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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    Our OL isn't as bad as people seem to think it is. We need more talent, but we weren't the worst in the league. Also, Freeman can be upgraded immediately.
  2. 2020 College Prospects

    Yeah, I wouldn't take him Round 2. That's probably a round too high. But with one of our thirds? Yeah, I'd nab him.
  3. 2020 College Prospects

    Edwards-Helaire would be an excellent addition to this offense. If speed is what we're after, why not take him?
  4. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Yes, I believe that is the case with Flacco/Leary. I think Denver is going to get Simmons re-signed. Probably Wolfe too. They may look to extend some other guys. But I'm expecting at least 1-2 young guys signed who have significant upside.
  5. 2020 College Prospects

    Honestly, and I am not an expert, but I don't think this draft is especially deep. I think at maybe the WR position it is, but outside of that, it's kind of weak. I think through Round 2 there's a lot of value to be had, but fewer potential contributors later on relative to what we are used to.
  6. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Would take Jones in a heartbeat and not look back.
  7. How good was Atwater

    Would also argue, back in his time playing, the Pro Bowl was a more serious accolade, not an afterthought like it is now.
  8. 2020 College Prospects

    Dugger looked great, and credit to you, definitely out in front of that one. I would not mind him on this team one bit.
  9. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I don't think Munchak or Shurmur are going anywhere quickly. I agree, Lock did well under Scangarello/McCartney, but I also think it's pretty much agreed that Shurmur and Shula are better/more effective coaches, as evidenced by the performance jump of offenses they took over. Clear to me Fangio and the staff weren't on the same page. May not have had an impact in Year 1, but certainly could have been an issue in Year 2.
  10. 2020 College Prospects

    I like AJ Terrell from Clemson. Not sure if he'll be there Round 2 when we pick, but I think he'd be a nice player. Beyond that, I would agree this is not an especially strong draft at the position.
  11. Grizmo's Mock Offseason V1

    Honestly, if Denver traded a high 2nd and a 3rd for a center, I would be pretty upset. Would rather have Cushenberry and not trade the picks.
  12. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I fall into the last camp. I guess I "prefer" the Shanahan WCO, but if we're scoring points, at the end of the day that's all I want. It's been too long since we had a dynamic offense.
  13. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Agreed. Most people are upset that the continuity is gone. A fair complaint, to be sure, but quality of coach also matters. Was Scangarello a good coach? I'm not sure. The numbers wouldn't suggest he is, but the eye test showed improvement. That said, even if Shurmur boosts this offense to league average, it will a be a significant jump that should be felt immediately. That alone would seem to make it worth it.
  14. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Honestly, I'm not going to get too bent out of shape over the firing of a first year OC and his QB coach. Shurmur is an upgrade, there's no two ways about it. I do think it's a little odd to let TC go, but frankly, who knows what the dynamic in the FO would be. I feel like people are grossly overreacting to the Scags firing though- the guy wasn't a world beater. Lock made him look better than he ultimately was, even if there were some improvements through the year. If Lock takes a dramatic step back as a result, then we can critique the move, but to not even know who the new QB coach is...eh it kinda seems premature to complain.
  15. 2020 College Prospects

    I like Kinlaw, but I think perhaps some of his upside should be tamped down. He's a load in the middle, which we need to some extent, but I do have some questions about his ability to consistently get after the QB. I wouldn't mind picking him, don't get me wrong, especially because we have Kollar and have shown a propensity to get a lot out of our DL, but not sure he's my top choice.