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  1. 2019 Sched

    I’m predicting 3-13, possibly 4-12........I think we can beat one of either NY Giants or Washington. My greatest fear is that Fitzmagic shows up for a 4-5 game stretch and pushes us out of the top 10 in the 2020 draft.
  2. Draft Day Scenarios

    Ya I agree. I don’t predict Haskins will fall out of the top 10, but if he does I just don’t believe he falls past Cincinnati. I have him as the top QB in this draft despite his poor combine and he played for Ohio State......Cincinnati is in Ohio so not only am I sure they are familiar with Haskins but the Bengals and Buckeyes share some of the same fan base which means Haskins would surely sell tickets there.
  3. Draft Day Scenarios

    I don’t disagree. If a player is available in which another team wants enough to trade us multiple picks including a first rounder and a second rounder then we have to at least consider it. For us to pass on Haskins at 13 then I would think it has to be at least a swap of first rounders this year and a second and a third between this year and next year.
  4. Draft Day Scenarios

    Here is another Draft Day scenario. There is a lot of chatter that OSU QB Dwayne Haskins is going to fall outside of the top 10. Personally I don’t see it happening and I feel it’s much more likely some team trades up into the top 5 to draft him. I also see him as the unquestioned top QB in this draft. Nevertheless, let’s say that Dwayne Haskins is available at pick 13. Do you think we should draft him, trade back and if so for what compensation, or pick a Defensive or Offensive Lineman??? Let us know what you think we should do and why.......
  5. Current Hot Takes That Will Just Be Self-Evident in 3 Years

    Because Interior DLinemen are much easier to neutralize with double teams than edge defenders that can utilize the outside open space to their advantage. Yes Offensive Tackles are generally more athletic than Centers and Gaurds, but that’s because Tackles are frequently isolated on an island against edge defenders man on man.
  6. My Fanspeak Mock

    LOL!!! The newer NCAA transfer rules are making transfers much more common, especially at the QB position.
  7. My Fanspeak Mock

    I love the Finley pick in round 3. I would even like it in round 2. We need a quality backup QB that is capable of challenging for the starting job in 2-3 years and that’s what Finley is IMO. He has great accuracy and can throw receivers open......nice soft touch on deep routes......not amazing arm strength but solid enough. Good solid draft with reasonable / realistic outcomes. Nice job IMO!!!
  8. Free agents 2019

    Haven’t seen this posted yet. It appears we have signed another player from the now defunct AAF. Jayrone Elliot, who was formerly a Packer and a Cowboy. Good / cheap depth signing most likely but the guy has playmaking ability so there’s a chance he could crack the starting lineup, depends how the draft goes. https://phinphanatic.com/2019/04/08/miami-dolphins-dipping-aaf-signing-jayrone-elliot/ guy has playmaking ability, hopefully he can manage his back pain / injury
  9. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    I wouldn’t have an issue with any of those players over Gary. Gary does have a bigger upside than all three of those players, even if his production hasn’t been amazing in college.........and upside is the reason why I went with Gary.
  10. Draft Day Scenarios

    The Giants trade.....yep I would do that. The Raiders trade....yep I would do that. 49ers trade......nope I wouldn’t do that. Indianapolis trade.......yep I would do it but no way Indianapolis would. I don’t see any team really wanting to pick up Jones contract, especially given his age and injury history. Its reported that if we trade Jones before 01 June then we take a dead cap hit of $12.135 Mil and open up $5 Mil in space, but if we trade Jones after 01 June then we take a dead cap hit of just $4.045 mil and open up $13 mil in cap space with $8 mil in dead cap hit rolling into 2020. I wouldn’t be shocked if we are able to work out some kind of draft exchange for Jones but I think it’s more likely to come after 01 June and be for a late round 2020 draft pick or pick swap.
  11. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    X2 just in case
  12. Quinn traded!!!

    I hope so, but not because he can’t play......His performance has been great the last few years......I just hate his cap hit. Not to beat a dead horse but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he isn’t a Dolphin next season, but if he does get traded I’ll be cheering for him. If he is a Phin next season then I’ll still be cheering for him.
  13. Quinn traded!!!

    I’m sure that’s part of the problem. He just had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in February, and he’s still rehabbing it now. He’s a pro bowl caliber player but he’s on the wrong side of 30 which means increased injury concerns. Availability is the best ability. ” Hey guys we just signed this pro bowl caliber Safety, for 1 year $8 Mil, that can be our missing piece.........Nevermind, he got hurt getting off the plane and is out for the season “.
  14. Quinn traded!!!

    I’m sure we would pay for the portions of Jones salary that you mention, but even then it’s still huge. He is the 5th highest paid safety in the league and his contract pays him an average of $12 Mil a year. If we outright released him we would carry a dead cap hit of $25.35 Mil this year and $10.19 Mil next year. If released in 2021 the dead cap hit would be just over $4 Mil, which is significant but not crazy. He will be 33 years old in 2021. For us to trade him he would likely need to rework his contract, but I don’t see him being very willing to do that since we owe him roughly $15 Mil towards his current guarantee of $35 Mil. Maybe if we paid about half of the roughly $15Mil he gets this year then there could be interest, but given Jones age it would have to be a team that feels they are just a safety away from a Super Bowl run. I’m not sure that team exists, but I’ll be happy if it does. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/miami-dolphins/reshad-jones-6969/
  15. Quinn traded!!!

    I’m sure we have tried to trade Jones, but he’s 31 years old and has a huge salary.........Considering Quinn isn’t even 30 yet and plays a premiere position successfully and we barely got something for him.......I don’t predict anyone giving anything for Jones, possibly a player that has been a bust. We take some big cap hits if we outright cut him. Maybe I’m completely wrong and Jones is part of a draft day trade that we are keeping quiet on ( fingers crossed )......but I highly doubt it.