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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I disagree. QB is still the most important position across any sport. 90% of the time, you need an above average QB to win a title. Simple as that. I would also argue that what Baltimore did IS the same as that third dynamic above. I don't know of many teams that aren't simultaneously pursuing younger QBs at the expense of jettisoning the vets that are either overpaid, underperforming, or both.
  2. Who will Fall in the Draft

    I think Murphy will fall because of scheme fit, not who he is as a player. He's the best zone corner in this draft bar none. In that kind of system, he will be insanely successful. Press man? He'll fail. I think there's somewhat of a chance some of these WRs fall. I could see Metcalf falling (or going Top 8). Ed Oliver seems to be falling some. I could see Rashan Gary falling a bit as well. Mack Wilson is someone I think will go a LOT lower than people might expect because he's really not that good.
  3. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I agree with you. I'd rather that be the approach we took- reload not rebuild, but in this era, the model of young QB with experience around him is clearly what works. Rivers, Matt Ryan, etc... those guys are legit franchise QBs, but aside from one year of Atlanta, they've never been part of contenders, and with a QB getting 30MM/yr, you have to go into subsequent seasons with youth or inexperience at multiple positions.
  4. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    In today's NFL, you cannot draft a QB with a premium pick and let him sit for 50% or more of his rookie contract. Just absolutely cannot do it. The salary disparity between a QB's rookie deal and his eventual second deal is so significant that it drastically alters a team's roster composition. Having that rookie QB contributing early means you can supplement the team with high-impact FAs, and be more aggressive in pursuing impact players. The Rams are a perfect example. The moves they made will not be possible when Goff starts making $25MM+ per year. It's true that QBs need some time to develop, but unless and until the pay scale changes, the best thing you can do is draft a QB with some skills, throw him to the wolves, and commit to building a team around him quickly to try and maximize success.
  5. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    At this point, I tend to also believe that Denver will draft Lock at 10 if he's there. I don't believe they'll trade up for him. If he's not there, they'll take a QB in Rounds 2-4.
  6. Let the Offseason Begin

    I would peg the chances of Parks being cut at zero. He's a really good player, hard worker, low salary, I think he actually fits the mold of what Fangio wants more than some other guys in that secondary.
  7. Let the Offseason Begin

    I'm not really concerned. He might just be lying. Regardless, he has a tremendous track record as a defensive coach. I would think the last thing we would worry about are his chops in that respect.
  8. Draft Prospects

    I like Harry, but I think with Sutton and Tim Patrick, he's sort of redundant. Granted, no one should think having Patrick on the roster means we don't need a WR, but I thought he played pretty well last year all things considered. Denver needs someone like Andy Isabella. In fact, they should draft Andy Isabella. You want to talk about adding dynamic elements to the offense? Yes please.
  9. Draft Prospects

    I think it depends on who is there. You could argue that Langley made sense in the late third off those same characteristics only, but he was a massive overdraft based on available talent at the time. We'll see. I agree, dude is a freak, and who knows, he may have been utilized incorrectly at ASU, but I know Elway tends to fall in love.
  10. Draft Prospects

    Klis mentioned today our interest in DL Renell Wren from ASU. Wren had a very strong combine even though his college production was spotty. Sounds like we not only showed a lot of interest in him at the Sr. Bowl, but at the Combine, and Elway made specific mention to him we'd be at his pro-day. Welcome to your 2019 over-draft candidate.
  11. Let the Offseason Begin

    Von's cap hit is 25.1MM. Flacco is 18.5MM. Almost 44MM right there. Leary at 9MM. Todd Davis at 5MM. Chubb makes 6MM. I'd say that's definitely driving the overall cap number right now.
  12. Trading the 10th Pick

    Agreed and this is exactly how I felt last year about Chubb. Just take the players with the highest upside.
  13. Which Non-QB would you draft at 10?

    We won't draft one at 10, but in my mind there's no reason to pass up Fant in Round 2 if he's there and we don't bring in someone in FA. Butt and Fumagalli aren't going to be the future of TE on this team. They are nice role players which are needed, but Denver needs to find someone better than just league average at the position. Hell, league average would even be a benefit, but they need someone with some skill.
  14. Draft Prospects

    I honestly think Denver will be better served drafting someone like Will Grier in Round 3. I would still be okay with Drew Lock, but honestly, I'd rather just fill some defensive holes at this point. There's so many strong defensive prospects where we sit. White, Greedy, Baker, Murphy, and then a whole bunch of DLs. Hard to pass up something like that given the state of this team, IMO
  15. 2019 Mock Draft Thread

    I don't necessarily agree with this. It may be true that other teams don't have many players still on the roster from those drafts, but Elway didn't have much in the way of contribution from players throughout some of those draft classes, which caused us to lean heavier on FA than we should have. 2011- Miller, Julius Thomas, and Orlando Franklin were good picks. The rest were minor contributors or didn't contribute consistently. 2012- Wolfe, Jackson, Trevathan, were good picks. Some good contribution from Hillman and Bolden occasionally, same with Brock. 2013- Draft was a complete disaster 2014- Roby and Paradis were good, but this is where I'd expect we start having more players with extended contracts and right now we don't. 2015- Yuck, not a good draft at all. 2016-Mixed bag. Gotsis has been okay. Simmons, McGovern, Parks, Booker- same, all just kinda average backups. Lynch was a flop. Not the best draft. 2017- Bolles average, rest of the draft was a disaster 2018- Strong draft, best of his tenure so far. 3 drafts that were unmitigated disasters, no extended contributors from 2014 on. 2018 is still a TBD, but in my mind, this is not really a great picture of Elway's abilities.