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  1. Do The Lions Fire JBC?

    Quinn is the one who sucks
  2. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    Lol. This is bad
  3. Yea but throwing inside 5 probably cost 7 as run game was churning down there
  4. Can’t rely on calls. Offensive play calling has been horrid
  5. Lol. Awesome. Geez. Well enough of this. This team has no discipline and sloppy
  6. Lol. Oh geez this team has no discipline at all. WTH Harbaugh
  7. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    Doubt this is just a delay. In Omaha and this is not clearing up anytime soon.
  8. This run D is so soft. Ugh the strength of this team looks so weak right now
  9. The prediction for playoffs is seriously insane this team is not good O line sucks something bad
  10. Wow. Horrid coaching. Run the ball
  11. Michigan looking horrible. Wow this is getting old fast. Harbaugh needs to figure this out this year or it’s time to consider a different route
  12. Training Camp and Preseason

    I may need to retract my predictions. This looks like 4-12 to 5-11 type team.