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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Yeah I can see that. I think Chris Simms balanced him, because Lefkoe is a little too fan boy at times and a bit of a “bro” but he does play the “every fan” role well. He also brings you into the world well. But he is a bit too much at times. But I love the stick to football guys because they just discuss the players and are open about the insider stories, even if they are being “used”. But they are pretty honest about it... like hey teams are saying this, but it’s bs. Its just interesting because they keep saying a WR /TE is a big target for GB in the first. It will be interesting to see if that happens.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Best coverage is Bleacher Report. Lefkoe, Matt Miller and the guys from stick to football... actually talk about all the players. Id watch them on YouTube.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Anyone hear the stick to football podcast, rumor episode on Tuesday with Matt Miller and those guys? They did rumors of every team. The packers were basically this: They want to trade down, either from 12 or 30, but they want to trade down in the first. Secondly, the belief in the league is GB is targeting either WR or TE in the first... and the ones that are bigger body. They mentioned Fant and Metcalf. They said they want to pair another large body with Adams for Rodgers. They also said GB is one of the harder teams to project this draft. Just thought I would share.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Seahawks are rumored to be looking to trade down. Only interesting because of the connection Gute has with John. Maybe go from 30 to 21...
  5. I guess I’m asking how will football history remember him. Both packer history and league history wise. With the consistent leadership/personality questions and like you stated with the drop in play... how kind will history be? I think if he wins another title he’ll be fine. Players and coaches will have been able to rally around him, etc. If he doesn’t... I don’t know if he isn’t seen as just the 3rd best QB in GB history. And his personality being the main thing people point to for the lack of titles given his talent. I think people will forget McCarthy and Ted and Rodgers will be the main issue why they failed to win more. It’s slightly happening now ... as you said with his drop in play.
  6. Question to the board... does this forever tarnish Rodgers optics? Like in most cases if a player wins and plays well most everything can be forgotten and forgiven. Is that the case here? Or is he forever tarnished? Regardless if you think the claims are true or not. These stories are out in public realm people will believe what they want to at this point. Just curious what people think.
  7. And if they won those 3 years? Sitting with those rings would you think they wasted Rodgers? Thats why I said I don’t buy they wasted Rodgers. Some unlucky bounces and running into a bad matchup screwed them. Elite teams don’t always win Super Bowls. If that’s the case all the recent NE supers bowls make no sense. Jags, chiefs, etc have been more elite then them on most metrics... heck even Pittsburgh too. It’s about matchups, moment, experience, etc. you down play wildcard teams yet GB won it’s super bowl as a 6th place team. point differential, record, how they look winning, are all logical metrics but it’s not the reasons a team wins it all. A lot of other things matter.
  8. Better shirt would be “yeah... I got him fired.”
  9. Over that whole time? No. Or any given year compared to the league? Yes. the Seattle championship game year we were elite. That should of been the second Super Bowl GB should of won. 2011 I think GB had an elite record but not team... but elite teams don’t always win. So they were good enough to win. Same as 2016, good enough to win, not elite because injuries and defense. * it’s why I think honestly GB isn’t wasting Rodgers either. Just alittle more luck Rodgers has 2-3 rings. I think the issue is people see that he doesn’t... not truly how close they were. No one remembers how close they were. He has gone to 3 championship games... they were close.
  10. Ehhh... I think that’s just some 20/20 hindsight. They have been good, 8 straight playoff appearances good. I think the better statement is GB like many teams had weaknesses. And those showed up in postseason. We got bad matchups for the team more times than not. We had great offenses that were neutralized by great defenses and GBs defense was asked to do something it wasn’t trained to do. The argument is still valid. Maybe not patriots numbers but I would say this group should of gotten at least one more championship. But they have been that good... critical weaknesses and bad luck doom them most years. But they were good enough to win.
  11. Not saying Rodgers did or didn’t. Just saying that’s the reason for the push back. If true that’s why people have an issue with it. Why waste your time dogging Janis. Also just like you don’t trust the source... Janis also isn’t going to talk about Rodgers publicly because any other locker room he gets into moving forward won’t trust him because he talks to the media. All of this is subtlety. Any one thing doesn’t prove it wrong or right. I’m sure there was a group that made fun of Janis, again group dynamics... it’s what humans do, but was Rodgers the ring leader? Probably not. Was there a ring leader? Likely not. It’s like any job. Workers talk mess about each other. Group dynamics. Its just it is painted as Rodgers went out of his way which likely isn’t the case... but I’m sure he talked mess if we are all being honest here haha.
  12. Also why would Rodgers make Janis a whipping boy when Favre did that to him and he hated it. He literally turned into what he didn’t want to be. Kinda weird.
  13. I think the idea is that even if Janis sucks you don’t need to make him your personal whipping boy for the time he is here. If he sucks... move past it. Still give him a shot to prove he can “get it” but to just make it tougher by being “petty” towards him is where I think people get rubbed the wrong way. Like why does he need to become the team joke. He isn’t good... move on. I think that’s the argument.
  14. It would be for more balanced media but it will just read as hey this article was written by all of Aaron’s hater and this one by all of his supporters. personally the best POV was Ryan Grant. His was very even and honest.
  15. Hilarious thing is EQ had to do the opposite haha. He had to say he ran the wrong route.