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  1. I think I would create a package that sends Lock to the Jets for Sam Darnold, and for reasons that are the same but different. I think the Jets will go QB with the 2nd overall. Whether that is Wilson, or Fields, I think they go with one of those and use Lock as a backup to them. I think Darnold could use a change of scenery. He doesn't strike me as an East Coast guy, and perhaps a change of scenery would do him well. And he is still young, what is he, 23? He is young enough to re-adjust from having to play for a bad team. However, if I am the Broncos I still draft a QB like M
  2. I will go the homer root and will go with Dennis Smith and Steve Atwater. Or, Ronnie Lott and whoever paired up with him.
  3. This is a really good debate. I only chose Adams because of all the TDs. But, Hopkins has never played with an Aaron Rodgers....so, shoot...I don't know. My answer is just, Yes.
  4. You should go live in a tree because you are a nut.
  5. I know he wanted the Broncos to draft him out of college.
  6. If the Cowboys land Wilson, and the Broncos cannot land Watson. How comfortable are you all in Dak getting the call from the Broncos? You cannot tell me the Broncos wouldn't be interested.
  7. And, we'd keep our 1.9 pick this year to go pickup Surtain, or Parsons.
  8. Ohhh...so two with the Colts and two with the Broncos (that's right) The 3-2 record must have home come in division round then? I always just thought the Pats just dominated the Colts in the playoffs.
  9. Si is getting horrid with the ads. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/02/24/mailbag-jeff-bezos-possible-nfl-owner-draft-quarterbacks
  10. That would be some ballz deep kind of production there.
  11. I just dropped the browns off at the super bowl...stinky
  12. How many more championships would Manning have one if he didn't have to face Brady and Bellichick in the playoffs nearly every year?
  13. I really couldn't complain about this Bronco offseason.
  14. nothing wrong with that...great running game and defense can get you a championship said Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, John Elway, and way past his prime Peyton Manning.
  15. Sounds good. I like Fangio...we will never have to spend much on defense because he will get the best of minimal talent. However, it would almost be nice if someone like Shurmer took over the in game management stuff?? It's a thought since he has HC experience.
  16. I doubt when the Paton trades for Watson that anyone here is really going to be butt hurt over it.
  17. I also would think if Fangio doesn't do well with Watson, and everything they have in place right now, then he is gone. Then you probably get Eric Bienemie as the next HC, which Watson wants....AND, Bieneme is a former Buff...it all just makes sense to me.
  18. ad a Bronco fan...thank you to the Falcons that we didn't have to face that Cunningham led team.
  19. Watson threw for nearly 5,000 yards, 33 tds to just 7 ints...on a team where his best receivers are Cooks and Fuller.
  20. Watson has a no trade clause in his contract. If he wants to be in Denver, and not NYC or Miami, then he can certainly push the envelope towards Denver. And, I keep reading he wants to be in Denver it seems like. I am not sure how much Keenan Jackson is pushing for it, but I am sure the conversation is the budding offense of line in Denver, and the plethora of offensive weapons he would have.
  21. I like Hamler though...but, we are stacked at WR.
  22. I think if you go back and read the forum ruled you will understand that the 1984 Broncos defense was better than the 2015 Broncos' defense.
  23. Is it a huge pill to swallow, or is it like stubbing your toe?
  24. I read somewhere that Paton has the green light to be aggressive. What could go wrong with trading for Watson? How often does it happen that a 25 QB who is a top 5 QB in the league could become available (if the Texans do this)? The Broncos have wasted a 1st round pick, and 2 2nd round picks on QBs who have not panned out since Signing Manning. I'd say let's settle that spot for the next 15 years.
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