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  1. Time to Blow It Up!

    Ok, so I think I understand you better now. I see the advantage in that you don't tip your hat as frequently with the play calling, and I would love to see us be able to pull off this type of defense, but the reason why it is so difficult to do is there just aren't enough SS types to have two or four on the team that can consistently hold their ground in the run game when isolated against NFL Olinemen.
  2. Time to Blow It Up!

    I think that should never be an NFL base defense. NFL QB arm talent is just too good for a safety to consistently have that much range. It just tells the QB that the defense is running cover 1 and is vulnerable to TE seam routes and anything deep down either sideline. It does have its place situationally and is basically a version of the nickel defense with some funky alignment.
  3. Time to Blow It Up!

    I think it's possible, but a long ways from likely.
  4. What do you do when your favorite team ships the bed??

    Thanks for the QB insight. Some very valid points, so valid that I made a change in my mock. Good call on Benkert, I watched him beat up on a fast and aggressive Hurricanes defense for 3 quarters until he finally made a mistake. He could be a good value in the fourth round imo.
  5. What do you do when your favorite team ships the bed??

    I think if Baker Mayfield drops to round 2 ( possible because of less than ideal measurables and character concerns) then I think we might get on the phone and make a few calls. Maybe package a 2018 fourth and a 2019 third to swap second round picks, depends on how close to the top of the draft we are once the season is done. I also think that it's possible that Mayfield is way down on our boards too. It's hard to tell but I have a feeling that Gase either loves him or hates him, no in between.
  6. What do you do when your favorite team ships the bed??

    I agree with the scouts. I don't like the overall level of talent in this draft. I think we take a look at possible trade targets at backup QB using a 2019 draft pick, and I also think we target a QB or two this draft but ultimately miss out because of bigger needs. Additionally there are a few UFA QBs we could target. Here is a link http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/quarterback/ Yes two TE's!!! We want to be able to run two TE sets and obviously Thomas will be cut and Fasano will be an UFA. Also this is a good TE draft with very good depth at the position, so we could get a TE in the fifth or sixth that could end up as a solid starter in year two.
  7. Time to Blow It Up!

    Valid point......I suppose I just have a man crush on Polian lol.
  8. I make a mock LOL! My second much too early mock. Let me know what you think and we'll discuss. I'm open to being convinced otherwise. 1) Quentin Nelson OG Notre Dame; best interior lineman in this draft and fits a huge need. 2) Mark Andrews TE Oklahoma; we cut ties with Thomas and draft the player we were hoping Thomas would be. Not a traditional inline TE but an elite receiver. 3) Will Clapp C LSU; some will have this player going in round 2 and he might for his measurables, but imo he is a little too raw to go that early. 4) Holton Hill CB Texas; a dynamic playmaker that has the length (6'1" 195) to play in our scheme. Somewhat of a character gamble as he was suspended for the year for violating team rules. 4)(change)**** Kurt Benkert QB Virginia; moves well within the pocket and has adequate arm strength and good size for the position (6'3" 220). Threw for nearly 400 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT on the road against the Miami Hurricanes and nearly got the upset. A streaky passer that needs to work on being consistent on his accuracy and ball placement. 6) Rahsaan Penny RB San Diego State; comparable to Damien Williams in stature and ability. Experienced kickoff returner that has taken a few to the house. It would be nice to see him paired with Drake on return and backup RB duties. 7) Adam Brenemen TE U Massachusetts; good measurables (6'4" 250) and great production would normally make him go sooner, but health concerns ( knees) drop the Penn State transfer to round 7 where he is well worth the risk at a position of need.
  9. Time to Blow It Up!

    I'm all for bringing Jimmy into the FO, but before I do that I would make a serious run at Bill Polian. I would make Polian the president of football operations in a second. 6 time NFL executive of the year that has overseen the creation of several Super Bowl contenders.
  10. ThanksGiving Mock. 3 Rounds.

    Lol, me too!!! My stomach is queasy just thinking about it.......but maybe it's all the turkey I ate. Please not Thomas in round 2. We have enough LBs that can't stay on the field. In your draft scenario I'm certain we would go TE over LB, although who knows what the free agency period will bring.
  11. ThanksGiving Mock. 3 Rounds.

    If the Dolphins draft LB Matthew Thomas in the second round I will probably projectile vomit. He is a second round talent but he can't stay on the field...... and the best ability is availability. I don't predict we will go LB that early with huge needs at TE and Center. We should have our starting LB's set and under contract for next year with Alonzo, Mcmillan, and Timmons. We also have experienced depth with this years rookie surprise Chase Allen and veteran Stephone Anthony. Love the Quentin Nelson pick, but give us a TE weapon in round 2. We have the worst Offense in the league. Maybe OC Ragnow or if you feel we must draft a LB then Kizer in round 3 ( Personally I have Kizer higher on my board than Thomas but I do expect Thomas to have better combine and pro day performances ).
  12. I'm taking off my aqua and orange glasses.....Sorry, but there's no way we win this games, so then it will obviously be a TIE!!!! Thats right, a tie. I predict some Bills fans will show up to this game and just as Brady snaps the ball they throw a giant rubber phallus onto the field. Then Suh and Wake combine on a sack of Brady and as he gets up from the ground the giant rubber phallus has disappeared. We soon find out where the phallus went as Brady has trouble walking back to the huddle and is immediately rushed to the emergency room where doctors remove the phallus from Brady's rectum, and they simultaneously save the lives of three well fed gerbils. The embarrassment of this incident causes Brady to retire and his wife leaves him once PETA starts attacking him in the media. As for the rest of the game, both offenses suck without their starting QBs and it ends in a scoreless tie.
  13. Rey Maualuga waived!!!

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21459638/miami-dolphins-waive-rey-maualuga-arrest Maualuga was apparently arrested for battery early this morning and waived not long after. This is really unfortunate considering he was solid in run support and had become a serviceable stop gap.
  14. Our once strong defense is looking tired at this point of the season. Im going to put a large part of this loss on Matt Burke. Our defense didn't look prepared to defend the read option whatsoever. Our underneath coverage got exposed for the second week in a row.
  15. I'm going under since I'm not aware of Carolina having any major field issues.