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  1. I wouldn't trade him necessarily, but a comp pick is going to be dictated by what someone is willing to pay him if we let him walk. I don't think Patrick would get major money, but I think he's a talented WR that can win jump balls, has reliable hands, and importantly, not a lot of mileage on him. If he gets a decent contract (assuming no major offsets on our side), could easily see a 5th round comp for him or something.
  2. I would also think we won't fetch more for Patrick via trade than we might get as a comp pick? Patrick is going to have a big role on this team I think. He's a sure handed guy with a big frame in the red zone. He'll be a hot commodity next offseason (won't be here). Our WR corps is loaded though. Sutton/Jeudy/Patrick/Hamler/Cleveland is as good as any group in the league in terms of pure talent/potential.
  3. I certainly wasn't expecting him to stick as a WR. I'm still not, but at the same time, if Hinton has some WR chops, might not be the worst to have an occasional gadget player to use. We haven't had someone like that in a long time.
  4. Broncos fans overrate this guy. He's shown next to nothing lol. There's not going to be a trade market for DaeSean Hamilton. If he showed out that much, we'd keep him. Sutton, Patrick, Jeudy, Hamler, Cleveland is a very solid group of 5.
  5. This isn't an especially tough schedule on paper, but that doesn't really mean much. That said, if we can't finish above .500 with this schedule, it's time to clean house completely. My guess is that we end 10-6, especially with a stronger defense and hopefully improved 2nd year play at QB, plus fewer injuries.
  6. Or he is willing to see out this next year with Fangio, giving him a ton of defensive weapons to prove he can stop Mahomes + be competitive in the divison. If the Broncos are under .500 and Lock looks bad, he's not getting another year. I would be floored if he does.
  7. The big difference is that those guys are depth signings and nothing more. Plus, Teddy is a one-year guy (you would think), Boone is actually a very good ST guy. Shamar Stephen is pure depth. That's much less concerning to me than what we've done in the past.
  8. Ebenezer Ekuban, Mike Myers, Courtney Brown, Gerard Warren. YIKES.
  9. Yep. I remember lots of fierce debate on here once upon a time as to whether Champ was better than Nnamdi Asomugha. Still find that laughable. Champ was one of a kind. Wish he could've gotten that ring.
  10. Nah, it's not crazy at all. Surtain is a special player, there's no doubt about it.
  11. Bad injury, worse timing. Feel for the guy injury wise, don't really feel too bad contract wise. It will be interesting to see what happens though. From what I read, James was working out at the team facility prior to the decision by the NFLPA to push players not to work out on site for COVID reasons. Would have to think James has a legitimate gripe with the union, not with the Broncos. I wonder if Denver still considers paying him? I kind of doubt it, but I can't help but think if it were a better/more liked player, we probably would (i.e Von). Like I said, will be interesting to s
  12. I saw this yesterday and it gave me pause. I would not have thought this was the direction we'd go, but it does say something about our future at OLB given Miller/Chubb's contracts in the next year.
  13. This will be a fascinating season for a lot of reasons, but it's truly going to be make or break for a lot of folks within the organization. Denver is clearly willing to give either Lock or Teddy the weapons needed to succeed, and the defense to back them up. That said, this offense needs to average about 24ppg to turn the corner. If we can't get there with a second offseason under the same staff and more offensive weapons, everyone sans Paton needs to go. This is Fangio's last chance IMO. I would even go as far as saying a wild card birth as a 10-7/9-8 team isn't enough for QB to not be
  14. I will give this draft a B+, mainly because I think the QB question still looms reasonably large, and passing up on a QB at 9 for Surtain could prove to be a fairly big inflection point for this franchise if (big if) Fields becomes a good NFL QB. Surtain is going to see the field. I predict he'll push Callahan out by midseason or sooner. Javonte probably starts or gets a timeshare off the bat, full duty by mid-season. Meinerz will start at some point this season barring injury. The rest of the players might see spot duty. One of the two safeties we took in R5 probably gets a little run. I
  15. Jamar Johnson is a good prospect. Kinda surprised he's still on the board. I like this one.
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