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  1. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Bayron Lora - OF @tom cody
  2. Prospects to keep an eye on

    He will run sub 4.27 I think. somewhere in the 4.23-4.25 range I think. Guy is stupid fast and with the 40 yard specific training that is being done now... I think he will come out and try to break the record but come up short.
  3. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    So that’s what you want to bank your future on? That’s what you think you organization is going to bank their future on? A freak injury? Lol ok, good luck with that.
  4. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Brent Honeywell - Rays @BillsGuy82
  5. Mock offseason

    Thats just the way their restructures work in their offseason to make it easier. Because they were FA and I bid 1m and won them both. After all of this we have just over 10m
  6. Mock offseason

    Doing a mock offseason on a different board. Figured I would share with you guys. OFF SEASON MOVES: Franchise tag OLB / Shaq Barrett - Cap Hit: $16,266,000 Transition tag QB / Jameis Winston - Cap Hit: $24,373,000 Restructure QB / Jameis Winston - Savings: $12,186,500 Sign DB / Justin Simmons - Cap Hit: $12,000,000 Resign DL / Ndamukong Suh - Cap Hit: $1,000,000 Resign EDGE / Jason Pierre Paul - Cap Hit: $1,000,000 Sign OT / Anthony Costanzo - Cap Hit: $10,000,000 Sign WR / Albert Wilson - Cap Hit: $3,000,000 Sign EDGE / Vic Beasley - Cap Hit: $5,000,000 Sign RB / Tevin Coleman - Cap Hit: $2,000,000 Sign OL / Andrus Peat - Cap Hit: $5,000,000 Keep Jameis around for 1 more year at only 12m is a nice value. I don't think that can happen in real life, be in this we were allowed 1 restructure and I used it on that. Simmons and Costanzo were my main targets, and I was really happy to get both. Don't love paying top of the line value to Simmons, but he is young enough. Costanzo at 10m is something I didn't want to do, but I felt was needed. I would much rather invest in a veteran OL and draft a player later. Bringing back Suh and Pierre Paul was nice on cheap deals. Peat is a player I just thought should have been going for more so I couldn't jus let him sign for $4m, I had to put a bid in, and I won lol. He is an instant plug and play starter on out OL. Beasley I thought would be a good rotational pass rusher, especially in out 3-4. Coleman is just a useful pass catching back for cheap. Ill give an update after the draft and then post the final roster.
  7. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    lol you play waaaaay to much Madden. Its not the same in real life. What team, picking at #1, would trade out of that spot and not draft this generational QB?
  8. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Ronny Mauricio - SS @BillsGuy82
  9. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Nolan Gorman - 3B @tom cody
  10. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    What if Lawrence gets an injury? Or decides not to come out? Do you just wait another year? Teams don't just wait and guess on the future. They evaluate whats in front of them. Tua was a lock top prospect, and the easy #1 overall pick until the injury. If the medical staff clears him, which they should, Miami will do everything in their power to get him. Waiting makes sense when you live in ifs, and hypotheticals. But in the real world, you have to deal with whats placed in front of you.
  11. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Grayson Rodriguez - RHP @BillsGuy82 OTC
  12. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    According to who? You and no one else? Trades like these happen all the time, I've given you actual evidence, you've don't nothing but give us your personal opinion. "Chart, chart, chart" lol
  13. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Kristian Robinson - OF @tom cody OTC
  14. FFMLFB

    Question.... In another league I'm in, if a player starts the year with a position eligibility, he gets that for the whole season. EX. Moncada got 2B eligibility all year, despite playing 3B all year. Is that the same for this league? Or do they lose their eligibility after a certain period of time? If so, how long is that time?