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  1. Mock Free Agency and Draft

    This would be an A+ draft for me. Of course we still have combines and pro days to go but based off what we think we know right now, I think Fumigalli will go before round 4, possibly even in round 2, and I would be ecstatic if we land Nelson or LB Roquan Smith at 11. I would be happy with Safety Derwin James too. All three will probably be gone before we pick, but there’s a chance one of them falls.
  2. Ryan Tannehill expectations?

    I expect to see the same player that we saw in 2016. Despite his ACL tear, I don’t see any legitimate reason Tannehill regresses unless we lose Landry, and then if we add a competent TE it could offset Landry’s production somewhat. I expect we bring in a solid TE and an OLineman to further upgrade what should be a more competent OLine. I also expect that Drake’s receiving out of the backfield will make defenses more honest and go a long way towards making Tannehills numbers better. The bigger question mark for me is what is our Defense going to look like?
  3. Who do we select at pick 11?

    Prior to the Smith trade I think there would be 3 QBs drafted in the top 10 and I think that will still stand. Obviously the Redskins are likely not going to trade up for a QB, but Arizona is still a possibility (unless Cousins lands there).....especially if Mayfield falls out of the top 10. If Denver passes on Mayfield with their first pick they could be a trade down target, provided Mayfield drops to 11, using additional picks this draft and a 2019 first rounder and / or possibly an elite defender ( Talib comes to mind ). Right now I predict Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield as top 10 picks but of the three Mayfield has the biggest chance to fall out. If Mayfield falls to pick 11 and there are no trade down options then he would be my pick to sit behind Tannehill for at least the 2018 season.
  4. 2018 Draft, players we like

    I agree. I stated in a thread a couple months back that I thought Gase would either love or hate Mayfield and there would be no in between. I think some teams will see him as a Johnny Manziel while others see him as a Drew Brees. I think more teams will see Mayfield as a first round pick right now than a second, so even if Gase hates Mayfield it’s smart to show a ton of interest to try to entice a trade.
  5. cddolphin's 2018 Mock Offseason (Draft Round 1 Up)

    Just to add to the above......It’s not a great WR draft at the top either, so that will probably push the market up for FA Recievers.
  6. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I like OG Quentin Nelson and LB Roquan Smith, but I’m starting to think both go in the top 10. Smith might be a little light at 225 but I’m pretty sure he will weigh in around 235-240 at the combine and he’s obviously incredibly fast. He is by far the best LB in this draft imo.
  7. In Review: Tannenbaum's Three Drafts

    I hated the Tannenbaum hire. Although I will concede that he has done better here than I anticipated, but not saying he’s been great. I would be a lot happier if our first round pick this upcoming draft makes the pro bowl or is in discussion for rookie of the year or gets some type of acclaim for his rookie performance.
  8. Adam Gase

    I thought Tunsil had a solid rookie year at OG. He certainly had troubles this year until Larsen finally got on the field and then the whole OLine looked better. Howard has had his ups and downs this season but overall showed solid progress in the right direction IMO. He’s been better than I anticipated when we drafted him last year in round 2. Im a U of Miami fan and I’ll admit that I would take Drake over Miller without issue. Miller has speed and is a homer run threat, but so is Drake and he shows much more quickness and explosion than Miller. As for Caroo, Grant, and Lucas......I totally agree.
  9. Chambers or Landry

    Landry and it’s not even close.
  10. Team Needs?

    I list it as our top need from the perspective of a backup that can challenge Tannehill for a season or two before winning the starting job. Right now that’s something we just don’t have on our roster. tannehill is our starter without a doubt but he’s missed a season and a half so far with injury over the last two seasons, and he isn’t nearly as cheap as a QB that’s in his rookie contract. It’s a QB and coach driven league so the problem of having too many QBs or coaches is no problem at all.
  11. Team Needs?

    Ya I don’t feel like we are targeting a DT, but we are in position once again to grab a player of value in round 1. I think our current GM and scouting department really trusts their evaluations and looks for those players that they feel should have been drafted a few picks earlier, at least in round 1. I think they obviously felt that way about Tunsil and I think they felt that way about Harris. So if a DT like Wilkins falls to us then I think they would absolutely draft him and then look to hit on a bigger need like TE or OG in round 2.
  12. Team Needs?

    I totally agree. I think the same could be said of a CB too.
  13. Team Needs?

    We have seen Pouncey at OG a couple times during his pro career and the results have been mixed at best. I definitely don’t see LB as our top need. Timmons has had a solid season, Alonso has strengths and weaknesses but is overall solid, Chase Allen and Stephane Anthony will be solid depth players and McMillan should be returning from injury to take over the Mike spot. If there is an elite LB talent available when we pick I’m sure we would draft him but that doesn’t mean it’s our top need.......especially not over OG and TE.
  14. Team Needs?

    1) QB 2) TE 3) OG 4) OC 5) LB
  15. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (6-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

    I worry about the weather, but Cutler has the big arm needed for snowy windy conditions, and if we can keep Drake churning out all purpose yards it will help a lot. IMO Tyrod Taylor is by far the best of the Bills QBs, and I think he will get the start. His speed and accuracy outside the pocket has been troublesome for us in the past, so we have to rush the passer with discipline, tackle well, and spy the QB. Not to be forgotten is Shady McCoy and Kiko Alonso's dislike of each other. IMO both will be out to make a statement this game and the advantage is McCoys. Lets hope we can contain T-Rod and Shady Mac and pull out a win to keep our playoff hopes alive.