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  1. Teams you don’t want to face in the playoffs?

    The IR list
  2. Who do you think your team's biggest, historical rival really is?

    It’s always felt like the 49ers for me we always seem to have good games
  3. Kenny Britt cut by the Browns; Signed by the Patriots

    Don’t get it how didn’t that make sense to you?
  4. Kenny Britt cut by the Browns; Signed by the Patriots

    I’m saying there’s a bunch of Recievers that where’s terrible or just basic and now are a key piece with the pats
  5. Kenny Britt cut by the Browns; Signed by the Patriots

    Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, heck I might even add Julian Eddleman Belicheck is a smart coach he’ll figure something out with Brit
  6. Kenny Britt cut by the Browns; Signed by the Patriots

    Name a bunch of New England WR that where no names and SHOULD have made it no where
  7. Sleeping on Seattle

    We will always sleep on good teams, no one expected the saints no one expected the Vikings hell I didn’t expect the Eagles of course we where sleeping on Seattle, but I got to say Russel is doing really good
  8. 2017 Season Thread

    You’re right we could move away into a soccer stadiu...... oh wait
  9. Rodger Goodell done after 2023

  10. Rodger Goodell done after 2023

    Are prayers have been answered this 5 year expansion is his last the only downside is it’s not earlier. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2749119-roger-goodells-new-contract-to-be-last-will-help-search-for-next-commissioner?share=other
  11. Best fan bases in the NFL?

    That’s easy, the chargers
  12. Best fan bases in the NFL?

    WHy is this not taken seriously
  13. Best fan bases in the NFL?

    I have to say it’s between Cleveland and Green Bay, opinions?
  14. 2017 Season Thread

    I don’t give a damn about the HOF it’s rigged like in all sports look at NASCAR with Dale jr making it, i mean you all know it’s for marketing purposes and Rivers is just stuck on a bad team, but maybe he can finally get that ring and the chargers better retire that number and hang it over the soccer field because as far as I’m concerned if your able to put up with that **** Spanos has done he better Get his number retired and be in the HOF