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  1. Rookie mini camp

    Really excited to see if our coaches can mold these guys into the studs they look like they can be. Both tall, long, athletic players who excel at bump and run. But both can be a bit grabby, and take some chances. Lets hope our staff can fix the grabbiness and hopefully we have found a core group of CB we can move forward with. Im really worried about our safety play behind them, but I'm hoping Evans is ready to play and have an impact season.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    Boy I sure hope we don’t play the guy who is 6’7” 280lbs at LB.... that better be a 5-Tech pick
  3. Germaine Pratt / 6’2” 240lbs / North Carolina State Vosean Joseph / 6’1” 230lbs / Florida Te’Von Coney / 6’1” 234lbs / Notre Dame Terrill Hanks / 6’2” 242lbs / New Mexico State Ben Burr-Kirven / 6’0” 230lbs / Washington Jahlani Tavai / 6’2” 250lbs / Hawaii All I think will be mid round picks and be good players in the league.
  4. Bucs take LB Devin White at number five

    From everything I have read and talked to with my scout source, is that this is the main reason drafted White. He was apparently #2 on our BB ahead of Bosa (which seems crazy to me), but I trust my source. His intangibles were the key for BA and Licht. They think he has that "Ray Lewis" ability to come in and change the entire culture of our team and defense.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    Erik McCoy - Texas A&M Nassir Adderly - Delaware Greedy Williams - Louisiana State Rock Ya Sin - Temple Chauncey Gardener Johnson - Florida Those would be my top targets for the Bucs.
  6. 1st and Only Mock Draft

    Marquise Brown as well. I mean maybe at 39. But no way he lasts until 56 or whatever pick we traded for in this scenario
  7. 1st and Only Mock Draft

    I mean not very realistic, but the players are good fits.

    I think Indianapolis moves down with someone. Having an early 2nd rounder makes them more willing to move down and pick up extra capital.
  9. You really hate D.K. Metcalf huh? No Kahale Warring / 6’5” 252lbs / San Diego State and no Dawson Knox / 6’4” 249lbs / Mississippi in your rankings either huh?

    I think Erik McCoy goes in the 1st.
  11. 2019 prospect visits thread

    Im 100% convinced Ed Oliver will be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Just makes too much sense.

    Trading McCoy is almost a certainty at this point. We don't even have the space to sign our draft picks right now. Plus we seam enamored with Oliver. I would fully expect him to be the pick if he is there.
  13. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Man that seems like stretch... I don't see Nassib being the athlete to play OLB. Hopefully the coaches see something i don't lol. I really hope we go EDGE at #5, or trade down and take an EDGE. I think we are really going to struggle getting pressure with our EDGE rushers this year.
  14. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Suh was the NT. And Vea is the perfect fit got that. Nassib/Gholston/Beau Allen will be the 5-tech in my opinion.
  15. Offseason Rumors

    Hmmm I've never thought about this... I think we will look for more of a deep safety, but I could be wrong. I think we will play Evans at the SS position, allow him to get around the ball more often. Gardner-Johnson is a slot/In the box kind of player, so I don't know if he fits. But I do like the comparison and the player quite a bit.