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  1. Melvin definitely playing for that contract next year, but I'll take the fruits of his labor in the meantime.
  2. Good thing we're 2-0 with some very good QB play 😅😅
  3. Agreed- have to always temper enthusiasm based on the competition, but on the flipside, this isn't college where we're playing a D-2 school or something. We're beating teams we're supposed to beat, relatively convincingly by the way, with very good QB play. Can't ignore that fact. Teddy is definitely a smooth operator. He doesn't have the athletic upside of Lock, but he's clearly got control of the offense. I've seen more sustained drives, and frankly more points, than I've seen the last few years
  4. If Lock was starting and put up the numbers Teddy has, Broncos fans would be giddy. It's hilarious to see the double standard.
  5. Javonte Williams is a bad man. He's going to be a very good RB in this league. The way he absorbs contact, stays balanced and pushes forward is so impressive. He did it a lot in college and I'm glad to see that style of play continuing in the NFL. Agree with your other points George. Especially the point about ST. Should not be in a position to have Jewell out there, and it cost us. The coaching and the personnel in this area are just horrendous at the moment. There's no two ways about it. To the IDL point, I'd love to see us make a splash at this position next offseason. Whether tha
  6. That's the type of game we probably lose in the past. Not overly pretty, but we won fairly convincingly. Special teams is mess. Can't wait to fire McMahon who still has a job for reasons I cannot fathom.
  7. I'll be disappointed personally if we don't win this comfortably. Jacksonville's defense is a turnstile. Houston had a good day against them, so there's really no reason we can't do the same. That said, I've seen Denver lay an egg in this situation before so I'm being a little cautious with my expectations, but if we want to be a playoff contender, these are the kind of games we need to win. I'll say 28-17 Denver.
  8. Anyone on social media saying any of that is obviously very far off base lol. I get people are excited about a win, but I put no stock in any of it because frankly it all comes down to the record this year. Teddy will have some flops this year, it's inevitable. Just need to see how competitive we are throughout the course of the season.
  9. No one here sees Vic as a Superbowl coach or Teddy as a Superbowl QB, and giving credit to either of them for a good performance yesterday doesn't change that fact. But anyone who is a fan should be happy with yesterday's performance. By your own admission, this is a game in the past that we would all expect to lose (early season, East Coast). Not only did we not lose, we came out and won handily. Whatever the Broncos' season turns out to be, this is an encouraging sign. You can only beat who is in front of you and we did. I don't really care what we did under McDaniels. I don't think anyone h
  10. I was at the game yesterday. It was a blast. A LOT of Broncos fans there, and the stadium effectively cleared out of Giants fans early in Q4, which was hilarious. Denver played extremely well. AAA's intentional provoking aside, both the offense and defense played exceptionally well. Teddy made a number of good throws- the idea that everything was a checkdown is not supported by the stats, nor was it supported by what I saw with my eyes. He was wildly accurate and piecing up that Giants D in the middle of the field. I don't care who you wanted to win this competition, coming out of Week 1
  11. I'll be there in person which is awesome. Looking forward to it very much. Expecting it to be relatively low scoring, but to be honest I could see us winning this kind of handily. The Giants are not good. That's not to say we are, but they are gonna have a rough go in the beginning. I'm thinking/hoping for a Denver win...I'll say 27-14.
  12. Disagree. Strnad is making the team and is probably going to play in pass situations if I had to guess. I think it's more problematic for Jewell's future. I would think a good showing from Strnad and/or Browning make Jewell the expendable player, no?
  13. Because our ST is atrocious and he's capable, I guess
  14. Also traded late round picks to the Niners for LB/ST Player Jonas Griffith, per Klis.
  15. We get a 5th and a 7th next year. I'd say that's about as good as can be expected.
  16. Just saw from Klis we traded Trinity Benson to Detroit for two picks next year + DET gets a 2023 6th rounder. Not a bad haul for him tbh. I am expecting Denver signs a few vets that are let go- we have plenty of cap space to do so.
  17. Yeah he's a junior. I like Daniels, but personally I prefer Howell or Rattler over him in this draft class.
  18. And if he went out there and led 3 TD drives you'd be saying it's against 2nd and 3rd stringers so it doesn't count. It's absolutely insufferable to see the hypocrisy across the Broncos fanbase on this.
  19. I see I've missed a lot. All I can say is that the root of the issues comes from the ownership problem. To even land a GM like Paton with that stuff hanging over our franchise is a coup, IMO. You can have reservations about Paton, and to be fair, he needs to perform in his GM role, but from the day we hired him, and even before, he was regarded incredibly well in league circles and was panned as a tremendous hire. We've all seen enough football to know that typically, a GM and HC come in together, and the QB as well if one isn't established. We have no idea what the agreement was v
  20. His last name is Shanahan so he can do no wrong.
  21. If we got blown out you'd be calling for his head too. So basically, it wouldn't matter how we performed, you'd be complaining. This team is not even in the same orbit as that god awful Lions team. And you of course know that.
  22. For sure. Frankly, I am not excited about Teddy, nor was I really excited about Lock. I was excited about drafting a QB while we had a T10 pick, but I understand why we didn't. And I will not put a ton of stock in preseason- I never do. But my POV is that it's inarguable that we've performed better offensively in preseason than the last few seasons. Will that carry over? Doubtful. It's hard for me to put a lot of stock in training camp because I wasn't there. One thing that is abundantly clear is that a lot of typical training camp sources in local Denver media had such a strong pro-Lock
  23. To be honest, I think Lock performed better than people expected and that made things more complicated. It's kind of hard to argue with the results of this preseason collectively (60+ total points, lots of sustained drives). They both played well. I think it would be different if they both played awful, but frankly I think the overall offensive performances under both QBs are getting lost here.
  24. I’d also like to just point out, and yes, I know it’s preseason, but the Broncos offense under both Lock and Teddy has looked much better given the amount of points scored. Denver has scored, what, 60+ points in two preseason games? And listen if Teddy sucks this bad and Lock has all the potential in the world, then he’s gonna play again this season and we’ll see how he does. It’s that simple. Everyone needs to take a step back for a second. The Broncos are going to be going through a potential ownership change and just signed an incredibly highly regarded GM - despite what some peop
  25. No one here is an apologist for any of those people, but I am personally thrilled you've written off Paton already. All those years of complaining for better personnel, then we go hire one of the most respected/sought after personnel guys and you're mad. It's incredible. Interesting you didn't include Elway, btw. The end game is gonna be what it always was. The thought seems to be that Drew Lock needed to be pushed to earn the job after a below average 2020 season. They brought in actual competition (not Jeff Driskel and Brett Rypien) and Lock didn't win. That's how it goes. As I've said
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