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  1. The other half were against summer day better than Pat Watson
  2. How is Anthony Lynn as an OC? His 1 year as OC in Buffalo Tyrod Taylor threw for 3k 17 TD and 6 INT. McCoy ran for 1267 and 13 tds. His philosophy was to be physical in the run game and get the ball downfield. I don't know just throwing his name out there.
  3. I guess that's what they are getting at but hire a OC that failed as a HC and they probably won't get another shot either unless you are Adam Gase.
  4. I'm confused as to how they came to that conclusion using Mike Vrabel as the example for why it's important to hire an offensive head coach.
  5. Has anyone heard anything at all about us searching for a DC because that should be a topic of concern. I'm not entirely sure Art gets a HC shot after that horrible game Sunday.
  6. At first I was alright as the day went on it started getting to me. Reason being defense finally showed up and the offense craps the bed. 4th and 2 settle to punt instead of going for it. Week prior we go for it on 4th and 11. Are the end of the day it's a game but man this one hurts
  7. Him being on the sideline is still perplexing to me. The last couple of weeks he has struggled, since his brother passed away is when it started. He's a great player finally put it mostly together this year. He would be a great add to a run heavy team such as Baltimore. Good game today fellas, you all came out executed defensively. Arthur Smith refused to adjust the gameplan and just kept trying to stuff up the middle into 9 men on 1st down. Also Vrabel made the biggest chump move punting on 4th and 2. I'm happy this rivalry is back but man am I going to hate going to work tomorrow haha. See
  8. We need an actual defensive coordinator. If Arthur is gone please get someone that knows how to adjust in game. Need to resign Corey unless he prices himself out of Nashville. We need pass rush in the worst ways.
  9. You all did all that and won by 7... That's the very definition of beatable. Props to Baltimore showing up and selling out to stop the run. It worked, they deserved to win and they did. But yes beatable. Arthur Smith actually adjust the game flow instead of running up the guy into 9 men maybe it goes another way. But like you said it was a great game, and I'm happy the rivalry has been renewed. Best of luck next week! I will be passively rooting against ya'll haha.
  10. They have a good defense and a weaker conference.
  11. Man you thought defense was bad this year wait until next year when Art is gone and Vrabel decides no offensive coordinator is needed. /s
  12. Refs are absolutely abysmal. But we didn't show up, hard to do when everytime you get a stop phantom penalties reverse it.
  13. I got this on Stadia (I know make jokes) but it runs amazing. Looks just as great and no install time or hardware requirements. I played on my dump work laptop, and now 4k hdr through a chromecast
  14. I went against Josh Allen who scored 84 by himself Saturday... I thought I had 0 chance. I ended up winning somehow. Congrats on your insane win
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