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  1. I'd probably just get drunk with him
  2. New York (NYG) at Philadelphia Kansas City at Denver Detroit at Atlanta Cleveland at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Tennessee Carolina at New Orleans Buffalo at New York (NYJ) Dallas at Washington Green Bay at Houston Seattle at Arizona San Francisco at New England Jacksonville at Los Angeles (LAC) Tampa Bay at Las Vegas Chicago at Los Angeles (LAR) Survivor: Philadelphia
  3. I am not going there with legacy, they both seem like decent dudes. And in terms of legacies in their football careers, I don't think anything gets better than a butt fumble.
  4. I saw the Lindsay stat line. I am guessing he looked good. I am not going to hold this against Gordon. It's stupid, but I don't think he seems to have a history with this. He will have to take his lumps in court and with the league. But I will be excited to see him and Lindsay in the backfield together.
  5. Like I would be totally okay with bringing Mike back. I can only imagine what he would do for Lock and all the young talent the Broncos have right now. And you know the run game would be stellar.
  6. There is only been one game the Broncos have been out of so far. With better time management, and better play calling, the Bronco could be 4-1. What does that say? Perhaps better coaching is needed? And let me say this...better in game coaching. I suspect the Broncos are always prepared and they seem ready to play. But coaches need to know what to do in certain situations, like Shanny and Kubes just knew how to close out a game; I trusted when we were up with less than 3-4 minutes to go in the game with the ball, those guys knew how to run that clock. That's what is missing with this coaching staff.
  7. I think Lock will be fine. He has to play consistently, and get a complete offseason. However, I suspect he will need to take some lumps before he is good. BUT! If by the end of the year he is hurt or isn't improving, and Justin Fields is sitting there...I think you know what you have to do.
  8. Houston at TennesseeCincinnati at IndianapolisAtlanta at MinnesotaDenver at New EnglandWashington at New York (NYG)Baltimore at Philadelphia Cleveland at Pittsburgh Chicago at Carolina Detroit at Jacksonville New York (NYJ) at Miami Green Bay at Tampa Bay Los Angeles (LAR) at San Francisco Kansas City at Buffalo Arizona at Dallas
  9. Looks like the Broncos won this week!
  10. Tampa Bay at ChicagoDenver at New EnglandCarolina at AtlantaBuffalo at TennesseeLas Vegas at Kansas CityArizona at New York (NYJ)Philadelphia at PittsburghLos Angeles (LAR) at WashingtonCincinnati at BaltimoreJacksonville at HoustonMiami at San FranciscoIndianapolis at ClevelandNew York (NYG) at DallasMinnesota at SeattleLos Angeles (LAC) at New Orleans
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