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  1. Week 6... My original prediction was Packers over Chiefs. My prediction today: Steelers/Chiefs over Packers Or Packers over Ravens
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers look good, they haven't won a Super Bowl in 12 years, haven't been in a Super Bowl in 10 years. Can Big Ben win one more and ride in the sunset before Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow dominate the AFC North?
  3. Is the Falcons window closed, or is it still open and need a new coach from the 28-3 debacle four years ago?
  4. Dan Quinn I can see Mike Tomlin leaving the Steelers to coach the Falcons, Ryan and Tomlin can win a Super Bowl
  5. Then they should fire Dan Quinn and hire a coach who can get them to the top.
  6. I think so. The NFC is stacked, I can see the Atlanta Falcons going 14-2 or 13-3 and winning that elusive Super Bowl that got away from them.
  7. Poor Jimmy G. Two Super Bowl losses?
  8. Whenever it is, February 2021, or February 2022. My prediction: Chiefs over Packers Chiefs 30, Packers 27 (OT) Super Bowl MVP: Travis Kelce Chiefs repeat as Super Bowl champions, first team since 2003-04 Patriots/1997-98 Broncos.
  9. I would say Green Bay's window is closing....it seems that the front office and Rodgers can't see eye to eye. Thoughts?
  10. Who will be the best NFC team in 2020 or 2021, whenever COVID goes away?
  11. The 1990s Bills was one of the most disappointing teams in history.
  12. Favre was in his prime, why didn't the Packers get back to the Super Bowl in 1998 and 1999, I think Favre could have won two in that period?
  13. Is Joe Judge a Super Bowl-winning head coach, or does he end his career with no rings?
  14. Can it be done? Or does it have to be superstar, flashy Boston/L.A./N.Y/Dallas style?
  15. Which teams produced the most blue-collar, old-school, low-maintenance, do your job, win rings-type of mentality year after year? Players included as well?
  16. Saints over Ravens Brees retires after
  17. The NFC Championship Game is pretty much set. This is the NFC title game. New Orleans are Super Bowl-bound.
  18. They have not gotten over the 2016 horrific season; what can the Falcons do to win it all?
  19. It will be held in Santa Clara, Calif. Prediction: Saints 40, Niners 30
  20. Saints-49ers One of the greatest games of all time.
  21. I had them as 14-2, their only losses to Green Bay (Week 1) and Los Angeles (Week 11). back-to-back NFC North champs, tied with the Saints with the best NFC record, only to lose to the Saints in the NFC championship game in New Orleans. NFC runner up. They are now a mess. How will they end the season?
  22. He was seen as the future of the NFC North with a overrated Cousins, Stafford and an aging Rodgers.
  23. Clean-cut, handsome, well-dressed. Wasn't he supposed to be the Chicago Bears quarterback built to take the franchise to a Lombardi? What happened?
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