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  1. I don't like this matchup. They have the tools on the defensive side to shut down the offense. Defense has to pressure Goff.
  2. Don't think the Trevor Lawrence miscue is as fatalistic as the media and fanbase are making it out to be. Lawrence looked mortal in last year's NC game against LSU with some troublesome warts. With that said, he should be an above average starter. But the jets can't compound the error with reaching for an unknown commodity like Fields or Lance. Wilson seems safer than those other two but it's still about sinking in years for development. The jets should be focused on building the lines with the draft capital Douglas has amassed. As far as Darnold goes, they need to bring in an adaptive of
  3. He doesn't track the ball well. That's a prerequisite.
  4. Didn't hit their shots downfield.
  5. Cowboys somehow winning the east and then McCarthy beating the packers in the postseason would be hilarious.
  6. They didn't show much urgency with 30 secs left in regulation.
  7. I don't know. Game never goes to OT if he doesn't make earlier catch.
  8. Reich is crazy or he knows it's Pettine.
  9. I told them to take the first and 30. Idiots.
  10. Idiots should have taken the 1st and 30.
  11. I think it's the best pass pro in the league or at the top.
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