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  1. Not surprising... depending on your grading and how high you rate a guy based on pure potential or not. Love is a boom or bust type player. I think one could argue he has better physical tools than most in this 21 class. But the tough sell is... can those tools be shaped into a consistent player? I’m sure there is a lot of data that would likely say no... so scouts would knock him for that. Thats why GB drafted him... because the amount of polishing he needs aligns with the likely Rodgers decline. When drafted I figured he would be the starter in his fourth year.
  2. If GB drafts an OT in the 1st (trading up, staying put or trading back)...who is everyone’s favorite at this point (one month out)?
  3. Seems like they see a guy that they like and want him to sit for a year... to learn. Then next year they can get rid of Jimmy.
  4. Of course not the eagles have shown this to be the case, heck they wanted wentz to stay. At the very least they don’t believe in him until he proves they should believe in him.
  5. So which QB does Kyle like? Fields or Lance? Doubt that makes that move for Jones...
  6. Quiet we aren’t allowed to hold one of the highest paid players in league history to that standard. He doesn’t have weapons...
  7. Biggest concern is Dline. Because no help is coming via the draft unless GB has luck tattooed on them. They need to sign some cheap FAs for at least depth. Clark, keke and Lowery... isn’t going to get it done. More so when the system they are adopting had one of the greatest interior Dline players ever making it all work.
  8. Who said good? Average is the word being used. People might be saying a good signing because in a depressed cap and given the money King is likely the best option on the table of the packers. I think most feel they still need to draft a guy like newsome or Samuel. No one is lying to themselves saying king is the answer. We just don’t think he is hot garbage like you.
  9. Because Alexander is the other CB? look I mention those items because based on his play he is average. But knowing GB could of had watt, his injuries and the fact he isn’t a Alexander clone... shades opinions to him being terrible/bad. His is the fan base’d new player to irrationally complain about. He isn’t bad... I’ve seen bad corner play, king isn’t that. He is just uneven and he is the perfect case of, you can always do better. He will have a good game then a poor game. Then he will miss 2 games and everyone will complain because the guys behind him are worse.
  10. Based on what metric? That he isn’t Watt? he hasn’t had a bad career... it’s been average. Watt’s success and his injuries have overshadowed his career. Bad is like Ahmad Carrol type stuff. King has been an avg CB in the league.
  11. We resigned Jones and he probably had the second worse day in a packers uni. Players have bad games, it’s going to happen. By that understanding guys are going to have bad games in the biggest moments. Have to look at everything when making these decisions. And like most have said King isn’t amazing but it’s a solid deal to allow GB not to have to draft CB high and put them out there as a starter.
  12. Kind of hard when you are paying out huge contracts to your own guys... This is why they don’t have a ton of wiggle room. it’s a good problem to have.
  13. This coaching staff is big on having multiple backs and this offense needs a good running game. RBs are likely to get banged up too... Jones has a history of that too. To be honest I wouldnt be surprised if they draft a RB on day 3. GB does need a CB but the draft has likely targets at the position GB is likely to draft (Samuel, newsome, etc). Plus with guys like Fuller, Sherman, etc on the market still... doesn’t really put GB in a position to have to press.
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