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  1. Packers will beat Titans 34-24, Packers beat Bucs in NFC title game and Titans beat Bills in AFC title game...what do you think?
  2. For the first time since 1995, can they do it? Can they bring the 1990s Glory Years back?
  3. Teams like the 2007 Patriots were under pressure from Week 6 all the way to the Super Bowl XLII where they choked to the New York Giants, who were playing loose.......what should be the goal, because every team would like to go 19-0, but it is very difficult to do so... What should be the goal? History or the ring?
  4. 12-4 or 11-5 record, but doesn't make the playoffs because of a division tiebreaker or not enough room as a wild card entrant... How do you think they feel?
  5. You think the Packers could have beaten any of the AFC teams? Titans? Jaguars?
  6. Week 15 1996 the AFC-leading 12-1 Broncos lost to the 10-3 Packers....it was seen as a potential Super Bowl 31 preview until the Broncos got upset by the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars....if the two teams met at Super Bowl 31, who would have won? 1996 Broncos at Packers Week 15 - YouTube
  7. When was the last year for the 90s Cowboys to potentially win a fourth title in their core? 1996 and 1997 with Herschel Walker? 1998? Would have the Irvin stabbing distracted them as well?
  8. The 1999 Dallas Cowboys and 1999 Green Bay Packers end the 1990s the way they started it: dueling with each other to represent the NFC (they've represented the NFC since 1992, along with the 1994 49ers, other than the '90 Giants, '91 Redskins, and '98 Falcons) Who'd win?
  9. The 1998 Denver Broncos and 1998 Green Bay Packers emerge in a Super Bowl rematch in Super Bowl 33, who wins?
  10. If you beat the heavily favored 18-0 Patriots, you are an all time great.
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