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  1. No...he would play better here...but not enough to warrant a 2nd round pick. I don't want the steelers to get kevin kolbed.
  2. Sam Howell - North Carolina Kedon Slovis - USC Jayden Daniels - Arizona State Grant Gunnell - Arizona Hank Bachmeier - Boise State
  3. I usually find myself disagreeing with him...but not so much here. My only problem is I don't see newman as being worthy of a 3rd round pick..I could be wrong..just my opinion "Mel Kiper Jr. Thinks QB Jamie Newman Would Be Quality Day Two Option For Steelers - Steelers Depot" https://steelersdepot.com/2021/02/mel-kiper-jr-thinks-qb-jamie-newman-would-be-quality-day-two-option-for-steelers/
  4. The jets have so many holes...it's an unpopular opinion...but I would trade down instead of picking another qb in the first. This coming from a guy who saw Sam darnold as barley a 2nd round qb... Let alone a first...I had some serious concerns about him. And they have come to light in his gameplay on the field....however I have seen flashes that impress... Given all the holes the jets have, I would build around him to get a true and clear picture of what my investment's outcome truly is. That being said, I would not give a second round pick for a qb whose gameplay is just as responsible as his
  5. Dunz is not getting to that round... Quinn is also not getting to that round...
  6. I let myself foolishly day dream about us trading down in this draft with is deep in OT and centers... I started doing mocks with us trading down... Here are some realistic mocks with us staying put. Draft 1: 24. Teven Jenkins OT, 56. Javonte Williams RB, 87. Josh Myers IOL, 129. Monty Rice LB, 141. Ambry Thomas CB, 209. Matt Bushman TE, 240. Cade Johnson WR, 249. Tarron Jackson EDGE, Draft 2: 24.
  7. When did Meyers become better center prospects than creed and dickerson?
  8. Low risk ... High reward. How important is change of scenery? Very. He has to do better though and grow up fast. Meyer already told all the scouts he knew haskins was not ready...too immature indeed..I mean he came to DC and gets caught smoking weed with women outside a bar..then gets into a love triangle because him and another player are with the same girl....he even brings that issue on the field...oh wait...that was his coach lol 不不不不不
  9. So I was doing a mock draft simulation and something happened that never happened before. The LB from Notre Dame fell to me in the 1st round..so I took him and took IOL creed humphrey in the 2nd and trey sermon on the 3rd. I thought it was weird but it got me thinking due to the chatter about out ILB situation in regards to age ...not sure about contract situation...would it be a bad idea to go LB in the first? Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB, 56. Javonte Williams RB, 87
  10. Would the eagles trade Hurts for a 2022 2nd round pick ? Saw it in a mock lol?
  11. It's no brainier after he made it through waivers. Coach Meyer said it himself self..he was too young with very little experience. The WFT did not listen...they threw him in there and he showed he was too immature on and off the field. He should have never been out there. Same thing for next year...after that it's no risk and possibly a reward.
  12. Alex Leatherwood OT, 56. Javonte Williams RB, 87. Charles Snowden LB, 128. Kellen Mond QB, 141. Josh Imatorbhebhe WR, 204. Jovani Haskins TE, 224. Conner Olson IOL, 242. Robert Rochell CB, 251.
  13. Rashawn Slater OT, NW Not sure how realistic this simulator is...not sure how realistic it is that he could fall to us...if anyone knows of a more realistic mock sim..let me know. Very versatile lineman. Javonte Williams RB, NC Again... the only way this happens is if no running backs are taken in the 1st. Total on package.. playmaker RB that we desperately need. Jordan Smith EDGE, AB Raw edge rush athlete meets team who specializes in developing edge rushers. Perfect match...back up/ competition for highsmith.
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