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  1. The rumor for OC is Adam Stenavich, the GB OL Coach/Run Game coordinator. The DC rumor is Ejiro Evero, the Rams secondary coach/pass defense coordinator
  2. I don't know enough about Evero, admittedly, but I am sure he has more qualifications than being Hackett's boy. Stenavich appears to be very highly regarded and I gather he'd be the OC, so there's room for Munchak to stay I'd have to imagine.
  3. He'll be promptly deleting every tweet from the last two weeks.
  4. I like Dustin Crum. Think he'd be interesting in the modern NFL.
  5. Stenavich would be a very strong OC hire as far as I can tell. Don't know much about Evero. Everyone we hired is young though. It's extremely clear to me Denver is trying to inject youth and fresh ideas into this franchise. Hackett: 42 years old Stenavich: 38 years old Evero: 41 years old (also born in the UK, so Lomax is gonna love it!)
  6. Palooka (pookie) is a secret Broncos fan. Don't let him fool ya πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  7. Posting from my phone, but confirmed by Schefter and Klis on Twitter. Smart hire. Can’t wait to see who the rest of the staff is. More thoughts to come when I get on my laptop.
  8. I don't see a scenario where we land Adams and Rodgers, unless we offload one of Sutton/Patrick to do so. Realistically, I don't think we could afford both of them even if somehow it were a possibility. Also, while it's obviously popular to speculate about Hackett, I do think the fact that he left without a contract is somewhat telling. Obviously we want to do due diligence (as we should), but by letting him go you run the risk of another team signing him. This tells me either Quinn is the preferred option, and if he's declines then we pivot to Hackett, or O'Connell is the top choice and
  9. For the promise of elite QB play, I do think it's worth it. Especially because, as was pointed out, those picks would conceivably be at the tail end of R1. Now, obviously it's value being given up, but I do think our team is quite strong as constructed sans QB, and with a lot of these guys under control into the future, it's a risk worth taking.
  10. I forgot you were in the room, but thankful that you were to shed some light on Quinn's coaching bona fides for us!
  11. Anyone dismissing Quinn just wants to hire an offensive coach and should be open and honest about that. Because when it comes to success/hardware, Quinn has more than any coach we've looked at. He shut down the high powered Manning offense, and was *this* close to winning as HC with Atlanta. He would be an excellent hire for this team. Whether it's the ideal hire, we won't know until it happens (or doesn't).
  12. That's fair, but that was also a long time ago. I'd also note some of these guys may want to follow Fangio anyway, so expecting them to stay may be futile. I am sure some will be retained/want to be retained, but I do see the entire team maybe wanting to start fresh and hit reset, including on the coaching staff.
  13. Personally, I would not assume that will be the case. Maybe a few guys (Kollar, for starters), but I feel like coaching changes usually mean coaching personnel turnover as well.
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