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  1. Confidence is a great quality to have. If I was a lifelong Patriots fan defending the most iconic figure in our history, I would make sure I had an insurmountable argument to support my position before I went out of my way to call someone with no ties to either player a homer. Luckily, you are not me and you are able to drive to the heart of the issue with a Nathan For You interview level confidence that doesn't let irrelevant things like statistics or context hold you back. You are absolutely correct. It is not that Tom Brady had early struggles joining a new team in a COVID-ridden s
  2. I have Josh Allen as a more productive QB because he had less throws than Brady but with those throws he had more total yards, more touchdowns, less interceptions, and higher completion percentage. He did this with A worst offensive line A worst running game A worst defense A worst receiving corp A worst TE corp Played tougher defenses Brady definitely had a tougher job than Allen but he didn't perform at a higher level.
  3. Okay, let's remove all PA yards. Allen: 4965 - 1567 = 3398 Brady: 4639 -1149 = 3490 We removed 30% of Allen's completions and 17% of Brady's completions and he's still only 92 yards behind. Allen is still much better than Brady on a per snap basis.
  4. Correction: In my last post, I posted the wrong number. Here are the 2020 PA numbers. The 2020 PA numbers are 181/595 = 30% for Buffalo compared to 112/626 = 17% for Brady. Questions: - Why is Allen worse than Brady because of play action but Mahomes (156/630 - 25%) and Rodgers (147/526 - 28%) are not? - Is Big Ben a better QB than Tom Brady in 2020 because he only had 7% of his attempts in PA while Brady used 17% like a coward?
  5. I don't understand what metrics you use to suggest Allen was worse than Brady. I think most people have Allen well ahead of Brady due to statistics, context, and the eye test. I don't have access to PFF so I will need you to highlight the argument for me. As to your post.. Play Action: This argument doesn't make sense. You can't just judge a QB by the number of play action plays they ran. Buffalo has a worst offensive line and worst running backs than Tampa. Buffalo is 24th in YPG with a QB with a mobile QB who had 421 yards. Buffalo was slightly more efficient at 4.2 Y/A compare
  6. Probably a good time to remind GB fans they had two first team all-pros on the offensive line.
  7. Adams. I don't see the argument for Hopkins over Adams, tbqh.
  8. Josh Allen was significantly better than Brady this year. Allen was in the Mahomes/Rodgers tier this year while Brady was an afterthought after the big 3. There is a reason Brady didn't get a single all pro vote
  9. I'd consider it a lot for a player of his caliber. His int % (2.2) would be his highest regular season int % since 2011. 2.2 is his career average int % but that is a good amount higher than like Rodgers or Mahomes (his peers). You can say it isn't really a lot and that is fair but I think there is a pretty strong argument to predict he'd throw an int considering he throws 5 picks every 6 games in his playoff career, he's out of his prime, and facing a monsterous pass defense. I think it's pretty clear Arian's aggressiveness has led to Brady taking more risks than Patriots Brady more i
  10. The two key matchups in this game is the 49ers defensive line against the Bucs offensive line and the 49ers run game against the Bucs rush defense. The 49ers defensive line features Armstead, Ford, Buckner, and Bosa. The Bucs offensive line is highly rated but this definitely favorable to the 49ers. The reason why this is the key matchup of the game is Brady is not Brady under pressure. He was averaging less than 50% completion percentage when under pressure. The 49ers were the best team in hurries and the second best team in pressures. I don't see Brady having enough time for lon
  11. That's crazy. I had to look it up because I was sure Dansby made at least one probowl.
  12. I think Mahomes is too young and Rodgers is too old for that to happen. I'd think Allen or Watson would be a better comp. How much longer do you see Aaron Rodgers performing at an elite level? In 2019, we all thought he was done.
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