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  1. It does beg the question on whether the Broncos are shopping for a new QB. If so, then who would it be? Trubisky for Fuller and Lock would make some sense.
  2. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2021/10/20/nfl-news-denver-broncos-not-attempting-tua-tagovailoa-trade/
  3. I hope this isn't revenge game for Keenum. Or, maybe it should be. But with the Broncos not having any ILBs, I think Keenum can eat a bit. I think Lock should probably start .
  4. Denver at Cleveland Carolina at N.Y. Giants Atlanta at Miami Washington at Green Bay Cincinnati at Baltimore N.Y. Jets at New England Kansas City at Tennessee Detroit at L.A. Rams Philadelphia at Las Vegas Houston at Arizona Chicago at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at San Francisco New Orleans at Seattle Survivor: Yo mom
  5. LOL...Oh...well...there is always the idea of having some level of hope. I don't even remember who Farrell was/is.
  6. Right now, the Broncos should just go on a fire sale, and get as many picks as possible...send Von to Dallas; package MGIII and Fuller up and send them to Buffalo...all for picks of course. I mean it seems like Paton did horrible in FA, but great in the draft. If he wants to build through the draft, which I am all for, then you got to have picks to do that...go get the picks.
  7. Now I am starting get how the Lions, Browns, Raiders, and Bengals fans feel when your best day of the year is the draft.
  8. That is why I am suggestion a trade to Dallas. I bet he'd re-sign there so he can pay closer attention to his chicken farm. And I think they need a pass rusher. This is a win-win.
  9. And they just left Avery Williams on PS because they wanted a WR? This is kicking a man while he is down. Welcome to a top 5 pick in April.
  10. I would trade him to Dallas who seems to be in the running for a good playoff run, and it's his favorite team, and it keeps him out of the AFC conference.
  11. Every team deals with injuries, especially in today's NFL where it seems like players get injured more often then back in my day when guys would play through sprained ankles, separate shoulders, etc. However, do you think a team like the Chiefs, or the Ravens (the Raven lost all of their RBs in the span of a week), and they are probably the best, or 2nd best team to the Bills in the AFC right now. They just take the next guy up and move right along with their plans. We need that mentality. I think Azzanni seems like that kind of guy. I'd at least promote him to OC if they want to promo
  12. At least the Tebow led Broncos were fun to watch, I mean a heart attack nearly every game, but damn those teams literally played hard to the very last minute. I'd rather have that then what we have now. At least Tebow game **** about playing. The only guy right now that I can see who is giving it his all is Javonte.
  13. If I were a fan from the late 90s on, I'd think about supporting another team. Alas this has been a 38 year relationship for me and cannot help my Fandom, but it is getting difficult.
  14. This is just sad. The last few years I was cool with the losing records, the Broncos were limited talent wise. But now they have some talent and look too uninspired. I think you have to fire Fangio and Shurmer and the special teams coach and let Munch and Azzanni to try to inspire some folks.
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