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  1. Week 16 GDT

    PLease win Jets
  2. Saturday Game Day Thread

    Hahahahah **** you Addae you ****in suck get off this team
  3. Kickers and Punters are very under appreciated. They’ve the hardest job in the NFL and never get recognized, I think there needs to be an award for the best kicker and punter for each conference The award will be based off of completed field goals, completion percentage and length of Field Goals. These stats will be rounded up too determine the best kicker for each conference. The punter is more tricky to be honest it’s hard to determine what makes them good, tell me what you think is good criteria for this cause I can’t think of one. Anyways do you think this should be a thing in the NFL?
  4. Saturday Game Day Thread

    Ummm guys? Can we stop playing now and do something
  5. Saturday Game Day Thread

    2 Saturday games today Redskins @ Titans (4:30 pm) Ravens @ Chargers (8:20 pm)
  6. Terron Armstead is Back

    Saints LT Terron Armstead is back from a torn pectoral. Should play next week but I dont see a reason to play him since they clinched the playoffs. https://bleacherreport.com/post/nfl-injuries/c7ad3bd1-77ec-4a61-93c2-5b7e3bdf176c
  7. Of all the possble SB scenarios.....

    Not if you played like you did against the Panthers and Cowboys
  8. I think the AFC West is the best division in the NFL right now, with only 1 team that is really tanking (The Raiders) the rest of the division is solid and great. 1. Chiefs (11-2) Has MVP level QB, defense is ranked 32nd in the league but offense is close to being impossible to stop. Coaching is not really a problem but Andy Reid has a history of choking in the post season. Currently competing for the 1 seed and is winning the tie breaker against the Chargers, they have obviously clinched a playoff birth. Another small factor is there home field advantage, they have one of the most intimidating and loudest crowds in the NFL. 2. Chargers (11-2) Has a veteran MVP level QB and a Top 10 Defense and Top 5 offense. They can beat any team but seem to always play down to there competition. There coach has confidence which is what we needed and what we lacked from McCoy are previous coach. We have no fans and no one goes to our home games which makes us deadly on the road. An example of that is us beating the Chiefs at Arrowhead. We are getting our key players back from injury soon ( Hunter Henry, Jason Verret and Melvin Gordon) but even without those players we beat the Chiefs arguably the best team in the league. 3. Broncos (6-8) This team is a real hit or miss, they beat the Chargers and Steelers. But then weeks later lose to the Browns at home, I think its the coaching and receiving core as Emanuel Sanders tore his ACL. Vance Joseph is one of the worst coaches in the league and needs to be fired. There defense is great and can really carry that team. Offense is ok but Case Keenum isn't the best QB and his WR dont really help that much. Overall this team is decent but you cant sleep on them. 4. Raiders (3-11) This team is terrible, there offensive line cant stop anything which leads to Carr breaking both of his legs. The defense dosent have Khalil Mack anymore which is due to a terrible trade by Jon Gruden who was once a great coach, not anymore though. This team is gonna tank and overall suck next year as well as lose out this year. Even with that i still think this is the best division in the NFL right now.
  9. DROY Discussion

    Who do you think should win DROY (Defensive Roomie of the Year) I think it comes down to Derwin James -FS- Bradley Chubb -DE- Darius Leonard -LB- These are my top players to win, and to be honest I think it’s gonna come down to Chubb or Leonard even though I’m a chargers fan and want to see James win it. Also Leonard not making the pro bowl just shows how ****ty this league has gotten
  10. Nathan Peterman is now a Raider

    Petermeme is now getting a second chance as an Oakland Raider. Maybe he can shake off his terrible career with the Bills, actually excited for once about him. https://twitter.com/nfltrade_rumors/status/1075468093206388736?s=20
  11. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    What? Who is he?
  12. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Who’s Brb?
  13. Week 3 Gameday Thread

  14. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    That was facemask
  15. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Ran into the punter. That should be a penalty