right?
  10. GDT - Week 3; Brady's 50th GWD.

    I dont want to say "I told you so" but... What a frustrating game sometimes. On seconed it seems like pats getting a big sacks then he gets a 20yd completion. I think you cant praise Amendola not enough. Takes pay cut after pay cut and is so reliable. What a guy... I have to rewatxht the game. I had some serious wifi errors.
  11. GDT - Week 3; Brady's 50th GWD.

    Okay, I did not know he is lacking so much size. It wasnt only due to Jordan. He had his faire share of problems with #44 Kikaha, #57 Okafor and #91 Hendrickson. So his struggel wasnt related to Jordan at all. But I will try to share your optimism.
  12. GDT Week 2 - Patriots go to Silverdome!

    Can somebody explain to me what happend at 6:20 in the 3 quarter. The saints keept 8! men do protect bress. (I think Peterson was blocked from getting on his swing route). And Brees gets an easy completion to Thomas for about 20yds. He was wide open. Was it to the scheme they played or was it just a bad exicution by the players?
  13. GDT - Week 3; Brady's 50th GWD.

    I am a bit worried about Solder, he had some struggles the last two games. If you focus on the first series alone, he had problems at all pass plays. If Brady had hold on to the ball a bit longer... His run blocking wasnt that much better either... And I think the Texans will be a tougher test for him than KC or the Saints. I hope he can turn it around on sunday. I have also noticed that Andrews can get overpowered easily at sometimes. Nothing to serious but maybe worth to keep an eye on.
  14. Patriots Forum (Re) Introduction Thread

    The Blackhawks are a very young team, established in 2013. Nice bunch of guys. Have you ever seen some football in Germany? In under19 Team i played at RT and at the Seniors i switched to RG.
  15. Patriots Forum (Re) Introduction Thread

    Before i startet my Bachelorthesis i played for the M√ľnster Blackhawks. The next team is up in the air because its not set where I will start my Master.