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  1. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Then people shouldn’t be surprised at the hooper interest... also given the Lafleur atl connection too. GBs offense wants and needs TEs, the organization is tell fans that loudly with their activity there. They drafted Jace... and have been spending crazy in FA. They need a solid guy that won’t be a black hole of production(Graham). And they just need to be consistent... not Kittle or Klece. They need that type of guy until Jace develops into Travis Klece (not saying he will, but the hope for a star TE for Green Bay in the present and short term future is Jace, organizationally speaking).
  2. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    It comes down to philosophy... does LaFleur’s offense need TEs? If so you should spend on Hooper. Under mike they clearly cared about WRs...that’s where money was spent. They CLEARLY want balance so they will spend on Hooper and draft WRs... don’t see GB spending on WR unless it’s a low number contract.
  3. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    It just depends on the contract for Hooper. I don’t hate the idea. I mean if GB wants a “special” TE the hope currently is with Sternberger. Hooper would be... we need a solid veteran to be consistent. We can’t have the position be a black hole of production. Hooper, Sternberger and Lewis... wouldn’t be a bad TE room.
  4. 49ers know their weakness.... don’t let jimmy g throw.
  5. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    Still feel they will. Titans are doing their game plan. Vrabel is a patriot... they will adjust. Chiefs still don’t have an answer to Henry.
  6. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    Titans are going to win. That defense has no answers. Titans are doing whatever they want and destroying the clock while doing it. Mahomes won’t see the the field much.
  7. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    Chiefs are such the packers from years ago. Their defense is bad.
  8. That was the stat coming from warren sharp that their passes are going to the middle at a crazy high rate... I believe the number was 76% of the time. He defined the middle between the numbers. Inside the numbers (middle) outside of the numbers (not the middle).
  9. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    Chiefs and titans are kind of no name defenses and the nfc teams are more front seven stacked to help the secondarys.
  10. Seattle also played into GBs hand. They tried to force the run. When they got down big... it turned into the Wilson show. Had they done that from jump how different would the game be? The positive we can take away is that the 49ers offense is very predictable too. If GB doesn’t worry about the window dressing Shanahan does they know mostly where the ball is going... middle of the field. Like 76% of their passes end up there. So if pettine just tells them... look don’t bite or over react... you stay in the middle of the field the ball is going to come to you. Force Jimmy to throw outside the numbers... I don’t think he can do it. And you’d be forcing SF to play a way they havent really played yet.
  11. Don’t know if people like listening to warren sharp but man... gb’s defense is bad at defending all the things 49ers do on offense: pre snap movement, play action, attacking the middle. Like GB is BAD at dealing with all those things. I hope Pettine knows this and just floods the middle with defenders and forces the 49ers to try and beat Alexander and king on the outside. But yeah can’t stress how bad of a match up this is based on the numbers. Added:
  12. And it’s not like they aren’t going to get chances... Jimmy is good for 2-3 of those a game.
  13. I agree... but moore seems like Jason 2.0. Like is he not the only guy McCarthy kept? Granted he might of been the only one worth keeping but to everyone’s point the offense was good already. So other guys had to be good too. Like I think it’s just weird because I’m assuming it’s McCarthy’s scheme they will run... now I’m sure moore will add wrinkles and plays but McCarthy is still McCarthy. And if you are hiring McCarthy part of the draw is he is a well seasoned playcaller. You want a 2nd year playcaller... calling plays from a scheme he is just learning?
  14. Because is it going to be the same scheme? Is mike learning Moore’s offense? And didn’t Mike famously say he would never give up play calling again after he did that here? Just seems weird...
  15. Kellen Moore will apparently call plays next year... any body think this was truly McCarthy’s choice? Same ol cowboys and Jerry.