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  1. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Considering our last pick yesterday I thought of trading KJ as well.... but what do you guys honestly think we could get for him??? I don't see a third... and what are some safety needy trade partners... or player swap for a quality guard???
  2. Day 2/3

    I personally don't think there's a world where Gruden drafts Greedy.. he's ALWAYS been highly critical of players that won't tackle (past drafts as an analyst)... especially after Mayock saying they want to be physical last night as part of the team's identity. Considering a huge goal of Mayocks coming in was to keep Carr upright... I think if we stand pat... it has to be Risner or Ford. Unless you guys think there's a plug and play guard we could get in the 3rd.. after a trade back... thoughts? If so, I wouldn't mind a trade back to acquire a 3rd and potentially landing Irv Smith in the middle of the 2nd/ a cb / or even deebo Samuel if he's still there... obviously
  3. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Anyone get more of the highlights from Mayocks post draft interview on NFL Network??.. I was watching it online but got pulled away at the start of it...
  4. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    UGHHH.... Sweat gone
  5. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    O... MY... 😔
  6. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Also... what to do with that old reminiscent feeling of "wanting the Raiders to win but NOT wanting to mess up our draft status"
  7. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Hey guys.. haven't been able to watch the game... but just saw the headline of the sideline argument between Carr and Gruden... just how bad was it?? .. and over what??
  8. Gosh... if this is true... just ???.. someone in that room point out grudens success rate in TB?
  9. Draft Thread

    WHAT IN THE HELK....???☹
  10. Draft Thread

    Dennis Allen would know how Reggie thinks... #bummin a lil.. wanted minkah or Davenport.. those were my guys??
  11. Draft Thread

    DANG IT... wanted Davenport.. honestly think he was our target
  12. Draft Thread

    HOLY CR*P!!! ... I THOUGHT U WERE JOKING BP!!!... GB got a FIRST???
  13. Draft Thread

    Just pleeeease no miller... a trade back I wouldn't mind
  14. Draft Thread

    Well.. there goes Payne... RIDLEY to Saints???.... Meaning Edmunds.. Davenport... James ?
  15. Draft Thread