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  1. Yup, he's been three years of very bad. I'm not sure why any one is certain that he'd be better than Lock. He's turned the ball over 60 times in 38 games, has a terrible TD to INT ratio, struggles to reach 60% completion and has really shown no sign of improvement. I guess a person could blame that on coaching, lousy team, etc. but at this point I'd just say he's a bust and his skill set never carried over the the NFL.
  2. Like I said, I'm curious how the league views him. Lots of talent in FA at that position. Dupree, Barrett, Judon, Clowney as some of the younger ones with Justin Houston and Ingram in there with Von's age group. Add in guys like Leonard Williams that can play more than 1 spot, and who knows. I think Von turns 32 in a few weeks. Anyway, like I've said, I'm curious how the league views him and what they determine his value to be.
  3. I'll be real curious to see how Von makes out. IMO he's not really in Watts realm. Physically he is, we know how good he can be if he gets inspired. That's were it ends though. With Watt you get a 3 time DPOY, plays like every snap like it's his last and is an immediate clubhouse leader. Von, on the other hand is an amazingly talented, clubhouse clown. The FA market for EDGE rushers is loaded. I doubt that Von would be considered tops at his position. I think his market will be fairly limited to contending teams with strong leadership that can use the pass rush he can provide in the play
  4. It's a nice compliment to retirement.
  5. I think Drew can be an effective starter in this league. IMO throwing in the towel because he hasn't really produced yet is a very bad idea.
  6. The roster building really is the question, it's a great point. In the next few months we'll learn a lot about our new GM. I've given this a lot of thought so I'm about to get real wordy. Happens once or twice a year, can't help it. No news here, but being a bit old school I'm always a believer in the adage "the game is won and lost in the trenches". We could end up being really good there. I really like what I see on the OL. We're young, very well coached, talented, deep and have two athletic freaks, Bolles and Muti in the mix. Muti and Quentin Nelson are the only two OG's in the league
  7. I did notice something in one of the last few games, I can't remember which. They had Risner lined up at RT for some snaps. I don't know how many. That games replays were really incomplete. If Muti's development continues it'd be natural to put him at LG and move Risner. We didn't really see enough of Anderson to make much judgement and Wilkinson is a UFA this year. Hard to imagine Wilk being here next year.
  8. Ouch. Now if we could trade James to someone we'd be looking pretty good. He and Von are 1 and 2 on our cap hits.
  9. Man, I just saw this. Ben should never be in the HOF. I think he had maybe one good performance in the playoffs. He was usually awful and cost Pitt chances at multiple rings with 3-4 turnover performances. Pitts dominance during those years was solely due to **** LeBeau, a worthy HOF member. It had little to nothing to do with Big Ben.
  10. You really got me thinking. JJ in his prime was the most dominant, game wrecking, defensive talent I've ever seen. Given I've been a fan since about 1960 that covers a lot of players. In a limited role I think he's still that guy. If I'm Paton I'd seriously consider making him the centerpiece of FA. We've got such a young roster and no real leaders. JJ would fill that role by example immediately and raise the level of play of everyone around him, a new version of our Ware signing. Reduce his play to about 40-50% of the snaps and he'd still be a game wrecker. The influence he'd have on our
  11. Seriously I think Watson is strictly a fan fantasy. More interesting and realistic are the non-Watson discussions. As has been pointed out in this thread, we're going to have some serious cap room. We're in a position to add several impact players through FA. I'll guarantee you, Paton and the staff have their hands full right now looking at mid March. This should be the most interesting (exciting?) FA period we've had in a very long time.
  12. has anyone paid much attention to available FA's? Looking at Spotrac today it looks like it's loaded with D front 7 talent.
  13. Who exactly says we're a QB away? That opinion I would say is incredibly optimistic, and that's an understatement.
  14. I'm not sure what you consider sustainable. In Bens' first 8 years the Steelers D was ranked #1 4 times, #2 once and #3 once. That's pretty sustainable. In Wilsons first 5 years the Seahawks D was ranked #1 4 times and #3 once. In the NFL, thats sustainable.
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