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  1. I'm thinking we'd have to make a trade up for Samuel. I like him a lot, but, we don't have that kind of ammo I'm afraid. But, meeting with him twice is pretty telling.
  2. I'd go Walker Little here all day. Had he played last year, he was projected early first round material.
  3. Congrats to @FinneasGage, at least I lost in the voting to the 2k champ team! Thank you @MKnight82 for this sim thread. It had to have taken MANY hours to do this for us.
  4. Obviously biased but my starting 5 Is superior IMO. I also have specialists on my bench for clamp D and quick scoring. FG has a nice squad I just believe mine is slightly better.
  5. Then every team would only have 1 vote, correct? End in a tie
  6. PG - Derrick White - Great guard defense off the bench. @MikeT14 OTC
  7. F- Marcus Morris Sr., LAC Playing very well for the Clips this year and shooting nearly 47% from 3 Point. Solid all around front court player. @MookieMonstah OTC
  8. SG/SF - Danny Green Getting my 3 & D guy for the bench. @MookieMonstah OTC
  9. Richaun Holmes PF/C - Defensive presence off the bench who has also vastly improved his offensive game this year. @MookieMonstah OTC
  10. Definitely love the way my team is shaping up. Size, defense, and versatility all over. 2 guys that can light it up any given night and a extremely versatile big man. Just picked up my sparkplug 6th man in Wall who can come in for Ball or Butler. I'm out of town on vacation so its a bit harder to contribute to this section but do enjoy catching up on it.
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