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  1. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    It sounds to me that Brittany will be groomed to take over in a few years.
  2. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    Glad the NFL Networker is dedicating their episodes to Pat. I don't think people realized how great he was, and what he did for the NFL. If they had known, he would have been in the HOF long before Jerry Jones.
  3. Mini-Camp Notes

    Based on camp notes, it looks like Fumagalli is playing lights out. And, the UDFA TEs seem to be playing well. It may turn out that Butt is the odd man out.
  4. McCoy Visiting Panthers Today/Tomorrow

    Congrats on the McCoy signing...defense wins championships and I think the Panthers are flying under the radar and are close!! Since Carolina came into the league I always thought of them as a defensive team; surprised they haven't won a Super Bowl, yet.
  5. This will really damper the running game for the Packers.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Wait maybe that is how you get the bump?
  7. Random Thoughts

    Whipped cream!
  8. Mini-Camp Notes

    What about Nico Falafal? Could have been a star.
  9. Broncos nearing deal w/ CB Chris Harris Jr. (One-year deal)

    I don't know. i mean, if CHJ is looking for a third contract where he is paid more than Norman in Washington, then I don't think that will be in Denver. However, I think that is all dependent on how well he plays this season. If he starts to show his age, there is no way he gets $12MM next year. He'd be better off signing with a contender next year where he might get one more Super Bowl, or he might need to face reality that he is an aging CB who could be on a Broncos' team that seems to be on an upswing and just take a contract to help the younger fellas out and retire a Broncos, with the hopes that his leaderships leads the Broncos to another Super Bowl. I prefer the latter scenario.
  10. Random Thoughts

    What is the Fangio bump? Is that some kind of STD he gives defensive players??
  11. Broncos nearing deal w/ CB Chris Harris Jr. (One-year deal)

    CHJ is arguably the Broncos' 2nd/3rd best player. And, without CHJ, the Broncos' best CB would be a guy who might be playing safety. Not to mention that he has been one of the most consistent players in the league for a longtime...not sure you don't make him the highest paid DBs on the team. The defensive backfield now seems formidable.
  12. Mini-Camp Notes

    What do we do without Nico Falah?
  13. 5.156 Justin Hollins OLB Oregon

    It actually looks like hollins is a more explosive player to boot.
  14. 5.156 Justin Hollins OLB Oregon

    A 6' 5" iLB? That changes things a bit, but it makes sense. Since Shannon Sharpe, the TE position has changed and how to cover guys like that haven't. Maybe a Hollins type iLB is the solution. Then again so is porn.
  15. Which UDFA will go to be the next Pro Bowler?

    So we are cool at iLB?