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  1. It’s clear he wants to stay. It’s like painfully obvious really. He can say it’s not about Love... but it is. It’s the idea of love. It’s the idea that there is an expiration date on him. If he didn’t care he would of been, I’m out. Scream from the mountains trade me. He never did publicly. It’s because he literally loves it there. I said it earlier in the process, I think he loves Matt, the system, etc. and I think he is mad that he worked to get this new system and coach etc and he only gets 3 years, when it was going to take 1 to get comfortable. He is pissed and wants to sta
  2. Nope... and if he did he would be ruthlessly criticized by all. Gute has been nothing but professional in all of this. I think that’s why fans are a little upset with Rodgers handling of it, I don’t buy his camp never leaked anything. He wore a dumb “I’m offended” tshirt. He is smart enough to know what he is doing. But Rodgers didn’t want to get into a public pissing match with the front office. What was this off-season if not that?
  3. To be fair I think Wilde framed the question to be dramatic. Go listen to Gute, he didn’t say we don’t value Cobb and don’t see value in him. He said at this point that wouldn’t be something they would of pursued if it wasn’t for Aaron. He didn’t say Cobb is trash but Aaron has us over a barrel here. Again it’s philosophical. This team got the best years of Cobb. They believe they have enough veterans to mentor. That’s why they wouldn’t pursue Cobb. If anything blame Wilde for being so dramatic about it. * also Cobb had a ridiculous cap hit. Maybe for a rebuilding Texa
  4. So wait is GB terrible... or is it a great professional Fortune 500 company that drove a grow man to tears to get to come back too (Cobb)? Im soooo confused Or maybe the garbage front office has made an amazing place that players desperately down want to leave...
  5. He thought those guys could add something... it wasn’t just about how these guys exit. Yes he said how they treat exiting players is bad. But my point is he said these guys still had something of value to give GB. My point is... all the guys he is pounding the table for... who identified them and drafted them or signed them in FA. Professional sports has always been about “replacing”. Trust the front office that has gotten quality guys to continue to do so.
  6. See this is why I don’t see Rodgers doing what Brady did or has done. Brady discussed how he would look into things that 20 something are into so he can better relate etc. Rodgers isn’t doing that. Heck in retro spec I remember Z Smith being mic’d up and like coming up to Rodgers and it was literally a painful exchange.
  7. Anyone else find it funny that all the guys he is upset over leaving... who all drafted or brought them into GB? Maybe trust the front office to restock good people...
  8. Fixed that for you... don’t miss represent Assistant GM Rodgers evaluation.
  9. Listened to Adams press conference... I find the double speak kind of funny. About giving players or Rodgers more say: paraphrase - I know they have had a lot of success doing it a certain way but for special people nothing is off the table and you have to listen. About him taking a pay cut to stay with GB: paraphrase - heck no. When in any business do you do that? Take less then what you earn. ... well 2 things then. 1. You have a special thing in GB Davante and sometimes you have to have everything on the table and listen to GBs offer.... or 2. It’s a business and players
  10. He says the agency he works with (being represented by) has had a lot of great players also being represented by them. He has connections and can recruit on the team’s behalf.
  11. But here is the issue... was he never invited? Was he proactively spurred when he came to them with ideas? Was he waiting for an invite that never came? Like the way Rodgers makes it sound... he came with a book full of ideas and the front office patted him on the head and say “oh sweet dumb boy you just play QB” and threw his book of ideas in the trash. (Obvious exaggerated). where as Gute makes it sound like... door was always open. He can give ideas when ever and how ever. well which is it? Was Rodgers waiting to be invited and got upset they formally didn’t invite him? Did h
  12. Again I don’t disagree but like you I don’t remember all what happened. Once he found out what the open market was giving was that bridge already burn? If GB said go find out what your worth is and let us match... then yeah GB messed up. But also maybe GB at the time was looking for fresh bodies to change up the situation on the defense and didn’t want him regardless the price. Again hindsight... they messed up again.
  13. My point on Woodson I think is getting lost. I get he went on to produce and GB had MD Jennings. My point was Rodgers made it seem like these guys just wanted to stay in GB regardless. Regardless the cost, the role etc. Its not that easy... what exactly did Wood want contract wise and role on the team wise. Did he only take the offer Oakland gave because that’s all he was getting in the open market? Was his ask from GB more before that bridge was burned? Who knows. What was GB looking for at that point. Aaron is upset the team wanted different and didn’t value “the experienc
  14. I don’t think Gute is disingenuous with Rodgers or fans. I think he had a blind spot with Rodgers/players based on the philosophy of building and managing a team. And with the fans he is trying to be honest without being 100% transparent. A lot of omissions of details. We talked to Aaron on draft day. Leaving out did that come before or after the pick. That’s not disingenuous in my eyes... that being corporate/professional and understanding once talking to Aaron that there is going to be a maelstrom. As for the blind spot with Aaron... again don’t believe Gute is disingenuous with li
  15. I think it would be the same thing if Gute tried to offer advice to Todgers about playing the position of QB... given Gute has scouted a ton. Im sure Rodgers would pay him the respect to listen... but isn’t going to take the information too seriously. I don’t think that’s disingenuous, I just think it’s being nice. The issue here is one side thinks he knows better. And Gute said Rodgers needs those wins... because Rodgers being happy is the best thing for GB success. So he needs those wins to play and play well apparently.
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