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  1. Vrabel got burned by going for 2 a few years back. Lost the game and narrowly missed the playoffs. I suppose it made him a little more cautious. That year he was carrying his balls around in a wheelbarrow. I was hoping he would kick the extra point personally.
  2. Sure thing fellers. I'll pick a few Titans to defend at all costs no matter how bad they might suck. Hopefully I'm smart or lucky enough to pick ones who have a good year but if not I'm still a kind feller and am quite capable of showing bias.
  3. This announcer seriously just said Clowney was an important piece of this Titans team. He obviously knows nothing about the Titans. ESPN has some lazy people working their games.
  4. He did push off a little bit but I'll take it. It's obvious the Ravens have focused on stopping Henry. Let AJ do his thang, bum ankle and all.
  5. All things considered it could have been worse on the scoreboard. The Packers got a little too greedy on that one drive. Probably should have taken the points instead of turning it over on downs. If the Titans can score 7 coming out the half we have a chance. Maybe.
  6. Definitely questionable officiating. Both of those negated 3rd down stops should have counted probably.
  7. After a 5-0 start, the Titans are in real danger of missing the playoffs altogether. Houston should be a really tough game for them as well..
  8. It's pretty amazing we have 10 wins with this historically bad defense. Everyone on that side of the ball should hang their heads in shame.
  9. Ben Jones: You might be a redneck if you walkin' barefoot in the snow.
  10. I bet the Steelers post game call in show will be entertaining. I doubt the Steelers will beat the Colts or the Browns.
  11. Thanks for nothing Packers, Ya freakin bums!
  12. We need Kern back. Defense has to come right back out on the field with very little rest. Gonna be another 3 straight 4th down conversion attempts. lol
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