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  1. Random Thoughts

    Either behind or in front of, coverage pretty much sucks. On the OL and D front 7 I can't even find where guys are lining up and with what units, just occasional puff pieces on individual skill players. Just one pre-training camp depth chart would be nice.
  2. Mini-Camp Notes

    They do need to put on the pads, especially in the trenches before you really know what you've got. That said, reports are that Fumagali has added 10 pounds of muscle and has been working on his blocking all offseason. Also, catching everything thrown his way and becoming adept at finding soft spots in zone. He and Fant in a two TE set would make a lot of DC's cringe.
  3. Random Thoughts

    So, I saw this quote today from Josh Rosen. "One of my favorite phrases is, 'If you set no expectations, you'll never be disappointed.' I don't really have any expectations," Rosen said. Maybe it's just me, but I can't imagine that kind of attitude in a pro athlete, especially a QB.
  4. Mini-Camp Notes

    No doubt they've tried to trade him but that'd be pretty tough. Yeah, he can still play. No argument. I just don't see how he fits into the plan. This season has shades of '95 all over it. Shanny added the final pieces to the OL, hired Alex Gibbs to coach 'em and by 96 they were the best OL in the NFL. I think we're taking the same approach this year. Brought in a good RT for 4 years, drafted Risner, another 4 years. Bolles has three seasons left as does McGovern. Jones and Schlottman have had a year in a weight room under NFL coaching and should be ready. It doesn't help our OL next year to play Leary this year. I really wish we knew who was lining up where and with which unit. All the news out of OTA's and I can't find mention of that anywhere.
  5. Mini-Camp Notes

    Thats the beauty of this time of year! Undefeated, SB bound with a roster of future all-pros. Enjoy it while it lasts. Plenty of time for reality come September.
  6. Mini-Camp Notes

    Nice update from camp. https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/who-stood-out-during-the-broncos-offseason-work
  7. Mini-Camp Notes

    He's got a tough go in front of him. I don't see him as anywhere near a lock. His spot got alot weaker when they stuck Risner next to Bolles. He's not a natural at RG and pretty limited in a ZBS. I'd be real curious to see where Schlottman and Jones are lining up and with which unit. Curious about the 3 vets also, Barclay, Brendel and to a point Green. I'm really kind of excited about our OL this year.
  8. I agree with ya. Most of our critical roster is signed up through 2021. I think the only extension we;ll be looking at next year is Bolles. I don't think we'll let him hit FA. I kind of expect one or both of Gotsis/Harris to be extended this year. It'll be dependent on performance of course but they're the only two of the group you've been discussing that could be looked at as keepers. McGovern, Simmons etc. aren't going to be breaking any banks in FA.
  9. You forgot Von. I really can't see Denver paying him $73 million for the next 3 years.
  10. So, the NFLPA has pretty much gotten every dime they'll get out of the owners. I've read multiple reports that audits confirm that league/team revenue covers nothing more than operating costs. In the revenue stream there is no profit for owners. The only "profit" is a teams increased valuation. Pretty risky business model. It's hard to imagine the players portion of the pie growing much if at all. Percentage wise they're pretty maxed out. The problem as far as player protections and benefits is 100% in the hands of the NFLPA. They bow to the interests of the upper echelon players every time with little regard for a 7th rd pick struggling to make the team. It's a "zero sum" game. The pie is only so large. Phillip Lindsay is a perfect example of the problem. Great, exciting ballplayer at the most dangerous position in the NFL. He's another 3 years away from getting close to security. Knee blows out, multiple concussions, foot problems............ it's a long list. He's just one hit away and has very few protections from the league. CHJ however just added an extra $3 mill to a career that will have paid him over $50 mil by the end of the year. If CHJ gets a career ending injury, oh well. He has no financial issues for the rest of his life. Lindsay get hurt he could be on the street in a tent in a year. Only the NFLPA can fix that. Until they do the compensation system is horribly flawed.
  11. It's be great to debate this but it's a long chat. Pretty much starts with the NFLPA, the first CBA in 1968, the abject failure of the union to adequately address the needs of 90% of the players and the continuation of it. (how does a union support a system that allows the highest paid player to make 72 times the league minimum?) Why do players have to have three years in the NFL to be fully vested when the average NFL career is 3 years? I got a huge list. These things have nothing to do with ownership, it's all the NFLPA. A union more concerned with stars than the average player. By the way, it's been that way since it's inception. I expect it always will. I agree, players don't make enough. Nor do they have adequate medical and retirement benefits. Here's a thought. Make the minimum salary $1,000,000. Also, add in $200,000 per year per player for a medical savings account and another $100,000 in a pension plan. After 5 years a player can opt to have those added to his salary. Sounds great and would be a huge benefit for most players in the league. It'll never happen for the same reason it didn't happen 50 years ago. It would limit the amount of the pie available to the stars. It didn't happen then and it won't happen now for the same reason. Hows that for a Thursday afternoon rant?
  12. Mini-Camp Notes

    You got it! We're undefeated, UDFA's look like all-pros and the SB is just around the corner. Plenty of time for reality to set in this fall. I love the stretch between now and then.
  13. Mini-Camp Notes

    It's obviously too early to judge but I have a great feeling about our coaching staff. Actually, more than I have had since they hired Shanahan and his staff 23 years ago. These guys may be better as a group. Lots of proven talent and teachers on both sides of the ball. Kind of exciting.;
  14. How 'bout "pay me or trade me" a few days before the draft? Distraction?