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  1. I agree on the New England guys. They all try to just do New England, instead of being their own person and just taking the good elements from that culture. The main issue with this crop of coaches, at least some of the young interesting coordinators, is most only have just this year at that level, the guy in KC, deflippo, etc. And everyone with years of experience has some serious baggage, McDaniels, etc.
  2. I’m guessing the vibe in the locker room was bad to say the least and there was tension. I’m sure part of it was to relieve that tension on the players, coaches and everyone involved. Im sure the main reason was to signal to everyone they are looking, dust off your resumes if you’re interested. And so they could openly discuss a new direction for 4 weeks ( they couldn’t do this with McCarthy in the building) and have a game plan, so they can act fast. Even though they can’t talk to, let’s just use McDainels as an example, McDainels directly... they can talk to his agent on back channels. Get a list of serious candidates. Do their research on all, rank them, and interview them based on the ranking. They stated they wanted a jump on other teams (sans Cleveland). I’m sure there isn’t more to it than that.
  3. He is a dark horse name... but what are people’s thoughts on Brian Flores? New England’s DC. His background is mainly linebackers. Apparently he is beloved by the players and there is nothing but amazing things written about his personality, style, etc. The thought is he could bring in Chad O’Shea, their WR coach, as OC. He is seen as next in line to McDaniels if he leaves.
  4. Depends... if they want let’s say Pats Fitzgerald they could sign him as soon as they want. But anyone in the NFL... not until after the season and anyone on a playoff team... not until their season ends. They can agree in principle however. So most likely end of the season to divisional round.
  5. Inherently I wouldn’t mind Philbin. If he is like John Harbaugh and acts as the CEO and gets an up and comer as his OC it could be the best of all worlds. I assume he would keep pettine, which is good. Just really depends on who he could get to run the offense. Because if it was on him... I would pass.
  6. And that’s fine... but the packers need to account for the $134 million they are on the hook to pay him. They hitched their wagon to him. I see no point in making and enemy and malcontent out of the signal most important player on the team. Bringing in a guy to just push his buttons seems counterproductive and a waste. Of Rodgers talents, money, time and fans enjoyment.
  7. Also look at their QBs... we all may want that. But honestly I don’t think Rodgers wants that. He isn’t going to be on board with that. I don’t get the vibe Rodgers is just going to follow orders. Thats not to say he isn’t coachable. You just need to attack him differently.
  8. I mean yes... technically. There are reports the motion and different sets we have seen more as of late is Philbin finally getting stuff in the plan. But the overwhelming narrative is they were picking from mikes play and mike made the final calls... and everyone involved was shocked after all the recommendations that Philbin and Rodgers made... none of it would make it in. So a part of it... technically yes. Really a part, no. It’s like me asking for your opinion all the time and not using it. Will you “feel” part of the game planning? I can always fall back and say “Alex I always ask for your thought!” And you’d say “yeah and you never use a single one!”
  9. I’m sure Philbin and staff broke down film etc. and gave reports on opponents. But final say on what plays they should use to beat those opponents? I’m sure Philbin and others had ideas, Mike just didn’t listen apparently. Again which is why I speculate that it likely came from pride and pressure, only thing that loosely makes sense until McCarthy camp’s start getting their story out. Personally this seemed like the likely outcome after that bad day in Seattle when Brandon Bostick didn’t do what he was told. After the game Rodgers and others (Sitton and Lang, etc) openly blamed McCarthy. The fracture started there. Very similar to Seattle after that Super Bowl. There was no living together after that. In that situation the players where kicked out over time... here the coaches.
  10. Just reading the tea leaves. Reports over the years. I think McCarthy knew he was on a short leash and had to win. In those situations you don’t try something you new... you double down on what got you there. With van pelt gone, Jordy gone, McCarthy knew he needed someone “for” Aaron. Philbin’s role with McCarthy has never been one of collaborator, from everything written. It’s always been mike’s offense. Philbin is just an amazing teacher and director. Getting the players on schedule and getting on the same page. Not a creator of game plans and offenses.
  11. Because Philbin was brought back as a go between McCarthy and Rodgers. Im sure much of his time was spent convincing Rodgers that it’s a good game plan. I don’t think McCarthy wanted notes. I think he was sick about hearing his offense is old. That his offense needs to be like some 30 something that hasn’t won anything in this league. I think he wanted to prove a point. Philbin was just a friendly face that could get thru to Rodgers... something McCarthy wasn’t able to do anymore directly. That guy doesn’t have much say. That’s why I think he didn’t listen. Out to prove something and didn’t see Philbin like he did in his first go around.
  12. What I make of it is that McCarthy isn’t truly innovative. He isn’t Andy Reid that’s telling his staff to scout high school games to see what they are running. I think he is married to what he does. I think he thinks it’s always going to work... if he has the players. I think that’s why he started to get upset with “draft and develop”... because the drafting was getting worse by the season. I think Philbin tried, showed what others are doing but Philbin isn’t going to fight McCarthy tooth and nail and Philbin isn’t innovative either. He likely can look at the Chiefs or Rams and understand what they are doing and copy it. But I’m sure McCarthy was banking on Rodgers being Rodgers when he was healthy and with Gute the talent would return in 2 years. So he didn’t feel the need to redo the playbook. It’s just funny he straight up lied though with the scrub brush line though haha.
  13. Depends on the dudes makeup. If he is a competitive guy he might find the challenge interesting. Diva HoF QB, super bowl now expectations, etc. Or he could be... I’m trying to get a National title for Northwestern guy. Its not laughable, just from the outside looks very unlikely.
  14. Because in cases like this both sides are right. I’m sure Rodgers is a massive pain to work with and doesn’t help you as a play caller... and I’m sure McCarthy could of done more if his HoF QB was asking for it. Just like all the stuff on Rodgers there are a lot of thing on McCarthy. From players not named Rodgers saying his play calling looked like a guy trying to get fired. Too Ryan Grant on cheeseheadtv saying during a game... they basically didn’t practice running the ball fundamentals at least when he was there. They both caused this mess. I get Rodgers (players think their gods, even Brady)... I don’t get McCarthy. So I’m interested to hear his side to understand it. Unless you just tell me he is a traditionalist football meat head that thinks it needs to be “a certain way”. But that’s disappointing because he seems more than that.
  15. True. Honestly I think Rodgers side is pretty obviously stated. I’m more interested in McCarthy talking about what many have painted as him going rogue and not including Rodgers and Philbin in game plans. And being all around stubborn. Because there has to be some logic on his side for why he did it.