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  1. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Well, that was pretty awful. Not a wasted day though. Instead of following the play by play I downloaded quite a few songs from My favorite Serb guitarist, Ana Popovic. Now that girl can play!
  2. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    That makes no sense to me.
  3. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Can anyone tell me how often we're lining up in an "I"?
  4. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Pretty sure that's where Barbre spent most of his career. Sure am glad we picked Bolles. Can you imagine this team without him?
  5. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    I'd imagine if Elway could have one "do over" he'd have spent the money for Whitworth rather than the Watson experiment. Good post and points by the way.
  6. Just read that our 1st 5 opponents combined records are 10-18. Next 5 are 18-11.
  7. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Don't put words in my mouth. I'm making no excuses for Siemian. His play has been poor and seems to be getting worse. I'm pointing out what should be obvious. When a QB gets pounded 10 times a game he hears footsteps. Self defense mode kicks in and his play deteriorates. Do that for a season or two and bad habits develop that never go away.
  8. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    There's no doubt in my mind that without significant upgrades in our OL and protection schemes we could destroy the career of anyone on that list. We're watching it right now with Siemian. No QB can take that kind of punishment every week and perform at any acceptable level. It ruins careers.
  9. Nah, I don't think so. A coach is just a glorified teacher. One of the main functions of a teacher in any area is to maximize a students potential.
  10. Maybe they spent more time last week worrying about a nickname for our run D than the game plan.
  11. There was something wrong with this game and LV knew it. The opening line was way too low and drew in millions on the Broncos. LV cleaned up big time! I lived in Nevada for over a decade and did pretty well at the Sports Books. Every once in a while they'd post a line that looked ridiculous. I learned the hard way, never take the bait. They don't build those casinos by being stupid.
  12. Lynch already has happy feet. Throwing him in behind this OL won't help his development. Trevor looks like he's hearing footsteps every play. Getting beat up every play will do that to you.
  13. Lots of blame to go around but IMO this ones on VJ. We just weren't prepared. Poor play in all 3 phases, missed tackles, dropped passes, poor throws, lousy play calling, muffed punts.....You name it Cant win that way. Hopefully it's out of our system now.
  14. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    Sorry, I never did get it. Really slow off the snap, very slow, almost dead hands. An absolute turnstile in pass pro. Takes forever to get to his pass set, by then any decent DL will be past him. Below average in run blocking. He occasionally gets a splash block but that's about it. If his only assignments were drive blocks he'd be okay but nothing more. Just my opinion but I don't think he has the skill set or physical ability to play in the OL at this level.,
  15. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    You don't move him now, of course not. My post is just about hindsight. Whitworth/Bolles would have been a great pair of OT's.