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  1. Until a trade happens I'm taking that as we need to do better with our preparation and execution on the defensive side of the ball. Hope I'm wrong would love to bring in a better corner, double Steelers trade with us but I'd be ecstatic with GIlmore or pretty happy with Poole
  2. Man you should hear your ravens fans talk about us haha. Great game for sure defense decided to take a 2 hour delay today.
  3. Love this team, but do they know you are allowed to play defense on 3rd down?
  4. Allen on 3rd down last night was insanely good.
  5. Woah having 2 weeks off and illegal practices was beneficial didn't you know that.
  6. You all looked great on 3rd downs, I really like Allen. But you need to look at Tannenhil's time in Tennessee. Last season he had historic numbers and so far this season he is showing that it wasn't a fluke. I am rooting for you all moving forward. Hope you all knock off the Chiefs, I can't stand them.
  7. Titans had unfair advantage they should be getting ready for kansas city. The league bent over just to accommodate cheating titans
  8. I wasn't even upset about the actual switch but she don't even play Zelda, and Smash. She done moved to Florida 😪
  9. Man I'm tempted to get a switch (my ex took the one we split) and kept all the games. So I don't know if I want to pay for those games again.
  10. Wait the Falcons can play with AJ Terrell being positive, NO can play. But Newton years positive and they move the game back? Is it due to timing or what am I missing?
  11. Do these idiotic fans not realize it's a global pandemic? This was bound to happen... There are no bubbles. If there were and we broke the protocol I'd get it.
  12. I didn't see replay but not sure how it was a pick haha
  13. Just score a TD. He's making too much today to hit the game winner
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