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  1. This move has more to do with signaling that we're willing to take care of a star player who was underpaid than anything else. That was more or less echoed by Ben Allbright. Kareem Jackson was a good signing, so I don't think we should be bashing a key FA signing (where contracts are naturally over-inflated) vs Harris' more team friendly deal. We did right by Harris making him the highest paid CB on the team, but frankly, we shouldn't be giving Harris a blank check to make up for a team friendly contract previously.
  2. Are you smarter than our front office v.2019

    I doubt it. Even if he's a good player this year, he's still 34 years old and has come off multiple injuries. Any trends would seem to suggest he's more likely to fall off a cliff with age.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Hey thanks guys! It was a hell of a day- easily the best day of my life. Good luck to both of you!
  4. 3.71 Dreā€™Mont Jones DL Ohio State

    The main difference here is that Dre'Mont Jones is good.
  5. 2.41 Dalton Risner OL Kansas State

    I'll be honest, I think the Risner pick is also a subtle nod to Bolles that he needs to pick it up. He may not be the ideal LT, but James could move there, Risner to RT. Bolles has underperformed thus far. IMO, he's shown very little in the way of growth, and although you could argue some of his mistakes are more mental than anything, he needs to pick it up. Munchak should help with that, but if he doesn't take the next step, Denver should be prepared to shift some things around.
  6. You're not kidding. But if he actually DID stumble into it this time, I'll take it.
  7. 2.42 Drew Lock QB Missouri

    I think Flacc is going to get at least 10 games here no matter how poorly he performs. At the end of the day, Elway and co. have put enough weapons on the offensive side of the ball, that fi Joe doesn't succeed, it's on him. The OL now has bookend tackles, a new guard, Leary, and McGovern in some form or fashion. All TEs are healthy and Fant has now been added. They have two young RBs and a sound passing down option in Booker. WR is young, but has potential. If Flacco fails, Lock is there. If Flacco doesn't fail, the hope should be these guys mature and grow this year to put Lock in a better position when he's ready to take over.
  8. I think they also seem to like Devaunte Bausby who they picked up from the Alliance, and has some NFL experience.
  9. UDFA tracker

    He sounds like a potential Todd Davis replacement if you ask me.
  10. UDFA tracker

    Brett Rypien is a very nice pickup, I agree. He is not a better QB than Drew Lock.
  11. I would love to see Denver target Tre Watson as a UDFA if it gets to that.
  12. I'm giving this draft a B. I didn't like the Watson trade- just didn't think it made a whole lot of sense. I think Winfree is intriguing, but I also assume we could have gotten him without trading. Hollins was a good pick. I think Denver came away with a solid group of players again. I will say I'm a bit shocked we didn't take MLB, but it's clear Elway doesn't value the position so maybe it's on the fans to adjust their expectations towards the draft. Fant, Risner, Jones will all be contributors this year one would think. Risner should be an instant starter. Fant is going to play- will he be amazing immediately, probably not, but if they get him on the field in positions where he can succeed, I think it'll be a huge benefit. As always- going to wait for UDFA, because we do have a knack of finding contributors at that point.
  13. Also, no CB taken thus far leads me to believe Harris will be around this year. Unless of course we trade him during this round.
  14. One player (maybe a slight homer pick) I'd love to see Denver nab late in the draft is Tre Watson at MLB.
  15. Jones really came on last year. This is definitely bad news for DeMarcus Walker, who is trash. What an awful pick that was. Jones will play rotationally this year, and I expect an impact there.