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  1. Bausby getting some burn in AAF was great for his career prospects, and I'm really glad we signed him. Yiadom, by all accounts, also looks much improved. This defensive scheme should allow for more aggression in the secondary which will be a nice change of pace from the past.
  2. I didn't watch, but again, will not overreact to the first true preseason game with Flacco in. Death, taxes, and Broncos fans complaining about preseason performance. It's the 3 certainties in life. I'm not going to comment on Vic Fangio's wardrobe, because I can't think of something that I care about less when watching the team. I just want results. I care about how the team performs come Week 1, when the 53 players are selected by the staff. If they underperform, then it's on the staff. Depth is going to be an issue. That's not completely surprising, especially when the coaching staff turns over and you need to bring in a whole new set of guys. The hope will be that they improve as time goes on, but hope is not a strategy.
  3. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    I know we go through this every year, but taking anything away from the first preseason game, and practices which many don't attend is a fools errand.The starters haven't played any meaningful game minutes, especially on defense. The reality is, this defense is going to be very good, just like most Fangio defenses have been. We have a set of very good/elite pass rushers, and a very strong secondary. In today's NFL, that's usually a recipe for success. Offensively, the same concerns are there until proven otherwise. We have a rotating door of QBs, and whether they are veterans are not don't really matter. Flacco has had multiple down seasons in a row. Sounds like McGovern can't snap the ball in a shotgun formation (not good), and obviously the questions writ large about OL talent and WR talent still remain. Denver is going to win between 7-9 games this year, mostly because of defensive prowess and pure talent on that side of the ball. But until they find a QB, they're going to toil in mediocrity, and it won't matter how good the defense is. I don't know if Lock is that guy or not. There's not enough time to be able to make a fair judgement, but I do know Elway is running out of chances to find that player.
  4. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    I'm not at all concerned about anything I saw or didn't see last night. It's the very first pre-season game, with virtually no starters (or rookie starters), with a brand new coaching staff. This is what preseason is for. I don't know how anyone can draw inferences about what the first string defense or offense will do when the seaosn rolls around based on what a bunch of fringe NFL players did. Also, I thought Denver's 1H defense was incredibly solid, and that was with guys more likely to make the team. They let up one TD drive, but especially in the 1Q, they were slapping the Falcons backups around pretty handily.
  5. Agreed George, it's going to be completely based on our playoff standing. Flacco is basically on a one-year trial deal at the moment. If he's god awful, we move on and free up a bunch of cap room next year. If he performs well, we can act accordingly. Lock will be waiting in the wings regardless. He'll have an opportunity whether it be through a Flacco injury (not a completely unlikely scenario, IMO), or just ineffective play. Ultimately, though, I don't think you can out a game target on it. Let's see what Flacco does and how Lock progresses through training camp.
  6. This move has more to do with signaling that we're willing to take care of a star player who was underpaid than anything else. That was more or less echoed by Ben Allbright. Kareem Jackson was a good signing, so I don't think we should be bashing a key FA signing (where contracts are naturally over-inflated) vs Harris' more team friendly deal. We did right by Harris making him the highest paid CB on the team, but frankly, we shouldn't be giving Harris a blank check to make up for a team friendly contract previously.
  7. Are you smarter than our front office v.2019

    I doubt it. Even if he's a good player this year, he's still 34 years old and has come off multiple injuries. Any trends would seem to suggest he's more likely to fall off a cliff with age.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Hey thanks guys! It was a hell of a day- easily the best day of my life. Good luck to both of you!
  9. 3.71 Dreā€™Mont Jones DL Ohio State

    The main difference here is that Dre'Mont Jones is good.
  10. 2.41 Dalton Risner OL Kansas State

    I'll be honest, I think the Risner pick is also a subtle nod to Bolles that he needs to pick it up. He may not be the ideal LT, but James could move there, Risner to RT. Bolles has underperformed thus far. IMO, he's shown very little in the way of growth, and although you could argue some of his mistakes are more mental than anything, he needs to pick it up. Munchak should help with that, but if he doesn't take the next step, Denver should be prepared to shift some things around.
  11. You're not kidding. But if he actually DID stumble into it this time, I'll take it.
  12. 2.42 Drew Lock QB Missouri

    I think Flacc is going to get at least 10 games here no matter how poorly he performs. At the end of the day, Elway and co. have put enough weapons on the offensive side of the ball, that fi Joe doesn't succeed, it's on him. The OL now has bookend tackles, a new guard, Leary, and McGovern in some form or fashion. All TEs are healthy and Fant has now been added. They have two young RBs and a sound passing down option in Booker. WR is young, but has potential. If Flacco fails, Lock is there. If Flacco doesn't fail, the hope should be these guys mature and grow this year to put Lock in a better position when he's ready to take over.
  13. I think they also seem to like Devaunte Bausby who they picked up from the Alliance, and has some NFL experience.
  14. UDFA tracker

    He sounds like a potential Todd Davis replacement if you ask me.
  15. UDFA tracker

    Brett Rypien is a very nice pickup, I agree. He is not a better QB than Drew Lock.