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  1. Thoughts on Raheem Morris? Experience on both sides of the ball and apparently a great motivator.
  2. How about Andre Dillard in the 3rd?
  3. What’s the deal with Garcia? Jets obviously need a ot and he was supposed to be decent coming out of college a year or two ago. Is he not fully healthy?
  4. What’s everyone’s opinion on jarret stidham? He seems to have a pretty good arm and seems to be coming around against some decent teams.
  5. I agree that macc's draft haven't been very productive so far. But trying to find a reason to hope that things arent as bad as they seem I was thinking about how much of the talent issue is on macc and how much can be put on bowles and the coaching staff for not developing the talent. Going back to macc's first draft most people in the media thought it was one of the better drafts in the league. It's obviously too early to judge but it does show that Mac wasn't reaching for talent. And it's hard to think of a player that has really taken a set forward under bowles while players like Sheldo
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