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  1. Duke Johnson is a guy I’d be interested in. Pretty talented and great receiving out of backfield. REALLY sucks about Akers
  2. MK, you need to play Grim Dawn. It clearly fits your game likes. 7 Days is a pretty incredible zombie game and you clearly like those as well. Do It.
  3. Kind of shocked Wasteland didn't make the cut. I mostly agreed with your top 10 outside of FF and Resident Evil, but, I must confess, I have not played either of those games, so I could conceivably be incorrect. I'd add these to the list, likely very high: Baseball Stars (for the NES I believe?) - Played the hell out of this game for years. So much so that I had to buy several new cartridges (apparently they used to have small batteries in them that would run out). Was the first RPG-like element to a sports game I've ever seen. You could increase ratings with g
  4. Well who wasn't pulling for us taking Jake Funk here? Does seem like a legit athlete and will be a ST player from the get go: Jake Funk RB | HT: 5102 WT: 205 | FORTY: 4.43 | VERT: 38 | BROAD: 10-02 | SHTL: 4.12 | L-DRILL: 6.71 | BP: 22 | Hand: 0900 | Arm: 3028 | Wing: 7248 | 24 teams were at Maryland's Pro Day to watch Funk participate.
  5. I like the Jacob Harris pick He's actually a freak of nature: Jacob Harris - WR HEIGHT: 6’ 5” WEIGHT: 219 pounds 40 YD DASH: 4.39 seconds BENCH PRESS: 15 reps WINGSPAN: 81 1/4” VERTICAL JUMP: 40.5” BROAD JUMP: 11’ 1” 3 CONE DRILL: 6.51 seconds 20 YD SHUTTLE: 4.28 seconds
  6. This round, I'm going to hope for a combo ofEdge - Cam Sample or Rashad WeaverCB - Graham Jr or GowanOL - T.Smith, D.Brown, Hudson
  7. I'm trying to like the Tutu pick, but its real difficult. Explosive, yep. But the problem is, he is a gadget player. He is not ever going to contribute as a starter. In the 2nd round, you should be taking a future starting player IMO. If not, you take that player later.
  8. I'd really challenge anyone to say that we didn't have the worst draft value wise so far. Yes, we don't have a first, but we still could have drafted with value in mind. Tutu is a 4-5th round prospect. Jones is 4th-6th rounder IMO. Definitely other teams had some reaches, but that is all we had. Hard to say I've ever been more disappointed with our draft after day 2 before.
  9. Thinking that is one reason we traded out.
  10. Molden would help me with this draft A LOT.
  11. At least when they took Akers and Jefferson last year, not every single person hated it. I cannot image someone liking this pick AND liking the Rams at the same time. A reach is a reach. He was certainly a reach
  12. I'd rather the Ram coaches cared more about making the team better then Tutu's ego.
  13. You forgot to add a 155lb FIFTH WR.... who doesn't return kicks even... UGH.
  14. Sure, if he was ANTHING like any of those guys. He potentially the lightest player to ever get drafted. He's a tiny guy next to Austin even. Bone thin.
  15. Worst pick of the 2nd round, easily. I thought the hags reached on there WR, until the Rams said hold my beer. What a waste of draft value. there are better players on the board RIGHT NOW. He's fast. Thats literally all he is.
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