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  1. Yeah, well, you've known that for a while now.
  2. Dang, you have 2 TJ Hockenson's, they are both TE's, and both 88 OVR? How do you tell them apart? Isn't that a lot to pay 2 TE's? Kidding of course, but you do have him listed twice in contracts. Seems like a decent contract for Freeman. He will probably be the best OL in the league by end of it.
  3. No love for LE Parra? He's as good of a pass rusher as Douglas IMO (higher block shed) and much more agile. Also I assume he could be taken with a solid trade down. Darby has excelling skills but I don't love his athletic testing. Interestingly, what is that 19th rated 40 time actually? Personally, I like Blount a lot. I'd consider him at 19 if you think he won't make it to your 2nd round pick. Actually, now that you mentioned DT Shields, he looks better then Blount in almost all regards and is huge. That actually might be the best player in the draft. If I'm staying at the pick,
  4. Well that is disappointing. Didn't EA implement some drafting AI improvements in last years version that essentially focused on teams not drafting QB's high if they exceeded the threshold of already having a good QB? I could have swore that happened. Did they just ditch that in this years because they had to revamp the whole process?
  5. That probably makes more sense for them business wise. The straight $5/month I wouldn't think does. That said, all of their revenue is from the dumb pay to win games.
  6. That $5/month a month would actually lose them money IMO. I'd still not have paid for the $5 myself, since I haven't really paid it, yet, with that new structure I've paid them for use of it for 12 full months. IMO, they would get less then $60 from most users. I do wish they would do something or the NFL would decide enough is enough and allow for another company to get rights to make it.
  7. Wow ZERO X Factors and only 1 SS? What a crappy class. That RB is going to be a f'ing animal though. Hancock will be good though I'd think.
  8. @AkronsWitness 1- As for this, I just mean you are not choosing your class at the beginning, so I guess I could see how some people might like this way of spec'ing also though. I'm not sure I've ever played a MMORPG that you don't choose your class at creation, so its definitely different to me. That said, is there much diversity in the game? If every player could be everything at just a switch of a weapon, is there any uniqueness? Ok, travel sounds better then how its depicted on line. One other big complaint I see alot is the diversity of the mobs, or rather, lack
  9. So there was a 5 way tie with the worst record in the league and you won the tie? Also, find it interesting and kind of worried that they mocked a 2-3 round talent player to you AGAIN at #1. Why in the world..? Bug I'm guessing?
  10. Nah, the ladies love that kind of $hit! 😄
  11. Just for clarification, I know that the blue indicates a Rookie. Does yellow indicate SS and grey Stars?
  12. Sorry man, I'm an all in fantasy football guy with 9 dynasty teams currently. They take up too much time as is, thank you though
  13. My annoying habit?! LOL. If Madden could pull their head out of their A$$ and actually post a running board so you could actually see who has been drafted, I wouldn't need to But, I realize that won't make them $, so they are not interested.
  14. Ah yeah, that makes sense. Though having the red dot next to the prospect does help me a bit when just scrolling through the board if I want to re examine guys.
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