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  1. 8-8? 7-9? It's the Bucs division now....
  2. They beat the 3-time Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots, to get to the Super Bowl...... Any team that beats the Brady Pats is a historic team (2006 Colts, 2007 Giants, 2011 Giants, 2012 Ravens, 2015 Broncos....)
  3. Where does Matt Stafford or Matt Ryan fall in the quarterback tier list? What about Big Ben?
  4. Drew Brees won a Super Bowl. Tom Brady won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. Why can't Matt Ryan and the Falcons?
  5. The 2020 Chiefs failed to repeat, the 2017 Patriots, 2014 Seahawks failed to..... What can teams learn from Aikman's Cowboys, Elway's Broncos and Brady's Patriots?
  6. Imagine... 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007 Could it have been done?
  7. Could the 1999 Broncos have threepeated if Elway came back?
  8. AFC: Chiefs over Titans NFC Packers over Seahawks Super Bowl LV Packers over Chiefs Rodgers wins his second title, first in 10 years, bolts out of GB after Packers 30 Chiefs 20
  9. Week 6... My original prediction was Packers over Chiefs. My prediction today: Steelers/Chiefs over Packers Or Packers over Ravens
  10. The Pittsburgh Steelers look good, they haven't won a Super Bowl in 12 years, haven't been in a Super Bowl in 10 years. Can Big Ben win one more and ride in the sunset before Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow dominate the AFC North?
  11. Is the Falcons window closed, or is it still open and need a new coach from the 28-3 debacle four years ago?
  12. Dan Quinn I can see Mike Tomlin leaving the Steelers to coach the Falcons, Ryan and Tomlin can win a Super Bowl
  13. Then they should fire Dan Quinn and hire a coach who can get them to the top.
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