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  1. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Hard to put your finger on. fact is we've been a very good 2nd half team since the jets game. We play hard for 60 minutes with no quit at all. Just can't figure out what our 1st half problems are. I think I agree with your assessment of Keenum. I've been reluctant to bail on the guy but his completion % against a loaded box is abysmal. That should be 70%+, not the 57% he recorded yesterday. At this point I'm not a fan of he or Musgrave. I still don't think Musgrave knows what to do with a running game. Interesting to note. Had VJ run out the clock at the end of the 1st half rather than give the offense a green light on the 2 minute drill we probably win that game. Worst 2 minute drill I've ever seen. 3 plays, 12 yards and 41 seconds. Of course he would have been crucified in the media.
  2. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Lets hope we can continue recent history in the 2nd half. Right now this team just doesn't seem prepared.
  3. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

    I'm really curious about our OL @lomaxgrUK. As you mention, in real time it's hard to focus on individuals and units. My impression is they're really physical, playing well as a unit and the individuals are winning way more 1 on 1's than they're losing. Has Bolles really progressed that much or is it just a false impression from the limited number of plays I see (10-15) each week? Anyway, if you get a chance I'd love to hear your impressions. Thanks!
  4. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    Due to the shortness of TC and limited work in pads I don't think the "rookie wall" is as extreme as in the past but it's still very real.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Good thing Lindsay won his award this week. Pretty sure Henry's got it locked up for this week.
  6. Random Thoughts

    When did we sign Gino Gradkowski?
  7. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    Aren't most teams playing us that way now? Looks like we see a lot of 7-8 man boxes.
  8. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    Personally I'm far more interested in how our young guys, Hamilton, Cracraft and Patrick respond than who we might draft next year. So far our coaching staff has really surprised me with how well our backups have performed. I'm kind of expecting the same this week with Manny and CHJ both out. Time for the youngsters to shine.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Thats a shame. I feel bad for Manny. That said, he's just one of 53 in the ultimate team sport. Time for one (all) of the kids to step up. We've been sustaining lots of injuries this year and haven't really missed a beat. Lets hope that keeps up. Losing Harris and Manny in the same week will provide quite a challenge to our coaching staff.
  10. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    I only get to see him for about 10-15 snaps per game. Haven't seen him get beat 1 on 1 in the last three games. He was instrumental in both of Lindsays TD's last week and is a monster in the run game. I don't think he's given up a sack or had a penalty in that stretch and thats against two of the best pass rushing teams in the NFL. Anyway, right now he's playing that spot at a very high level. If we get in the playoffs I may be able to see a complete game.
  11. When VJ gets fired

    Given what our OL Staff has been able to do with the talent we have I'm not certain a 1st would be necessary at RT. That said, I'd like to see the OL get a little more mid round attention every year.
  12. When VJ gets fired

    Okay, I get it. You guys are being sarcastic. Sarcasm's tough to get across the internet.
  13. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

    Team being the operative word here.
  14. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

    Thats a bit much hyperbole don't you think? We've played the best the NFL has to offer and haven't been "destroyed" yet.
  15. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

    How many guys are we putting in the box?