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  1. It: Chapter Two

    I actually really enjoyed this need to go back and watch Chapter One again (wish I did prior to watching 2). But overall I was pleased with it.
  2. Borderlands 3

    I have a solo game going as Moze. I'm not sure I am a fan. Maybe I'm not far enough in and haven't looked at skill trees. However I do like jumping in that mech and gunning people haha. I think for my co-op I'm going to run as Amara. Has anyone actually played as the old dude?
  3. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    We are gonna end up with Derek Carr some how
  4. Can we all come together for a second and talk about how terrible the Thursday night commercial is? Good luck this week fella
  5. Borderlands 3

    There is also a twitter that posts available key codes. I will say just hold onto your keys until later in the game though as the guns will scale to your level. Better bang for you buck! Thanks for the tip also
  6. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    3 missed sacks got to being him down sheesh
  7. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    Wtf was that Adoree.
  8. Borderlands 3

    I bought the SuperDeluxe and am super pumped. Sadly my co-op partner since BL1 hasn't installed it yet so we can't play darn it
  9. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    Nice play Montgomery! Now get off my field! Nagy probably
  10. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    Came here to see if I was seeing something else with Montgomery. He looks great yet he is rarely on the field. Guess this is just a strange game.
  11. Other Games/Teams Thread

    I don't understand why Chicago isn't feeding David Montgomery. He looks like they're best back but I don't know
  12. Nintendo Switch Thread

    So I bought BoTW last week and have played it probably 10 hours. I feel like i've accomplished absolutely nothing. I have no clue where to go for the main quests haha but I just run around looking for shrines and towers. It's fun
  13. Offseason Thread

    Wilkerson would be my top target for sure.
  14. Offseason Thread

    Meant to have this in my other quote. I really liked him when he was coming out. I would definitely kick the tires on him for sure.
  15. Offseason Thread

    Just signed up for Sunday Ticket Student deal for anyone out of market wanting to get it. It's $80 currently with the code BACKTOSCHOOL. You need a student name, college, and birth date. LEt's go Titans!