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  1. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    Dwayne Haskins non-screen pass stats.... 1530 yards 21 TDs..... he is really good also when not using screens... in fact the screens are based on the fact that teams would often blitz because haskins will sit in the pocket and dissect you if you dont.
  2. I think it's clear that they do not like big WR
  3. Same reason why they have passed on Harmon... Layne and chase
  4. Aaaaaaaand there goes Josh Oliver...love still on the board too so is chase and harmons... a good 20 guys would have been better
  5. If dk Hakeem or Harmon fall...which it looks like they will.. we need one of them.. that's a steal.
  6. Devin... white not bush

    I was close ..... got the team right. I'm love the pick still
  7. Devin... white not bush

    I was reminded how much we needed to give to trade up for Troy. If Tampa bay picks any player outside of white...like Gary who fits there system... or if ed Oliver becomes a favorite among the top for.. whites drops to Broncos without a doubt. So I propose we trade next year's 2nd.. this years first ..3rd a and 6 round pick and perhaps throw in a developmental qb..mason.. Round 1 Pick 10 (DEN): Devin White, ILB/OLB, LSU (A)Round 2 Pick 20: Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC State (A-)Round 3 Pick 19: Alize Mack, TE, Notre Dame (C-)Round 4 Pick 20: Mike Edwards, FS/CB, Kentucky (B+)Round 5 Pick 3: Jalen Jelks, DE, Oregon (A+)Round 6 Pick 2: Chris Slayton, DT, Syracuse (A+)Round 6 Pick 34 (COMP): Patrick Vahe, OG/OT, Texas (A-)Round 7 Pick 5: Kerrith Whyte, Jr, RB, FAU (A)
  8. My draft-week mock

    Chase wont make it out the 2nd...which is why I would not take two wrs...this early.
  9. Actually it showed him running through the rams d linemen also. But those with agendas gotta lie lol
  10. Easter Sunday Mock

    I like it.. love mack
  11. I thought you said he falls after the first hit. Here are several examples of him running through tackles and defenders. Some two at a time. https://youtu.be/VKb3QeI7YfM
  12. Mock based on some visits

    His decision making is what should worry you.. he tried to run the 40 on a bad hamstring twice. You can run and play with a treated hamstring (his was not) but not test with an injury like that. His interviews didnt go well either.. but overall I'm not deterred. Hope he continues to fall though..and can be gotten in the top of the 3rd, because that tape doesn't lie..that first step is a monster.
  13. Mock based on some visits

    20. USER PICK Devin Bush Jr. LB, 52. USER PICK Jachai Polite EDGE, 66. USER PICK Justin Layne CB, 83. USER PICK Josh Oliver TE, 122. USER PICK Daniel Wise IDL, 141. USER PICK Diontae Johnson WR, 175. USER PICK Oli Udoh OT, 192. USER PICK Garrett Brumfield IOL, 207. USER PICK Sheldrick Redwine S, 219. USER PICK Ty Johnson RB,