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  1. Draft Discussion 2019

    I’m keeping an eye on UF edge rusher Jachai Polite. He’s about 15 lbs lighter than teams would prefer but he shows elite burst off the LOS, displays a blinding quick spin move, elite closing speed, nice ice pick to counter move from outside in, and excels at strip sacks. This guy dominates in games against big time SEC talents. I expect him to run a sub 4.6 forty at the combine, and if he shows up at 250lbs instead of 240 then he will be my number 1 3-4 OLB prospect........sound like strong words????? I encourage you to check out his scouting reports. https://fullpresscoverage.com/2019/02/04/nfl-draft-profile-edge-jachai-polite-florida/amp/ https://thedraftnetwork.com/2019/02/08/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-jachai-polite/ https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2019/02/07/jachai-polite-nfl-draft-profile/ http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/players/jachai-polite
  2. Draft Discussion 2019

    Sure Gary could fill that DT pass rush role in a NASCAR package but I can see him as a traditional 4-3 DE or a 5 technique in a 3/4. I think if Gary is available at pick 13 he would be a great pick. I also like Montez Sweat at pick 13. He reminds me of Chandler Jones and could be that explosive edge player in any Defensive front.......which fits right into our upcoming install of a 3-4 / 4-3 hybrid. I see Gary and Sweat both as defensive front players that never come off the field regardless of defensive front alignments.
  3. Coach Flores introduced as new head coach

    My thoughts exactly........ I’ll give him 3 years to show success and if it’s still not looking good going into year 4 then I expect Ross to move on.
  4. I’m sure our FO would take a late 1st & 3rd too, but no one will offer that IMO. I’m sure we have probably been offered a 2nd rounder, but we could possibly get a late 1st rounder for him. I would think Philly would have some interest, especially if they can get a 1st round pick for Foles. Also Oakland and Green Bay would be needy teams that have multiple first round picks and would likely have some interest. Indianapolis could be the most likely trade partner if they don’t see a CB in the upcoming draft that is close talent wise to X-Man ......The Colts have a huge amount of cap room and could make him the leagues highest paid CB and still have plenty of cap room left. Additionally, we could be open to a 2020 first round pick since that is projected to be a QB rich draft compared to 2019. It’s also more likely a team is more willing to part with a 2020 pick instead of a 2019 pick.
  5. I blame Parcells for both of those screw ups......yes even the 2013 screw up since he’s the one that brought in Ireland as the GM. Funny how Parcells famously cried about how he should be the one “ buying the groceries “ and when Ross let him go grocery shopping he totally screwed it up. He bought the milk that expires two days later lol.
  6. I understand, I think the Colts would be smart to move on a trade for Jones, but they aren’t going to give a second round pick for him IMO. A fourth maybe, a fifth more likely but honestly I’m sure we would let him go for a 7th to clear the cap space.......that would allow us to work on extending / resigning Juwaun James and Xavier Howard.
  7. Draft Discussion 2019

    Not sure if our FO would trade Howard and pick 13 for pick 1........but they would be crazy not to IMO.....Haskins will certainly go top 5 as it’s stands right now ( unless he just has horrible workouts and interviews ) and there’s a very good chance he goes #1 overall. Just because the team has announced we will be targeting a QB in the 2020 draft doesn’t mean we wouldn’t pay a fair price to get one a year early, and from everything he’s demonstrated so far ( small sample size ) Haskins will be the first QB taken in the 2019 draft and given the draft inflation of the QB position he will likely go #1 overall.
  8. I’m digging the off season moves you’re projecting so far. My only issue is in believing a 2nd for Jones would ever be a possibility. Regardless if the Colts had 10 second round picks, we still wouldn’t get one for Jones. I see Jones value given his cap hit as a 5th rounder most likely. Now I’m not 100% sure how he would get paid what and by which team should we trade him, but if we outright cut him his dead hits are significant over the next 3 seasons ( $12mil+, $8mil+, and $4mil+ ). Under his current contract his base salary hits over the next three seasons are $13Mil+, $11mil+, and $10mil+. I just don’t see another team paying that plus a 2nd round pick. He’s a very good player with Pro Bowl talent level ( that’s why we might get a 5th and not a 7th ) but he’s 30 and is overpaid. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/miami-dolphins/reshad-jones-6969/
  9. Draft Discussion 2019

    Cant really argue against that then. Jones isn't a spring chicken anymore.
  10. Draft Discussion 2019

    I feel that Howard is easily worth the 26th overall pick.......but I would also take a 2nd and 3rd combined for him. He's a young elite CB with great measurables. I agree on the extension for Tunsil and for the same reason, but I do think he gets the $10 mil and up per year deal. I also agree that Minkah's off the table since he has 3 years remaining on his rookie deal.
  11. Draft Discussion 2019

    I'm probably going to get blasted for this, but we need to look into moving Xavien Howard. Him and Tunsil are probably the only players on our team we could get 1st round picks for in a trade, and with Howard we might not really have the cap space to sign him long term. I would imagine a team like the Colts or maybe Philly would have interest in a CB like Howard.......and the Colts have quite a bit of cap room available to sign an elite Vet long term. Colts have the 26th pick in the first round of the 2019 draft, as well as two second round picks (34 and 59)......as well as $122 mil in cap space available for 2019. The extra first round pick could come in handy in an attempt to trade up for Ohio State QB Haskins in the upcoming draft or for one of the coveted QBs in the 2020 draft.
  12. Draft Discussion 2019

    I would give up 2 firsts for Haskins but not for Wentz. Wentz has 2 significant injuries that will affect his career already, and he’s already 3/4 of the way through his rookie contract........Yes he could be extended for a fifth year because of the first round option but that would be at a heavy price considering he’s a QB........and that essentially defeats the purpose of having a QB on the rookie wage scale. I agree that Haskins is absolutely a franchise QB. Even if Herbert declared this year I’m certain Haskins would be taken ahead of him. Haskins has looked that good so far. Murray is intriguing but I don’t see him being willing to play any other positions outside of QB. He stands to make more money in football than baseball if he plays QB.........but that’s probably not the case if he plays the slot or the multi tool position. Although if he is open to playing a position outside of QB he can probably play for MLB too.
  13. Draft Discussion 2019

    I think you are spot on with your QB assessment.......especially with the comparison between Tannehill and Lock. They are extremely similar IMO and although both can play and win they are very limited in as long as things are going to your initial game plan they will play well enough to keep you competitive, but when the game gets away from where you hoped it would be and you have to rely on the QB to pull out the win.......they fold under the pressure and make ridiculous mistakes.
  14. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Sounds like we are aiming high LOL!!!! In the mean time the Patriots are still the Patriots, the Bills have a great Defense and an up and coming playmaker at QB, and the Jets have a future franchise QB with a smart Offensive minded HC and are probably hiring Greg Williams to turn around their defense. It’s a good thing Ross publicly stated that he hope we don’t have to go 3-13 to rebuild........Because right now 3 wins is sounding like 2 or 3 too many to be realistic. I haven’t had this bad of a feeling about Dolphins coaches since Cam Cameron was announced as our HC....... I knew he was a terrible HC because I witnessed it first hand at Indiana University.....but our projected coaching staff right now is unbelievably bad. I hope I’m wrong.........Next season is going to be hard to watch.
  15. Draft Discussion 2019

    I would be happy with that. I don’t predict we will be able to trade down in such a deep Defensive draft, but I would certainly be ecstatic if we did and added a couple more picks. I don’t know about the Johnson pick. I like the player and the value, but he wouldn’t fill a big need except for depth I guess. I like the Hill pick and as the 12th pick in the third round he should’ve been an A or maybe even an A+ IMO. I think the 2nd round is too early for Gustin.......I see him as a 4th rounder right now, but if hie blows up the combine then he could move to an early second or even a late first depending.