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  1. Well if you read the current thread in gen about bankruptcy and the new CBA... maybe some of these guys can't.
  2. The people who need this advice won't be able to pay him.
  3. He doesn't suck, he's a 1 trick WR. Run deep really really really fast. He's also paper thin, I think the wind actually helps him run a ton faster when he has it at his back. I don't think you pay him big money for 2 catches a game and a bunch of deep misses.
  4. Some google searches quick. Gold price is around $1674 USD per ounce per live price. Google search says Trent Williams is 318 lbs. 318 lbs = 5088 ounces. 5088 * 1674 and Trent Williams is worth around 8.5 mil. He's currently overpaid!
  5. In the movie our new WR coach " played by Jimmy Graham" is on the sideline telling MVS he doesn't have to run soooooo fast on every play, after MVS suffers a hamstring injury on a go route. The discount double check guy comes in and catches the game winning TD for us.
  6. I'm not convinced were much better than the Jaguars WR's, they have some talent and guys that fit together well there. The offensive line was brutal to watch for them, I think that held them back the most.
  7. 10 year old with a paper route is 10 times more dangerous than playing in the NFL.
  8. In this current NBA (regular season) there is also no defense. Steph Curry lying on the ground with his hands over his head during the all start game is about the same amount of defense they play now in the regular season.
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