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  1. Thought Patrick was in the plans and was looking forward to it. Sad to see him go.
  2. Was a really solid draft you had. Like that QB a lot personally. I'd be happy to have him backing up or even starting with that arm. Think he's fast as well? Also REALLY good to see that some draft classes actually do have good OLine prospect, some even with dev trait.
  3. Tough draft man. Good to see a OLine with Dev though. EA needs to adjust their draft classes to improve OLine prospects, its pathetic that there have been no stud OLine in the drafts you have done.
  4. Disappointing for Turbin, thought he'd have a good year. Archer looks great
  5. Damn the drafts have had far less Dev players then in past years. And your correct, terrible OLine prospects.
  6. Burgess is quality man. He can probably start at Nickle for us this year or add to deep safety depth or starting. Really quality pick honestly.
  7. I do like some Muti too, but I hear there is injury issues with him. Otherwise he's a mauler.
  8. Same here. He's probably best player left.
  9. Baun, Biadasz, J.Elliott, Josh Jones, Hennessy, Troy Dye, Cushenberry, Akeem Davis-Gaither, Netane Muti. They would all be OK for me in the third!
  10. Well that's a damn STEAL for KC. Ugh.
  11. I'm warming to him, but really think we should have gone in another direction. It seems we took 2 underachievers. Though their underwhelming performances might be attributed to their college team mates. So, possibly we got 2 diamonds in the rough. HOPE SO.
  12. Not thrilled with this pick... AT ALL
  13. This is the Houston pick, maybe a replacement at WR? Only one I see worth picking is Mims, and I'm not 100% sold on him.
  14. Nevermind, pick was in immediately. We must LOVE someone here. FYI - I don't know who it is.
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