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  1. I don't know if that would be the case. Urban Myer and Lawrence in their first NFL game on the road could flip the switch this week...you never know.
  2. I'd just follow the Houston blueprint on this one, which was a healthy dose of Mark Ingram, some Phillip Lindsay, and a little bit of David Johnson, and then Tyrod managing the rest of the game. What I was really unhappy with last week for the Broncos was that they allowed double digits to the Giants, albeit, a score from DJ during garbage time was the culprit. I want to see the Broncos either shutout the Jags, or to give up no more than 3 to 6 points. Broncos 30 Jags 6
  3. NY Giants at Washington Denver at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Houston at Cleveland Cincinnati at Chicago San Francisco at Philadelphia New Orleans at Carolina LA Rams at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New England at NY Jets Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Detroit at Green Bay
  4. Looks like another 1-16 season. Unless we get more stout on defense. If the Broncos prevent the opponents from scoring, ever, then we have a fighting chance to win maybe two more games. How sad.
  5. I wonder how much Rogers wants to be a Bronco now? Or, how much the Packers want him to be a Bronco now?
  6. Him and Anquan are my favorites because I honestly think they have been the toughest football players I have seen, both have had their faces broken and they keep coming back. And, I am a Broncos' fan, that Tebow experiment succeeded mostly because of McGahee.
  7. Think I would be a bit scared if I were Murray. I know for one thing I would be getting that insurance policy McGahee got before he blew out his knee, or rather had it blown out.
  8. Is 30th dead last? I though there were 32 teams. I guess my math is off.
  9. Shoot man...too bad we didn't keep Freeman around to package him up, along side a CB to send to Baltimore...what could you get out of that package? A 2nd rounder and bring Calais home!
  10. Dallas at Tampa Bay Philadelphia at Atlanta NY Jets at Carolina LA Chargers at Washington San Francisco at Detroit Pittsburgh at Buffalo Seattle at Indianapolis Minnesota at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Houston Arizona at Tennessee Denver at NY Giants Miami at New England Green Bay at New Orleans Cleveland at Kansas City Chicago at LA Rams Baltimore at Las Vegas Survivor: Atlanta
  11. I will go with 10 wins this season. But that is hard to say, I mean who is playing worse than the Broncos right now? The Texans, maybe...
  12. Do you enter Bryce Young into this convo yet? Sheesh...dude lit it up Sat.
  13. When I was 5, or 6 year old I was just starting to understand the concept of football, and then "The Drive" happened and it was kind of all over for me then. I have been a diehard Broncos' fan and football junkie since then.
  14. Overreaction. It will probably be another Detroit vs. Cleveland in the Championship again this year.
  15. So it looks like if you walk into the RB room in Baltimore you tear your ACL.
  16. Underrated TE and is Lamar's obvious safety net. Good signing, I think, for the Ravens.
  17. Looks like you may have to wait two years to get after Bryce Young...can we just draft him next year and wait a year till he is eligible to draft?
  18. I guess so! Sheesh...that is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for Mr. B. This is his son, and evidently the owner of the Broncos, and the eventual GM. https://www.milehighreport.com/2021/9/3/22655889/johnny-bowlen-instagram-rant-george-paton-broncos
  19. Wow.. Anyone check out the Johnny Bowlen IG post? Money cannot cover up white trash.
  20. Looks like more special teams moves. https://www.milehighreport.com/2021/9/1/22652420/report-broncos-claim-db-mike-ford-and-rb-mike-mccray-off-waivers
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