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  1. Plus, these guys are young. If they can adapt to a winning culture now??
  2. 2020 College Prospects

    So, can we omit QB and ILB from a "need" item? The focus can turn to the trenches, CB, and weapons (RBs/WRs)?
  3. Broncos place DE Derek Wolfe on IR

    So, what is the best city/neighborhoods to live in the Denver area now? Any suggestions? Loveland? Littleton? Morrison? Boulder? (no to anything south of Littleton.)
  4. That game was circa 97/98 when the Broncos had essentially won by half-time. Then they'd come out and score again for good measure and the game was pretty much in-hand. Stress-free football. We haven't had that in a longgggg time. The beer tastes better right now.
  5. Sh***t here we go implosion with 25 seconds left.
  6. Is the Houston defense any good? Obviously not.
  7. I am sure it's already off. No orange slices in the lockerroom.
  8. When was the last time the Broncos scored more than 30 points?
  9. Broncos place DE Derek Wolfe on IR

    I was back in Denver a month ago and the traffic isn't that bad. But I live in Atlanta now, which is by far the worst. I was thinking of moving westward again because I am not much of a Southerner, but also want the decent cost of living, which I have heard New Hampshire has the best cost of living for what you get, which totally takes out my desire to move west. I like Washington a lot, but that more expensive than Denver...not sure what to do. Utah is kind of an option...maybe.
  10. Broncos place DE Derek Wolfe on IR

    Washington, New Hampshire, and Utah rated the top places to live in the US. Colorado ranked 5th.
  11. Broncos place DE Derek Wolfe on IR

    Is Denver the best place in the US to live?

    Von is not like Wolf where Wolf is singing the praises of living and raising his family in Denver. Von is one foot out the door back to Texas. Which to me means he is trade bate to the Cowboys if we are out of contention during this time next year.

    If we had Nelson and Risner we'd just need three more solid draft picks to create a very solid OL. And, let's face it. A good offensive line is what really wins games and championships, but the Broncos just don't want to use resources there. Actually, it seems like most teams don't. All teams want the big superstar.
  14. Broncos place DE Derek Wolfe on IR

    Then you have tots and dragons for next season. That should for a playoff push.
  15. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 14

    Dallas at ChicagoCarolina at AtlantaBaltimore at BuffaloCincinnati at ClevelandWashington at GBDetroit at MinnesotaSF at NOMiami at NYJIndianapolis at TBDenver at HoustonLAC at JaxTennesse at OaklandKC at NEPittsburgh at ArizonaSeattle at LARNYG at Philadelphia