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  1. The real question is if he ties them up in a braid to force himself to stay true to his wife when he goes out.
  2. Pick mac jones to motivate love to motivate rodgers. Best pick ever.
  3. If I was in charge the NFL draft would pick one player a day. Spread it over 3/4 of the year. A new location and a new band every day!
  4. GB has cap space? Last I checked we were 10m or so over the projected cap. This with FA's of our own...
  5. Haven't been here since the loss. I'm not watching. This post adds nothing to this thread. That is all, bye.
  6. Hey skip, we have 1 guy who will state their opinion. You take the other opinion no matter what. That will annoy 99% of people who know the topic, and you will be the most hated man on espn. But we will pay you 5 million a year for it, got it? Like seriously...
  7. LOL people still take Bayless seriously? His job is to take/make controversial comments/picks to stir things up. How do people even take him seriously. He's just doing his job and making millions doing it. I don't get people sometimes.
  8. So did every single human being who watched that game other than Pettine.
  9. Except that scenario as you show it isn't complete. If we fail to get the TD and the 2pt, we still have the chance to stop them and score a td and get a 2 pt. All the scenarios hold very small chance, but taking Rodgers and our offense off the field that close to the endzone is not my choice.
  10. My 12 yr old nephew who watches the game with me was asking if they can do this before they did it. I'm not giving coaches that get paid millions credit for this.
  11. Both scenarios require us to stop them and get the ball back, assuming we don't get it the 4th down. But we gave up that opportunity to go for it. Weak *** call.
  12. Because there isn't one. Not a realistic one. Coach fails by MLF and Pettine. We needed a perfect team to beat TB. That front is too big/fast for our Oline and we knew it going in.
  13. I'm blaming that on Evan's hands. Clearly not Evan's fault.
  14. And 3 more hollywood movies and another billion dollars in lawsuits on how the NFL doesn't protect players.
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