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  1. Humphries with good awareness there. Seen too many guys lack an understanding of the yardage required for a 1st down.
  2. Got lucky there, assuming they make the right call. Can't wait for that ball to come to you, go get it.
  3. Not an interception luckily, but **** Davis, you gotta go after that ball.
  4. Why don’t more people vote for my team in an internet poll, it’s not fair!!!!!!
  5. This guy last week: "Just close your eyes and imagine the AFC championship game involving the Tennessee Titans. You can't, because it won't"
  6. LOL Tyreek hill. You hate to see it.
  7. My guess is they were talking about Baltimore.
  8. Ah Baltimore. Tennessee loves this matchup, especially in the playoffs. Keeping low expectations so I can be surprised hopefully.
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