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  1. Thats' what stunned me bud. How could you possibly think that he was going to play in the NFL? After his first presser I remember just shaking my head and thinking "You've got to be kidding me"
  2. I think he's the worst 1st rd pick we've ever had. To this day I have no idea how any football people could have picked him that high. And just think, we could have picked Chris Jones.
  3. I like that! You don't need a cannon to excel at QB. If he's a smart guy also then IMO he's got the tools. Sign up Fitz on a one year deal, let this kid learn the game, then spring him on the NFL his second season.
  4. Well, like I mentioned, his flaws can be easily corrected. He just needs to drop his butt a bit, not play so high. He'd get steamrolled in the NFL right now. He's got the feet for it though and a good sense of the game. Some good coaching and an NFL weight room could work wonders. Like almost all college O Linemen, I think he needs a year before you can project him in a lineup.
  5. So, @broncosfan_101, what I'd like to see is a steady stream of mid rd picks annually on the OL. Basically, a developmental factory like Alex Gibbs used. A year learning the game and a few years of productive play. The UDFA's on the OL rarely pan out but the mid rounders usually do. I just hate seeing a kid like Cushenberry gettin thrown in the mix as a rookie. Thats a huge transition for any guy on the OL.
  6. He's got pretty good feet and knows the game. He's on his assignments. Got some leverage issues though and plays pretty high. That's easily coachable though. Didn't see enough to be sure but "change of direction" looks like a problem on the outside. A year of good coaching, better technique, lower hips and a weight room could correct those issues. Mid round pick maybe? A year on the PS would do wonders.
  7. Is the franchise tag guaranteed money?
  8. I think he deserves a week off. He's been putting in lots of time putting out a great product. Maybe just a Cush lowlight post.
  9. I'm glad Garett signed his deal already. If he gets too frustrated he just might go medieval this game.
  10. So, @lomaxgrUK, I wonder if him knocking that DB into next Thursday was the icing on the cake.
  11. I never even heard of this kid. Just saw he's a rookie PS WR. I guess I'm kinda curious why we didn't activate Blake Bortles. He's on the PS too. I've never been a fan of his but he does have 73 games as an NFL starter.
  12. It sounds crazy to say this about a $17 mil per year deal but the Bronco's got the home town discount. I'll bet his wife had a lot to do with it. After all the boo's and beatdowns he actually wanted to be here. What a great signing! Interesting to get his reaction. https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/broncos-sign-t-garett-bolles-to-4-year-extension
  13. Either of those would be good landing spots for him. I just can't see how he would make any sense in Denver.
  14. I'm not high on Lock right now, no question. I just don't see how we could count on Darnold as an upgrade. Right now he's just a failed high draft pick with lots of excuses for failure. I could see a good team with an established starter taking a flyer on him. Sit him on the bench for a year or two, give him a clipboard and let him learn the game. We're just not that team.
  15. So, what exactly is the fascination with Darnold? I'm having a hard time getting it. He looks to me to be extremely damaged goods. Three years of getting pummeled every Sunday by 300lb+ linemen will do that to a guy. Many of them never quit hearing footsteps after that and have zero starter appeal. I can't see one reason to favor him over Lock.
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