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  1. Right now we are looking at drafting somewhere between #1 to #3 and it would have to be a HUGE payload of picks for us to give up on drafting Tua or Herbert. I would think that for us to move down it would take a 2020 1st and 2nd, a 2021 1st and 2nd at minimum, more if we are moving outside of top 10. Moving down from pick 1 or 2 and possibly pick 3 would be allowing a team to grab one of the two best QB prospects this draft. Also we would probably need those 2021 picks to package and move up for Lawrence, who IMO isn’t as polished as Tua. If LSU’s QB Joe Burrow continues having the type of season he has had so far then he will probably pass Herbert as the number 2 QB prospect for 2020. Against the only top 25 team he has faced this season so far, #9 Texas, he threw for 471 yds, 79.5% completion, 4TDs to 1 INT and a 209.7 QBR in a 45-38 LSU win. I’ll be watching when he faces the Gators defense this Saturday.
  2. I’m all for the tank for Tua. I would be OK with Hebert as well. I think both have demonstrated they have the potential to be NFL Franchise type QB’s......although I see Tua as being significantly better than Hebert at this point.
  3. Minkah to the Steelers for a 2020 First round pick. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/dolphins_trade_cornerback_minkah_fitzpatrick_to_steelers/s1_14819_30017888 Wow, that’s 3 first round picks for 2020. QB, OT, Edge......2 second rounders, OG, OT or Edge.
  4. Jesse Davis signs 3yr/15M extension

    Well while watching the Ravens game I notice we are playing Davis at LT, which gives him a years head start at playing that position for the Left Handed passer we are likely to draft in 2020.
  5. Week 1: Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

    Well after one half of football, it looks like this rebuild / tank is going even better than I anticipated. I didn’t expect the Defense to be this bad though.......Wow and I thought Burke sucked as a DC. Preston Williams is looking like a keeper though.......
  6. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    I agree!!! But, I'm afraid that we could chase after Jeudy.
  7. Jesse Davis signs 3yr/15M extension

    I like the move simply because of Davis' versatility. He can play the RT and RG spots just well enough that you won't lose the game because of him LOL. As a starter that doesn't sound so hot, but as a Backup RT/RG that's excellent. If our plan is indeed Tua in 2020 then I can't believe we view Davis as the long term RT solution. Especially since Tua is a lefty so ideally our RT will be the blindside protector on most plays. I also believe that had something to do with us trading Tunsil. Why pay the front side OT so much money when it's the blindside OT that has the more difficult job in theory. Again, this idea hinges on Tua being in the plan since he's a Left handed thrower.
  8. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    I like Tua, and I'm 100% positive that so do the Dolphins. Our current GM and HC were raised by Bellicheat and so was little Nicky. Jalen Hurt looked good at Alabama, but once Tua took over it totally transformed the same team into an explosive behemoth. Tua has great touch and can make all the throws. I see a player that has the potential to develop into an elite NFL QB. What more could you ask for from a number 1 overall pick??? My only question is will we spend some of our draft capital chasing after WR Jerry Jeudy to pair with Tua??? I would love to see them both as Dolphins, but I would rather secure our OLine of the future before spending draft picks to go after an elite WR prospect.
  9. 2020/2021 Pick Tracker

    With those picks I expect to see at least 11 upgraded new starters. QB, entire OL, 2 Edge Rushers, RB, CB, WR
  10. John Denney Released??!!

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/02/dolphins-release-john-denney/ Maybe he restructures or we pick up someone to replace him?? Because we don't have a Long Snapper on the roster right now.
  11. Dolphins making everyone available for trade

    If we trade Tunsil for Clowney that would be the straw that broke my back as a Dolphins fan. I don’t think I could stay a Finsfan after that. I would love to dump Reshad Jones’ contract but I don’t see any team in the league willing to jump on it. Stills or Drake for Clowney I suppose I can live with that but not if we give up a draft pick too, please no draft picks for a player that will probably walk to another team in 2020.
  12. Dolphins sign DT

    Ya, he basically looked like a bust in his first 2 seasons and when he started to flash last season he got hurt, so Arizona let him go. Let’s hope he can produce for us and demonstrate why he was a first round pick.
  13. Dolphins sign DT

    Dolphins have signed former Arizona Cardinal and 2016 first round pick Robert Nkemdiche. It is reportedly a 1 year deal worth up to $1.1M. He is coming off a season in which he was demonstrating solid improvement before he tore his ACL. He has been placed on the PUP list but since he only has a 1 year deal I would expect to see him in the DT rotation before the 8th game of the season. Potential based signing which we have little to lose, either Nkemdiche performs when he has the opportunity or he won’t be back next season. If he performs well then I would expect to see him around for 3 more years. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27346092/dt-nkemdiche-signs-dolphins-goes-pup
  14. Team Needs

    1) DE / Edge 2) RT 3) Center 4) RG 5) Boundary CB * QB upgrade trumps all listed needs if discussing upcoming Draft.
  15. Kendrick Norton Car Accident

    Update: Norton has been upgraded from critical to stable condition.