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  1. Aaron Rodgers already got benched in the first game. Can OP change thread to who is 2nd QB to get benched?
  2. I don't get it, why didn't we play single safety tight man coverage on that last play of the half.
  3. Packers special teams coach sweating right now.
  4. Well Jackson was opposite Stokes in the first quarter but I haven't noticed Stokes since.
  5. If we traded Rodgers for a good Special teams coach how many superbowl wins do we get this year?
  6. So if Love throws for more than 7 yards guaranteed HOF'er!!!
  7. Can one of the analytics people here do a review of all these posts to verify or refute this statement.
  8. You mean what do the Packers think about this move by Rodgers?
  9. The real question is if he ties them up in a braid to force himself to stay true to his wife when he goes out.
  10. Pick mac jones to motivate love to motivate rodgers. Best pick ever.
  11. If I was in charge the NFL draft would pick one player a day. Spread it over 3/4 of the year. A new location and a new band every day!
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