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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    I agree about Jeudy. I think he'll be good, not great. Ruggs/Lamb are going to be a problem in this league if used right. I know there's a lot of WR value, but I truly believe these guys are an order of magnitude better than some comparable skill WRs. We don't need another Sutton type, we do need a dynamic player with the ball in his hands- that to me is Ruggs/Lamb.
  2. I'm mad at myself, because I actually have to go to Kansas City for work on Monday, and I didn't even consider leaving a day earlier and going to the game. SMH. Gonna get some BBQ though. Anyway, I don't expect to win this game, but I do think this is going to be somewhat close. Chiefs clinched the division already, Mahomes has a potential hand injury, and the team is playing well and playing energized with Lock. I could see them playing it somewhat safe, as Denver does have a pass rush that could potentially unsettle/injure Mahomes further and I don't think KC wants to chance that. I think Scangarello continues to pull out all of the stops but KC has firepower no matter how injured Mahomes may or may not be. I will predict 24-20 KC.
  3. 2020 College Prospects

    I love how he's getting beaten over the head every which way over this. It's such an awful take.
  4. 2020 College Prospects

    Depth of talent matters, but I want to just see Denver take the best player, period. Still work to be done building this team. Ruggs/Lamb are significantly better than some other WRs in this class IMO.
  5. 2020 College Prospects

    Assuming we stay in this general area of the draft (10-12 or so), Denver is going to be able to really let the board fall to them if they want. There's potential for some DL guys like Epenesa or Kinlaw, potentially Grant Delpit (though I'm skeptical they take a safety), and a whole host of WRs. To me, depending on how FA goes, Denver needs to go nab a dynamic offensive playmaker. They've struck out trying to find these "value" WRs like DaeSean Hamilton. Go get Ruggs or Lamb and pair them with Fant/Lindsay/Sutton/Lock and let the kids play.
  6. I was incredible pleased with the play of the entire team yesterday, but obviously, and especially, Drew Lock. That was a masterful performance all around, from playcalling, to actual on-field performance. I saw actual creativity in the route combinations, and Lock made a lot of good decisions. I loved his swagger and his energy the entire time. Now, I want to see how he responds after a game like this. Does he keep it up? Does he show signs of continuing to progress, improve the back foot throwing motion, etc..? That's what will determine his future. There's a lot to be excited about though. The entire team played great. Noticed a lot of the Noah Fant bashing has died down on Twitter. He's looked significantly better. The defense looked awesome. Simmons was great. Kareem Jackson was an absolute terror. I loved seeing it. Best part- this didn't significantly impact our draft position.
  7. Report: Fangio “treats everyone like crap”

    Also just want to point out, the Broncos have a few vets lingering around that have been part of a revolving door dumpster fire for a few years now.
  8. GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

    I see no point in doing this. The kid has to play at some point. If we wait until literally every piece is in place before trotting him out there, we'll be waiting forever. They've already burned one of his 4 years and have gotten no indication of his skillset. Without the 5th year option, if he does pan out, this ends up being a bigger issue for us.
  9. GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

    1000% this. Fangio is the messenger. I'm somewhat confident this is coming from Elway/Ellis because of the delusions of grandeur they may have had that this team turned a corner or something because of a few wins. The reality is, at this point, we are not making the playoffs. Brandon Allen is not starting caliber, and you drafted a guy early in hopes he may be the next franchise guy. At this point, throw him out there, let him get his feet wet, contribute, and build a rapport with the other young players. Denver is just screwing around out of some weird stubbornness to play young QBs (a garbage mindset, especially given Lock does not a have 5th year option).
  10. Report: Fangio “treats everyone like crap”

    Yup. I mean, don't get me wrong, I expect every once in awhile these guys aren't complete robots and talk about things that aren't work (as we all do at work), but it's clear to me that under Vance in particular this was just a laid back environment without a lot of accountability. That kind of immediate culture shock is something these guys were probably ill-equipped to deal with.
  11. Report: Fangio “treats everyone like crap”

    To be honest, I put precisely zero stock in this story. I am sure there was some consternation about the anemic offensive play under Flacco. And there should be. I'm sure Fangio, who has a no BS approach, isn't popular with everyone who wants their ego coddled in an NFL locker room, but players seem to respond quite well to him. There's a lot of success in that defensive locker room regardless of record. I have a hard time believing this is coming from that side of the house.
  12. Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings

    Would much rather pay Harris than Wolfe at this point in their respective careers. I hope they bring Harris back. He's certainly found something that works.
  13. Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings

    For this season at least, this was a very typical way to lose. That said, I took a lot of positives away from this game despite the loss. Sutton/Fant looked very solid, and it's clear we have some nice building blocks going forward when combined with the young RBs. We do need one more capable WR. At this time, Patrick is a nice depth option, but he's not a #2 and Hamilton is MIA. Defensively, I thought Harris was tremendous. The DL in general did a great job bottling up Cook. The offensive playcalling started out strong, sorta withered at some points, but in general, I felt that this was a nice step forward in that area. Denver needs to get Drew Lock on the field. 3-7 all but guarantees we are out of it (not that we didn't know it before). Lock needs to build some rapport with players on this offense.
  14. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Matt Ryan has played with inferior teams, and mostly inferior talent his entire career. I agree he should shoulder some blame for them not winning, but the offense didn't blow a 28-3 lead. Winning a SB does not make you a better QB. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were not better QBs than Dan Marino or Philip Rivers.
  15. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    What tools? He had no tools. He was raw, but he was nasty, and this was the offseason after Elway complained about how soft everyone was. He also has a propensity to look at local talent. Elway, I can promise you, was not considering the long-term value retention of the Bolles pick. We had no OT, his hand was forced, and the pick was telegraphed. I'm sure he talked himself into it.