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  1. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Am I overthinking this? I have the Pat's D/St vs Ravens, but I am thinking of benching them for Steelers D/St vs Colts. Thoughts?
  2. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    10 team, .5ppr pick #4 QB: Big Ben, Rivers RB: CMC, Carson, Ingram, Freeman, Murray, Hunt WR: Evan's, Thielen, g-mo allison, agholor, Fitzgerald, zay jones, tre Quan Smith TE: Mark Andrew's, trey burton DEF: Seahawks, K: big nutz lutz I feel a little lite on wr but my rb depth is solid imo.
  3. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    From what I caught of the game tonight, I mostly blame our receivers. So many dropped passes... also refs were horrible but it is hard to blame them when they usually are. We all knew it would be hard to go 15-1 and this just happened to be the game where we showed up sloppy. Like y'all have mentioned before though, I think this game is a wake up call and with 4 games remaining, I expect us to really focus in and get what needs to be done done for the the rest of the season.
  4. Dez Bryant Tears his Achilles

    I'm really bummed about this... I was so excited for Brees to throw to him. I really thought Dez would ball out, and now, it is just a very enticing "what if" I wonder who we will sign instead
  5. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Need help, .5 ppr, choose three B. Cooks vs Sea Calvin Ridley @Cle Tyler Boyd vs Saints Alshon Jeffrey vs Dal Desean Jackson @ Wash
  6. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    Was going to say, watching Davenport improve weekly is very exciting!! I think he will continue to do so and make some important plays down the stretch.
  7. Mark Ingram is Back!! How does he do?

    I think we'll see a good amount of Ingram. Kamara has been busting his *** these past 4 weeks, and although he has been very productive some rest/splitting carries again will be very good for him and his health
  8. Week 3 GDT - Saints at Falcons

    If he keeps up his insane play, would he have a chance of finally getting an MVP that he so very much deserves?
  9. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    That was hard to watch, he just had to go down we had the first
  10. Favorite team: Saints Week 1pick: Saints
  11. Jets trade QB Bridgewater to Saints

    He definitely means this season, but I also think he sees the bigger picture and can get behind what Sean Payton has in mind for him. Like people have mentioned before, landing here is a great opportunity for him and if he sticks around, he will be put into an excellent position for a qb
  12. Jets trade QB Bridgewater to Saints

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24529118/teddy-bridgewater-new-orleans-saints-says-mind-waiting-year-grow-drew-brees Woke up this morning and saw this. Some notable quotes, ""I definitely don't mind waiting," said Bridgewater... "For me, I get to take advantage of this opportunity to grow as a man and as a football player." "You watch the tape, you look at the numbers and things like that, and you say, 'Wow.' It's an opportunity to be a part of something like that." "I don't mind waiting. I get to learn from one of the best players to ever play this game, get to be in the room with a great group of guys, get to learn from Coach Payton. So I look forward to that." It was a nice read, it seems like he is on board with the situation and wouldn't mind waiting until Bree's retires.
  13. Mock-Offseason 1.0 (Revised)

    Is anyone else interested by Eifert? Dude was a monster two seasons ago, he just can’t stay healthy which is a huge issue. I’m just not sure if it would be worth the risk
  14. Idk how much of a factor it is but the one good thing about facing the Vikings is that Brees will be throwing in a dome environment. Playing the eagles at home in January can be brutal.
  15. We have had the Panthers number all season and i just don't see that changing, especially in the playoffs. I feel like it will definitely be a more competitive game but we match up so well against them we will still come out with a win. The Eagles will also be a good game but one that will be won by our defense. I could see our secondary dominating Foles and company. I also think I would rather have us facing the Vikings. They crushed us in the opener but that is when we still had AP and our defense was still struggling. Now that we have the Two headed attack of Kamara and Ingram along with our much improved defense i think we can make it a close game and that we can squeak out a win if the ball bounces the right way. The rams offense scares me and their defense is pretty dang good too. They are the most inexperienced when it comes to playoffs but they have been absolute fire this year and I would hate to face Gurley who has been a total beast these past few weeks.