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  1. We're pretty much on the same page. It really reminds me a lot of the Ralston years. He was never a great coach but he changed the atmosphere to a winning one. He drafted well and did a good job developing players. He actually got us winning seasons for the first time in history. When he got canned he gave Red Miller a talented, professional team that went to the SB Millers first year. Miller gets most of the credit but it was Ralston that turned us around. I think Fangio and his staff can do the same thing but as you say, it's a process and like you, I'm all for it.
  2. Don't forget, we also need to leave Wilk uncovered.
  3. At this point we have to take what we can get. We just gave up 25 hits on a QB in one game. The line for QB's interested in Denver is pretty short.
  4. Just finished watching about 30 minutes of game film so just a few thoughts. I like our rookie CB, #23. He could be really good when he learns the game. Absolutely dreadful pass rush, admittedly against a great OL, but still....... Cush will end up being the real deal. Finally getting some push from the center position. A few mental errors but those will go away. Risner had a much better game than last week and Glasgow was pretty solid. Wilk just needs to be cut though. He just can't move well enough. Every time he's left uncovered it's a sack. His 4th year and he's really shown no improvement. Not really a fan of Shurmer so far. 4th and 2, game on the line and whats he do? Sends a TE on a pattern, leaving Wilk uncovered. Sack.
  5. Unless we fix the pass protection situation we're going to need all the QB's we can get. 6 sacks and 19 QB hits per game is, to put it mildly, unsustainable.
  6. It's probably the best thing that could have happened. Until we can tighten up our protection anyone we throw out there at QB is going to get killed. it doesn't take much more than a few weeks of that kind of abuse to totally destroy a young QB. They start hearing footsteps in their sleep and become totally ineffective. No sense in ruining Lock.
  7. Pretty amazing display IMO. We've got lots of issues but character and fight to the buzzer aren't among them. We gave up 7 sacks, 19 QB hits, 6 TFL and still had a chance to win it in the 4th. By the way, that's one of the most brutal stat lines I've ever seen. These kids, as they develop, will give us plenty to cheer about.
  8. Stat line at the half, we've given up 5 sacks and 11 QB hits. Also, haven't had a running play since early in the 2nd. Steelers are just pinning their ears back
  9. The LT from Detroit, nothing special signed a 4yr, $60mil contract this year with $42 guaranteed. I think we can look at that as a starting point. Big difference though, the Lions didn't let him hit FA. If Bolles continues his play of late he'll end up as the highest paid LT in the league in FA. You're right lomax, somene will pay him.
  10. They'd better get after it, his price is only going up. That was not just "one good game". He had about 5 of those to end last year. This was a stellar LT performance. He's really turned a corner under Munchak/Kuper. He made it look incredibly easy. I've only seen about 1/3rd of the offensive snaps but those I saw he was dominant. He should be lots of fun to watch this year. I'm pretty excited about our OL as a whole except RT.
  11. A little more than that I think. Most of the game he made it look easy. Just another walk in the park. Really looking forward to this years Bolles/Bosa duels. Those are worth watching. Real pleased with Cush, great pick. What can you say about Wilkinson? If he leave him uncovered your QB will get hit. Overall solid IOL play, special LT play and then Wilk.
  12. Did the left side give up any hits or pressures?
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