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  1. Titans Resign Cam Batson

    Ugh we were 1 win away from making the Super Bowl... A QB that put up historically good numbers under a 1st year OC. This coaching staff sucks though
  2. Relationship Advice Thread

    The entire time we've been dating I was open and clear that this area is where I want to be. The house is actually starting to be built in April to avoid having to pay some bs taxes. But when I was looking at houses and land there were never any issues of location. I truly think she got freaked out about the future because the location was never an issue until I brought that up. I've had ups and downs but being a Titans fan I've become used to let downs haha
  3. Relationship Advice Thread

    Yeah she kept saying she doesnt see herself living in my area. I even told her give it a couple of years if she still doesnt like it we can buy a house elsewhere that works for both jobs. Sucks but life will go on. Thanks everyone!
  4. Relationship Advice Thread

    I am turning 31 in April she will be 30 in July. It sucks but I'd rather it happen now rather than a year or so from now
  5. Relationship Advice Thread

    Was dating a girl 2.5 years. She lives about an hour from where I'm building a house. Asked her if she would ever move in with me down here. She said she wasn't sure. I first asked her about 2 months ago. For 2.5 years nothing wrong with this area at all she actually liked it. Now she can't see herself living here. We decided to take to time to focus on ourselves. She said she has no idea what she wants. Now I'm here feeling like a failure, empty and destroyed all at the same time. Did I do the right thing bringing up the future? Should I have given her more time to think?
  6. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    He came out and said that he misinterpreted the question and meant floor as Zeke is on his own level.
  7. Titans select Nate Davis OG- Charlotte (3rd round)

    When you see him in the game know someone is getting punched in the head!
  8. Titans select Nate Davis OG- Charlotte (3rd round)

    Yeah we definitely could've used a hot head guy to knock out people randomly.
  9. Arthur Smith

    Ayyy my adopt a Titan who I sent back to the adoption agency got s vote for assistant coach of the year
  10. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Is this what success looks like?
  11. The Obscure Games/Nostalgic Games You Love Thread

    Rocket Knight Adventures is probably my favorite game ever
  12. GDT: Still kind of America’s Team at Ravens

    How embarrassing would the score have been if we were as talented as them!?
  13. GDT: Still kind of America’s Team at Ravens

  14. GDT: Still kind of America’s Team at Ravens

    Ahh that sucks! I'm 20 minutes from the other Berlin hah. Best of luck in the future my man
  15. GDT: Still kind of America’s Team at Ravens

    Also where is that dude from page 6? That toolbag