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    There, you obviously made a typo so I fixed it for you LOL!!!

    I don’t think any team is desperate to move up for Tua, and it’s because of his injury history. I think the Chargers are the most likely but will be content with Herbert at 6 considering they have Tyrod Taylor who played very well for Anthony Lynn in Buffalo and will be the Chargers starter at QB next season regardless of who they draft. Carolina is a big mystery right now and could make a move up, but is just as likely to keep Newton and move down to accumulate picks. Raiders aren’t a serious threat to move up IMO, because Gruden isn’t a Rookie QB kind of guy. IMO they either keep Carr on the cheap or cut Carr and sign a veteran FA QB. Besides, Lions don’t want to move that far back. Jacksonville hasn’t given Foles much opportunity yet and have Menshew showing great potential on the super cheap contract. Colts could move on from Brissett but would have to surrender multiple years of first round picks to move up to 3 and I don’t see the Lions willing to move back that far if they are going to fairly give Patricia another season. I think our GM Grier knows this and trades up on the cheap. Lions get pick 5, pick 39, and a 2021 2nd rounder. Lions still get one of the two players they covet at number 5, get to pay a little less for him, and pick up 2 additional 2nd rounders. I really think it’s that or we stay put at 5, let another team take their chances to move up for Tua, then we possibly trade back to allow a QB needy team to leapfrog the Chargers for Herbert. Then we have more ammo for the 2021 Trevor Lawrence lottery ( we already have 2 firsts and 2 seconds for 2021 and could potentially pick up another 1st and 2nd ). We aren’t in the same scenario as the Jets were a couple years ago when they moved up for Darnold. We have a lot of options and a ton of picks to go after a QB over the next 2 seasons, and we have no room to give up high draft capitol for a player with health risks. If Tua hadn’t been injured then it’s a different story but he just isn’t valued as highly now as he was a year ago.
  3. Buyer Beware!!!

    Delpit misses a lot of tackles. PFF reports he missed on over 25% of his tackles in 2019. That’s an enormous percentage for a projected mid first rounder.......I smell media hype.
  4. Buyer Beware!!!

    I’m OK on Herbert. I think he is a little bit Carson Wentz. Big arm, Big frame, not bad accuracy but needs to ( and IMO probably will ) improve, capable of making big plays with his legs....... Has leadership questions and isn’t necessarily known for taking over in big games ( that all reminds me of Wentz ). That being said Herbert isn’t projected as high of a pick as Wentz was, despite Herbert playing superior competition over Wentz. Overall I see Herbert as a legit top 10 pick due to inflation and his high ceiling to middle floor. With Love this is totally different. He is a QB that legitimately did regress last season, and he wasn’t great in 2018. Love is IMO just a media hyped QB that will wind up going in round 2. Not too long ago Kaepernick was drafted in round 2 and he was a much better prospect than Love.
  5. Skins fan here with a trade question

    Agreed. The only question would be what is his salary demands. I expect them to be quite high and the higher his salary the lower the compensation, which makes me think the compensation is a fourth, but possibly a third which is what the Rams would have to get in order to make a tag and trade of Fowler happen, but IMO Miami isn’t likely going to be interested due to the compensation price. I’m sure we have interest in the player if he is a Free Agent, but I doubt we want to pay a 3rd round pick for him.
  6. Buyer Beware!!!

    I’m curious to to see what Players are being talked about as possible Dolphins picks in the 2020 NFL Draft that us Dolphins Fans just hate, or even are just cautious of drafting.... I’ll throw out my first player that fits in this category for me; QB Jordan Love...... Some people are suggesting that this is a QB the Dolphins should target in the first round ( insert vomit sound ). I don’t see Jordan Love as even being close to a first round pick, not even with the current QB inflation. I see a late second to third round prospect. He regressed from his 2018 season to his 2019 season and it’s not like he played amazing in 2018. His only positives are arm strength and size, he doesn’t check the box in the accuracy or decisions making traits. For anyone that suggests Jordan Love as a first round pick; go watch some game tape please.
  7. Skins fan here with a trade question

    That would completely depend on him signing a multi year deal with Miami ( and his cap hit ). If we are talking just a tag and trade, then NO. We aren't looking for 1 year players, we aren't in win it all in 2020 mode, we are still rebuilding in 2020. Additionally, even if Fowler did sign a long term contract with Miami, I wouldn't trade anything worth more than a 4th rounder, so it wouldn't be worth it to the Rams since they will essentially get a 2021 4th round comp pick for letting him walk.
  8. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Very true, but IMO if it did play out this way then that would be a great draft for us Phins. Nice job!!!
  9. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Pretty good job overall for the Dolphins. Of course we would go Tua at 5 if he's still there. Very nice first round, but personally I see Swift going in round 1 and Dobbins going very early round 2. I think RB Clyde Edwards Helaire climbs into round 2 after the combine and pro days.
  10. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    What?? Both 2nd round picks to move up 2 spots? That's highway robbery LOL!! Pick 3 = 2200 points. Our Pick 5 = 1700 and our Pick 39 = 510, if Detroit needs something to sweeten the pot then maybe a 5th rounder or later but No Way I would pay another 2nd rounder for Tua…… If he didn't have injury concerns then yes, but the boo boo's make it a different scenario. Just to clarify, the scenario for Detroit is move back 2 spots, still get the elite player they want in Okudah, Brown, or Thomas and pick up an additional early 2nd rounder...… that's a huge win for Detroit and draft analysts will love it.... now in talking Detroit getting both of our 2nd rounders, LOL yeah I bet they would LOVE that.... I will be highly disappointed if that were to happen though, and I don't predict it with the savvy moves that Grier has been pulling. I predict we give up a 2nd rounder to Detroit ( and perhaps a 6th to sweeten the pot ) or a 1st rounder to Washington for Tua and then move QB Josh Rosen for a 3rd round pick.
  11. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    I would be OK with Herbert at 5 if our FO and HC are good with that pick. I actually trust those guys, and I'm kind of torn on Herbert. A little reachy on Jones and Biadasz but not too bad. Love the Baun pick, but I would hate to draft Taylor in the 2nd. I never trust a Wisconsin RB and I dont see him as the exception. Last time I scouted Taylor all I saw was a dude that doesn't get touched until he has 4 yards already...….. Hard to evaluate RB's with such good OLines and blocking schemes. Additionally, Taylor has an upright running style where his legs seem to be very exposed due to poor pad level..... He hasn't had to demonstrate good vision so I can't tell if he has good vision and the same with acceleration ( hasn't had to demonstrate any burst behind the LoS) I would much rather have Swift or Dobbins if either is available...… and honestly I would take Edwards Helaire over Taylor, but I know people in here think I'm crazy for that lol.
  12. Skins fan here with a trade question

    I think Washington will have to do something to sweeten the pot for us to move up to number 2. I'm trying to think of something that would work for both teams, and I think I might have just the thing...… of course it would all be conditional based on the players contract negotiations and passing a physical, but here goes: Miami trades pick 5 (1700), pick 18 (900), and pick 197 (12.6) Redskins trade pick 2 (2600), pick 229 (1), players OG/C Ross Peirschbacher and OT Trent Brown This would allow Miami to find a starter (stop gap) at the OT position which allows us to put off drafting an OT in round 1 for 2-3 years and it would ensure we draft the QB we desire as well as providing some depth and versatility on the OLine with a player Tua is familiar with ( Peirschbacher). Redskins would pick up an additional first round pick (18) while still potentially drafting a top 5 talent ( presumably OT Andrew Thomas ) and moving on from a player that could become a locker room hazard to a New HC. Additionally the swap of our 6th rounder for your 7th gives the Skins a little more draft capital. Dolphins fans probably won't like this but I think it could work depending on Trent Brown's contract demands, besides by securing the number 2 pick we can move on from QB Josh Rosen pre-draft, which should fetch us at least a 3rd round pick and possibly a 2nd rounder...…. Once we draft Tua, Rosen's stock plummets. I honestly believe this makes both teams better.
  13. The Too Early Prediction Thread

    I think Williams has been a good pick up for the Chiefs, but I think Dobbins would be a HUGE upgrade for them, and so would Swift if he were somehow still available. Of course they could get lucky and trade back with a team that is picking in the top 10 picks of round 2 and possibly still land Dobbins. I can also see the Chiefs looking for some DLine talent with Jones likely being a Free Agent, and selecting one at pick 32, in a deep DT class, would give them the opportunity to keep that player on a 5th year option.
  14. The Too Early Prediction Thread

    While I think YGM will probably go in round 1, I could see the Titans possibly passing on him if he somehow was still available at their pick. Only reason I think it's possible is because of their HC Mike Vrabel being a pretty good Edge Player in the NFL. He could have his eyes set on another Edge Player he feels he can coach to greatness. Nevertheless I dont predict YGM is still on the board when the Titans pick.
  15. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 26 - Miami Dolphins]

    1. Swift 2. YGM 3. Dobbins I think Swift is the BPA, and while I understand there is certainly a Deflation at the RB position, the Fins MUST establish a running game. I'm a Fins fan and watch every game and our leading rusher for 2019 was QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. We must have an infuse of talent at the RB and OLine positions this Offseason if we are going to expect Tua to have any success in 2021. We don't just need a RB that can be productive, we need a RB that is a threat to take it to the house and can run between the Tackles. Everyone is so anti RB in round 1 these days and rightfully so, but at pick 26 I think Swift is still good value. Keeping my fingers crossed for Uche in round 2 to address our Edge Rush.