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  1. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    It’s certainly not as good a QB draft class as last year, but I believe there are at least 3 QB upgrades over what we have now that will be available in round 1 and we should target our favorite one and be aggressive in adding him to our roster. Another option is to pry Teddy Bridgewater away from New Olreans with a big contract. I do think Bridgewater would be an upgrade for us and could look really good in Gase’ Offense, but I like Hebert or Stidham on a 4-5 year rookie wage better.
  2. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    I agree that there is a lot of defensive line talent in the top of the 2019 draft, and if it were still 2005 then you would be correct that we couldn’t pass on that talent. Today’s game highly favors the Offense and all indications are that the future of the NFL is going to be high scoring games and wild shoot outs. Why waste a top pick on an interior Defensive Lineman, a position that typically has the least impact on the passing game of all the defensive positions. Additionally we must consider the salary cap, however much we all like to say “It’s not my money, I don’t care”, the reality is that the QB position typically makes the biggest impact on a teams salary cap and there is an enormous advantage to having a young franchise QB that is still on his rookie wage scale for the first 4-5 years. I would also like to point out that we will probably have the worst QB stable in the AFC East next year if we don’t address the position this off season, the only team that could be worse off is Buffalo depending on how their rookie QB takes to year two. Brady is still Brady and Darnold is looking like what many of us thought he would be, the best QB in the 2018 class. I’m rooting for Tannehill, but he has big flaws and a big cap hit. We have a chance to start fresh by being aggressive in the 2019 draft and if sacrificing one first round pick in the 2020 draft is all it takes then that’s a no brainer IMO.
  3. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    There’s still a lot of football to be played, and a combine and pro days, but if all of that was complete and we drafted today, I would trade our 2019 first round pick and our 2020 first round pick to move up to get Hebert or Stidham. I don’t say that lightly......it’s a big risk I understand but the time for us to land our franchise QB of the future is 2019........before we lose all our talent at WR, TE, and RB. We have other needs I know, but we can draft quality OLinemen in round 2 as long as we have a healthy Tunsil.....and we can go after a FA CB or even find a tall rangy scheme fit in round 3 or 4. I’m OK with Tannehill for another season, but we MUST find a QB upgrade that will be our starter for 2020 and beyond.
  4. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    Wow......Fox sports just reported that Osweiler will be the starter for today’s game vs the Bears. It’s going to be a hard game to watch for us Dolphin fans. Looks like Tannehill injured his throwing shoulder vs New England two weeks ago and played through it last week but is unable to go today.
  5. Week 6: Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Miami Dolphins (3-2)

    I expect Mack to have an amazing game. In addition to all the reasons already stated, Mack is from South Florida and will have a lot of friends and family at this game I’m sure. It’s going to be ugly for Tannehill.......we have to be able to run the ball and get multiple turnovers on Defense to have a solid chance to win this game.......Let’s go Fins!!!!!
  6. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    I’m not crying for Tannehill to be replaced or anything like that, but a QB upgrade in round 1 is our top need IMO. Even if that QB rides the bench for a year then it still benefits us to draft him in round 1 since that gives us the fifth year option on the contract. I really like Hebert and Stidham. I see Stidham as more of an inside the pocket playmaker whereas I see Hebert as a more extend the play with his mobility type playmaker, but both can make plays with their legs and both can sling it from within the pocket and both would be much cheaper and have better pocket presence than Tannehill.
  7. Week 5: Miami Dolphins (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

    I’m predicting a Dolphins win.....20-17. I believe we will still get adequate pressure off the Defensive edges and I expect to see Robert Quinn and Charles Harris to be very active. The Bengals will be without TE Tyler Eifert, RB Joe Mixon and RB Giovanni Bernard. I expect the Bengals to try to run between the Tackles and Pass opposite Xman. Dalton will have hookups for big yards to AJ Green, but Dalton will also have at least 2 turnovers against our turnover happy Defense. The loss of the bengals 2 best RBs and their Pro Bowl TE and the return of Reshad Jones should free up Kiko and Baker for a few blitz stunt combos to get to Dalton. On Offense we will have our hands full all game, but the best Offense is a good defense and ST and that’s what keeps us in this game until our last minute score pulls out the W. Fins up.
  8. Week 3: Oakland Raiders (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

    I think Carr and Cooper will have some nice hookups but ultimately our Defense consistently puts the heat on Carr. Our Offense sputters at times but the big plays give us the win 24-17.
  9. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Quinn has experience playing RDE and LDE, but I see Wake returning on a team friendly deal as long as he wants to play and is playing well.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Wake will likely stay unless he plans retirement. Quinn is signed until 2020, and Harris is still on his rookie deal and is in line to probably be a starter behind Wake ( that’s 3 starting caliber DE’s )This makes Branch expendable and if we draft a DT in round 1 then the same can be said of Hayes, although I can see Hayes staying for a modest veteran salary and Phillips allowed to walk.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Round 1 targets QB Drew Locke, Jarred Stidham, Justin Hebert OT Greg Little, Jonah Williams, David Edwards, Trey Adams but he will fall to round 3 IMO due to injury WR NKeal Harry, Anthony Johnson DT Ed Oliver will be gone before we pick, Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, Jerry Tillery LB Devin White CB Andreaz Greedy Williams
  12. 2019 Draft Prospect Watch

    Regardless of Tannehill’s performance this year I see QB as our number one need. It would be great to find a feasible QB early on draft day with the expectation that he sits for year one and starts year two with the release of THill. On the Offensive side of the ball I would expect we target an OT and a WR if the top 3 QBs are off the board by time we pick. Right now I would be surprised if we went DE in round 1, but DT is certainly a need as is CB IMO, and possibly even a LB if it’s that special type of player. In round 2 I think we would be looking for a tall rangy WR or a good interior OLineman.
  13. Week 1, Titans @ Dolphins

    Nice catch by Stills on the big yardage TD......way to make up for the dropped pass a couple plays before, and a great throw by THill.
  14. Week 1, Titans @ Dolphins

    What a terrible throw by Tannehill. He made a good read and had the matchup we wanted.....Gesicki isolated on the CB ( Butler ), but THill underthrew the lob pass. Butler played it well but if THill lobs it for the back corner of the end zone then either Gesicki high points it or it goes out the back of the end zone. THill has looked good so far but that lob pass just isn’t in his passing repertoire.
  15. Week 1, Titans @ Dolphins

    It’s back on. Let’s hope we can still get in rhythm Offensively