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  1. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    So here's some interesting data. Since 2005 16 QB's have been taken in the top 5 of their drafts. They all have one thing in common. Not 1 SB ring. Now, did they make their teams better? It's about 50/50 there. The point, as UK mentioned is championships. There is absolutely nothing that would equate championships with top 5 drafted QB's. You have to go back to the 2004 draft to find a top 5 QB pick with a ring, Eli Manning. He was hardly the driving factor in either of his SB wins. That was a NYG defense that help Brady and Co. to 17 and 14 points respectively. Point being, you can get the ring by investing a top pick on a QB but the odds against it are very long. Personally I think if you can't get it done during their rookie contracts the chances drop even further. Add to that the fact that our QB development has been fairly lacking and I'd say spending a top 5 pick on a QB in Denver is a monumental waste of draft capitol. In Denvers history I think we've only won 1 PO game with a QB we drafted. Just sayin'.
  2. Well germ-x, it seems like that's a lot of faith to put into "a guy I worked withs son" and his father when dealing with accusations like that. I'm sure there's more than one side to this story. I'd think if those stories were true, by now there'd be a lot more backup, not to mention lawsuits, etc.
  3. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I don't think that's true. Just the other day Elway talked about an expanded role for Kubiak in the personnel department, both FA's and college players. That hardly seems like an endorsement of the status quo.
  4. 2017 Postseason Discussion Thread

    It is funny. Just a point of fact for those thinking a top 5 draft pick at QB is a good idea. The QB's remaining in the tournament are Brady (6th rd), Keenum (undrafted), Foles (3rd rd), and Bortles (3rd pick in the first). For those advocating and espousing that it's a QB driven league, it's not. It's a team driven league. No post season could do a better job of emphasizing that.
  5. A larger Scherff. Probably the safest pick on the board. Draft him, then start planning his HOF party in 20 years.
  6. He did make his living over the middle. Way tough. Rod was the king of the 7 yard slant. Also, way tough. Best set of WR's this team has ever had. Sorry DT and Manny fans, they're a distant second. Both Rod and Eddie beat their opposing CB's physically, they hurt 'em. By the 4th quarter CB's would turn their backs on 'em. Opposing CB's got really tired of both of them.
  7. Yep. he also was very fun to watch, both he and Rod. Both of them, great run blockers, liked contact, caught everything they touched. Funny thing about Eddie, he was faster than his kid. A 4.35 guy. Nothing slow about him.
  8. You're forgetting Eddie Mac, toughest, most sure handed WR I've ever seen.
  9. So, you guys ever watched Redford as the Sundance Kid? Best line of the movie "I have to move". That's Redford describing his accuracy, standing still and aiming he couldn't hit squat, quick snap draw and he'd shoot the eyes out of a gnat. That was Elway guys. Most dangerous QB out of the pocket in history. It was only his last few years that he spent a majority of his time in the pocket but even then his most remembered and spectacular play is the handle of one of our great posters " THE HELICOPTER". IMO, stats mean nothing when talking about Elway. He'd miss a short pass from the pocket on one play and the next he'd throw a "frozen rope" sixty yards, across his body, running for his life for a completion the next. He's the most physically gifted QB to ever play the game. No one else I've ever seen could make the throws he did. He was and is the "Gold Standard". Here's the funny part. To really have appreciated him you have to be a minimum of 50 yo to have really watched him play. IMO, he's the GOAT. He never had the system or the talent around him that Brady, Montana, Unitas had but drug 5 teams to the SB almost by willpower. The perfect QB would have Marino's mind and Elways body. You guys are all great and knowledgeable football fans. I really, really wish you would've been around to see him. It was pretty amazing stuff! The rest of you older posters know exactly what I mean. Fun to watch wasn't he?
  10. Random Thoughts

    Wireless Headphone?
  11. 2018 Coaches Discussion Thread

    I think that's exactly what the issue is. Elway seems to draft a lot based on upside and physical ability. That's fine if you've got a staff that can bring that out with good coaching. Outside of Kolars work with the DL, talent development has been almost non-existent.
  12. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    I think you're right. One way or another they've got to commit to one of those guys.
  13. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    Well, we can plan on at least all the Vikings QB's being available. Bradford, Bridgewater and Keenum are all UFA's. They can only afford to keep one.
  14. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    I wouldn't have an issue with that. We're not going on a SB run for a while anyway.
  15. I'm all for trading back if we find a willing partner and we should be able to. I think 5 is just a poor spot for us outside of draft value. That's an area usually reserved for skill positions and pass rushers. Franchise level Meat and potatoes guys are more 10-20.