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  1. Denver will likely end up in the same no-mans land we continue to find ourselves in over and over again. It's just time to cut bait with this group of coaches, go out and find a new HC, staff, and QB and try this again. That's all there is to it.
  2. Another week, another uninspired performance. This team is going nowhere fast. In past years they seemed inspired and ready to fight, this year I see none of that. Effort isn’t there, results clearly aren’t there. Especially defensively, which is supposed to be Fangio’s bread and butter. I think we’ll go into the Cleveland game, see what happens, and then probably make a change if the results are awful. No sense doing it on a short week. But Shurmur is beyond the pale terrible. It’s time to cut bait.
  3. I highly doubt Bienemy will be the coach here. Brian Daboll, Bevell, Kellen Moore, a college coach potentially...those need to be the types of guys we look at. Younger coaches can absolutely be effective- Kingsbury, McVay, Zac Taylor, Vrabel (to some extent), LaFleur, Brandon Staley...some pretty good options there. The key is for us to actually find the right guy instead of honing in on someone up front and looking for reasons to justify that choice.
  4. Aside from the game itself, the Raiders losing this week cost me approximately $15,000. This is a total sidebar, but I did a straight up pick-em pool on DraftKings last weekend. Picked every winner correctly except for the LV/CHI game. The ten people who got every pick right took home like $150,000 each. If LV won, it would've been a nice payday for a $25 entry. Still won $300. All that said, I especially hate LV this week for costing me that money. Broncos by a TD lol. That's my hard hitting analysis.
  5. Honestly expecting this game to be low scoring and sloppy all around.
  6. Need to bring in fresh concepts from the college game. Don't need to run a college offense, but look at what the top offenses in the league are doing. We're so boring and have been for eons. Hell, go draft Matt Corral and let's figure out a different scheme. Denver keeps going back to the well for guys who aren't going to take us to the next level. Then they whiffed on Vance. Seems like in every case we decide on a guy up front and fail to hold serious interviews. If the Broncos are ever going to be serious about changing the direction of the team, it starts with that interview process.
  7. Just a gross game to watch today. I think everyone is tired of watching this boring, antiquated version of Broncos football that has been the norm since we won the Superbowl. It's time to bring fresh concepts and new ideas to this team. I hope Paton sees that. Fangio is just over his head. Shurmur is terrible. Neither of them should be here next year. I understand the playcalling is hampered by the injuries, but there are teams in the NFL doing more with less. Defensively, the team looked and played disinterested today. Didn't hit Roethlishberger at all sans one play. AJ had some key oppo
  8. BP, if nothing else, I enjoy when both our teams have winning records so we can get back to the glory days of the rivalry 😁 I don't think realistic fans think this team is a *contender,* but I do think it's feasible that we're fighting for a WC spot. In part because of the weaker schedule, in part because of the defense.
  9. The Steelers offense is horrific. The defense will probably cause us issues, especially being on the road. I don't see this being a high scoring game in any form or fashion. It's the type of game we should win, and probably won't given the injuries. I'd love to be wrong about that one. 4-1 would be a huge morale boost all around at this point of the season. I'll say 20-10 Pittsburgh.
  10. I do not understand your dislike for George Paton. Every time we have a coaching vacancy, you rail against the "hot coordinator" candidates. So for the GM role, we go out and hire an incredibly well regarded personnel guy. He has had ONE offseason, and now you've pivoted to this idea that we're okay with mediocrity. Is the current coaching situation less than ideal? Yes. But you have no clue what the internal dynamics were behind keeping Fangio. None of us do. All I know is this, the guy is well regarded around the league for his talent chops. Bringing in a GM is not a one-year process, and I
  11. Vic sounds ridiculous, and his anger is ridiculous. I agree George, he's got big time "jilted lover" vibes.
  12. Broncos fans just love to complain. It was a comfortable 26-0 home shutout in a game against a terrible opponent where we probably weren’t trying to give too much away. We’re 2 up on KC. Take the W and move on. Baltimore next week is a different animal although to be fair they looked awful against Detroit, but that Tucker FG might be a huge spark.
  13. Denver should absolutely smoke this Jets team. We're not world beaters by any means, but we just went on back to back east coast road trips and took down teams better than the Jets. Returning back to Mile High for an opener? With how Zach Wilson has been playing? Denver should win by 3+ TDs. I'll say 30-14 Denver.
  14. Melvin definitely playing for that contract next year, but I'll take the fruits of his labor in the meantime.
  15. Good thing we're 2-0 with some very good QB play 😅😅
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