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  1. Has anyone else ever walked home drunk from the bar, fell asleep on the front lawn of your neighbors house, with a load of sh***t in your pants?
  2. I'd see what you get for Kareem Jackson before he is dead.
  3. They should go get Jamal Adams as insurance.
  4. Rick Upchurch's birthday.
  5. If Sanders is there DT has to be there too, I would think.
  6. These aren't that bad. I hate the two-tone number on the blue uniforms, but the white uniforms are kind of awesome.
  7. Well give us your top four, AKRNA.
  8. Does Floyd Little get a nod? He was the first big superstar for the Broncos, wasn't he?
  9. I think the Colts really kind of d***ck punched Manning.
  10. I went with players who were drafted by the Broncos and spent their entire careers with the Broncos. However, he ended his career with the Broncos, so he is a lifer to me. Also, I get Davis didn't have a long career, but I am certain we don't win a first Super Bowl without him.
  11. They need to get it right. I mean, growing up for me it was Dierdorf, Gifford ,and Michaels. And I looked forward to watching MNF party because of them.
  12. Yeah, I know the 90s group seems too overloaded. But when you think of the 49ers best, I think of Walsh, Rice, Montana, and Lott. They also had a dynasty, so??
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