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  1. I guess it’s just nice not saying SOL. While the results were similar there was actually some fight. Didn’t fold and look soft. That was a positive
  2. The statistics I read in the Free Press article do not give me hope that he will return from this
  3. Would you have went back to back Dt? Waited so late on WR?
  4. I’ve posted positively about most of draft picks overall. Just don’t like back to back DT and waiting to address WR
  5. So if a modest grade is given it’s a hater. Yea that’s why I don’t post as often. People attack opinions of others with hate
  6. I’ll give him a C for this draft (subject to change later) I’ll give him a B- on Stafford trade would have been higher but that Goff contract true test to me is how he handles the multiple 1sts next year
  7. Ugh not Mills. Living in Omaha I got chance to watch him and just not a fan. its UDFA so guess it’s not a loss but he’s subpar
  8. Not shocked that Campbell went with a tough and relentless player like Sewell. I wanted a trade down but also wanted trenches built so this was a pick I honestly have no complaints about. can’t recall last time I didn’t have some negatives about there first round selection....it might have been Suh but I might have had something that worried me there or Calvin. But it’s been a long time
  9. While they didn’t trade down they went after trenches early so I can’t complain. good pick
  10. I’m not sold on Fields but either way they hurt themselves in picks or he busts. I know I shouldn’t say it’s but no QB coming out of there recently has panned out. Don’t wanna say system QB but I will say OSU has so much talent that it makes it easier for QB there compared to some of these other schools like BYU
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