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  1. RIP Coach!!!

    Our Beloved HOF Coach Don Shula has passed away at 90 years of age. RIP Coach!!! You are missed!!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/winningest-head-coach-in-nfl-history-don-shula-passes-away-at-90/ar-BB13zLfd?ocid=spartanntp
  2. What Grade Do You Give the Dolphins Draft???

    I saw a lot of mocks with Weaver as a late first or early second round pick. When I look at Weaver's body type I don't see any outstanding measurables; not a high twitch build, not elite length, short 'ish arms, no heavy hands, not an explosive type leaper, etc . When I watch his pass rush on tape he looks quite pedestrian and not particularly strong, but....He consistently gains the edge on OT's by staying low on contact and then keeps bending ( slowly lol ) right to the QB. All he does is get to the QB lol. I love the pick. I knew he wouldn't go round 1 like many projected, but because of his elite production, I never thought he would have fallen to the 5th. I hope he can make some splash plays and develop into that productive edge player we desperately need.
  3. During the draft I was back and forth between an A and a B grade, but when we made the trade for Breida it solidified as an A-. Why an A-?? Tua, type of Olinemen we drafted ( nasty maulers ) in Hunt and Kindley, Breida trade, and DT R.Davis ( a big fella at 6'7" that was great as a run stuffer for Bama ). Why not an A+?? A little reachy on OT Austin Jackson at 18, I thought he would be there at 26, but I understand this pick is about 2021 and on. A reach on Igbi at 30, I feel he would've been available through the middle of round 2.....I do like the player though. I would have liked to see us be more aggressive in rounds 2 and 3 by using all those 5th and 7th round picks to move up our picks in round 2 and 3. Overall staying put for Tua at 5 and making the Breida trade were my favorite moves for us in this draft. The trade up for Kindley and Weaver weren't bad either.
  4. 49ers trade RB Brieda to Dolphins

    I didn’t see this move coming, but I LOVE it. Breida is from the Tampa area, Florida has No State Taxes vs California’s high State Taxes, he is a slashing speedster that isn’t afraid of contact, he can catch out of the backfield, he will be the lightning to Howard’s thunder....and I also LOVE that he is on the last year of his deal and with a new team. Breida has a lot to prove this season and he just might prove it all if he stays healthy.
  5. 2020 Pick Tracker

    I expected to see moves like the trade up for Kindley sooner, like Round 2, but maybe Grier tried and didn’t have any takers. I like the Solomon Kindley pick. Not sure if he will play LG or RG but I think he will be an upgrade at either. Not a perfect player but he should do well in our power gap / slide pro scheme. I thought he would go late round 2 to early round 3. Good value at a position of need.
  6. 2020 Pick Tracker

    I wish we would have been more aggressive in rounds 2 and 3, but I really like our picks in round 1 , ( those picks at 5 and 18 are about 2021 and beyond ) I love the Igbi CB pick at 30, I've been begging for several years, going back to the old forum, please get a talented Nickle. I'm so sick of watching the Patriots wreck us with slot receivers. I like our picks in round 2, they aren't as polished as the players I would have chosen ( Dobbins / Gallimore ), but they are both Giants that play like wrecking balls so the theme there was to grab some players that have the potential to be maulers. I think Coach Flores is willing to motivate players to get what he needs from them and both of these players are great candidates for that treatment. Round 3 I was hoping for Cushenberry or Josh Jones ( the upside on this guy, worse case scenario is an elite swing tackle ), but it looks like Grier and Flores do NOT want rookie playing next to rookie on the OL, and Jones fits a huge need at Safety and when I watch him play, he just looks like a Flores type player, very active, good tackler, good instincts, pretty much the opposite of Ashtyn Davis when it comes to tackling and range. So far none of the picks look out of place to me. They all look like there's a purpose and a larger plan. Maybe I'm just in my Teal and Orange Sunglasses though.
  7. 2020 Pick Tracker

    Ya I really thought we would go Dobbins, but right now I’m OK with passing on him for what I feel is a bigger need.
  8. 2020 Pick Tracker

    Nice pick!! Maybe a few picks early but he looks to be the mauler that’s we could use at RG or maybe even the RT we need given his height.
  9. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    You can claim it’s dumb, but I know better. When a QB is constsnetly attempting the hardest throw in the play design, and missing on it, and not taking the higher percentage throws and doesn’t clearly understand when his Receiver has positional leverage against the defender it’s a concern. I get it you like the pick and you feel that I’m trying to bash it. I’m not here to flame you, just to check Pack Fans temperature on the pick. I’m pretty sure I got the overall temperature on it. I’ll bounce out and wish you guys luck on the 2020 season, and maybe I’ll make it up that way one day for the board meetings that I get tickets to every year. I hear the cheese is great!!
  10. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    TD, First, Check down is typically the order yes, but when the QB is consistently trying to make the hardest throw in every play, and sometimes miss reading the defense.....that’s something that brings up questions to me
  11. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Either what your claiming just isn’t the case, or I’m not understanding your claim here.
  12. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    That’s a valid point. There’s no denying his arm talent. It’s legit.
  13. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    I’m a Football Coach. I looked at it like I look at every QB tape when trying to help that player improve. Im not saying Love is trash, I’ve said earlier in this thread that I think he can be a good QB for you after a few years of development. I just question trading up for a 1st round QB with Rodgers still playing well IMO. I respect your opinion on my breakdown, but I’m sure that his QB coach told him something along the lines of my breakdown in the Monday QB meeting.
  14. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    at 50 sec, fails to recognize #16 has inside leverage and throw with anticipation for an easy 6 points. Also fails to recognize the top route has over leverage and tries to throw under for a back shoulder instead of a deep end zone corner where its 50/50 jump or out the back incomplete. at 1:42 on 1st and 10 and up 7-3 he overthrows the mid fade route instead of taking the easy 7-8 yard completion underneath in the zone. at 3:10 he makes a big time throw where against what I'm guessing was bail out outside man coverage for 13 yard gain from the opposite hash to the top of the numbers. It's 2nd and 8 and he has 2 much easier throws, one underneath in the inside zone which would likely net 5 yards and make 3rd and 3 ( manageable ) and one to his inside receiver running the far hash who has inside leverage and a possible 6 points. 3:22 on 3rd and 5 he misses his slot receiver that's bunched up on the numbers close to the wideout. Easy throw for the first up 7-6. 3:40 on 1st and 10 instead of following the play design to keep yardage manageable for 2nd and 3rd downs he opts not to throw to the open TE for the 4-5 yard gain and lob a duck down field into double coverage while on the move in an RPO. 4:01 on 2nd and 10 he takes a shot up top vs 1 on 1 in what is probably man press and bail coverage, the Receiver almost makes a spectacular catch but what bothers me about it is Love's sloppy footwork with no pressure. He pushes off the throwing leg and generates no equal force by the pull from the non throwing leg. He gets away with it here, but vs the better NFL Corners that goes the other way. I'm less than 1/3 of the way through with the breakdown, but I've seen the entire film and it gets worse from here. He has potential, I hope he works out for the Pack. I wouldn't bet on it but hey I'm a Fins Fan and Tua might not work out either. I sincerely wish Pack Fans Good Luck on the upcoming Season.
  15. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    You mean where he gets hit by 2 defenders and one of them makes the tackle on the ball carrier several yards behind the LOS??? I wouldn't call that blocking....but I do get your point, at least he puts forth the effort.