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  1. I'm not sure we'd get a comp pick for him. He won't get near as many targets this year I wouldn't think. Hard to imagine much in compensation fora rotational WR. It does make you wonder though, what's a 6'4", 212 lb WR, worth. He's only had one solid year, but showed big time potential. On jump balls he's kind of an 80/20 guy and didn't have one drop last year. Personally I don't think you'd trade him unless someone offered really high compensation. As a 3rd/4th WR he's a very cheap/quality insurance policy.
  2. Absolutely! We really need to avoid a QB shuffle. Pick your guy and stick with him.
  3. Here's another good one. Kinda gives you a perspective on the QB situation from a coaches eyes. https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/drew-lock-teddy-bridgewater-lay-strong-foundations-but-broncos-qb-competition-is
  4. Here are a couple of good articles regarding both Lock and Teddy. https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/teddy-bridgewater-feels-he-s-returned-to-2015-form-looks-to-build-off-start-to-2 https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/drew-lock-feeling-without-a-doubt-more-comfortable-in-second-season-in-pat-shurm
  5. You're losing me a bit here. Shurmers offense isn't' close to a "Classic" WCO. Does anyone even run that anymore? Scangs tried it here and got fired. Every coach seems to have his own version of the WCO now. If you're suggesting the transition from a Scangs "Classic" version to a Shurmer version is a "piece a cake" we'll have to agree to disagree. Formations differ, terminology is different, what plays out of what formations, which route tree on which play, audibles at the LOS, line calls,..................... There's a ton of information to absorb for any QB, whether he's played in
  6. He played in Shurmers system?
  7. I would be astounded if trading for Rodgers this year is even a consideration. I guess it's possible if they wanted to keep him on the bench until he can become proficient in the system but that's about it. Trying to change systems at this late date to accommodate Rodgers would be foolish beyond belief.
  8. I read your posts but I think your fixation with QB is misplaced. History proves that it's far easier for a great team to win a SB with a mediocre (sometimes even bad) QB than it is for a great QB to win a SB with a mediocre team. What Paton seems to be building is a potentially great team.
  9. I think Bridgewater can be a pro-bowler in this offence.
  10. Looking at the way this team is being constructed I don't see any chance Denver would be willing to take on a QB that starts making $40 million a season next year. I doubt it's under consideration for that reason alone.
  11. From the NFL Network Weaknesses Erratic ball placement inside the hashes. Pre-release ball pat keys linemen to get hands into passing lanes. Tardiness through progressions hurts his timing with targets. Too content sticking with primary target despite coverage. Needs to improve release mechanics to improve accuracy. Will need work in developing anticipatory throws. Inconsistent feel and reaction to pocket pressure. Too often an easy pocket target for rushers to find. Field vision and decision-making are below NFL standards. Sounds like qui
  12. No chance. The physical side of the QB position is drastically overvalued IMO. The mental aspects and leadership skills are equally undervalued. The two QB's considered the best at that position, Montana and Brady never had great physical tools. One was drafted at the end of the 3rd rd, the other in the sixth. What they both possessed though were off the charts leadership ability and mental processing speed. That's why they were/are great. If physical skills were more valuable you'd see Michael Vick, Jeff George and JaMarcus Russell at the top of the list.
  13. Yeah, he is. I think Paton will start going the BB route with 2nd contracts though. That being, either extend or trade players entering their contract year. If Risner really steps it up and plays at a pro-bowl level ( which I would love by the way ) re-sign him to a team friendly extension, much like Bolles. If not and the younger guys are really pushing for time, trade him and get some value.
  14. Cush was absolutely awful. Not arguing that at all. Just hoping really he could play well at OG. Also, notice that I was talking about a 2022 lineup, not this year. I know he was hurt last year but Risner needs to bring it up a notch. He's got talent behind him and becomes a UFA after next year. You don't re-sign OG's to FA deals if you've got developed talent behind them. Risners serviceable. Just not playing at a level that would get him an extension.
  15. So, unless Risner rebounds from a lousy year last year I doubt he signs another contract here. I put Cush there because at LG his mobility isn't as big an issue. Bottom line, Muti, Meinerz and Cush all want to play. It'll be hard to keep them off the field and both Muti and Meinerz played a lot of LG. Risner shouldn't get comfortable.
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