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  1. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    We can win this game. On Offense we have to use screens, misdirection, and in the words of Bane......” Deception, theatricality, powerful agents to the uninitiated “. Mike Zimmerman runs a good Defense, but he’s not a member of the League of Shadows.....lol. Like us, the Vikes have OLine issues and I expect to see Wake and Quinn get good pressure this game, and if XMan plays I predict we get two interceptions. I expect our Special Teams to make a great recovery after the 2 blocked punts last week......I predict we keep it close with Special Teams and a turnover happy Defense and keep Tannehill within the game plan without putting a lot on his shoulders, and we pull out another surprising Win. Fins Up!!!!
  2. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    I agree he is tough and he has certainly been battered behind poor OLines. I know I sound like a RT hater, I’m not, I’m pulling for him every play. I just feel like we have to keep searching for an upgrade.......and hopefully one on a rookie contract. Tannehill is at his best when we can keep him efficient by low volume passing. He just isn’t the guy you want to put the game on his back going down the stretch. We can win with Tannehill, but we just have to keep him efficient and not ask too much of him or he makes goofy mistakes......see the Cinci game.
  3. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    Passer Rating isn’t the best QB stat IMO. According to rating Ryan Fitzpatrick is 15 spots higher than Jameis Winston, but Winston is clearly the starter. Russell Wilson is a good QB but he isn’t having a better season than Patrick Mahomes like the rating suggests. Tannehill’s QBR yesterday was 72.9, pretty good, but against Cincinnati it was 16.6 and against NE earlier this year it was a horrible 3.5. I could go on and on about the faults of QBR, but truth is I don’t totally discredit QBR. It’s a useful stat, but I wouldn’t use it to declare a QB as a franchise QB.
  4. How can we fix our Defense for 2019???

    I just don’t see us having the personnel to switch to a 3-4........If we can find that good NT type then it’s possible that we could probably run a hybrid which is something Gregg Williams has done before but regardless it’s looking like we really need a new DC. Like everyone else, I agree we could use some DLine talent too, but I don’t think that in itself will totally fix our Defense. We still have a Middle LB that is out of position way too much and we can use an upgrade at CB opposite X-Man ( who we really need to lock up long term this off season ).
  5. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    Ya, but does anyone believe Tyrod will keep that $15 mil a year salary going forward? It’s not looking good. Same can be said for McCown and Bortles. I think Tannehill is a capable QB overall, but despite how good most of his stats look his pocket presence is absurdly atrocious. He is still looking slow on going through his progressions and just seems incapable of throwing the ball away. I don’t understand it...........Gase has to be pulling his hair out behind closed doors. I agree that if he hits the market he will get overpaid, but I also agree that he won’t hit the market. With the GM in Oakland getting canned I’m certain that Derek Carr is next on Gruden’s lost to go, and I think he could be had for a second rounder.........he could be an upgrade over Tannehill but we won’t find out because we couldn’t afford them both. Bridgewater is a much more likely candidate that will likely be a free agent so we wouldn’t need to give up a draft pick and depending on his other offers, he could be that $8-$10 mil a year guy. He’s certainly better than Osweiler and could be competitive with Tannehill like efficiency but with improved pocket presence. Just depends on price IMO. I still believe we have to find our QB for 2020 this off season. Tannehill has been a trooper, but he’s still limited in some basic areas and his injuries are probably going to keep racking up considering how many shots he’s taken due to poor OLine play as well as his absent pocket presence.
  6. What can we do to fix a Defense that has talented players and a solid scheme but continually underperforms as a unit???? Well there will probably be an elite D Coordinator available if he doesn’t get a HC job from his current team.........If I was Ross I would fire Matt Burke 15 minutes after the season ends, and throw a ton of money and a VIP tour of South Florida at Gregg Williams. I make sure Coach Williams understands there are no State Taxes in Florida. I also make sure he brings his family and they enjoy our wonderful Caribbean like environment and water sports. Additionally I entice Coach Williams with an assistant HC title. Gregg Williams has the knowledge and temperament to turn our defense around in one off season. He makes nasty aggressive defenses that know how to get to the QB......... “Kill the Head, and the body follows” LoL!!!!!! Let’s make this happen Mr. Ross!!! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregg_Williams
  7. Ya I thought he was going to blow that run up for a 2 yard loss but he was playing Brady the whole way, which is absolutely not what a DT is supposed to do on a HB dive.
  8. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    He played tough.........If he was making 8-10 Mil a year I wouldn’t have much issue with him going forward. I’m still extremely frustrated with his inability to avoid the rush and throw the ball away, but today I didn’t hold it against him. His mobility was obviously affected by the ankle injury. When he isn’t making mistakes against the pass rush, his efficiency is very impressive. He deserves a lot of credit for this win.
  9. To win this game we have got to stop the run and limit the Pats Yards After Catch. On Offense we need to start fast but play methodical and in control. We need to establish a running game and use the play action more effectively. I’d like to see us run more lead isolation plays like we did a few times last week using Nick O’Leary as the lead blocking back and Kenyon Drake as the ball carrier........IMO this should be our Offensive bread and butter......we use Gore in the 1 back sets and Drake out of the 2 back sets in which we can run the iso play on LBs, the lead draw, counter trap, and the play action with multiple routes by O’Leary and Drake.
  10. Week 11: Bye GDT

    I couldn’t agree more. That would be an awesome move.
  11. Week 11: Bye GDT

    1. Arians is at the very top of the list for me. 2. John Harbaugh 3. John Defilippo 4. Jim Harbaugh 5. Eric Bienemy 6. Jim Schwarz 7. Urban Myer
  12. BigFin's Big F'n Midseason Mock

    I’m not opposed to a QB in the second round range either, but I’m leaning towards Hebert coming out this draft since he would likely have competition from Tua Tagaviola in 2020........and right now Tua is certainly the front runner for first pick when he declares. Hebert would likely be the first pick overall if he declares for 2019. To swap first rounders it would cost us a 2020 1st and a 2019 second and probably a 2020 second or third. If our front office identifies Hebert as an upgrade over what we have then I’m OK with giving that up. The franchise QB is probably the most sought after professional athlete in all of American sports, and considering the effect a franchise QB can have on an NFL team, I would trade 2 entire drafts to land the right one. I definitely agree that we need to address the QB position every year until we find one, and if we end up with 3 starting caliber QBs on the roster then we have some nice draft capital for future years.
  13. BigFin's Big F'n Midseason Mock

    True that 2019 isn’t considered a great QB class, but I believe there could be 4-5 QBs in the draft that would be upgrades over Tannehill after their rookie season, and could take over in 2020. I think Hebert and Locke will go in round 1 before pick 15. Hebert Locke Stidham Greir Finley
  14. Week 9: New York Jets (3-5) @ Miami Dolphins (4-4)

    If we lose this game then it’s time to roll it up for the season and tank it. That’s hard to say, but I’ve gotten to the point where it’s playoffs or nothing. Im still wearing my Aqua and Teal blinders so my prediction is: Fins 20 Jets 17 Fins up!!!!
  15. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Incorrect sir. I “assume” nothing. When was the last time a “ star “ QB was known to be a “ star “ QB at draft day? Andrew Luck? John Elway? Maybe Matthew Stafford? Certainly not Drew Brees, Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson........ and I could probably go on for another 4-5 names. “ Star “ QB’s aren’t just drafted and then show up to the first game and become the most amazing QB ever. In fact most of them aren’t noticed as a “ star “ QB on draft day by the general public or even by the general media. These types of QB’s are identified by potential and then created during long hot summer days of difficult drills and intense study sessions with coaches that need playoff success and Super Bowl contending teams to keep their job. Playing QB in the NFL today apparently isn’t the same as it was in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It’s apparently much less difficult than it has been in the past. We have to IDENTIFY our QB of 2020 now and then go out and get him, and then shape and mold him into the player that it takes to contend for titles. We can not afford to be complacent or reactive. Our Organization must be progressive and proactive to stay ahead of the developing trends in today’s game because if we are just reacting to other teams personnel decisions then our ceiling will be “ on time “ and as Lombardi famously said “ If you’re on time then you’re late, and if you’re late then don’t bother showing up “.