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  1. AFC South Titans 7-9 Jaguars 6-10 Texans 9-7 Colts 4-12 North Steelers 12-4 Ravens 9-7 Bengals 7-9 Browns 0-16 East Patriots 11-5 Bills 8-8 Dolphins 9-7 Jets 7-9 West Chiefs 11-5 Raiders 9-7 Broncos 7-9 Chargers 8-8 NFC East Eagles 13-3 Redskins 10-6 Cowboys 7-9 Giants 3-13 West Rams 11-5 49ers 2-14 Cardinals 10-6 Seahawks 10-6 North Vikings 12-4 Packers 8-8 Lions 6-10 bears 3-13 South Panthers 12-4 Falcons 11-5 Saints 10-6 Buccaneers 10-6 Playoffs NFC Wildcard Vikings 12-4 Vs Falcons 11-5 Rams 11-5 Vs Redskins 10-6 Divisional Panthers 12-4 Vs Falcons 11-5 Eagles 13-3 Vs Redskins 10-6 NFC Championship Eagles 13-3 Vs Falcons 11-5 AFC Wildcard Dolphins 9-7 vs Chiefs 11-5 Texans 9-7 vs Ravens 9-7 Divisional Patriots 11-5 vs Texans 9-7 Steelers 12-4 vs Chiefs 11-5 AFC Championship Chiefs 11-5 vs Texans 9-7 Super Bowl Chiefs 11-5 vs Eagles 13-3 Winner Chiefs
  2. 2007 Patriots vs 2008 Lions with 12 players

  3. Jaguars cut K Jason Myers, sign former-Charger Josh Lambo

    Picture of Koo
  4. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    After a court hearing his suspension still stands. He could have another rehearing though
  5. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    The ref should have got his discount double check before making this call,
  6. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    So what you're saying is the best team should get bad calls the whole game so they can try to win that way? Your argument is very weak and honestly made no sense at all
  7. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    I F-in hate the pats no offense
  8. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    They probably won't even make it to the playoffs
  9. Favorite Halloween Movies

    I like the nightmare before Christmas
  10. Travis Kelce in Concussion Protocol

    Great, another one
  11. Odell Beckham Officialy out for the season.

    Odell Beckham Jr. Is now officialy out for the season with a fractured ankle, he of course got the injury during the chargers game along with Marshall and Shepard. The Giants will take a massive hit and probably go 4-12 hopefully not worse than that. Unsure of Brandon Marshalls ecovery time but hopefully Odell will recover well.
  12. Maybe. They have great pieces with Watt and Hopkins and there rookie QB could be good if he's taught well. They need a better RB and better line and a second great receiver
  13. JJ Watt Out for Season with Tibial Plateau Fracture

    Very sad to see. I got the notification from bleacher report and it seemed emotional with J.J. Watt devastated with his injury, he said "I'm very sad to not play I just want to be out there and play for my city, I'm sorry." It seems like the hurricane has some effect in why he is so sad, or it's because he's out for another season and his contract could go down. J.J. Watt is still a legend in my book probably a first ballot he just needs to try and stay healthy out their but knowing J.J. He probably won't quit until he gives out and won't let injuries stop him, and that's a problem because if he pushes himself to hard and injures himself severely and ruin his career or cripple himself. Best luck on recovery Watt hoping to see you best as ever next season, on the chargers
  14. Worst Franchise of All Time?

    Yeah, I know they are like top 5 probably