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  1. Does Joe Judge win Super Bowls with the NYG?

    Is Joe Judge a Super Bowl-winning head coach, or does he end his career with no rings?
  2. Can it be done? Or does it have to be superstar, flashy Boston/L.A./N.Y/Dallas style?
  3. The most-blue collar teams in NFL history

    Which teams produced the most blue-collar, old-school, low-maintenance, do your job, win rings-type of mentality year after year? Players included as well?
  4. Super Bowl Prediction

    Saints over Ravens Brees retires after
  5. Predict a Saints-49ers NFC Championship Game

    The NFC Championship Game is pretty much set. This is the NFC title game. New Orleans are Super Bowl-bound.
  6. They have not gotten over the 2016 horrific season; what can the Falcons do to win it all?
  7. Predict a Saints-49ers NFC Championship Game

    It will be held in Santa Clara, Calif. Prediction: Saints 40, Niners 30
  8. More exciting game: 2018 KC @ LAR or 2019 SF @ NO

    Saints-49ers One of the greatest games of all time.
  9. Predict the rest of the 2019 Bears season

    I had them as 14-2, their only losses to Green Bay (Week 1) and Los Angeles (Week 11). back-to-back NFC North champs, tied with the Saints with the best NFC record, only to lose to the Saints in the NFC championship game in New Orleans. NFC runner up. They are now a mess. How will they end the season?
  10. Do you feel bad for Mitch Trubisky?

    He was seen as the future of the NFC North with a overrated Cousins, Stafford and an aging Rodgers.
  11. Do you feel bad for Mitch Trubisky?

    Clean-cut, handsome, well-dressed. Wasn't he supposed to be the Chicago Bears quarterback built to take the franchise to a Lombardi? What happened?
  12. Don't you think they do? The headlines: Young quarterback versus old quarterback proven and mettled Two brash billionaire owners A cerebal, monotone coach vs a coach playing for his job
  13. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    Rivers is pretty good, he can take them to the SB.
  14. For the first time since 2015, the New England Patriots will not be in the Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Chargers, will win the AFC West, will be 13-3, and will go on to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LIV, defeating the Saints. Time for a change.
  15. Why will it be hard to see future dynasties after the Patriots dynasty ends? Why? Is it that hard to make 13 AFC title appearances in 18 years? Add the Golden State Warriors in the mix from the NBA as well. Why? (1)New England Patriots--.731%, 263 wins,97 losses. Made postseason 16 times out of 20 seasons and won 30 postseason games. Won division 16 times. 13 AFC title appearances,Made 9 Super Bowl appearances and won 6 Super Bowl titles.