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  1. Hey Unc. It's not going so great since we had playoff aspirations coming into this season LOL. Your homer vote could end up being correct. Our coaching staff looks like it's finally stopped trying to be cute with keeping our talented rookie players on the bench and is cutting them loose. As long as we play our best players and stay healthy we should win, but Jax is hungry and overdue a win so I think they play competitive and keep it close.
  2. It wouldn't matter who we picked, it's obvious that Flores doesn't want rookies to get much playing time. It frustrates me to no end because it just wastes a year of a drafted players 4 year clock. We need 4 years of production, not 1 year of coddling a rookie and then hoping for 3 years of production. I feel like part of Grier's draft strategy is " Player A is better than Player B, but Player B could be just as good as Player A after a year of coddling, so let's trade around and gamble that Player B will still be there next pick ". The whole problem with that strategy is that we don't
  3. He's been a textbook underperformer with the exception Special Teams, but this season he's given me nightmares every time the ball comes his way (even on Special Teams) So disappointing watching a player with such speed, agility, and quickness be so useless in an Offense. His hands were always the problem with him in the Passing game and suddenly became his problem in the return game. I would love to see him be useful somewhere.
  4. I have also been a vocal supporter of Flores and Grier, but their weaknesses are glaring this season. Obviously Fitzmagic and amazing Defense overcame those weaknesses last season. Flores' weakness; Inability to build an effective Offensive Coaching staff. Defensive scheme revolves around 2 highly paid DB's which has only hindered the ability to bring in highly valued OLine talent. Doesn't have enough credibility within the NFL coaching circles to build a highly respectable coaching staff. Grier's weakness; failure to correctly read other teams draft valuations of OLine and RB's.
  5. Of course a play for Decker is a long shot, but there's a good chance they would move on from him with Sewell in house. I doubt they would do it for a single 2nd round pick but IMO it's a starting point and I would even offer a 2022 1st given our failures to evaluate talent and read the draft board at the OLine positions. As for the Lions dead cap, if they ever move on from Decker without him playing through his contract they will be eating cap sammiches annually through 2024. Taylor Decker Contract Breakdowns, Salary Cap Figures, Salaries, Bonuses | Spotrac
  6. I'm guessing it will be Cameron Tom. He was on the roster last year as a Center, and I believe we just re-signed him 2 days ago to a $252k 1 year deal.
  7. The Colts are a more talented team than their record suggests so this could be a much tougher game to win than it appears to be right now. Their Defense and HC also know Jacoby Brissett's tendencies very well. Additionally; why isn't RB Marlon Mack a Dolphin already? Maybe a 4th or 5th round pick? Also, I would offer Detroit a 2nd for OT Taylor Decker. That would be 2 huge upgrades IMO.
  8. Analysis of the stupidest play in the Universe (LOL)!!!! Miami Dolphins QB Jacoby Brissett’s safety is unlike anything the world has ever seen - The Phinsider It's a mirror concept with the only exception being the inline TE at the top of the LOS ( might be Hunter Long 84 ). Hunter Long is actually the only player that is somewhat open, at least open enough for a probably 5-6 yard gain. It appears Brissett makes his decision pre snap to throw to Waddle, but instead of just catching and throwing he takes a step back, a hop, a big wind up and then throws .......... in the meantime Wa
  9. Even if Brissett is accurate it’s a safety apparently
  10. How would any Coach think that was a good play to pick up room down on the goal line?
  11. I agree. It’s definitely a coaching issue overall. There have been two positives on our OLine so far this season, and one is that Deiter has been slightly better than average at Center, while the other has been Eichenberg hasn’t looked overwhelmed at any of the three spots he has played in so far. I wouldn’t mind seeing Eichenberg start at the LT spot with Hunt moving back to RT and Kindley going back to RG and seeing who can stick at LG. Austin Jackson was a known project when we drafted him and just hasn’t shown enough improvement so far. If anything he is looking like he may have r
  12. I’ve been pulling for Tua and I thought he was the right pick at #5, but I think Brissett has played better ( although far from great ). I’m officially on the record here; Tua has to show some serious progress towards looking like a franchise quarterback this season or Flores and Grier will be moving heaven and earth to replace him this off season. We do not have the most patient HC and GM, and I’m OK with that.
  13. What he needs to dent is the resumes of his Offensive Coaching Staff. Flores should burn the ships after this game, and since he has 2 OC’s I don’t see any reason why one of them can’t be made example of.
  14. Well one of them is none other than the infamous Matt Millen. The Lions are still trying to recover from 7 years of him as their GM. Millen played DLine at Penn State for DC Jerry Sandusky and every time I hear him speak I wonder how long has he kept his mouth shut about the boy raping Sandusky committed in that locker room.
  15. More bad play calling. Throw a bubble screen, for the 5th time in one half of football, on 3rd and 17. I understand hindsight is 20/20 but who do you think you’re going to fool when you run the same play that many times with only slight success overall.
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