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  1. That and everyone we lose in the playoffs Henry is taken away and we don't do it.
  2. The Bills game was awesome, really fun to watch. This game showed us something huge. If teams take away the run we can still throw and win. I really hope this continues when we need it.
  3. Man good thing Henry carried game manager today fellas!
  4. Downing may actually have a clue after all...
  5. Didn't realize he recently got a deal. Like the Fuller idea too.
  6. They're 1-5 forgot about him. Go get him
  7. Anyone have any idea of players that are available? I saw Darqueeze Denard and Desmond Trufant are still free agents I have no idea how their careers went just remember them being high picks. Also Gareon Conley another guy that was taken high but no idea what he became. We need help though
  8. I'm pretty positive we were underdogs. We won so we should have covered.
  9. My dad told me he just needs Buffalo to hit his parlay last night. They just needed to win. I told him that's a terrible bet 🤣. People need to learn to never bet against or on us
  10. Nah but we need to get the money back from Jenkins
  11. Jeffrey Simmons needs to make more.of an impact. Get the f outta here
  12. Hurts I imagine if Fulton and Farley are in this game is a 2 score game in our favor.
  13. Did Jenkins just have his first pass break up of the year? On Borders potential INT?
  14. Any word on Farley? I know out for game but anyword on possible injury?
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