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  1. The line up is as follows Ar 15 pistol from surplus arme a gun company from Pennsylvania. They make great AR rifles and pistols Norinco mak 90 ak 47: best ak ever Wasr 10 century arms ak 47 Arsenal slr ak 47 -classic Zastava ak pistol - i call it the grown man Draco. Made in serbia RIA vr80. Its an ar 12 gauge shotgun Blackrose arms The Duke shotgun Tec 9 - because i remember miami vice Draco nak 9 ...its a 9mm draco Handguns: Glock 19x S&w Mp 40 Glock 22 (40 s&w) S&w sd9ve compact 9mm I also have a mossberg blaze ak which is a 22lr ak style carbine.
  2. Based on his overall stats..his flashed were more sustained then anything mason or duck could have done... brock osweiler is only an example... there was Hogan, josh Johnson, Kaepernick, cassel...mcCown...etc http://www.nfl.com/player/brockosweiler/2533436/careerstats
  3. Yes.. brock definitely would have.. I think people are unaware at just how inept our Offense was.. even though it should be obvious given the circumstances.
  4. Brock would have definitely got us more wins..that's not even an opinion.
  5. I didnt say that.. it's not his decision fully on who to bring in terms of competition.
  6. By mid season..the decision to go on with out a more viable option then mason and duck was disastrous, irresponsible, and ridiculous. Based on the power structure of our team..that's front office territory...
  7. Moving a workout is not even remotely comparable to trying to physically harm your General Manager.
  8. Sexaul abuse. Violence. Racism. Mental, social , behavioral disorders (like AB clearly has) ...these are the things that deter me from prosoects... so yes Kaepernick should be in the minds of the front office and they should get him.
  9. Makes horrible reads... no touch on passes, deep throw accuracy is practically non existent, inaccurate. Bad mechanics.
  10. Alex Collins, eli Roger's, Ellington
  11. Nah..we got enough talent on this team..we dont need to play those games..we aren't the bengals... we need to find a QB now... for this year...there are definitely better options. I'm not turning my back on mason..he just isn't ready ...neither is Duck..but the potential is there..more so with duck I agree..but not now
  12. I'm sure there's going to be a 1000 excuses for Mason's performance. The truth is he has been throwing horrible passes and ints all season... juju getting decapitated rest squarely on Mason's shoulders...there were 3 defenders clearing converging on juju way before the pass was thrown...last week a ball went off juju hands and was intercepted... he hung juju to dry on that one too. We need a qb....and fast.
  13. 5 up Fitzpatrick did it again The defense carried us again. Turnover record Jalen caught alot of passes, really stepped up. His versatility saved us Both TEs and RBs and WRs caught horribly thrown passes that were consistently off target and behind them Online made some holes and pass protected well. 5 down Front office: we cannot continue with mason or duck.... I understand the love affair but we are killing our rbs, Defense, and oline... we need a viable solution at QB. This team has shown it could win now. Mason throws a lot of floaters...there still much to work on.. Injury roundtables...carrying the load is taking its toll How healthy will connor and Snell be..can we continue to count on them for running and majority of passing offense? Feel bad for the wrs.
  14. Cant run it because the defense is playing the run so well because they dont fear Mason... can't take advantage of that because they are right about mason... ultimately the coaching staffs failure is not play calling...but failing to find a suitable back up.
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