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  1. Haha not the point either. Apparently everyone is just talking past everyone. My point was simple. You care about how words hurt people. I simple stated it’s hypocritical for people to then use words to hurt people’s strongly held faith. Never compared the two. Said it weaken an argument of one having “high standards”. Again if you care about people, care about people. For billions of humans their faith matters a great deal.
  2. Seems like you do to truly understand others on many different levels, but I get it. No worries, it helps organize things for you. One last thought and I’m done. Many of the same “marginalized folks” the poster claim to be acutely aware of are able to handle the hateful things done to them by others through their belief/faith and it helps them to deal with it with grace and class. Wonder how they would feel when that too gets attacked or belittled so casually.
  3. Again justified it however you want. It’s pretty obvious the hypocrisy. Maybe reach out to others with differences to better understand them. Then you might see things a little differently.
  4. ... and some may feel their faith isn’t a choice. Look everyone can do whatever mental gymnastics to justify their position to sleep better at night. The poster was talking “high standards” and “impact of words”... but in the same post belittling a religious belief. You know religion... a certain aspect of a person’s/people’s being that has lead to them facing terrible treatment thru out all of human history. Also one of the main reasons why America was founded... religious freedoms. So forgive me if I find it hilarious posters talking of “high standards” when it comes to treatm
  5. So word usage only matters when addressing certain things... got it. Not a very high standard.
  6. You kind of weaken your own argument of being aware of the impact of words when you belittle people’s religious beliefs by saying “Bible *expletive*”.
  7. Is it though...given the recent history? Like outside of the Lovie smith era they have been pretty terrible. And that stat covers only the last or last two years of lovie smith. The stat covers the trestman era, John fox era and now nagy.
  8. And that’s fine... interesting take on it, wouldn’t be my when it comes to Meyer. Personally a man that treats his wife in that way and hires men that have women issues kinda screams sexists to me, because of the general poor treatment of women. But I get it you don’t want to cross that line with him.
  9. Wasn’t Kyle and McVay too? Could send shock waves across the league if everything sees the light of day.
  10. Wonder if Dan Snyder and people in the league will allow this... given what was leaked with the Gruden emails. How many high ranking officials all over the league are terrified.... Exactly what Andrew Brandt said on Twitter. remember the Gruden emails are the ones they leaked. Better question is what the NFL is proactively hiding.
  11. Oh I agree. Like look... I hope no one thinks I’m defending these men’s actions. It’s clear they are problematic in many ways. I just find the discussion of their exact actions boring. Because that’s easily understood. I find the discussion about private vs. public; and actions done in the past and how they get handled in the future interesting. Along with how we handle these things in general. That’s all. I forget who mentioned it but honestly I’m of the opinion they are stupid for doing any of this stuff in this day and age given technology and how things never disappear. Thei
  12. He did... their strength coach.
  13. And all of that is fair. My point is you claim Gruden is a sexist... I’m assuming because of the comments about women being refs or in the league in general. And this is one of the problematic issues with him. So I’m just trying to clarify that you however don’t seem to think a man that is married, getting a lap dance by a younger woman that isn’t his wife to be something you cant comment on and say the same that he is clearly a sexist too. That it’s a private matter with him and his wife although he willingly pose for videos and pictures and made it public. Again this is what I find
  14. So you think getting a lap dance by a strange woman that isn’t his wife isnt a sign he is a sexist pig?
  15. Did he though? I mean everyone is going to write that, more so with Nassib etc. Them losing to the bears a sign of it? Who knows. I mean it’s clear Urban has lost his locker room why hasn’t he resigned in disgrace? He did naughty things too. And we have leaks from players about how they are openly laughing at him at this point. I guess the hard aspect of this is people clearly want to enforce punishment on behavior that doesn’t have a legal definition or legal punishment. And because of it, it’s very inconsistent. Could Gruden get the kimmel treatment? Basically step away for a
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