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  1. And it look like the contract situation with Adams isn't looking good. I am not sure what that will tell players throughout the league about the Packers. Perhaps Rogers is right about how they are handling their players. The only option the Packers have, I would think would be to trade Adam and Rogers, and get as many draft picks as you can so that you can draft players who won't make trade demands for three or four years. And in that time, you'd better clean up organizational problems so that you aren't rifting with marquee players. It looks like the Packers have to start over, an
  2. Mad respect for Giannis. No super team. But if somehow the Nuggets can pair him up with Jokic...I would take it.
  3. Ohhh they have a Quick Trip in DC? I like their pizza sometimes.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't want to see a butt lickers mascot
  5. It's enough money to prevent the team from changing the name of the team to the butt lickers
  6. He needs more PEDs because I have never heard of this guy
  7. That's an awesome story. I would have continued to drink probably, but would have at least had second thoughts about it.
  8. Why isn't this guy in the ring of fame? Without him the Broncos couldn't boast the best offensive line in football. An offensive line that created a 2,000+ yard back.
  9. What does it mean to retire? I am already tired, I don't want to retire.
  10. Whoa...the conspiracy theories are real, huh? Like did someone from the Chief's org give him the uzi as a gift knowing he would get caught? Stay safe kids and play with your uzi in your own backyard.
  11. Not really. My point is that you can eat tomatoes without an instruction manual, and if Shaq was on your team you would be just fine exercising on an exercise biker versus a treadmill. That's all I am saying.
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