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  1. I think that has more to do with how teams are playing us defensively right now than any other factor. The Giants and Jags have both played the run a lot, basically, make Teddy beat them in the air. I'd expect after TB's performances so far that'll change.
  2. I'm missing your point. These are NFL QB's, they're all plus athletes. Now, if you're trying to say running QB's are the future I'll have to disagree. The very best that have played the position are very smart, have adequate to great arms, very accurate, and a great pocket presence. Kinda the "eyes' in the back of their head thing". They move well in the pocket and running for them is a rare occurence. Anyway, like I said, I'm missing your point.
  3. So Joe. Check out some of the Bill Walsh videos on line. He'll explain pretty much exactly what we're seeing right now. Formations have changed, route trees are different but the offensive concept is identical to what SF and Montana used for a decade to establish one of the most dominant stretches of any team in history using an undersized, weak armed, but very accurate and smart QB. @lomaxgrUK made one of the best posts regarding our offense yet, that being " TB's making all the correct decisions". That was exciting. Sutton said they could count on TB to get them into the right pl
  4. I don't think it was an accident. Paton drafted him, Shurmer was his OC in Minnesota and Fangio was 1-3 against him as a DC. I'm pretty sure they were ecstatic when they got him for a 6th.
  5. I can't imagine he's played or practiced any ST's all year.
  6. Here were my thoughts on April 28th, page 86. "Well, as far as what to do at QB, I think we just did it."
  7. I've thought the same thing. It had to be for appearance sake. Also, he needs all the reps he can get. Our coaches knew very early who the better QB was and it wasn't close.
  8. Here's something I found that's pretty interesting. Prior to today, only 3 times in NFL history has a QB started a season with back to back games with 2TD's no picks and a completion % above 75%. Brees, Rodgers and Jeff George. Now we can add Teddy to the mix.
  9. You made a great point earlier on about TB's decision making. He makes the correct one about 90% of the time. Combine that with pinpoint accuracy (78% completion through 2 games) and we're dealing with an entirely different dynamic than we've seen since PM, 2014. Shurmer I thought called a lousy game, Entirely predictable on 1st downs and let off the gas way too early. Just curious, how much play action did we use after our 1st drive in the 2nd half?
  10. Talent and depth. We've kept their defense on the field for 28 minutes. Those fella's gotta be gettin tired.
  11. The scoreboard and situation are pretty close to last week. Lets see what happens on our first possesion.
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