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  1. I am expecting Denver takes (another) RT in the draft this year. There's some decent options in R2/R3.
  2. Lol, Lebeau is a Hall of Famer. Tebow winning that game doesn't negate his longstanding performance. Come on.
  3. The surest way to make the playoffs year in and year out is to win your division. Plain and simple. If that's the case, I would argue Denver needs QB play in the Top 15 range, and a Top 10 defense. The harsh reality is that KC will be so good for the next few years that we'll be shooting for WC spots in an expanded playoff scene. Having a strong defense will help, but we still need QB play far and beyond what Lock did this year. In a conference with KC, Buffalo, Baltimore, hell, even Tennessee, it's imperative that we score points. A defense that can hold teams around 21ppg would be stell
  4. Waddle isn't a better prospect than Jeudy was. Not even close, IMO. Chase is better. I think Smith is probably on par. Pitts is a different animal altogether. It's hard to compare because Pitts is just so unique in what he can do.
  5. Oh come on man. Ridiculous assessment. That team was poorly coached, has no OL, few healthy weapons. Interesting you focused on this season (filled with issues) and not the previous season where he won a playoff game, and played outstanding against the Chiefs.
  6. I don't think we're a QB away from winning the SB. I do think we're a QB away from being a reliable playoff team, especially with Fangio's defensive coaching. Also worth considering the caliber of FA players you can attract with a QB in place. Finding the QB is the lynchpin that brings the rest into focus. We have a young offensive core, some solid defensive talent, cap space, and a promising GM. Getting the QB accelerates the fortunes of the team quite a bit, IMO. We can certainly build the opposite way, the problem is a lot of young guys now may not be on cheap deals down the road
  7. And yet, he's a better long-term option than either of those guys. He's 25 years old with a proven track record of success. A proven commodity that's as good as Watson at the QB position simply does not come available often. We need a QB. Period. End of story. We aren't going to do anything in our division without one. Deshaun Watson is a better option than Drew Lock, or trading for any QB in this draft (aside from Lawrence)
  8. It's not dumb and naive if the QB is a proven quantity who happens to be a Top 7-10 QB in the league. The AFCE teams of the past made bad decisions on young QBs, washed vets, etc...and it landed them nowhere. Or they settled for mediocre QB play. Watson is none of those things. It can be argued how much is too much, but Watson is a different caliber than an unproven or average starter. Also, we have no idea what Paton does or doesn't like to do. He's never been GM. He may have worked under Spielman, but that may not mean he's following the exact blueprint. Maybe Paton values consistent QB
  9. I think a lot of people are underestimating the need for a good QB to be consistently competitive in the NFL. We're in a division with Mahomes, Herbert, and a good Raiders team. Watson is a proven asset. You're looking for ways to justify Drew Lock over a proven asset. Houston is going to ask for the moon, but they aren't going to get it. You're also assuming that all of the picks that are sent would be picks we hit on. That's obviously not going to be the case. Watson is the option that makes the Broncos competitive in the AFCW for the next 10 years. Drew Lock has not displayed that he c
  10. The other option that I don't think we discuss enough realistically is that maybe the Broncos really, really like Fangio and want to surround him with a ton of talent to succeed.
  11. How much do you want for the rights? I'll consider a reasonable discount.
  12. Jaycee Horn or Zaven Collins would be high atop my list. I am intrigued by Azeez Ojulari, but I do think he'll be gone.
  13. Yep, Bouye gone. Now a question of what happens with Casey. Would expect he takes a pay cut or he's gone. Regardless, expecting some activity in FA with the amount of cap space we have.
  14. Name 15 QBs better than Dak that you would want to build a franchise around.
  15. A lot of Dak's career I feel like has been run-run-pass. Maybe less so recently, but feel like they leaned a lot on Zeke until opening it up more recently. Dak is absolutely a QB you can build around though. He's a Top 8-10 QB when healthy. Would instantly make us a playoff team with our defense.
  16. I would pay big bucks for Dak. He's incredibly good and was playing in a ridiculously conservative offense.
  17. I'm with you lol. Can't stand the guy. Yes, he's good, but he plays for KC. I want him to fail early and often. That's just the nature of a divisional rivalry.
  18. This true, but underscores a few points. KC's OL was decimated. Even though Tampa owned them, you do have to wonder whether it would have been a little different if the OL was healthier. I agree with you- trench play and a good defense will get you far, but not having a good QB will still doom you. There's no reason Denver can't try and land Watson while still building an exceptionally strong D to compete in playoff time. Drew Lock plus a good defense isn't going to beat Mahomes.
  19. Yeah, agreed. He's likely a 2-down/rotational guy for a year (maybe beyond, tbh) if he can't figure out the pass pro thing. If he does, I think he'll end up being pretty good because he's got receiving chops out of the backfield in addition to his abilities between the tackles.
  20. Yeah, I honestly don't care. I don't care if he was high, and I don't think his answers to the stupid questions that were asked matter either. Nothing he said was false. He doesn't control who the QB is, and Watson is a good QB. Not everyone likes doing interviews (high or not). It's offseason click bait because the trade winds are swirling. Same reason Broncos twitter went crazy because Von deleted some photos for awhile.
  21. The difference is one of these is a proven, legitimate NFL talent, and the other isn't. With Watson, there's no growing pains, and you know exactly what you're going to get. With Zach Wilson, you absolutely don't know, and while the cost to get him is likely less, I would argue it's as much of a risk of mortgaging your future to give up 9, 40, and next year's 1 to go after an unproven guy in Wilson. A rising tide lifts all boats. Watson instantly brings this team to relevancy. Free agent dollars and subsequent draft picks can be used to fortify other positions. Put another way, if y
  22. Eh, I think that's easier said than done. He's got a lot of red flags. Not sure anyone will willingly take on that contract.
  23. Agree with you AK. He's definitely a hire I am excited about. Minnesota has had a lot of success, and the feedback league wide about us signing Paton is very good. More than just the general platitudes you hear most of the time.
  24. I'd consider it, but he's about as risky a proposition as there is. Small school, only one year of success, hasn't played in a year. There's a LOT of red flags. I would much rather trade up for Zach Wilson, personally.
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