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  1. I don't think we'd be the 27th pick without Coop but we'd be in play for Simmons.
  2. Coaches can't talk football or work with players in the off season, right?
  3. Agreed! Put the D back in Dallas. That would make the team similar to the Jags.
  4. Here's a podcast featuring Phillip Tanner. Talks about Dez (Obviously), Romo, "Garrett Guys" and the locker room atmosphere. Pretty good listen for those who have time. https://cspn.us/2018/04/16/gridiron-gals-special-edition-dez-gate-feat-phillip-tanner/
  5. I think Palmer would qualify as a gunslinger plus Arians system was very aggressive. I never said the QB had to be an elite gunslinger for WRs to produce. Just needed the arm and system to pull it off. Our system is/was the complete opposite w/o Romo.
  6. I think that can be said for every skill player. Dez has been given a lot of grief for his stats the last 3 yrs and has been presented to the masses as if he's declining or not earning his salary. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know any elite receivers who produced elite numbers without a gunslinger type QB/system. Hopkins is the only WR that comes to my mind, but again, O'Brien's system is way more aggressive/gunslinger type than our's regardless of the QB.
  7. Not in Dez's case... But I get what you're saying. Some times numbers can lie and can look however you want them to look.
  8. I've been hearing this a lot this off season.....What exactly does "Dak Friendly" mean? I've never heard this used for any other QB. Ex. "Brady Friendly", "Vick Friendly", "McNabb Friendly", "Romo Friendly". Really? lol
  9. Saw an article about an under the radar WR named Teo Redding. Has anyone seen or ran across this guy?
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