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  1. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Power Ranking: #10

    Landry and it’s not even close. I understand that Chubb will be the first edge defender drafted in 2018, but if Landry is healthy ( and it looks like he is given his combine performance ) he is the best pass rusher in this draft. He reminds me of Cam Wake, not real heavy but very agile and quick while using that dip and rip move to get under OTs and run the loop coming off the left edge. Two questions with Landry, has he fully recovered from his ankle injury and will he be heavy enough to take on NFL OTs to set the edge? My answer to the first question is I think his ankle and confidence in it will be even better by the start of the season, and as for the second question.......probably not, but who cares if he can consistently get to the QB.
  2. 2018 Dolphins Schedule, Season Predicition thread!

    I’m going in at 9-7. I’m basing this off of Tannehill returning to his 2016 form.........in truth I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s even better than his 2016 form provided we can get him a TE that can get open and hold onto the ball. I know we lost an awesome receiver in Jarvis Landry, and Tannehills favorite target, but IMO Landry takes away some TE production based on the routes he excels at. I think our OLine is better on paper and I expect to see us much improved in the run game as long as we can stay healthy up front. i still have some questions on the back end of our Defense and on the SOLB spot, but I expect to see an improved pass rush with Harris second year and the addition of Quinn.
  3. Dolphins sign TE Gavin Escobar

    I have no problem saying that even after signing Escobar we have one TE on our roster right now that’s worth keeping and that’s MarQueis Gray. I see the other three on the roster as camp bodies. This draft isn’t a great TE draft at the top, but there’s a lot of TE depth in which I can see any of the the top 4 TE’s being a solid starter for us if we draft them. I have the top 4 TE’s in the 2018 draft as: Goedert Gesicki Hurst Andrews / Fumigali
  4. Draft Questions

    1. Nope. Lynch couldn’t beat out Osweiler and we have Osweiler on the roster. 2. Yep. We would get an extra 1st rounder to move down 3 or 4 spots......easy decision. 3. Yes, but not if Quentin Nelson is still available. 4. Yes, but it’s a tough call. We swap firsts and send our 2019 first. I say yes because I don’t see our QB for 2020 on our current roster. Tannehill played great in his first year under Gase, but he comes with a high salary over the next 2-3 years. If we can get a QB that we feel can be better than Tannehill in 1-2 seasons then we need to move on it. Even though this costs us a first rounder in 2019 it frees up a ton of cap which could allow us to upgrade another position through free agency, so if done correctly we still get 2 upgrades on the roster. IMO Rosen is the most NFL ready QB in this draft.
  5. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #8

    Easily should be Ward. Vea is a 2 down player IMO, and when you play the Patriots twice every season that’s a big liability since Brady is great at controlling the game tempo........Pats will speed it up to prevent substitutions and adjustments. Ward would be a day one starter for us and IMO fills a bigger need, even if he is only our nickel back. Teams play a lot of nickel these days and we currently have no one that can cover the smaller quick route players like Edelman.
  6. Trade up for Rosen

    I see the Pats targeting Rudolph more likely than trading all the way up for Rosen. I don’t think we have the firepower to move up for Rosen unless the Bills trade up for A QB not named Rosen. I just don’t see Rosen getting out of the top 5 picks. Despite all the rumors I still see the Giants either trading down and receiving a fortune or drafting Rosen. I’ve been wrong plenty of times but I would be very surprised if Rosen isn’t the second or third QB off the board and is still available after pick 4. As for us trading up for Rosen, I’m all for it if our Front Office, Scouts, and Coaching staff sign off on the pick. I think Rosen is the most NFL ready QB this draft and could be ready to start half way through the season.
  7. Dolphins Forum QB Power-Ranking: #4

    I agree with that opinion. I’ve seen videos of Allen making horrible decisions, some of these videos are actually supposed to be his highlights, like throwing into double and triple coverage when he has one or two other receivers wide open........he isn’t going to get away with that stuff in the NFL. Nevertheless he does have huge potential and might be able to reach it if he goes to a team that isn’t QB needy this year or the next. I think the same can be said for Lamar Jackson, but Jackson’s slight frame concerns me a little, especially since he is a blazing speedster.
  8. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #6

    I think the only debate here would be between Ward and James. CB has more positional value than Safety so I would slightly lean towards Ward, but I see James as a better player and a better fit for us. I wouldn’t be disappointed with either. I would be disappointed with any other player listed here at six........Landry is probably the third best player on this list but he won’t crack the top 10, probably will go top 20, but IMO he will be the most productive player on this list.
  9. Dolphins Forum QB Power-Ranking: #4

    I think Allen is 4. He has accuracy issues and imo QBs don’t typically improve their accuracy from college to the pros but it is technically possible. He has a tremendous arm and some coaches are going to fall in love with that and take him much earlier than he should be drafted. He could be the best QB in this class after 2-3 years if he improves his accuracy, but I feel that’s a big “if”.
  10. Round 2 targets

    I think we will double down on TEs this year, and it’s a good year for it. I would be fine with Hurst, Gesicki, or Andrews in the second.........and I would look for Fumigali in the fourth ( probably my favorite TE this class ).
  11. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #7

    Derwin James and it’s not even close. He would be the BPA in this scenario and he fits a need at covering TEs
  12. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #3

    I agree with your assessment on Fournette in the passing game, but Zeke and Barkley are pretty close when it comes to speed. Barkley is a much more freaky athlete than either Fournette or Zeke but not as productive IMO. My point is that Barkley is being overrated and the fact that he’s a RB just makes drafting him in the top 5 poor value. Also I can’t help but think of all the Penn State RB busts over the years. Of course this is just my opinion and I explain it only to justify why I would draft OG Nelson over RB Barkley or DE Chubb even if they were still on the board at 4 ( which is probably realistic when it comes to the actual 2018 draft ).
  13. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #3

    It was a tough decision for me between Smith and Nelson. Smith is probably a bigger need at this point with us signing Sitton to play the LG spot and I think that Smith has the potential to be a rookie pro bowler and perhaps look like the best player in this draft a few years from now. That being said, Nelson looks like the best player in this draft right now.......yes I said it, he is light years ahead of Saquon Barkley and significantly better than Chubb who is probably the second best player in this draft right now. Barkley is a home run threat and he has elite measurables, but he's not Ezekiel Elliot or Leonard Fournett.......Barkley only had 4 games last year where he topped 100 yards rushing and 1 game where he topped 100 yards receiving........that's not bad but it doesn't scream best player in this draft to me.
  14. My grades for 1st round position need - Day 3 FA

    If we take any of the top 4 QBs at 11 then that would be an A for me. I wouldn’t be upset at CB either since I don’t feel we are “set” there.....that would also be an A for me. LB would be an A+ if we landed Roquan Smith.....and a B if we landed Edmunds. I could live with Vea at 11 but I think it’s a reach. I do feel he would upgrade our run D but not if we don’t if we don’t get improved LB play. I think Derwin James could be used as a CB or FS in our scheme, and I really expect him to be the player we target if the draft plays out the way I expect.
  15. Welcome back William Hayes

    I’ve been skeptical of the Harris pick in last years draft, but in no way am I ready to declare him a bust. He flashed on plays and was starting to come on near the end of the season. The veteran defensive players all praise him claiming he has a really good work ethic. I’m looking forward to seeing if he can get to the QB a little more often this season. The kid can bend the edge, no doubt.