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  1. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    If Garcia is a backup we're in trouble. He's just way too slow off the snap for an NFL O Lineman. Anyway, this will be my last post for a while. I'm flying home in a few minutes and my internet speed is too slow to post on this new site. Our depth is quite an issue. I don't think we've got 8 NFL caliber O Linemen on the roster.
  2. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    I'm with you and BF on that. Lets get our best 5 out there now and play them. The Garcia experiment won't work and that's been pretty apparent for quite a while. I'm real curious to see what McGovern brings to the table as an OG. Apparently when Leary was out for a few days in TC McGovern stepped in and the OL didn't miss a beat. Any idea when they're going to put Paradis in? That would allow McGovern to fill another spot.
  3. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    I don't think we have a good solution at LG on the roster. Probably the same with RT. Leary's a mauler but has the same agility and speed issues that Garcia does. I'm not sure moving him to LG would be a benefit at all. Outside of Paradis and Bolles we don't seem to have much speed and quickness on the OL. That's a bad thing. Maybe McGovern might offer a solution but I've never seen him play.
  4. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    So, really curious. I couldn't watch the game but have some questions. 1) I know Bolles is an old, idiot midget with no upside (isn't that right AAA?) but how did he play? By the way AAA. I'm about 180 degrees out on your assessment of Bolles, just sayin. 2) Is Watson an upgrade at RT or are we still in a hole there? 3) Who's really our best LG prospect? Sounds like Paxton hasn't changed. Last year I described him as great until the ball was snapped, then panic took over. Sounds a bit the same. Are Mckenzie and Henderson the real "quick strike" deal? What a godsend if they are. Anyway, I may come up with other questions but that's it for now.