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  1. You don't have confidence in Teddy? Teddy was a #1 draft pick from Louisville. Do you know who else came out of Louisville? Johnny Unitas.
  2. Dude is done...and my guess is that he probably doesn't care.
  3. I think we will probably win a Super Bowl with Teddy at the helm. I will probably just wind up wearing gloves to just about anything if he does.
  4. There ARE some FARTs out there. That is the truth. I guess James was one of them.
  5. Hmmm, Denver an offer really, really, really, really good breakfast burritos.
  6. My geography isn't very good, but I don't Miami is that close to the west coast.
  7. I heard Rogers likes to use possum shellack to keep his hair in place. I am not sure if I want a guy like that on the team.
  8. Was hoping for a good long snapper. .
  9. I'd just draft guys with the strange names today. Which will including mostly USC guys.
  10. Maybe the Broncos can double down linebackers and land Jabril Cox too? They have plenty more picks and Desean Hamilton to trade. I'd like that competition. Let us not forget that Strand is will essentially be a rookie coming off the injury.
  11. You've felt these guys. That's odd.
  12. Two RBs went in the first round???
  13. Is the prevailing thought that there are a lot of good ILB in this draft, and all of the good RBs are gone.
  14. I think they should go more defense. Why not? If you cannot score, then prevent them from scoring. We have experience with this.
  15. Jonny and CWO are back? 2021 is stranger than 2020.
  16. Maybe you should stay a Holiday Inn.
  17. Is this language against the rules? Or, am I reading this the wrong way?
  18. It has to be. And it gives Green Bay a month to convince him to stay?
  19. Fields is from Atlanta and they talk about him a lot here. The knock on him was that he doesn't prepare very well. And, I also heard that he eats his own boogers
  20. I am guessing this is why the Broncos draft Surtain
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