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  1. I am going with a quick Bronco mock, because I am kind of bored: 1. Micah Parsons, ILB PSU (if Sewell is there, I'd take him) 2. Michael Carter, RB UNC (eventual MG replacement) 3. Davis Mills, QB Stanford (I know it's early, but there is a lot of plug for him and think if the Broncos want him they will have to reach a bit) 4. Tommy Doyle, RT Miami OH (not sure about him, but he is a RT projected to go in the 4th, so here is the eventual replacement for James, which might be any moment from now...unless the Broncos land Sewell, then I'd go the Ohio State ILB..Baron somethi
  2. Mecklenberg got a speeding ticket one time in Littleton though
  3. I think he certainly should get a one more year to see what he can do. I mean if the work he is putting with PM works out, and he has a Josh Allen type of transformation, I am all for it. But, that also doesn't mean we shouldn't draft Fields or Lance to put behind him just in case. If the Broncos go that route, then we have one QB that can be traded next year, hopefully for a high #1. Alas, if the stick with Lock, and have full confidence in him, that #9 pick should be used to trade back unless they want to sit and see if Sewell falls to them. It would be cool to see Sewell on
  4. 1989/1990 season QB Joe Montana WR Jerry Rice WR Sterling Sharpe WR Andre Reed RB Eric Dickerson TE Brent Jones And for a Dream Team, since it's a dream...they all would have played for the Denver Broncos...and they wouldn't have gotten crushed by the 49ers like they did in the Super Bowl...than again...if Montana is playing for the Broncos then Elway could be a 49er playing for Bill Walsh?? Yet, without Rice and Jones.
  5. Why you talking about Peyton's cans?
  6. I'd trade up to 7 for Fields, he shows up in big games...where Lance...he might do that, I am not sure because you never go to see it. If the 49ers take him at #3...that is pretty gutsy.
  7. There is a simple way to figure this out...Elway calls his buddy Lynch, or has his buddy Mike Shanahan who calls his son and ask who they are drafting...is there rules against this? There are enough bridges between the Broncos and the 49ers to figure it out. And, if the 49ers are selecting Fields, I am trading back and getting draft picks, because then Jones can be had later...and Lance is a project that needs to sit behind someone.
  8. This is where I am...and I am hoping for all the better. I am hoping for Fields to be Newton who meets Watson with Wilson leadership tendencies...I do not know of QB right now who would play through the pain he looked like was in against Clemson...to me that was old school...that was Emmitt Smith v. the Giants kind of performance.
  9. What the Falcons need to do is draft Sewell...but they will draft Pitts even though they already have Julio and Ridley and Gage...which means nothing if Ryan doesn't have time to throw them the ball. IF they went the logical route, then we would only need to jump two spots to Detroit to land Fields, assuming the 49ers get Jones or Lance.
  10. What isn't in the article is the fact that he shredded Clemson with banged up ribs...I will take him for his toughness.
  11. I'd move up to #7 for Fields. If someone else like Chicago moves in for Fields, I would trade back to get the best T, ILB, RB, or CB you could get.
  12. If ATL goes QB, it will be for Lance. They just restructured Matt Ryan's contract to keep him around for another two years. So, Lance can sit behind Ryan to develop.
  13. So the folks here in Atlanta on talk radio (sorry no link) are thinking Atlanta will trade with Denver once Denver realizes who the 49ers wants at QB. If the 49ers go Mac Jones, the Broncos will make the trade to Atlanta to get Fields. If the 49ers go Fields, the Broncos will back off and trade back. It seems like Paton has an eye for Fields. Then what? You trade Cutler, I mean Lock?
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