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  1. He's a moron. Not much more to say than that. No excuse for it.
  2. Because that's not how this virus works. There's false negatives, false positives, asymptomatic players, no gameday testing.
  3. Think it's kinda garbage that Stokley did that to someone he used to play with, but Von looked foolish and unprofessional. Players get asked stuff like that all the time. Gotta know it's coming.
  4. Smart re-signing, underrated player, and very hard to deny that our run defense has improved significantly since he's been starting.
  5. Sly Williams, Darius Kilgo, and Nigel Bradham. What a wild world.
  6. Lol that's a pretty accurate way to put it, and I agree. Feels like the logical career arc for Rypien.
  7. I am happy we won. I'll always be happy to see the Broncos win. Bummed because this is a game that I could have went to in a normal timeline since I live 40 min from Metlife. Overall, some good some bad, as you'd expect. I thought Rypien looked pretty good considering he's had likely zero reps/time and had a short week travelling east. Some bad throws, but that's going to happen. Also thought he made some good throws. Would like to see him continue to be QB, but I am guessing Bortles will start vs NE. Tim Patrick had a good game- he's definitely a more valuable WR than I think he gets credit for (from myself included). Pretty reliable depth guy to have. The run defense looked very good, granted it was the corpse of Frank Gore and the Jets, but you gotta win the battles on the field, and we did. Great to see Chubb look like himself again, and hell of a game for Josey Jewell. I thought he played phenomenal last night. Bausby needs to play going forward. He's better on the boundary, Callahan can move inside, and Ojemudia can stay on the other side. I like Bassey, but he's going to get exposed by better teams if he got that exposed last night. McManus legged out some monster kicks in the rain. Enjoyed seeing that after the big contract. Not sure why Vic didn't kneel the ball at the end of the game rather than let Rypien get murdered out there. That was fairly irresponsible and illogical. On the flipside, Gregg Willams is a POS and I am not shocked they had, what, 7 personal foul calls last night? Just gross, but unsurprising. Finally, I will eat my well-deserved crow here. Adam Gase is an atrocity. I was a big Gase fan when he was our OC under Manning and (wrongly) felt that he could be a good NFL HC if given the chance, including here in Denver. He clearly is and has not been up to that task- the Jets awful GM situation aside. I expect Gase loses his job shortly, probably popping up as someone's QB coach for a few years to rebuild his credibility. I do not think he'll ever be a HC again. Good to get off the mark- especially because I still do not expect us to have a great deal of success against better/healthier teams. I will give Vic and the coaching staff a lot of credit though- this team continues to fight hard and play hard on a weekly basis and as a fan I appreciate that.
  8. Don't worry, Herndon will blow up tonight. Denver's defense is a sieve against TEs, doesn't matter who they are.
  9. He's not going anywhere. Denver cannot afford more turnover, and frankly, the sheer number of injuries buys him a year. This isn't his fault. We've demonstrated that we will play hard and not given up over Fangio's term.
  10. Darnold is a good quarterback. People want to dog him because of the garbage franchise he plays for, but I mean my god look at what he's working with. Gase also sucks.
  11. And this isn't a coaching issue. I mean I know you hate Fangio (and every other coach we've had since Shanahan) but we need to be honest about what the current issue is. This isn't like one player got hurt. We're talking significant, season ending or long-term injuries to some of the best players on the team at the same time.
  12. If Lock doesn't return there's a chance we don't win a single game, and that includes the Jets and Dolphins games.
  13. Lmao this is just a comedy at this point. Casey, Jones, Miller, Bouye, Lock, Sutton, Lindsay, James (via opt out), I mean this is just a complete tire fire.
  14. Trevor Lawrence is the best QB prospect in a long time. Drew Lock has two more controllable years. QB is the most important position in any sport. I am not denying the OL is a significant issue. What I'm saying is because this team is playing poorly, they may have a chance to fall backwards into Lawrence, and they should take him if that's the case.
  15. I would imagine Micah Parsons is going to be the #1 target for this team if we're picking, say, Top 7 or so, but not high enough to take Lawrence.
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