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  1. I think they will too. Or at least they should. If they don't though, I sincerely hope we make the jump to 4.
  2. I am fully aboard the Fields train at this point. I think he's going to be incredibly good. We've seen him twice now. Different folks in the org too, not Paton each time. Wonder if that's indicative of trying to build the consensus to move up?
  3. Said this in one of the early pages of this thread, but I love Jaycee Horn. I think he's exactly the kind of CB Fangio is looking for, personally.
  4. Both of them are 100% worth trading up for when you sit at 9 and are talking about trading up to 4-7. Saying you wouldn't trade up two spots to 7 for a potential franchise QB is crazy IMO. It's two spots. It's much crazier to talk about whether trading up from, say, 20 into the Top 5 is too much.
  5. Ultimately, I do not see Denver making any trade until they see, with certainty, who is available at 4. Unless we have rock solid intel prior to that. And frankly, there's no guarantee that Atlanta even takes a QB, so we could still have a chance at moving up for QB between 5-7 if we really want.
  6. What is there to support Fields mental acuity being an issue?
  7. If Denver trades for a QB that isn't their Week 1 starter, it's a waste of draft capital. Period, end of story. What is the point, specifically in trading for Teddy Bridgewater? If you're going to trade picks, trade them for players who move the needle. Trading for Nick Foles or Teddy Bridgewater is laughable IMO.
  8. Welp, Darnold is no longer an option, but importantly it would seem Carolina is also no longer in the market for a QB. Still think if we want QB we're going to have to trade up. 1-3 are locked in at QB. If the Falcons want to go that route they can land whomever is left I suppose. If SF takes Mac Jones, I'd hope we trade up for whichever of Fields/Lance is there. I've come around to saying it's worth it to gamble on either of them.
  9. Holy moly, what a throwback. Been awhile since I've seen this name pop up!
  10. Pitts is going to be absolutely unreal in this league. He's got the position versatility that few players have, and the athleticism to win just about any matchup. If he goes to a team with a competent QB and OC, it's going to be trouble. He'd be tremendous in Atlanta. The weapons on that offense would open up a lot of looks for him.
  11. I do not see us taking either of those players at 9 personally. I think it's more likely that we would take a RT at 9.
  12. Broncos fans have little patience, but that's frankly because we've gone through a bunch of trash options at QB over the years instead of actually trying to invest in the position, bite the bullet, and find the long-term guy. Lock seems to me like a guy with an absolute ceiling of a Top 15 QB. More likely, he's in that 20-ish range. I'd love to be wrong, and maybe with a 2nd year in this system he'll prove me wrong, but the Broncos also can't waste a very favorable cap situation waiting for Drew Lock. If Lock takes the step this year, commit long term. If he's a decidedly average QB (~20
  13. I think it's really about replenishing the D with younger players. Cornerback over the long term, for sure. Ojemudia might amount to a decent depth option, but in our division it's safe to say top tier CB play will continue to be important. Safety next to Simmons is equally necessary, but I expect this to be a priority for us this year. Coverage LB is needed- we've been scraping by with average-ish play, but it's clear there's been a longer-term desire to find top tier talent, by virtue of the players in the draft we've been linked to over the years. Edge rusher is a clear and p
  14. I agree with this post 10000%. Don't telegraph who the pick is like Elway so often did in the past. Do not pay a ransom for Mac Jones. If we like him at 9, fine, but I'd hate to be trading up for him personally because I don't see the value. And Paul, the thought of Pitts on this team is tantalizing. I agree we don't need those weapons per se, but Pitts is one of a kind, IMO. Not a lot of players like him that I can remember.
  15. I kind of agree with you. They aren't going to trade that pick to Carolina, so it could be an option for us. We're only really contending with NE for 4 (if we want that pick). That said, I don't see Denver making a trade to 4 until draft day if they do at all. Need to see who is left. If we do anything before draft day its a move to 2.
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