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  1. I'd like Paton to get in there and clean house to get as much money as possible available for FAs...not that he needs to spend it all. In terms of applying that money...Simmons should get a good fraction of that money. And in all honesty, that's about the only FA I'd like to see them make, unless it's for a shut down corner. I'm on board with Paton building through the draft, which we've done. We are a QB, a MBL, and some depth away from being significant. I agree with Paton...we are a sleeping giant...we are Tom Glavin, or the 90s Cowboys...we suck and then all of a sud
  2. He is at BYU, what kin of drugs or alcohol could he get into? Just wait till he is in Denver and go nuts over some psychedelia mushrooms
  3. Drew Lock and Fant, plus a few picks for Watson? Done! It seemed to me that Albert O was better when he was healthy, than Fant.
  4. Yes...he has taken a backseat for awhile, perhaps he has learned something from BB?
  5. I think McDaniels to Philly is alright; the NE is his element now that he has been there this long. I think he can succeed in Philly. But, this also means that any chance we had at Wentz or Hurts is gone.
  6. I'd give Lock and a 1st, because I'd spin this (not that it's true) that he could become a distraction if he doesn't get what he wants. You know, if he decides down the road he doesn't like Denver, he would do the same thing to us.
  7. I really feel for Lions fans, and they stick with them. If they ever become relevant, I will be rooting for them.
  8. How CUTE! https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/14/tom-brady-legacy-drew-brees-playoff-matchup
  9. No...it's true. In Denver if you are accused of DV you go to jail no matter what, then you post bail, and then they investigate.
  10. Not with a DV case. With DV you are guilty until proven innocent.
  11. I don't think they did what Von did. Von took the entire team and put a four game run square on his shoulders; he was out of his mind...covering Philly Brown, whose only super power was to be fast.
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