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  1. Keep in mind, our rankings PF and PA are 28th and 25th respectively. We're not competitive yet on either side of the ball and need a serious injection of youth and talent on D. Not sure how one player solves those issues.
  2. I don't think Denver would even make an offer. Our new GM has been adamant that drafting and developing players is his preferred way to build a team. That doesn't align well with trading away a few years of high pics.
  3. You'll also find with few exceptions SB winners always have top 10 defenses. The lowest rated D Brady ever had on a SB winning team was 8th.
  4. They'd trip over their feet racing to the table to sign.
  5. I'll always wonder what JJ would look like now had he never been injured. 3 DPOY's in 4 seasons will probably never be duplicated. It's impossible to overstate his dominance in that stretch. Sort of the same with Donald but he never had the injury. How could you choose between two guys who had 5 combined DPOY's, 1 DROY, 10 All Pros and 12 pro bowls between them?
  6. I've always figured Demarcus Ware had a lot to do with that. When he outplayed Von against the Steelers I really think it lit a fire under Von. The next two games Von was as dominant as any defensive player I've ever seen. If we could have bottled whatever it was that pushed Von to that level and used it on him for the next 5 years there'd be no question who was the best D player of that decade.
  7. We've had some good ones. Mecklenburg, Simon Fletcher, Jim Ryan and Ricky Hunley for one. Hard to top the Gradishar, Jackson, Rizzo and Dennison combo though. As a unit they were awesome. ll young and played together as a unit for 5+ years.
  8. Personally, just out of curiosity I'd like to see them do it. I'd really like to know how much value real NFL people put on that one position. To take on a $40 million contract and give up 3 1st's and 2nds is quite literally putting all your eggs in one basket. Houston would ask for that but I think they'd end up getting far less. I'd just like to know. It's not a situation with much precedent.
  9. I'm crushed we're not considered a "woke" franchise.
  10. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.
  11. From a practical standpoint I think such a trade would be a disaster, especially if we think it would close the gap between us and KC. Right now as far as points for and against, KC is 6th on offense, 10th on D. We're 28th on offense and 25th on D. Watson and MaHomes have similar cap numbers so not much difference there. The problem is, how do we close that gap on both sides of the ball if we have to wait 4 years before we've got a draft pick in the first 2 rounds. We're no where near talented enough to take that kind of leap.
  12. Add in the three 2nds. Now we're adding Sutton, Risner and Hamler also. Thats 5 quality starters, 2 pro bowlers and an exciting rookie in Hamler. I'm glad thats a decision I never have to make.
  13. Interesting idea. Watson would be great to have. Quite a commitment though if you consider 3 1sts and 3 2nds. Also, he's only cheap for one more year. After that he's a $40 million dollar man. As interesting as it is I, only in the long run, 5 + years from now would it really pay off. We're not deep enough in talent to miss out on 6 high picks in the next three years and be competitive, regardless who our QB is.
  14. They call him a Senior Offensive Assistant. Sounds to me like a scapegoat position if anything goes wrong.
  15. I hadn't paid much attention so far but today looked at the Bronco's list of potential candidates. Given his 7 year history with the Bronco's and continued advancement and success you'd think he'd be a prime candidate
  16. I think you've nailed it with Von. Being totally pragmatic, he has very little to offer a young football team. It's not like he has a legendary work ethic that will rub off on the young guys or is a fantastic clubhouse leader that can inspire the kids to greatness. He's best suited now in a Demarcus Ware role for a contending team. He can still be a game changer and should have decent trade value.
  17. I know I'm a bit "Old School" but adding a dynamic ILB to a defense changes good defenses to great ones. It's like adding a top tier QB to an offense. In response to those who think we're good at the position just consider, Parsons would make every play our ILB's already make, add in a few more, impact another half dozen and make one or two "splash" plays a game.
  18. Well, we've already got 6 boxes checked and haven't even gotten to his GM qualifications yet. I know this is really wild, outside the box, thinking but maybe those should move a bit higher on the list.
  19. Not many highlights or game film I can find. Go figure. The only ones I saw, Cush was always covered and played pretty well. His biggest issue is when he's uncovered. He's got a terrible tendency to drift to his left looking for work and go blind to the right side. He gives up that A gap way too often. Lot's of Muti yesterday. Also saw both Risner and Schlottman lined up at RT. I think we'll see a shakeup come TC. They have to get Muti on the field and only room for two OG's. Wish I had more to offer but I can only find about 15 offensive plays total. Maybe thats something that @lom
  20. I would really love to see Fangios D with Parsons in the middle.
  21. I don't know, Mike Anderson did it.
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