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  1. Grier is looking even better after this leak. Apparently the Jets weren't sure about Zach Wilson's shoulder and turned down the 49ers offer of a 1st round pick for Darnold. Now I'm sure the Jets would have gotten back on the phone with the 49ers once they had clearance on Wilsons' shoulder, but of course old Chris beat them to the punch. Report: Jets turned down a first-round draft pick for Sam Darnold (msn.com)
  2. Neither Flowers or Kindley had a very good season last year. Kindley earned a starting spot and that is the extent on the hype for Kindley's season. I'm not saying we should give up on Kindley, but I am saying we shouldn't pass on an upgrade nor should we remove RG from our list of needs. Flowers is a solid pass protector, but a poor run blocker. We look to be using a majority power run gap / man blocking scheme, so good aggressive run blockers are going to be essential for success.
  3. McKinney has a $7mil + cap hit so he isn't going anywhere and is nearly a lock to start inside. That leaves Eguaveon and Baker to battle for the other ILB spot. I would love for us to draft an ILB in round 2 but ILB isn't nearly as essential as finding a starting caliber Center and an OG. If Hunt plays the RT spot then we are in need of an LG and an RG......and there is no way we go to camp with Skura as the projected starter at C. Oline is our #1 need IMO. Without another influx of talent on the OLine we will not be able to get an accurate evaluation on Tua prior to the 2023 draft (
  4. I wouldn't bet on Dolphins GM Chris Grier giving up 2 second round picks and a 3rd round pick to move up 4 spots to draft a RB that will be available at pick 36 anyways LOL.
  5. Ojulari definitely had some nice splash plays against Bama and like you said he did a nice job squeezing down on the OG, but there were a few times when he was at the point of attack and he got washed out. Overall he played well IMO and he could be a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 OLB. To be successful as a 3-4 he will need to develop some counter moves but that's typical of nearly every College Edge Rusher.
  6. I'm not expecting to see us draft a NT at all this draft with the great play we had from rookie Raekwon Davis last season and the return of John Jenkins. I would love to see Tyler Shelvin as a Dolphin, I'm just predicting we go a different route due to more pressing needs.
  7. IMO you might as well make WR Preston Williams a lock. With a salary of $850k and a signing bonus of $3, 334 ( not a typo ) he is perhaps the best value on the team given his production....... Injury or not. The only way he gets cut is if he doesn't want to be a Dolphin anymore. Same with Needham. Preston Williams has played in 16 games over 2 seasons, averaged 14.3 ypc, 50 rec for 716 yds, and scored 7TD's.
  8. I will be very disappointed if that ends up being the case. We have to focus on helping Tua at the top of this draft IMO. To me that means OL, WR, RB.
  9. I agree. Baker hasn't played well for us since Flores took over. He just isn't capable of doing what Flores Defense needs from him and we obviously need to move on from him. Hopefully McKinney works out for us and AVG build off of his play last season. Got my fingers crossed Biegel can pick up where he left off before his injury.
  10. Solid edge rusher depth in this class but none are top 10 worthy picks IMO. I like Perkins in the second round. Solid pass rusher with great first step and motor, not the best closing speed but shows some bend and consistently produces the pressures. Second and Third round is the value spot for edge rushers this draft IMO. I expect us to use a pick on an edge in either round 2 or 3 given our needs at OLine and RB.
  11. I would love for it to be for a second and / or third this year........and that’s certainly possible IMO. My crystal ball is just so dog gone pessimistic lol.
  12. I respectfully disagree. I think the Bengals stay put at 5 with their sights on Chase, regardless of who else is available. Their starting QB is beating the drum for Chase, who is certainly worthy of the 5th pick, and it is a deep and talented OT class. Additionally the view of Sewell being this generational talent at OT is being challenged by some analysts as Daniel Jeremiah has Slater being the better prospect. I see the Bengals going Chase at 5 to please their QB and drafting an OT in round 2.
  13. If Atlanta stays at 4 and doesn't pick a QB, I can see us trading back with Denver at 9. Denver knows they need a QB ( next draft doesn't look great for QB's )and they will want to jump Detroit where in this scenario they will presumably be able to grab their preference of Fields / Jones or Lance. This is probably best case scenario for us as we will probably be able to add a 2022 1st round pick or a 2nd rounder plus in a multiple pick package, AND we would probably still be able to draft either Smith or Waddle at 9. Making this the Multi Multi Trade of Complete and Utter Stoopidness LM
  14. He was having a good year in 2019 (PFF rating of 69 overall) before he suffered tears in all 3 collateral ligaments and a dislocated knee cap in Nov 2019. Hopefully 2020 was just a case of him coming back too soon and not an indication of the severity of his injury.
  15. Skura, a starting Center? No Thank You LOL!!! News has broke in the last few days that we have been looking for options at Center, even after adding Skura.
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