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  1. At launch they called it super deluxe and only included season 1. Hate when games do that. Debating on grabbing season 2
  2. Agree with you. When I had a Switch I enjoyed the parts I did play, but that mechanic really sucks. Look at Dark Souls you can break your weapons but you can repair and fix them. Days Gone I haven't tried but same idea if some weapons break ok thats fine I don't expect to fix a tree branch but actual swords and things ehh
  3. According to the Borderlands 3 reddit the ultimate edition that is on sale currently has everything included. Thats kind of a bummer.
  4. This is the single most idiotic mechanic I've ever encountered. Weapon breaks but you can fix it? That's fine, but to break andbe gone forever is stupid. There are people that think its great but no it's stupid.
  5. I believe the ultimate edition only includes base game and season 1 pass. I could be wrong I think I bought the ultimate edition at launch and would still have to buy the DLC's for the second season
  6. Lemme find out we signed Quackadilly Blip!
  7. I don't think he's wrong. I like the signing but still think he's current #2 realistic 3 option. But he's young and as of now has a straight path to higher targets.
  8. I want Josh Reynolds and a high pick rookie either 1st or 2nd round
  9. Probably right. But who knows he had no market last year, down cap year may happen again.
  10. Give me Reynolds, bring back clowney, get a nose.
  11. I agree with you and that's why I can't believe I'm saying that. We are all weak and thin at WR and CB.
  12. Can't believe I'm saying this. Edge isn't even our biggest need...
  13. Anyone hear of contract details yet?
  14. I don't think it was a messy exit so shutting is possible.
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