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  1. Love Chubb but...

    I don't know how you can arrive at this conclusion after one year. Chubb had a terrific rookie season, and pass rush is always a necessity in the NFL. What if you make that trade and both picks miss? It's easy to look back and say "we could have had X" or "we could have had Y", but we could also have taken some guys who didn't contribute at all. I'm fine with the trade. When there's legit blue chip talent, you take that talent every time.
  2. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    I would imagine we sit pretty at 10 now and wait to see what falls to us.
  3. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    What on earth is this team doing? Will reserve (some) judgement until we see what we gave up, but yikes. This is just bad.
  4. Pat Bowlen & Champ Bailey elected to HoF

    Beyond happy about this for Bowlen, Bailey and the Broncos fanbase. Long overdue. I already booked my hotel room. Probably gonna go with my mom (lol).
  5. Which Non-QB would you draft at 10?

    If we don't go QB, there's a wealth of potential DT/CB options, and then Devin White. I'm thinking Ed Oliver, Jeffery Simmons (this one is dicey with the DV history), DeAndre Baker, Byron Murphy, Greedy Williams. That's a lot of really good prospects, and then you have some potential OL guys too.
  6. Let the Offseason Begin

    Most people who preach about 2020 don't actually know anything about the QBs, they have just heard the media and Twitter hype and are riding with that.
  7. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Denver is either going to draft a QB at 10, or in Round 7. They can't have back to back years with a Top 10 pick and come away with no QB. if you don't get one in that time frame, odds are you aren't getting one at any other point in the draft. Not to mention, being patient and hoping a QB falls into your lap doesn't happen much either. If Denver likes Lock or whomever, go for it and get him. I'd rather the team gambled on talent at QB in Round 1 than roll with Keenum another year. Denver has been playing it safe at QB since Elway retired with the exception of the Manning years. The times they didn't play it safe, they never actually started the QB they drafted (Osweiler, Lynch). If I'm Elway, I go draft a guy at 10 or earlier, play him immediately, let him take the lumps and see how he develops. Enough with the sitting guys for two years.
  8. Front Office Changes?

    Learning happens in the first few years. The same way we have a ridiculously small scouting department. These guys aren't interested in dissenting opinions, they're interested in control. It also proves to me Elway still hasn't learned he can't draft. The blame seems to continue to be set at the feet of coaches more than anything, but Elway's talent ID has been atrocious.
  9. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    In today's NFL, you don't have the luxury of "developing a QB." The vast majority of competitive teams are winning with a QB either on a rookie contract or significantly below market value. I think I read that 6 of the highest paid QBs aren't in the playoffs this year. That goes to show that having a young QB that plays immediately is the best path to a SB win. Not having that decreases your chances significantly. Not saying it's impossible, but the idea that in today's NFL you can draft someone and let him sit for 3 years and then he'll become effective would be a statistical anomaly (and that's putting it mildly). Best recipe for success is having ample cap space, drafting a young QB and starting him early, and then using cap space as a weapon to absorb contracts of talented players (like the Rams are doing). Kansas City has also done a little bit of this.
  10. Front Office Changes?

    I just read that. Good lord is that pathetic. The criticism is what made him bust? No. The fact that he wasn't good is what made him bust.
  11. Grade the Fangio Hire

    I can't grade it until I see the full staff, but I'm thrilled that Kubiak isn't bringing the Dennison show back.
  12. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    Oh god more Rick Dennison? Hard pass.
  13. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Drew Lock is probably the favorite right now, if you ask me, but I would still like to see Denver take a closer look at Haskins and Jones. I'm so lukewarm on Kyler Murray. First off, just because he declares for the draft does not mean he'll end up playing football. He's still got an incredible amount of risk not related to his actual skill set. I would not be thrilled if Denver drafted him. FWIW, Lock is a halfway decent prospect. I am coming around on him slightly. He needs to fix the footwork, that's the biggest issue with him. I watched like 4 or 5 Mizzou games this year, and Lock has the tools, but his backpedal and tendency to sling the ball up instead of standing in the pocket, climbing the pocket and using proper technique is problematic. He's a deceptively good athlete, however, and as Counselor said, he's smart with the football. I think this last fact is somewhat underappreciated, but Lock doesn't make a ton of bad decisions (that I've seen).
  14. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    I am pleased with the hire from the "who" standpoint. I like Fangio. His defensive units have always been strong performers, and with Von + Chubb, there's a lot of reason to believe this team can continue to perform at a high level defensively. Fangio can be very similar to Mike Zimmer, and I don't think that's a bad thing. The reality is this- Denver has a bad reputation because of the lack of QBs, poor drafting, and coaching carousel. That's on Elway. Frankly, the fact that he could even get a coach like Fangio to come here is really quite surprising in it's own right, so given the circumstances, this is the best I could expect. My concerns, as has always been the case, are mostly focused on this absurd dynamic where Kubiak has been inserted as OC, and somehow a normal org dynamic is supposed to exist. Now, if Kubiak actually becomes more of a Tom Moore offensive consultant role, I'd actually be way more comfortable with that structure. But I just view this as a recipe for disaster. And frankly, Kubiak hasn't shown he can evolve with the NFL. That he was banging down the doors for Case Keenum is a major issue. I guess we'll see. I'm worried about who is going to develop a QB, what QB we are going after, etc...
  15. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    I just put some money down on Munchak to be HC. After Ellis didn't meet with Fangio, it seems we already have an answer.