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  1. One other absolutely fantastic thing about this hire is it will absolutely lay to rest the Rodgers vs draft/develop discussion. Goodbye QB thread! Nobody knows Rodgers better than this guy so whatever we do I'll be all for it. Whatever he figures his best road to sustained success is is the one he'll take.
  2. I hope they eject the first reporter that asks a "Rodgers" question.
  3. Weren't you talking about HOF QB's? To the best of my knowledge they were all drafted and developed.
  4. Yup, just the way it's been done since the game started. Every single one.
  5. Everyone keeps leaving out the "develop" part.
  6. I'm just being a devils advocate here. Trading the farm should not be an option. Is he worth a 1st this year, absolutely. The more you add to that the less appealing it is. Josh Allen had his team in the PO's in his 3rd year. Mahomes lost the AFC championship in his 2nd and won the SB his 3rd. Burrow, Mac Jones. The opinion that we can't move forward and compete soon without Rodgers is just a fallacy.
  7. I'll bet 50 posters have said the same thing. Obviously true, but realistically what are the odds? It's a very difficult thing to do but the implication is that getting Rodgers is somehow a guarantee it happens. Keep in mind, GB had Favre, then Rodgers for 30 years. In that time they appeared in 3 SB's and won two. Given the talent level in the AFC I'd say the odds of winning one with Rodgers are around 100-1. A realistic appraisal is more like: 2-4 playoff appearances, nothing beyond a divisional PO game. Rodgers has never been a great PO QB. That said, I'd love to have him. I
  8. Keep in mind, Patons on a 6 year contract. If he finds himself in cap hell with no QB he'll be out of a job in 5 years.
  9. 28th defensively in the NFL. Depending on what we do he may take our entire all-star defensive staff with him. Sounds like a good hire to me.
  10. Coming out of college they're all developmental.
  11. According to Spotrac you're on the hook for $21 million for Clark and $22.7 million for Bakhtiari. You've already gotten the cheap years from both Dead cap for the two is $55 million.
  12. I'd be happier if he left the D staff intact for a year. If they fail, fire 'em and move on. Hiring a guy just to do it bothers me a bit.
  13. IMO we're making this conversation way too binary. IE: Get Rodgers or draft and develop. Personally, depending on who we hire as HC, I can see it going either way. If we hire Hackett I'd be almost positive Rodgers would come along. It'd make sense and probably be the proper choice. Keep the defense intact and provide an immediate, major upgrade to our offense and team overall. I'd be all for it. If we hire O Connell it's a different dynamic. In this case I doubt we get Rodgers, instead using our top pick on a QB to develop. I hear all the hype about bad QB class and all, but that's all it
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