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  1. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Just a quick reply to those that want Paradis gone. A center has 3 responsibilities, in order of importance: 1. Get the QB the ball. No muffs, sure accurate snaps in shotgun. Can't remember the last time we had a TO do to a Paradis miscue. 2. Make the line calls. @lomaxgrUK used the term cohesion, I think that's what he was referencing. Every snap, every audible, every play call the center has the responsibility to call out the protection or blocking scheme for the OL. He has to read defenses, know the offense and put the OL in the best position to succeed. That's his secondary job and Paradis is great at it. 3. Block. When a center finds himself one on one with a massive NT he made the wrong line call. Usually he fits in on DT's, A gap blitzes, and help where needed. Bottom line, Paradis is exceptional at 1 and 2. Just average at #3. Personally I'll take that every day. We just described Tom Nalen. Right now Matt is one of the key components of our offense and a main reason why our OL looks so much better than it has in the past.
  2. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Man are we flat. Lucky we're only down by 6. I think that will come back to haunt the Raiders.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Here's some useless info. At the end of the 1st quarter two AFC West QB's have perfect QB ratings (158.3), and 4 TD's between them . Mahomes and Rivers are tearin' it up.
  4. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    We've missed you @lomaxgrUK. Great observations. So far you've answered a lot of questions but I'll save any until after the 4th quarter.
  5. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    So, can't disagree with the conventional wisdom in that respect. There are major exceptions though IE Barry Sanders. Similar size, but never seemed to take a hard shot. Lindsay seems to have a bit of that "squirt through a hole" to him also. Sanders averaged close to 350 touches per season. I'm not suggesting we try the same with Lindsay, just that he may be able to take a little more load than you mention. It'll be interesting to see how the coaching staff utilizes them through the season.
  6. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    I think that will depend on his "playing within the offense". The very first pic @lomaxgrUK posted was a jaw dropper. Either Freeman didn't know the play and where the hole was going to be or he decided to improvise. Either one will get him pulled quick. Lindsay would have made a large gain out of that.
  7. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    To me it feels quite a bit different. Last year Siemian was getting killed every week, even in wins, close to 30 hits in the first few weeks and it never got better. OL this year is vastly improved, we've upgraded virtually all offensive skill positions and actually have depth in those spots. We have more than two playmakers now. So BB, I only got to see about 15-20 offensive plays. I was curious about Bolles progress and it wasn't like watching the same guy, 2017 version. No more ridiculous deep sets in pass pro, much better hand use and placement, and when he locked on it was game over. He actually should have drawn at least one penalty for unnecessary roughness, a guy he buried pulled him down with him by the facemask. Our OL coaches have done a fantastic job with Bolles and the rest of that unit. That by itself makes this offense a lot more believable. Win or lose, I think they showed they've got a chance to meet your expectation, that being to be competitive through 4 quarters. I'm not too concerned with the TO's. Looked to me like Musgrave wanted to stretch the field and Case went a bit too far. We got away with it though and it'll give DC's a lot more to worry about. Looking forward to the season. If we continue to build on that performance we'll surprise some people. Game 3 in Baltimore should give us a better outlook. The Ravens have a long week of practice and should be very ready.
  8. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    Interesting stat from ESPN. Case had a higher 4th quarter QBR than Aaron Rodgers.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Who else they gonna trot out, the kid from Wyoming?
  10. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    How about a game ball for our two OL coaches, Kugler and Strausser. Thats the best OL performance we've seen in years. 1 sack allowed, Keenum had all day to throw, 146 yards rushing, and just one penalty, a hold against Leary. Bolles, McGovern looked quite settled in and at times dominant. And please, extend Paradis!
  11. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    helluva day for our rookie. Too bad they don't count assists in the box score. He'd have had a couple. I really liked his move on Von's sack.
  12. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    Wilson's getting killed.
  13. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    I'm wondering if we'll see a "big" WR set with DT, Patrick and Sutton. That'd be a bit scary for a DC.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Just a thought, Bell and his agents are idiots. Any 26yo RB that would pass up $14 million guaranteed for one year in the hopes for a great long term contract is beyond stupid. Losing almost `$1 million per game for a principle is a pretty foolish stand. This money won't ever come back and if he really thinks the Steelers will fold he's just not thinkin'.
  15. New Year What Are Your Expectations?

    I'm a bit more optimistic than most early in the season but a drastic improvement over last year (10+ wins) wouldn't surprise me. Outside of CB we've made major upgrades across the board in either starters, depth or both in every other personnel grouping. I know others have posted similar but our biggest off season upgrade may well be in the OL coaching staff and personnel. Learys back where he belongs, McGovern shows the ability to man RG quite well, Paradis is healthy, Veldheers a huge improvement at RT and Bolles looks to me like he's ready for a break out year. They're playing as a unit with no more ridiculous rotational changes. Guys like Wilkerson, Stephenson and Barbre are gone, replaced by Wilkinson, Jones and Garcia, better backups than we've had for a while. Lots of other areas, mostly on offense seem to be drastically improved IE; QB, WR depth, RB and TE. I think our rookie group may provide an enthusiasm boost we haven't seen for some time. I could go on, but "wordiness" doesn't come easy to me. Should be fun to watch and I'm with BB, a highly competitive team would be a nice change. I think we'll get more than that.
  16. Random Thoughts

    I'm sure I'm in the minority but the Bell situation looks to me like a win for him. Sign the franchise tag and make another $14.5 million. Thats almost $27 million in the last two years. Thats huge for a RB. Being honest he has to realize he's already surpassed the 4 yr average for RB's. He knows his YPC dropped almost one yard per attempt last year. He's also taken a huge workload and beating in his 5 yr career and it takes a toll. He's in an incredible situation as far as I'm concerned. Next year he'll either be a UFA or the Steelers can tag him again at over $17 million. He's made enough money to live very well for ever if he chooses to walk away with his health somewhat intact. If he's worried about a career ending injury I'm sure he can get a good insurance policy with some of the $4.5 million he earns above the 2nd highest paid RB($10 mil). I just don't see the downside for Bell. If he wants to play next year he can negotiate with the highest bidder. If not he walks away with $30 million earned as a RB in his first 6 years.
  17. Random Thoughts

    Great take lomax! I use Spotrac often but never listened to the podcast. I'll give it a go.
  18. Random Thoughts

    I'm not sure what, if any, relevance that would have. That 30 yo wall exists for almost all skill players with very few exceptions. IMO it's quite a stretch to believe a 32 yo EDGE player will be valuable enough to justify a $25 million cap hit.
  19. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    That's a fantastic idea champ11! I think Janovich is already on that ST though. Still, it'd allow us to add another ST demon to the unit. I like it!
  20. Random Thoughts

    That's my feeling BB. I just don't see a roster strong enough to warrant that. We did up our QB cap substantially. but still.............
  21. Random Thoughts

    Was anyone aware that Von restructured his contract to count for only $10 mil this year? His cap hits for 2019/20 are around $25 million. He turns 30 next season. Even LT's production started dropping about then. At 30 teams still game planned around him, at 31 not so much, and at 32 he was just another OLB. Von will count $25 mil against the cap at 31 and $22 mil against the cap at 32. Lets hope he can maintain ultra-elite status a bit longer than LT.
  22. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Gotta tell ya, you guys are putting a smile on my face. Mine are 36 and 30 right now, fabulous adults, but I'll always remember the days when they were just kids. They're your legacy, enjoy!!
  23. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    So, any info on how the Paradis extension talks are going?
  24. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League