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  1. Depends on the team. I would take him in a heartbeat. I think it's one of those picks you don't overthink and just make. I do, however, think Jamarr Chase is a better prospect.
  2. With anything, I will let the story play out, but I don't think this is going to end well. Just a gut feeling. That whole Von/Megan saga was bound to end ugly. Ben Allbright says there's allegedly "receipts" so my gut says this is bad news bears for Von.
  3. Earl Thomas was hands down a more critical part of his team's SB success than Brandon Graham. Period. So was Sherman. You're going contrarian/revisionist history here. Sherman is a HOF CB without a doubt. 3x 1st team All-Pro, 2x second team, 2010 all-decade, SB winner, 5x Pro Bowl. That's a HOF resume.
  4. Correct- however, the OP's question was players who were more crucial to a championship. Since Watt/Donald didn't win a title, I excluded them. Donald is the most dominant defensive player of the last decade IMO. Von is 2 or 3.
  5. Or could be a spot for us to consider a QB. Nothing would shock me.
  6. I mean to be fair, Antonio Brown in his prime wasn't exactly the biggest guy either but still made a lot of incredible plays. I don't know that Brown is the most apt comparison, and I think Jamarr Chase is better than Devonta, but he can certainly be a good pro with his physique.
  7. Richard Sherman/Earl Thomas. But yes, Von is right there alongside them.
  8. I'm of the opinion that Paton may (should?) look to deal Von for draft capital. In part I think a lot of it will have to do with our feelings on QB, but I could certainly see an offseason dedicated to locking up Simmons/Shelby, drafting heavy on defense, signing a competent vet QB, letting Lock prove himself with a second season, and setting ourselves up for a QB in 2022. Personally, I would expect that if we do get a new starting QB, it's a proven vet like Stafford or Watson. I don't see the logic in drafting a new QB with a coach/OC combo that *could* be up in the air. Build up the defe
  9. https://twitter.com/CourtneyRCronin/status/1349412847143555077 Certainly not a bad thing to hear.
  10. Happy with the hire from what I know, but like anything, the proof will be in the pudding. Yes, he's worked under one guy a long time, but the Vikings have had successful drafts overall. He seems to be well respected across the industry, so that's never a bad thing.
  11. Wouldn't shock me if Zaven Collins was a no doubt Top 10/15 pick by draft time. He's that good.
  12. Why is he a POS? For trying to get the best deal for himself when his franchise pulled the wool over his eyes?
  13. I'm not gonna go into it too much, but the reality of the current day is that you have to be a location players want to play in. Especially with FA being bigger than ever. A lot of what makes players want to play for a team is an owner/ownership group that is at least cognizant/supportive of social justice causes that a lot of players rally around. One can discount that in favor of their own political beliefs, but to do so is to completely miss the mark when it comes to the NFL.
  14. I would trade that for him now. Watson is that good. He's young. He's proven. We need a QB to compete in the AFCW. Without one, we're not going to sniff the playoffs, I don't care how good and young the offensive core is.
  15. Sounds a little bit like PR-speak to me. I'm sure they would love Von around, but I'm not sure they want him at his salary, and if an offer came that could better the team, I'm not convinced they wouldn't move on.
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