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  1. Yeah but a win and lost is graded and is subjective in most cases, because there is grey area. This stat is based on judgements therefore this stats and these numbers can be easily be miss leading. Again I don’t believe Turner... even in this year (clearly his best in GB), winning percentage is tops in the league. Im sure espn has a breakdown of what a win is versus a lost, etc. I just don’t buy it. Kudos to Turner though, based on how espn grades a win or lost he has the best percentage in their metric. Doubt anyone anywhere connected to football would buy it though.
  2. And that stat is saying he is the #1 pass blocking tackle... I’d hope the best pass blocking tackle in the league can go without help even against elite pass rushers. I mean Bakh is... by that standard he is elite too. That’s my point in saying I don’t believe those grades. Might be true based on the metrics and measurements... but the ol’ eye test says he isn’t.
  3. Not his worse but Turner is getting a lot of credit against Mack when... As far as worse games... at the top of my head... they both were bad in Tampa. They did poorly against Colts. I know the stat is for pass blocking but also given the state of the dlines in minn and jac... I feel like they did poorly against them when we needed to run. But again I know it’s for pass blocking but to just see those high of numbers next to their names just doesn’t feel correct when it’s clear they are the 4 and 5 best oline guys on the team.
  4. And if you look at Ben fennel’s break down Turner did bad against Mack one on one. Scheme and Rodgers helped keeping Mack in check.
  5. I kind of don’t believe Turner’s or Patrick’s grades...
  6. If it wasn’t for covid I feel like this would be the Steelers first lost
  7. Tramon easily looks like the best/most active player on defense.
  8. Or is the strange team the Steelers? remember they struggled against the cowboys too...
  9. Don’t want to bury a guy, but it feels like GB gave him many chances to be successful... it had to happen. If you are just a ST guy you need to be great at it. At least Austin might fill the Ervin spot on offense while doing KR/PR. More bang for their roster spot buck.
  10. Takes on the Ervin role in the offense and hopefully pushes Shepherd to the practice squad...
  11. Speaking of Tonyan... in regards to recent and even historical, his season right now has to rate pretty high as far as TEs for GB goes right? Yardage and TDs etc. Like I know he is closing in on Bubba in TDs.
  12. They played Dallas last night? They technically have the worst. Green Bay is actually middle of the road in rush defense... number 12 I believe in avg yards per game.
  13. The main positive is sacks, pressures, and turnovers are coming more and more for this defense. I don’t care who the competition is... this group needs those to come to them so they feel good and enjoy playing defense. It’s the only hope for them to get better.
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