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  1. The future at offensive line

    We also do have a few promising interior lineman that they are grooming. Tackles I'm a bit more concerned with, particularly LT.
  2. Jrry32 Second to Last Mock Draft

    That still hurts me in my core.
  3. Jrry32 Second to Last Mock Draft

    Honestly, really love it. My mock also has Holland, Cichy, and Kelly in it (who I think will end up as a steal). I would be ELATED if this was the results of our draft, honestly.
  4. Draft Discussion Thread

    This is the best I can find, but its from Walter Football:
  5. Draft Rumors

    Is there an online set where you can place bets on that? Don't see on Bovada or BetDSI
  6. Draft Discussion Thread

    While I definitely want a Edge or ILB in the 3rd, I have Ragnaw as a early to mid talent on the OLine. He can play any interior position and I think he's very talented. To me, it would be hard to pass on that value there. I certainly see what your saying about LB's though, we are clearly pretty desperate for them.
  7. Draft Discussion Thread

    Ragnow would be an absolute steal at our pick in the 3rd. I'm all for any of the 3 you posted, but a bit worried that none of them will be there.
  8. Jrry32 Post-Cooks Mock Draft

    No real complaints with this mock. Love the Griffin, Holland, Cichy, Lindsay picks. Really think Cichy/Lindsay will be a steal. I admittedly haven't watched a lot of Christian but we certainly need a developmental LT of the future.
  9. Draft Discussion Thread

    I'm hoping for some combination of Holland, Ragnow, Cichy in the 3rd-4th. That would be a huge get for us.
  10. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    Yes, I like those guys too. But we have a empty EDGE position and at least need another MLB with Littleton. Again, if Bowman is signed, I'd feel very comfortable with the MLB we have.
  11. Draft Discussion Thread

    Well StLunatic, sorry you put in so much work on those 1st rounders. Guess we need to start a list of 3rd & 4th rounders now.
  12. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    Agree 100% on Bowman. That'd make this trade feel better. So would a 3rd coming back rather then a 4th, for a 1 year left WR that we are gonna have to pay big money too if he plays up to his skill level.
  13. Jrry32 End of March Mock

    While I'm not fully on board with the Brown pick (I think he will be abused by speed rushers in the NFL) I do like most of your picks. I'm not a big fan of WR with our first pick, I like Millers game a great deal. I seriously LOVE the 3 straight LB picks, Cichy is one of my prospect crushes. All around solid mock.
  14. I can't see the Rams passing up the best EDGE on the board with their pick. I think they would be giddy if Landry dropped to them.
  15. Draft Discussion Thread

    I'm really not in love with the WR class this year to be honest. I'd rather we go EDGE, LB, or O Line with our first pick. Honestly, I think the best route is trading back into 2nd to pick up another mid round pick or another 2nd-3rd. We could use a few more bodies at LB and O Line.